My Roommate's Brother

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Naomi Heath


Amara Gray is heading off to college and leaving her past behind. She wants to focus on her life, her future, and not the previous life that she once lived. When things from her past haunt her thoughts, it seems that new start is just beyond her grasp. Yet new horizons bloom and soon she finds herself battling with not only her thoughts, but the very last thing she expected to happen. Cole Anderson is his own level of human. He doesn't care anymore. He's living life how he wants without worrying how it makes others feel. He's harshly blunt, no filter in sight. He's the player, the bad-boy, the one who people warn you to stay from yet can't do it themselves. When these two people meet, it isn't the fairytale that's hoped. It's a storm of insults and laughter, lingering glances and hidden desire, push and pull. Maybe, just maybe, something will spark between the two, and something strong will form. Something like love, perhaps?But nobody said love was easy. And nobody said it was easy to figure out. It'll be a journey worth reading. A journey of humor and discovery.

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Chapter 1: To My New Life

(Amara's P.O.V.)

I look into the mirror one last time. My gray eyes stare back steadily as I take a deep breath. I add another swipe of mascara to my lashes and glide lip gloss along my bottom lip, pressing my mouth together so it gets on the top as well.

This is it. I think as I pull back.

I'm finally doing it. I'm finally getting out of here and leaving this place behind. College. A seven letter word that holds the key to my future, my getaway. It's right at my fingertips and I don't hesitate to grab the handle of my last suitcase and drag it out of my room, well, my old room now.

My house is silent, only the faint sound of my suitcase wheels echoing against the hardwood floor. With a sigh I pass my parents, or more particular, my father's door. He's passed out asleep with an empty bottle of Jack laying limp beside him. The suit he wore to work is messily undone at the top; the tie loosely hung off his neck and three buttons snapped from the collar.

I don't bother to wake him up to say goodbye, I honestly have no reason to. All he's done for me is feed me and clothe me.

But he doesn't deserve for you to just leave him alone.

I sigh again, deciding and moving before my feet can protest. I lean down, cupping his cheek and place a lone kiss on his forehead. "Goodbye daddy." I whisper, pulling back. I take the empty bottle from his hand and set it on his nightstand.

With one last look, I walk out.

Ever since my mom left he has barely given me the time of day, only calling my name because he's too drunk to get himself alcohol. Alcohol is his way of coping with the loss, although I am almost sure that she's still alive. The unopened letter from her still rests in the bottom drawer of the desk sitting in the corner of my room. I received it a little over a year ago, when I turned eighteen.

I never opened it simply because I was scared of the contents inside. Of what she had to say. Call me a coward if you must.

I'm not depressed or anything like that, I am very content with my life right now. It did take me awhile to get used to losing my parents, though. While my mom was gone physically, my dad left me mentally, his grief making him forget he had a child to attend to. I got the basic necessities; food and drink and clothes, but I lacked the wanted attention, the attention I even needed.

The love I needed.

I put my time into other things to busy myself and be happy again after that. To get used to the silence that occupied my house after I'd get home from school. I got a job as soon as I was legal age and preoccupied my spare time with a remedy.

No, I'm not a whore or a stripper or anything like that.

I'm a smoker. And no, not cigarettes.

A friend of mine from high school suggested I try marijuana for my stress. I busted my ass to get enough money to pay most of my tuition; I stayed here an extra year just for that, and I put my mind into school to get the two-year scholarship I have to West Point University. All of it was exhausting, I barely had time for my best friend, Lucy. So, when he told me the name of his dealer I took his advice and tested the waters.

I don't smoke everyday, but I do smoke often.

Especially on long nights.

I open my car door and slip my suitcase with the rest of my stuff in the back. With one last look I start my car and reverse from the place I grew up. The place I used to call home.

"It's time to leave this place behind," I say to myself as my hometown passes me through the windshield. "To start a new life."

I nod to reassure myself. I've planned for this day a thousand times over, but the anxiety still decided to make an appearance.

Sighing to myself, I bump up my radio to an alternative station and nod my head along to the music.

