The Arranged Bride

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The 30-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word 'love', owing to his past. What happens when he is arranged in marriage to the 27-year-old sweet and independent Sophia Jones who refuses to bow down in front of him and accept everything he throws her way unlike an usual arranged bride? Oh! Did I mention Nicholas Carter's 5-year-old son?

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Chapter - 01

Sophia's POV

I slightly groaned when I felt the bright sunlight fall on me. I twisted and turned in my bed for a few more minutes before I was finally up.

Bree who was sitting just by the side of the bed, started barking and wagging her tail. I gently patted her hair.

Today I had a day off and was planning on lazing around. Maybe call my idiot best friends over and watch some movies with tubs of chocolate chip ice cream.

With happy thoughts swimming in my mind, I went to do my morning routine before going downstairs for breakfast. It was my day off so I woke up late and Dad had already left for office.

"Good morning Mom." I jogged off to my seat.

"Good morning sweetie." my mom smiled and set down a plate of breakfast for me.

"I don't know if it's because I am too hungry or the pancakes are really so delicious, but these taste amazing, Mom." I stuffed my mouth with the pancakes after dipping it in chocolate sauce.

Shaking her head she just laughed.

We were talking about random things when Mom's phone rang and it was Dad.

"Yes, David." My mom picked up the phone.

"........" Mom's eyebrows creased and she was impatiently tapping the table top.

"Umm okay, I will just see..."

Hanging up Mom went upstairs. She came down after a few minutes with a file in her hand.

"Sophie , your Dad has forgotten an important file and today he has a meeting with his boss. He really needs it, can you take this file to him?" Mom looked at me with hopeful eyes. I huffed.

So much for planning a fun day.

"Sure." saying that I got up and went to get ready.

I changed into an oversized sweater and a black skirt. Putting on a bit of nude lipstick and winged liner, I left for his office with the file.

I got inside a cab.

"Where to, ma'am?" the driver looked at my face.

"Carter Enterprises, please."

My Dad worked at Carter Enterprises. Nicholas Carter, the CEO of Carter Enterprises was one of top businesses in the world. It is said that the company reached heights after he took over. I had seen him twice in some magazines but can't say I haven't seen his face properly. He is too handsome to not take a proper glance. He is the perfect handsome billionaire but it can't be said if he is a playboy or not. His personal affairs haven't been the headlines often.

It was a twenty minutes ride from my home. I had put on my headphones to listen to some music.


"Ma'am we are here." I took off my headphones and looked out to see at the huge building.

After paying him and thanking him, I walked towards the building. Entering through the lavish entrance, I headed straight to the reception.

"Excuse me." the receptionist looked up with a greeting smile, "How can I help you?"

"I am here to meet Mr. David Jones."

"Please take the elevator to the 21st floor and on your left you will get to his office."

"Thank you."

She smilingly nodded at me.

I walked into the elevator and pressed the button. The elevator stopped at the 8th floor and a tall good looking guy walked in. I could feel him staring at me a few times before I turned to look at him. He smiled at me and introduced himself.

"Hi, I am Caleb." he put his hand forward.

"Sophia Jones." I shook his hand with a smile on my face.

"So.... to meet someone?" he asked. He seemed like a nice guy and didn't give me the creeps.

"Yes, I came to give this file to my Dad, uhm..... Mr. Jones, he left it back at home." I explained.

He nodded and then there was silence. Finally the elevator stopped and I stepped out.

"It was nice meeting you." he waved at me.

"Same here." I waved back and the door closed with a ding.


Just as I turned to my left, something small collided with my legs. I looked down to see a little boy with brown hair and an extremely cute face. He looked up and stared at me. I bent down to his height and observed his bright brown eyes.

"Hey little man, I am Sophia, what's your name?" I asked with a big comforting smile.

He looked at me for a few seconds debating on whether to reply or not. Finally deciding to reply, he smiled at me.

"Ethan." he still looked doubtful of me but I wasn't upset. I like the fact that this little boy was smart enough to not easily trust a stranger.

