The Alpha Princess


PROLOG : She is running for her life from her abusive brother when she finally finds a house deep in the woods. Without thinking, she opens the door to see more than 20 men watching a football game. They turn to look at her, amused and alarmed. “Please help.” Stella is an 18-year-old teenager who was abused for about eight years by her brother. He would hit her whenever he felt like it. She was lucky if he was in a good mood because he would only punch her in the stomach. He claims to have a reason for his abuse. Julian Woods is the soon-to-be alpha of the Graymod pack. He’s 20 years old and has been looking for his mate for about two years now. What will he do when he sees his abused mate in his house?


The Mafia Boss


PROLOG : I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I knew I was going to die. Die at the hands of my captor. Kelsey Blake wanted revenge. She wanted to destroy the man who had kidnapped her twin. Not only had her life taken a sudden turn in Italy, she had been separated from her only family. However, despite her thinking that she was free from the cruel, Mafia world, that was not the case; as Kelsey had managed to attract the attention of Severon Aresco. Severon Aresco is an enigma; nobody knows who he really is. In his world, he is known as Snake, as he strikes and kills without anyone realizing. People think that Severon is the weaker twin, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. When Severon comes across the unusual woman that is Kelsey Blake, he is instantly captured by the crazy, yet daring girl. And just like his brother, Severon would do everything to make Kelsey submit to him. Will Severon succeed in bending Kelsey to his will? Kelsey knows that Severon is dangerous, and she wants to run as far away from him as possible. But she also knows that escaping Severon is an impossible task in itself.




On her sophomore years on Delta University, Asia was excited to finish registration and to return home for summer before the classes start. However, her plans were derailed when Selection soldiers arrived at the University and chose her as one of the students who will be injected by a green drug called myrtus. Once administered, it would turn a human into stronger beings but in exchange of all human emotions--at least, that was the theory. For Asia, it was different, she lost everything except her ability to fear.


His Sorrow


How I wish I could turn back the time. Hinding hindi kita sasaktan. Hinding hindi kita papaiyakin. Aalagaan kita gaya ng pag aalaga mo sa akin. Kung alam kong lang. Kung alam ko lang..


Son of the Ghost of Sparta

5.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n is the son of the God of War Kratos. He sent him in the future so the other Olympian Gods cannot find him.


The Demon at School

2.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish. They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the other school because of his looks that attract all the attention of the girls and the boys just wanna kick his ass.


Reborn as a Sparda

4.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n L/n is just a regular student in Kouh Academy. Everything change when he was killed by a demon and left to die.


Royal Assassin

1.0K·RB Rushdi

She basks in sins in order to win the war - A marriage for peace, a reluctant Prince, a cynical Princess and treacherous being lurking in the shadows, threatening the thin line of harmony these royalties have built and sacrificed.


Magistic Academy: School of Magic (FILIPINO STORY)


Magics? Powers? Hindi ako naniniwala dyan. Sa books at movies lang merong ganyan. 'Yan ang paniniwala ko NOON pero nagbago ang lahat dahil sa pagiging pasaway ko. Napuntahan ko ang lugar na para sa akin. Lugar na karapat dapat sa isang tulad ko. Ang eskwelahan ng Magistica. At akala ko pangkaraniwang estudyante lang ako na may ordinaryong kapangyarihan pero dun ako nagkamali. Dahil ako pala......ang nakatakda.


Alphera Academy: Home of Alphas (FILIPINO STORY)


One word to describe her. Merciless. She doesn't care on what you feel. She doesn't care on what you were thinking about her. Killing is just a game for her and playing someone's life is her favorite past time. She doesn't believe in love or anything that makes someone happy. All she knew about happiness is taking away someone's life. She don't want to obey the rules because for her, she is the rule. You will never wanted to get along with her because she is dangerous, ruthless and a gangster leader. She's no other than Lady Arthisa. The bitchest of all bitches, the queen of all queens and the goddess of all goddesses."Wanna play with me? Make sure you'll win the game." - Lady Arthisa.


Zodiac Circle

4.0K·Tamuna Tsertsvadze

In the realm of Zariel, every person can manipulate one of the four elements their zodiac belongs to - Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Tamie Wingfield dreams to become the greatest Zodiac Master of all time. For that, she decides to join Rose Cruce Order, which her elder brother Nick Wingfield belongs to, as one of the highest ranks - the Elder. But Tamie has a big problem - she is a Libra, and out of all Zodiac, Libra is the only inanimate object, rendering it the most powerless of all (or so it is believed).How will the girl of the most powerless zodiac sign manage to become a grand Zodiac Master?