"I love you Anthony Kiedis," I mumble to the radio. It'd be awesome to meet the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I smile at the thought and continue driving down the highway to my new life.


I shut the door of my car, huffing out a breath and stretching my legs. That drive was long as hell. Cascade was four hours from my house.

I watch the littered campus; students sitting in groups, guys playing football, and parents telling their kids goodbye with teared filled eyes. I feel the ping of sadness that results from that but ignore it. I've been playing this game for too long to get shudders now.

I look around at the buildings until my eyes land on the one that says 'Administration'. I have looked at the website over and over but never found time to come down for a tour.

The scent of coffee and donuts fills my nostrils when I enter the double doors of the building. Considering it's only days before classes start, it sure is empty in here.

A woman sits at the front desk, typing away with glasses half on her nose. Her hazel eyes meet mine as I approach her, a smile forming on her face.

"Can I help you?" She asks. I give her a small smile and nod.

"Could I get a map and my dorm key please?"

"Of course. Dorm number?"

My eyes widen and I dig into my satchel immediately.

"I know I put it in here somewhere..." I whisper to myself, cursing me for being unorganized. I should have memorized the shit like a normal person.

"If you give me your last name I can search it on my desktop," the lady murmurs, fixing her glasses.

"It's okay, I got it," I keep sifting through my things, I knew I wrote it down on a slip of paper and stuck it in here. The problem is finding the small damn thing.

"Really, it's no trouble and honestly takes like ten seconds,"

I finally nod in agreement when I get to the bottom and I still can't place it.

"My last name is Gray. Amara Gray." I tell her and she types quickly before using her mouse to scroll down a page. My hand grips my shoulder bag and tightens subconsciously.

I wonder who my roommate is...

"Ah here you are. You're in dorm 215. It's located on the east side of campus by the Technology building. Should be Building 101 if I'm not mistaken. Your map has it right...there." The front desk woman points to the spot on my map.

She rummages through a cabinet before handing me a key with a white circular tag attached to end. It reads 215.

I thank her and she politely nods before resuming the typing she was doing when I arrived. That surprisingly didn't take as long as I thought.

That was an understatement if I'd heard one.

By the time I get to the east side of campus, students begin crowding and rushing by in an attempt to greet friends and find their significant others. I almost smile when I see a girl literally tackle a guy to the ground in a hug.


Sarcasm intended.

I round a corner, eyes trained on my slightly confusing map and the 'Building 101' that it says on it. Just as I begin to lift my head, however, I collide into a strong chest, losing my balance and toppling over in a way that is surely an unattractive one. All my things scatter to the ground in one motion.

I open my mouth to say something but stop when I look into ocean eyes. Holy Jesus. My own eyes widen. They're the nicest shade of pale blue with black hair to contrast them. My eyes scan the rest of the body, taking in his muscular frame and broad shoulders. Talk about eye candy. His arms are so toned and defined. Not to mention the tattoos all down them..

I clear my throat and stand to my feet, cursing myself again for probably looking like an idiot. Good going Amara. Dusting off my butt, I look at the stranger again with heated cheeks.

"Sorry for bumping into you," I speak softly to brighten my chances of not getting cussed out for not paying attention. I crouch down to retrieve my things, but none of them are there.

Looking back up, the guy has them in his hands. He probably grabbed them while I was ogling him like an idiot.


I reach for my items and recoil when the guy shoves them forcefully into my chest.

I am about to stumble from impact but stop myself before I embarrass me again.

"Yeah. Next time watch where you are going." He snaps, already beginning to walk off.

How fucking rude.

"What a douche." I mutter as he walks past me.

He stops and turns around to me, a shit eating smirk planted across his face.

Damn him for being so gorgeous! "Always am baby," he smugly remarks and saunters backwards, taunting me with his smirk.

What an ass-wipe.

I scowl at him and make my way to the dorm building I'm hoping is mine. I'd look stupid if I entered the wrong one and had to turn around.

Laughing girls immediately reach my ears when I push the double doors to get in. Every door that's closed looks the same with gold numbers written in the middle. The hallway is carpeted nicely and the walls are painted an ancient white color. Very elegant, I think as I admire a few of the paintings put out for show. Plaques of past students and high top scholars are along the walls as well.

