The badboy's hometown princess

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"H-Harry! You... you can’t do this." I shuddered looking into his emerald eyes. Ignoring me, he kept trailing his left hand fingers on my arm while his right thumb was stroking my lips. "Why can’t I ??" He huskily whispered into my ear. His face was so close to mine and I could feel his breath fanning on my cheek. He slowly moved down his thumb down to my chin and then to my collarbone. When he was about to move his hand down further, I pushed him shouting "Get off me." He gave his arrogant smirk and kept stepping forward. When I was about to run from there, he held me by my waist and pulled me to him. I put my hands on his chest saying "H-Harry! No..." "Shhhh." I gulped looking at his face which looked so evil. He leaned to my height whispering "You are bewitching me, Stella."

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So many things rule the universe. Money, power, status... among all, love always remains at the top.


Stella Jones :

A beautiful good girl, good friend, perfect daughter with good grades.

She never believes in short term relationships.

And the most important thing, she hates playboys.

Harry Wilson :

A handsome badboy, toxic friend, troublesome son with not so good grades.

He never takes anything serious and doesn't believe in 'forever' things.

He attracts any girl just with his smirk.

Destiny brings Harry into Stella's life.

What happens when the two opposite personalities meet?

Will they able to cope with one another and started loving eachother? Or fall apart?