Regal Guard of Dragon

942.0K·Deca Coda

"Young master, you must try harder to spend money! The family gave you the billion a month ago and you still have it now?" The heir to the first magnate as he was, Finn Chen felt so vexed that while others would only have to return to the countryside if they didn't fight, he would have to inherit trillions of wealth if he didn't marry into a woman's family. Life was too hard for this poor man.


Sir Blade


This tells a story about an angel name Blade. He is accidentally release by a high school student name Rane. He was betrayed by his fellow angels who joined Lucifer in rebellion. Blade is going to be the Teacher-Adviser of class II-A which Rane is belong. He is shameless, rude, miser, clever and a little bit cruel. He has bad expressions. His mission is to defeat the fallen angels who betrayed him and summon them to hell.Slowly, he will have a great bond with his students. Together with his best friend, Drake-a picky vampire and his vice captain Hunter, everything is going to be a riot!


Being Undead


Sleep, wake and work have always been the centre of Laura Wall's life. One of the most talented Medical Examiners in New York City, Laura is no stranger to the dead, not that she's ever believed the many strange tales surrounding them. Well, she's about to be in for a very big surprise. Laura has the highest knowledge there is to be had of the dead, but can she survive a lifelong course in being un-dead?


The Hidden Secrets


"I can't leave you when you are bearing my baby." He whispered, afraid of scaring me; his gaze solely on my flat tummy."Baby?" I was stunned and speechless. Fresh drops of tears started to pool down through my already wet cheeks. If it had happened any other day, I would have been happy but now... ---×---You can't decide your fate, it will follow you up wherever you go until you die. Two peoples are destined to love each other but they are from different worlds, completely opposite.---Reil Rahan, a scientist student gone for research in Chennai, the most famous city in India, to prove there is nothing about the Heil named monster who hunt the whole people down If it lost its mind.The most genius scientist Mr. Hayle Stone Says it's an animal whose body is covered with human flesh. He warned her already to stay out of this when she shows some interest in this case. She wants to prove these are just a lie nothing but the scientists made mistake over a years and spread rumours to keep their reputation on bay using the monster name 'Heil.'Her father is a famous scientist who is no more with her in the world. She followed her father's path and tried to find out the hidden misery.But one thing she doesn't know how the animal looks like, whether it is a human or human-shaped animal like they said?Whatever, but she is so adamant to prove they all are wrong. She and the group of her friends gone together to research further. Will they succeed or lost their lives not taking Mr. Hayle Stone's words seriously? Or will she be able to save her friends? But how? ***Read and find***


Charm Academy and Special Abilities

1.0K·Drynx Wrnzyn

A girl with a special charm and abilities.A war for powers.You have to sacrifice for them to live.Welcome to Charm Academy where all charmers belongs here.


Escape from Hell


It's about the demon Grimm who goes on a trip to be kind. His main goal is to defeat his father Belphegor-one of the Seven Prince of Hell. On his journey... Father Clemen and his friends will help him on his aim.


Rare Breed


Zan has just reached the age of 16. At this age his mate Augusto is allowed to start dating him and make visits whenever he wishes. Zan also has to start training because his powers are beginning to awaken.How will Zan handle a possessive mate and the awakening of his abilities as a rare breed..




I had a hard time understanding why. Theories accumulated not leading me to any conclusion.Maybe everyone had moved to Mars and didn't want to take me. Perhaps it was a cruel game of "hide and seek". Perhaps the most elaborate prank ever, or maybe aliens have abducted everyone by forgetting just me.Nothing made sense, one day the streets were full of people bumping into each other, the next I opened my eyes and there was no one left. Literally, no one.


Baby daddy facade

5.0K·Antonette Liebermann

"But Angelo, I love you and we could be together and we won't have to abort our baby." I sobbed my eyes becoming red."Raina, listen it's not Ours that's your responsibility and secondly I'm sorry, I can't return those feelings...we fucked that's all there was to it." He spurt coldly and my heart broke it a million pieces making me cry even more when he left banging my office door.-Raina Williams a preachers kid, who believes in love, a successful lawyer. She just finished college and is currently working at a well-known law firm. She meets Angelo Le roux, her bosses son from Netherlands, the arrogant billionaire bachelor who doesn't do commitment. He doesn't have to sweep her off her feet to get her into bed. She gets pregnant and he tells her off to get an abortion.. but does she really ? she is after all a preachers kid.