My aunt and her friends rape me.


Sexual abuse is a scourge that strikes 75% of people today. From the way things are going, one would conclude that no gender is spared. This is the story of young Brayane, a young man full of happiness and full of future. Being the only son of his parents, he lacked nothing. His life was turned upside down the day he lost his parents in a car accident. An accident that almost cost him his life as well. After the tragic death of his parents, his aunt decided to take him in so that he could live with her as she was the only family left in Brayane. Having no choice, he accepted his aunt's offer.

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My aunt, my sexual partner.


How old was I then? 10? 13? You won't believe this, but back then I was only 20. I'd already passed puberty, what can I say? I even had a girlfriend with whom I practically did everything, and when I say everything, I mean my sexual needs as well as my leisure time.




One life, one story. Every day comes with its own sorrow. There are days when we feel very good, just as if we have won a large sum of money or something will happen to us. But other days show us how often life is filled with fools and especially irresponsible men in the home.


What if, I die? [Filipino]


Being an unwanted wife isn't easy. Ciara Hilvano is an innocent and martyr wife who always got violated by her husband and making feel that's she's an unwanted wife. This guy really doesn't have any idea that the girl he was hurting and almost killed everyday was secretly suffering from the cancer in heart. Dumating ang oras na napasubo sa malaking gulo ang buhay ni Ciara. She almost died dahil mayroong panibagong tao ang nagtangkang pagbantaan ang kanyang buhay niya. Paano nalang kaya kung hindi na kayanin pa ni Ciara ang mga hamon at pagsubok sa kanyang buhay? Paano kung hayaan niya nalang ang sariling sunduin ng kamatayan? Will Tyron regret for all the thing he did to Ciara? What if, Ciara dies? Will he cry?



1.0K·Yves Chanelle

#Romance #Urban. [18+] MATURE CONTENT.Harlem's life changes when she's given a fully-funded scholarship into one of the most prestigious universities of New York. She is going to experience the campus life and most importantly, she is going to find love and success.


His Obsession

1.0K·Athala Janeiya

Zane Monte Claro batikang milyonaryo pinuno ng galit ang puso sa panibagong pag-ibig ng kaniyang ina. Kailan man ay hindi nya nagustuhan ang ama-amahan. Para sa kanya ay gagamitin lang nito ang ina para kamkamin ang yaman na iniwan ng tunay na ama, gagawin nya ang lahat upang hindi iyon manyari. Matagal nang minamatiyagan ni Zane ang iniwang anak ng ama-amahan at gagamitin nya ito para pasakitin ang ama. Umayon sa kanya ang panahon dahil ang mismong tadhana na ang nag lapit sa kanila ng dalaga. Inosente si Jin, hindi alam ang nanyayari at motibo ng lalaki akala nya pag-ibig ang natagpuan nya ngunit isang panibagong pasakit.


One Hot Night

4.0K·Athala Janeiya

Mapag laro nga naman ang tadhana.Lara Mae Montez at Reign Zeus De Flores isang gabing hindi malilimutan, isang mainit na gabi na kanilang pinagsaluhan. Parehong hindi kilala ang isat isa. Paano nga ba nag simula ang mainit na gabi na naging dahilan para silang dalawa ay umiyak,masaktan at magalit.


Yours Only


Katarina Fajardo was just so tired. Tired of all the orders. She wants to make a decision for herself too but she can't because of her manipulative mother. She ran away from home and found herself checking in in a no ordinary hotel. A hotel for an endless pleasure. What will happen next? Find it out.


When Storms Collide


"This world I live in, Angelica, it's dark. It tends to diminish any ray of light it finds. I don't want you to be dragged into this darkness. I never had a choice, but you do. You can leave." His voice wavered. His gaze was trained on the floor."Do you want me to leave?" I questioned softly.When he lifted his head to look at me his eyes were filled with turmoil."Do you want me to leave, Sebastian?" I asked again, my voice louder.There was a beat of silence."No." His voice was hoarse when he responded.The simple word singed my soul. I felt like I had been burned. I exhaled. I hadn't even realized that I'd been holding my breath."If you don't want me to leave then I won't." I murmured.I looked at the devastating man standing in front of me.A tortured soul.A beautiful tragedy."I don't think I can ever want you to leave." He choked out the words as if they were causing him pain.Then maybe I won't.Even if it destroys me in the end.

