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I love writing on Hinovel because of the responsible editor team. They really care about the opinions of authors and readers, take responsibility for every great works and pay generously. If you also like writing, I highly recommend you to post your work on Hinovel.
4 best-selling novels released on Hinovel app
Hinovel author platform is one of the best writing and reading platforms I've ever joined. As a veteran writer, I finally chose Hinovel to publish my works, it has real and transparent data, fair mechanism and wide reader base. The tolerance to accommodate all kinds of novels to be displayed within the app is great!
2 best-selling novels released on Hinovel app
I really appreciate Hinovel for expanding my targeted audiences and providing me with a platform to express myself through my works. Thank you for supporting writers like me and bringing our work to more audiences.
3 best-selling novels released on Hinovel app
As a writing app, Hinovel is home to many great writers with interesting and well-written works. Since I joined this app, I get to know the writing skills from their excellent works. Moreover, this platform create many opportunities for new writers. As long as our original works meet the requirements of the platform, the editors will carefully review them,It is a fantastic writing platform!
Hollie Lee
3 best-selling novels released on Hinovel app
Before I became an author, I was a dedicated reader on this app, fully immersed in the wide range of genres and well-written novels. Whenever I came across a problem, the customer service was always helpful and replied me promptly.Later on, I found the editors are friendly professional.At present,I am a mature author. Thank you very much for the opportunity this app gave me!
Blair Cooper
2 best-selling novels released on Hinovel app
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