The golden letters match the doors nicely.

My eyes run over the numbers plated on each door, my eyebrows furrowing when none of them have 215 on it. Did I come in the wrong building?

The doors align in numerical order, "212, 213...214..Ah!" I breathe out thankfully. The dorm I'm in is the last one in the hall.

Thanks administration! I shake my head, annoyed, and turn the knob to open my door.

Immediately, I stop in my tracks as the sight of a red and black streaked haired girl hitting a bong comes to my line of vision, the scent of sweet marijuana flooding my senses.

Hot damn.

I haven't seen one of those in a minute.

Startled, the girl looks up and blows out a puff of smoke. I quickly shut the door behind me, eyes wide.

"You, uh...You want to hit it?" She asks when she sees my ogling of the neon green beauty.

"Do you even have to ask?" I rhetorically state and she hands me the bong with a lighter.

I take a long drag, inhaling the strong contents into my lungs. The aftermath of the hit is a blur; my throat is searing from the burn and I cough repeatedly.

"Damn," I cough. "That's good shit." I hand her the two items back and take a seat on the empty bed.

"I have a great guy that ups his shit once every two weeks. Some of it he ships in from friends he's got in Jamaica. I can usually get a few grams a week." She explains, smiling proudly. "Though it is expensive, being out of the country and all."

I nod, intrigued, "I only brought an ounce with me. That can last me about a week depending on how much I smoke. But I get mine from a friend that I've known for a while."

"Oh! I'm Amy by the way," Amy reaches her hand out for me to shake and I follow her gesture.


I return her smile, looking around the room. Double of everything is in here; two striped twin beds, two nightstands, and two decent sized dressers, one of each thing on either side of the room. Amy already has her side set up, band posters, a black duvet, and various little things on her nightstand and dresser.

Besides the door to leave, two more are on Amy's side; one that's open to a closet and another that I'm guessing is a bathroom. Looks like having the last room has its perks. I can't explain how many coed bathrooms I saw on my walk here.

Or maybe they ran out of regular dorms and had to place us here...

Noticing my confusion she clarifies, "My parents made sure I got a bathroom, in account of STDs and stuff. Paid the extra fees and shit. But nice to meet you. I already set up my side as you can see. My brother Cole and I came a few days ago since our parents live so far away. Are you a freshman?"

"Yeah I am, but I'm nineteen. I decided to wait a year to save money and stuff."

"I'm a sophomore, nineteen about to be twenty. I had a single room but some rich girl bought me out of it. But since your a stoner we might get along," Amy smiles and begins to hit her bong again.

That surprises a laugh out of me, "I think we will. I love your Nothing More Poster. Where'd you find one, I haven't found any anywhere?" She hands me the bong when she's finished and I look into my suitcase for the weed I brought.

"I'll match." Is all I say when she looks at me questionably.

"That's alright. We can smoke yours later."

"Suit yourself," I smirk.

"To answer your question, I got it off of Amazon."

"Huh. You know I didn't think to go online." I wanna hit myself for not thinking of that.

"Yeah. I was just scrolling through one day for a Rise Against one, and came across it. I bought it instantly." She tells me.

"Interesting.." I say smiling, and put my mouth to the top of the bong.

"What's your stoner story?" Amy asks me as I hand her back the bong, exhaling its contents.

"Uh..stress from work and school. I had a friend that suggested I try it. I took his advice I am." I grin sideways and look at the ground. I purposely left out anything regarding my parents. I only just met this girl.

"What bout you?"

I look up to ask her. She shrugs nonchalantly, before answering.

"Tried it at a party one night. My brother is a hardcore stoner too so really..It was inevitable," she laughs, shaking her head as she replays a memory.

"That's the second time you've mentioned this brother. Does he go here?" I ask and then remember her saying they came here early, "never mind you said that earlier, but like..Is he a sophomore as well?" I hope I do not come across as weird, I'm just trying to get to know her. Maybe I'll meet him sometime. I'm bound to, I mean, he is her brother.

