The Alphas Human Mate

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PROLOGUE : ️️ « Your mine » He growled, slamming his fists into the tree that was currently behind me I swallowed hard and looked down to the ground avoiding looking at his golden eyes that shined threw the darkness of the forest. « All mine » He whispered before his teeth sank into my neck

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My eyes fluttered open as I jumped in my seat as we currently were driving on a bumpy road in the middle of the Texas country side.

« Are we almost there ? » I sighed from the back of my parents pickup truck that we had rented out.

« Emily, you’ve asked that over five times now » My brother Kyle exaggerated from beside me throwing his head back, he was as miserable as I was.

« Let’s go to grandmas ranch for the summer, it’ll be fun » I mocked from the backseat crossing my arms over one another.

I caught my mum rolling her eyes from the passenger seat, we had been over this multiple times when the topic was first brought up. At first I thought it would be fun, leaving the English country side only to realise we would be travelling to my grandmas house in the Texas country side, keep in mind in the middle of nowhere.

Also the trip may have sounded more enjoyable if it was only for a week or so, not the whole summer which meant missing out hanging about with my friends, attend parties and do what teenage girls do in the summer.

But it had been decided, my whole family was going to Texas for the whole summer, two months which I hope will go faster than what I think.

« Come on, Em look on the bright side, I heard grandmas got a few new horses » My dad piped up staring at me threw the window mirror.

« How fun, hopefully there will be horse crap and everything » I smiled sarcastically closing my eyes and leaning my warm head against the cooling window.

I stared up at the ranch, it was just like I remembered since I was last here, let’s just remind you I was ten so that was around seven years ago, just great this was going to be one long summer.

« Oh Em, look how big you’ve gotten ! » My grandma gushed from the front porch rushing over to me.

Her warm skin wrapped around my small frame as she embraced me into a gentle hug, I guess I haven’t seen the women since I was a child so I barley remembered her or what she looked like.

« Did your parents tell you I’ve got new horses ? » She grinned letting go of me but still keeping me at arms length.

« Yeah » I smiled nodding before my dad handed my one of my few suitcases I had brought with me.

She smiled before turning to Kyle who was currently what looked like trying to find service, also another downside of being here, no service what so ever, not only am I not spending summer with my friends but now I can’t communicate with them.

I trudged over to my bed, hurling the empty suitcase onto the floor as I sprawled out on my new bed that was mine for the summer.

After all the greetings that took place earlier, grandma had shown us to our rooms, luckily for me I got the bedroom with a bathroom and a double bed, just the same one I had stayed in seven years ago.

For the past two hours I had been in the middle of unpacking my three large suitcases into the small wardrobe space that I was provided with, I guess I really can’t complain though. Kyle really got the short end of the stick when it came to rooms, he had take one for the team and take the sofa as the house didn’t have enough spare bedrooms to occupy us all.

I wiped of the bead of sweat that was starting to form on my forehead as I ripped of the flannel I was currently wearing, maybe now it’s a good time to have a shower.

I pulled on my converse as I headed out my bedroom door before stuffing my phone in my pocket, if I couldn’t find service out here I was going to make it my mission to find some.

I trotted downstairs and passed the kitchen where everyone was currently gathered sitting around the table with mugs of tea.

« Hey grandma is it alright if I take one of the horses for a ride ? » I asked standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

« Go ahead sweetie » She smiled before turning back into conversation with my parents.

I quickly slipped out the front door and made my way over to the barn that was located only a few steps away from the house.

I entered the barn taking in account the different horses that occupied stalls, I quickly grabbed a saddle and rains as I opened the first stalk to the right that currently held a midnight black horse.

I prepared the horse before grabbing a helmet that was probably a use full thing to use, I haven’t ridden in years and I’m probably pretty rusty.

I led the horse out side the barn by the rains before using a stepping stood to climb onto him, what can I say I’m a short girl and the horse is probably taller than most people.

I took my phone out of my pocket and kept it in my hand, so when I did achieve my goal of finding service I would be able to actually call my friends.