Sold to the Playboy Billionaire

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Alyana Perez is just a simple woman, all she wants to do is able to finish college and work for her stepmom and siblings who have always been cruel to her. Even if it's difficult to combine study and work, she's able to provide for her family. One day, her stepmom sold her without her knowing and the one who buy her is Stephen Wilson... Stephen Wilson who loves to f**k and play with a woman's heart, he becomes a f**boy because of his ex-girlfriend. What will her life be like with a f**kboy like Stephen? Would Stephen change because of her?

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Chapter 1


A woman came into my room, wearing long sleeves and only a knee-length skirt. Her tantalizing eyes and beguiling, nose is straight and pointed. Her lips were thin, sultry, and kissable. Her hair is a mixture of black and brown.

I’m a bit in shock and also this woman beside me.

We’re at the hotel right now and the door isn’t locked, I guess. Damn! It’s not my fault! This stupid woman should be to blame. Why didn’t she lock the door?

That woman rubbed her eyes...

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!” I covered my ears using my both hands because of her shout.

Sh*t!! This woman, what’s her f**king problem?!

I raised my eyebrows and just smirked when she immediately covered her eyes.

Is this woman innocent? Or she was just shocked? Does she want a threesome? I mean... never mind! What the f**k am I thinking!

She’s kinda cute... wait, what?! Did I just say that girl is cute? Tsk, no way! She’s not cute, she’s not ugly either... She’s normal...? Ughh, whatever!

“A-Are they filming a p*rn or something like that?” I heard her ask herself.

I frowned.

Wait, what? Filming? Is she stupid?

“Hey! Don’t you have any plans to leave? Can’t you see that you’re disturbing us?!”

This woman! It hurts my head when she speaks. I don’t even know her. She suddenly came into my room and then this happens... wait, I didn’t lock the door earlier? Oh, I’m so stupid, I forgot to lock the damn door!

“Sorry! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” She said and even bowed at us.

“I’m sorry, you can continue now Direk.” She muttered, before closing the door.

Direk? What does she mean...

Direk? Pfft, does she think that we’re filming something like this? Crazy woman.

“Oh, you’re so handsome when you smile Mr...” I didn’t realize I was already smiling.

I immediately turn my face into a poker face and looked at the woman who was in front of me.

“I want you, I’m getting...” she whispered in my ear. I winced.

No one cares!

Damn, it first time I wince when a woman says that to me. She’s now on top of me, but I immediately pushed her, causing her to fall on the bed.

“What’s the problem?!”

“Get out,” I said calmly and picked up my cell phone. I looked at the time and it was 2:30 pm already.

“What?? Why!?”

Is she deaf or what!?

I grabbed her against me and looked at her sharply. “I said, get out!” at the same time pointing to the door.

“But we’re not done yet-- “ damn this woman! She’s pissing me off!

“You’ll go out of that door or I’ll drag you out!?” I looked at her seriously, irritation field on her face.

“Argg, sh*t! Sh*t!!” she muttered angrily as she gets her things on the floor, and then she slammed the door.

I don’t know but I hurriedly got dressed and left the room.

I looked around.

F*ck! Who the hell are you looking for, Stephen?!

I raised my eyebrows when I saw a woman turning around from not far away, she was wearing the same clothes as the woman before. Maybe it’s her?

I walked quickly and held the woman’s hand too, then she looks at me...

I lost my smile when I saw it wasn’t her.

Damn! I think I’m crazy!

“What do you want Mr?” she asks softly, then flipping her hair.

What else is new? All women are flirty. Tsk, they’re all the same I mean, except my Mom of course.

As usual, I took the woman to my bedroom, and I did what she wanted and so did I.


“Eyy, Mr. F**kboy! Are you lost?” I turned my gaze to Flyn, he was laughing right now.

He's one of my friend.

“Boring,” I muttered and sat down next to him. I’m here at his house now. I don’t know why I came here... I just want someone to talk to.

“Are you tired of f**king girls out there?”

“No man, it’s just... something is bothering me in my mind,” I said and took a deep breath. Why can’t I just forget about her? Is it because I didn’t get a chance to f**k her?

“Like what? Like, what are the names of the woman you had sex with?” Suddenly, my friend John came.

I look at him.

I shook my head at what John said, even though I never thought about the names of the women I had sex with, I don’t care about them all. It’s just having me a headache remembering their names.

But that girl...

That girl from yesterday... I can’t take her off my mind. God! I’m curious about her, why the f**k didn’t I ask her name!?

“Hey, John, why didn’t knock on the door first? You shouldn’t just enter my house without knocking, okay.”

“Nye nye, whatever!”

“So, our very handsome friend! What are you thinking huh? Is it Vanessa?” I saw Flyn pinch his hand.

“Ouch--oh, sorry bro... I was just kidding.”

“It’s okay, I’m done with her. I forgot about her, but then suddenly you mentioned her name!”

That b*tch! I hate hearing her name. I hate her. I hate everything about her!

“Ok... Okay, let’s change the topic--"

I sighed. “I met a girl yesterday,” I said they both looked at me.

“Every day you meet different girls, bro, pfft... you even met for an hour, but then both of you are already in the same room, bed, car, or whatever. What else is new about that thing.” John said and took some candy from his pocket.