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Polar Opposites


One side We have Julia Cameron, a bubbly, jovial and carefree girl who is always smiling and trying to make everyone around her happy.On the flip side We have Liam Black, he's always sitting at the back of the class and doesn't talk or care about anyone. He doesn't have any friends and people leave him alone.That is until Julia comes into his world and forces him to care. Liam finds that Julia is not like everyone around him, she refuses to back down and little by little the ice around his heart starts to melt.And then tragedy struck.Liam and Julia find themselves fighting a foe they can neither see nor touch. Will their love be enough? Will the pain be too much for Liam?Or will love force him to stay by Julia's side forever?


Just A Kiss


"I have this strong urge to kiss you." he said as his eyes flicked to my lips and then back to my eyes.I felt my heartbeat increasing and my knees were starting to feel weak by his closeness. I wet my lips, " one is around. There is no need." I said through the lump in my throat."I know, but I just want to." he said as he crashes his lips to mine.~~~~~~Emily Samuels was devastated when she found her boyfriend of a year cheating on her. She was angry and hurt that she swore she would never forgive him. Logan has apologised to her and said it was a mistake, but Emily did not want to hear it. She also turned him down when he begged for her back.Logan's plea for her has gotten consistent that Emily wanted him to stop, so she did something that she hadn't expected to do...She kissed the school's bad boy and heartthrob, Tyler King.She only did that to let Logan see that she has moved on. Tyler, on the other hand, got an idea, so he strike a deal with Emily - To pretend that they were dating.Spending a lot of time with the bad boy has allowed Emily to see the real Tyler. Would their fake-dating be just that; fake? Or would it turn out to be real?


The Obsessed King


"I will chain you up and keep you in my bedroom forever. The only one who you will ever love is me. You are mine Ella and nobody, not even God can change that."Ella wanted a simple life. Nothing too lavish or extraordinary. She wanted independence, to fly free like a bird and travel the world, to see things beyond what they seemed to be, but one fateful meeting changes it all. And now, all she wants to do is escape, but he won't let her go, no matter what it be. Will she escape this madness to find her true self in the process? Or will the darkness bring her down to hell?[ Dark Romance]

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FATIMA: Claws Of Decision


"Your father used to beat me up, that's all I have to say."She is young and beautiful,He is old and hateful.She has a promising future,He has made a promise to destroy that future.Cruelly pulled away from the loving arms of her young lover, Fatima is tossed to the nasty feet of an old husband who treats her like junk. Forced to sacrifice the man she loves to save her family's life, she treads carefully and do as she's told.True! Her husband was the devil himself, but what about her father? Has she been living with a more dangerous one all her life? All she's ever believed in is proving to be lies atop the other.Who are you to trust when you find yourself behind bar for murder, days after childbirth? She's Fatima and the man who's supposed to love and protect her? He's her personal Satan!This is in no way your expected love story.


Bad Boy Isn't My Type


" Pitiful....I'll make sure you are pitied Hunsberg university, don't you think? " " Soon you'll be so pitiful, it will get so extreme that each and every people in there will feel sorry and disgusted by your pathetic life. I'll make sure that you'll bleed in pain and mourn every single breath you take. You'll be all tears and nothing else." Jennie Wilson She was a poor, a daughter of a labourer and innocent girl. She was among them who dreamt of going to the one of the most prestigious college 'Hunsberg University' so that in future she would be able to afford a comfortable life for her and her parents. Vincent Ainsworth The only son of one of the largest tycoon businessman in the world. He was like fire. He was hurt and depressed. He loved his ex Eva Smith so much. His world collapsed when his ex called off their relationship. He was way beyond broken. She never looked back at him. Since Vincent was going through depression, his friends asked Jennie Wilson to help him out, because she was the only one who could make him come out of his depression. Will she be able to repair him? Will he allow her to heal him?....or it will become WORSE.