"Yes. But he turned twenty one a few months ago. We are like five months apart in age."

"Mm." I nod, licking my lips. Five months apart. That doesn't sound possible.

"I'm sorry if I sound odd, I just wanna get to know you," I flush, a blush splashing the apples of my cheeks.

"Oh it's no problem, believe me I was gonna ask the same thing."

Her smile eases my concern. I have a habit of over thinking things and procrastinating.

Not a great trait to have.

"Do you-" she gets cut off as a knock resonates throughout the room. I stand from my bed as I'm the closest to the door and turn to her while walking backward.

"I got it."

I get to the door and open it partially, my mouth parting at the person behind it.

The asshole from earlier. Fuck me.

I look at the guy longer and open the door wider so Amy can see him. Maybe he's a friend? Boyfriend?

"Hey, bro what's up?" She says and gets off her bed, making her way towards us.

"Sis," he greets and they hug each other momentarily.

This is her brother?

Appearance wise Amy and Cole look nothing alike. For one thing, Amy has hazel eyes and red dye in her hair. Amy's frame is small and slender, and Cole's is wide and broad, muscles defining his biceps. When they smile at each other, it's different, like the shape and alignment of their jaws are not the same.

Amy turns to me with a smile, "Amara, this is my step brother Cole. Cole, this is Amara, my roommate."

Her step brother? That makes sense.

"We've already met." Cole states with a smirk, eyeing me up and down. I roll my eyes at his cockiness.

"Yeah." But it wasn't a good impression.

"So you ready?" Cole gets straight to the point, twirling his keys around his finger.

"Oh, uh, yeah, I just gotta get my clutch," Amy mumbles, going on a search for her items.

"This it?" I spot the small black bag on her nightstand.

"Yes! Thank you," she smiles at me and grabs it.

"We are going to go meet up with some friends. Wanna come?" Amy asks me as both of them turn to leave.

"No thanks, I should unpack and set up." I reply and I hear a snicker come from Cole.

I turn to him with a scowl, "Anything funny?"

"Nah," he shakes his head, still snickering. "let's go Amy."

"You sure?" Amy turns back to me, slightly pouting. "I'd like to know more about you, and besides, my friends will love it that you're kinda a stoner."

"I'm sur-"

"You? A stoner? Give me a break. You scream goody two-shoes." Cole interrupts me. I glance down at my simple black- knee length- dress and shake my head.

I cut my eyes at him, "Mind your own will you?"

"She's my sister." He points out smugly.

"Yeah and you're in my room," I fire back.

"Cole cut it out. I need you two to get along if we all end up hanging out sometime." Amy steps between us and gives Cole a pointed look.

"Hey I wasn't the only one arguing here. It takes two." he holds up two fingers to mock me.

"Yeah yeah." She waves him off, practically ignoring him before turning to me once again. I can't help but laugh.

"Please?" She tries again.

"It's honestly fine. I could always meet them some other time."

The long drive honestly has me tired and all I want to do is get my stuff from my car, set up my side, maybe smoke a blunt, and then go to sleep so that I can get my shit together tomorrow.

"Oh, come on. I'll buy you a coffee at the cafe we like to go to." She continues to try to persuade me.

"Really it's-"

"Good God just agree so we can finally go," Cole groans, throwing his head back dramatically. We both pay him no mind.

Though, I roll my eyes despite myself.

"Please?" Amy smiles and folds her hands together to bring them under her chin.

"Does this cafe have mocha's?" I question, not agreeing, but not necessarily saying no either.

"Does this mean you'll come?" Amy perks up.

"I don't know. Answer the question first."

"Yes, it does."

I heave out a sigh and bite my lip. Couldn't hurt right? I mean, I'm in college now, this is my time to go out.

"Okay, I'm in." I finally say, making Amy's smile widen. She squeals girlishly and garbs ahold of my forearm to lead me out of the dorm.

"Jesus. Took you long enough." Cole says as the three of us walk along the sidewalk.

"Bite me." I mutter, strolling alongside Amy.

"Ignore him," she says, shaking her head humor fully. "So, tell me more about yourself." She encourages and I nod, parting my lips to speak.