“I didn’t touch her, okay? WE DIDN’T DO THAT THING.” I muttered and scratched my neck. Even when I’m not looking at them, I know both of their eyes widened.


“Why? What do you mean you two didn’t do it? Is she kind of badass girl, something like that, that’s why?”

“Maybe Stephen is not her type, or she’s not your type?”

I don’t know how to answer their stupid questions. Every girl likes me and that girl from yesterday may like me. Maybe it’s because I have another woman with me, maybe she’s just shy at first, something like that. But I bet, if we saw each other again, definitely she’s going to flirt with me. That’s how all woman is.

“I have another woman with me, we’re doing something, and then there was a woman who probably made a mistake entering the room. When she saw what we were doing, you know my face is thick, so I wasn’t embarrassed showing my gorgeous body to her...” I smiled when I remembered what happened yesterday.

“So what did that woman do?"

“She covered her eyes.” I can’t help myself from laughing when I remember it until from this moment.

“Pfft...” John can’t hold back his laughter anymore.

“She’s innocent, I guess,” Flyn said between his laugh.

“You know what’s funnier? She said ‘I’m sorry, you can continue now Direk.’ Pfft, she thought we were filming something obscene.” I said and laughed. I wiped the little tears that dripped from my eyes because of the excessive laughter.

I stopped laughing when I noticed that they were now looking at me. I sat down and immediately changed the expression on my face.

John approached Flyn and whispered. “Did you see that, bro? He just laugh?”

“Yeah, I just saw Stephen laugh like that again since he and Vanessa broke up,” Flyn whispered.

Nice, they’re whispering and still I can hear them. I hope they soften their voices even more.

“Maybe he’s crazy? Maybe he bumped his head yesterday?” Crazy? Me? Damn! Is it crazy to laugh now? It’s kinda funny, that’s why I laugh.

What is happening to me? Before I rarely smile and I don’t usually laugh.

“Maybe, he’s—“

“Next time when you two talk about me, make sure that I’ll not be able to hear anything, okay,” I said and turned my gaze to my phone.

“Oh, he heard us.”

“Sorry bro, you’re just kinda weird today. By the way, what did you eat, bro?”

“Food, I guess.” I sarcastically replied.

“Here we go again,” they both shook their head.

“Do you have cigarettes?” Flyn asked.

“Bro, I don’t smoke. I have a bad boy look but I don’t smoke at all, I only drink.” John even winked at Flyn.

“I am asking Stephen, not you John, and stop winking at me if you don’t want me to beat your face!”

“Relax bro, even if you beat my face. I’m still handsome.” Then he laughs like crazy.

“You smoke Flyn? Since when?” Flyn hates the smell of cigarettes.

“No, I don’t but I wanted to try it. I want to try new things, bro--“

“Pfft, shut up Flyn! You just wanted to distract yourself so that you can't stop thinking about her.”

“I’ll put scratch tape on your mouth if you don’t shut up, John.”

I just smirked while looking at them. We grow together, laugh, and even fight sometimes, but nothing can break our friendship.


Alyana Perez’s Pov.

“Alyanaaaaa!!” I quickly opened my eyes and immediately got up.

“W-Why?” I looked at my Mom who was in front of me now and holding a dress.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday to wash it!? Your brother, sister and I are leaving now! What am I going to wear huh!!” she shouted angrily at me and threw the dress on my face.

“I-I forgot Mom. Sis Kelly asked me to do something last night... and I forgot about washing your dress.”

“You’re making excuses!” I just kept my mouth shut. I might say something that can make her angrier at me.

“Why don't you just say that you’re lazy! What time is it? Why aren’t you cooking yet?! You don’t want to feed us huh?!” Right, I have to prepare our breakfast.

I quickly got up, left the room, and started cooking.

I’m the only one who cooks here at home. I’m the one who cleans and does the laundry. They did nothing else here but order and scold me when I did something wrong, and when I did not do what they ordered me to do.

Well, I’m used to it. This is my daily routine.

“Hey! Yana, where is the assignment I asked you to do last night?!” Sis Kelly asked. Yana is what she calls me. The assignment she asked me to do was her boyfriend’s assignment.

Sis Kelly’s boyfriend is a college student. I don’t know why she always asked me to do her boyfriend’s assignment. I’m not that smart, I just study hard.

“It’s in my room, Sis Kelly,” I said and I turn my gaze again to what I was cooking.

“So, you want me to get it in your room? Are you ordering me, Yana?” She now crossed her arms, she’s at my side and raising her eyebrow at me.

“I... I’m doing something, so can’t you just go get it-“

“Aly why did you wash my jersey?! I haven’t used this sh*t!” I looked at Keil. He calls me Aly, Mom calls me Alyana, and then Kelly calls me Yana. Yeah, they call me by different names.

“I saw dirty marks on it so I wash--”

“F**k that! Don’t you dare touch my things again!!” I can feel his anger right now.

He didn’t say anything that I shouldn’t wash his jersey. I saw it under his bed so I thought...

I was surprised when he hit me on the head with his hand. My face is almost stuck in the pot, my face is a little away from there.

I can’t help but look at him badly.

“Oh, what?! Why are staring at me so badly huh? Do you want to get hit?” He said seriously.