Her Saving Grace


Kayla Green is not your typical girl. She is known and she has friends. People talk to her because of her easy going personality and caring attitude.Even though Kayla seems happy at school and is always chirpy, she didn't have things easy at home, so she uses school and her friends as a way of escaping her problems. No one knew about her problems, not even her best friends. Carson Knight, the school's bad boy, who has his own secrets, has soon become a part of Kayla's life. He is very dangerous, cold hearted and a player. Would he be another bad thing to add to her life or would he be her saving grace?


Toast With Jelly: The Tragedy of a Lesbian Confused

410·Eileen Sheehan

A STEAMY LESBIAN ROMANTIC TRAGEDYThere comes a time in some people’s lives when they feel like actors playing a role for which someone has changed the story line.Toast With Jelly is a powerful story of a woman coming to know herself through a series of tragic life events.HERE'S WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT TOAST WITH JELLY.."A Wild Ride .... Pam has had a childhood that most people would't recover from. Nonetheless, she's trying to make a life for herself, with a job and a beautiful Russian lover. When she takes up the offer of high paid escort work, the life she worked to build starts falling apart. As she tumbles from one problem to the next, who will save her? Her mother, who caused all the trauma? Her sensual, hard-drinking lover, who is off the rails? Or the handsome martial arts teacher she may be falling for?""If you do not shy from raw and bleak facets of life, if you are accepting of the "alternative" lifestyles and if a happy ending is not a requirement for you to enjoy a book, pick up E. F. Sheehan's "Toast With Jelly" and get ready for an emotional, dramatic, and profoundly genuine book."


Heartbreak Girl


Due to the low scores in the quizzes, Chain needed a tutor. Ten entered the scene. He is smart, handsome and famous in their university. He also has a nice body. Seems like a nice story in a romance book, right? But he is not Chain's type. Her crush is his older brother, Third. But sadly, Third consider her as a little sister only.Just like a devil, Ten suggested a plan. Make Third see her as a woman. How? They will make him jealous.It looks easy. But what if she fell for the little devil instead? What to do now, self?


His Beautiful Redemption


Patty Delos Santos—the girl who sees the beauty of life despite the struggles she faced when growing up.Caleb Salazar—the guy who hated life after he lost the person who held his heart.Two people with different views in life. The other wanted to live while the other one wanted to disappear.Patty wanted to save Caleb. But how could she save someone who didn’t want to be saved?


Karen's Mr. Silent Heart


Dependable. Loyal. Sloth.If there were three words to describe Karen’s best friend, Nile, that’s it. Despite his antics, she knew she could depend on him. Nile was the perfect best friend a girl could wish for.Or so she thought.When she offered him to be her pretend boyfriend because of her writing problem, he agreed. She realized that he was indeed a boyfriend material. If he took care of her when they were just friends, especially now that they are lovers.Until she started to look at him differently. She really enjoys it when she is trapped in his arms. Her heartbeat speeds up when he is nearby.She was ready to just hide her feelings for the man but he suddenly kissed her. On the lips.Uh-oh. Why did he kiss her like that? What was the secret hidden on his silent heart?


It Has to be You


Jerome made a big mistake seven years ago. And he was now ready to make things right with the help of Sapphire Blue’s ever-reliable manager, Manager Prince. He went to Haengbok Isle because according to Prince the person he wanted to see was there.And he did see her. His yeobo. His Cher, inside the bathroom while she’s at the bathtub.Her anger greeted him. But as he said, he was ready to face and catch all her anger. He is ready to do anything to get her back.And it finally happened. Everything was okay between them.Until Cher's fiancé suddenly entered the scene.Was that one percent assurance that everything between them is true enough against the ninety-nine percent fact that from the beginning her love for him has been scripted?