"That's a nice name and how old are you sweetheart?"

"I am 5." he said with a proud smile. His expression showed that he believed himself to be a big boy.

"Aww... so why were you running sweetheart? you know you could have gotten hurt." I gently spoke to him. Honestly I could never resist the urge to spend time with children. I mean who can?

"I... Dad scolded me so... I was going to grandpa." He looked down as if he was a bit guilty of running off like that.

"Oh... fine I will take you to him, where is he?" I offered because I didn't want this cute little kid to again run into someone and get hurt.

"Right behind you." a deep voice spoke from behind me.

I looked behind to see a man in his late 50s. I stood up and faced him.

"Uhm... Hi, he was running uh... so I thought I should..." I trailed off guessing he had heard the last part of our conversation.

"Oh... thank you sweetheart, not many people are this thoughtful these days." he said with a bright smile which was quite similar to that of Ethan.

"Welcome Mr... " I waited for him to fill in.

"Carter. Joseph Carter."

My eyes widened at that and I immediately recognized him. He was the boss of my father or should I say ex-boss and I was instantly nervous. Well, he didn't have the cold closed demeanor of a billionaire boss. What shocked me more was that the handsome billionaire had a kid.

"Umm... I am extremely sorry, Sir. I should have known." I spoke embarrassed but he looked rather amused at my nervousness.

"Not a big deal, and you are?" his voice was welcoming.

"Sophia Jones." I said.

"So, by any chance do you work here?" Well, it's normal he didn't know all of his employees especially when the company is as big as this.

"No, I came to deliver a file to Mr. David Jones. He left it back at home." I explained the same thing for the second time in the day.

Recognition passed through his eyes before he spoke again.

"Mr. Jones, public relations head?" I guessed that he would have known my father.

"Yes, Sir." I politely replied.

He nodded to himself and then looked up to speak.

"Well it was nice...."

"ETHAN!!" I heard a very deep masculine voice behind me.


Turning around my eyes welcomed the sight of an extremely handsome man. Nicholas Carter! He was about 6'3" or 6'4". He had broad shoulders and a muscular body, dressed in a properly fitting suit. He had tan skin and gelled brown hair. But what made his face absolutely gorgeous was the pair of warm brown eyes. Seeing him this close made me realize that the photos in the magazines haven't done justice to his looks. He was even more enticing in person.

This was the longest that I have looked at a stranger.

I averted my gaze on realizing that I was staring a little too long, although not long enough for drooling.

"Why did you run off? I have asked you to not go anywhere alone, haven't I?" He asked Ethan in a stern voice while the kid hid behind his grandfather and looked up at his father.

"Ethan, answer me." he raised his voice at which Ethan jumped a little and looked up at him. Tears rolled down his eyes while he stubbornly shook his head in a no. The guy was supposed to be a bit more soft on him. He was just a kid and scolding him like that won't be helpful. But I knew better than to lecture my father's boss on how he should behave with his child.

When his father was about to yell again I bent down in front of him. Taking his tiny hands in mine I pulled him closer. He looked at me through his tears.

"Sweetheart, you shouldn't have run away like that. Your Dad was worried, right? What if you got hurt? And you should reply when you're spoken to baby." I spoke softly.

At this, he brought his tiny hands around my neck and hugged me. I was little shocked at his sudden gesture but then I hugged him back, offering the comfort he was seeking. His small body was shaking.

"I... I am sorry.... Dad he... he shouted at m-me a-and I was... I was angry.... I... I am sorry..." He hiccuped.

"Sssh, it's okay, don't cry, you won't do it again right?" I asked while rubbing his back.

"Y-Yes, I won't." he said looking at me while shaking his head.

"Good boy." I wiped his tears and stood up. Both the Carters were staring at me with a strange look. Not creepy at all ! I mentally shrugged it off.

"Uhm... I guess I will take your leave now." I told in general.

"It was nice meeting you." Mr. Carter (senior) said.

"Same here Mr. Carter." I walked off to Dad's cabin after offering Ethan a large smile.