Daddy's Little Slut

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"I will not have a woman take over my company." A loud voice shrieked the house and, Jane couldn't help but let out tears fall down her eyes. Her whole life has been working hard to maintain the position that she has and most importantly, to make sure that her father never doubts her but there she was with his filthy words landing on her skin. Jane decides to make a deal with a thug who albeit abducted her leading to a very fatal outcome. Will she survive the shock that comes with her rash decisions?

RomanceOne-night standFemale leadBillionaireBadboyIndependentMature18+contract marriage

Chapter 1


Having a life where you have everything at your beck and call seems like heaven to those who haven’t experienced it. My life was the typical dream of any young lady, and I was the envy of most young people my life seemed so perfect on the outside. But no, I was empty on the inside because I had just one thing I constantly dreamt about. Something I have always had in my mind to accomplish and I still couldn’t get it done due to my father’s frigidness.

My father was the owner of Austin Wine Enterprises and he didn’t have a male heir, so that made me his heiress. I’ve tried all I could to get him to approve of me, but Dad would never accept me for who I was, no matter what my actions were. “

Jane, you need to come down to the dining room right now. Your father’s throwing a fit wondering why you’re holding him up from having his dinner.” Coral, my dad’s live-in secretary, said as she opened my door.

“I didn’t know Dinner was ready, Coral. I’ll be down with you both shortly.” I said and she closed my door. I got up from my chair that sat on the other side of my work desk, and I shut down my laptop, put my legs in my house slippers, and went downstairs. I walked to the table and sat on the very chair, my mother used to sit on and then looked at my father, my father’s hard eyes matched mine and I looked down at the table. I trembled in fear because I know what my dad had in mind.

My father wanted me married at all costs, and I wasn’t ready to engage in such a commitment at the moment. I was really in love with my job at the firm and getting married would interfere with my work. The maid, Serena brought the food and served it on the table, for me, Dad, and Coral and we started to eat in silence. My father’s phone rang out loud and Coral went to receive the call. She came back a few minutes and exchanged looks with me. I immediately understood that look and gave a loud sigh. “

Who was that on the phone?” My father asked gruffly and Coral turned to face him.

“Attorney Allen, Sir. He was on the phone wondering when you would be coming to his office for the final writing of your will.” She said and went back to eating her food. “Why is he such a darn hurry for me to write my will? Like he wishes me an early death.”My father said and went back to eating his food. “It's not that he wishes you an early death, Sir. He is just being careful. He knows your siblings are waiting hawk-eyed for your death, and to get their hands on your entire empire.” Coral said and I closed my eyes quietly waiting for the tongue lashing that was coming.

“That’s why I wished that I had given birth to a son instead. No girl can handle the business better than a boy, talk more have the boldness to deal with nosey family members.” He said and looked at me. “That’s why you need to get married so that you can have a male’s influence, and you would be able to deal with whatever problem might come your way.” He finished.

“But dad, I’m not ready for a marriage commitment right now.” I said and looked down at my food, repeating what I had said a hundred times but dad refused to see reasons with me. Suddenly he banged the table loudly making me and Coral flinch visibly.

“There’s no well in heaven or earth that I’m leaving my empire to a single woman! Do not give me that rubbish about not being ready for marriage.” He yelled loudly standing up making me flinch again in fear. “You cannot become a CEO without a man’s influence. You will not be able to deal with the pressures from the affiliates, my siblings, and another relative that has eyes on my empire.” He said uncontrollably angry. Tears flooded into my eyes and seeing that I was in tears, Coral beckoned to my dad to sit down. “Please, Sit down Mr. Austin. We could have a crisis if you keep yelling this way.” She said and looked at me sadly. I have always received my father’s tongue lashings, but every time he did it, it always got to me. I got up hurriedly, reached for the drawers that contained our car keys, and picked my car keys up.

“Where are you going, Jane? Come back to your seat right now?” I heard my father yell, but at this moment I didn’t care a bit about his darned orders. I walked out the door and went to where the cars were parked in the garage, went to my Red BMW, hopped intoIi,t, and gave the signal to the gate man to have the gate opened for me.The gate was opened and I drove out at a quick speed not caring about anything at that moment. All I felt was burning rage. So much anger in me. I wondered why my father never treated me like I was worthy of anything.

He treated me like I was his last option and that he’d never have me around him if he had a male child. I was so hurt remembering all the sacrifices I had made just to please him, yet he never me for someone serious.

All he ever wanted was for me to conform to all his ideas on how my life should be. I wanted to be a medical doctor, but instead, I had to study Business administration because I wanted to please my father and learn the ropes of the business. I was hurt beyond doubt when he didn’t want me to become the general manager at the firm, but I proved to him that I could handle the job, and he gave it to me reluctantly.

I had done all I can to bring a lot of income to the company, with one of my achievements being that I signed a contract that the company had been looking to get and sign for over six months, and my father didn’t even congratulate me. My personnel loved me a lot and I did all I could to satisfy them. Being the youngest manager, I had worn many awards, and I thought with all of my achievements, that Father would one day acknowledge me. His mean words always cut deep into my heart, but I could never talk back to him out of fear. I loved my father so much and respected him a lot so why didn’t he ever acknowledge me as his child, I thought to myself gripping my steering wheel hardly in anger.

All of these thoughts hurt and blinded me so much that I didn’t notice a woman and her child trying to cross the road.I had been going at a super high speed, but I soon realized and struggled to bring myself to a halt to avoid hitting the woman. I managed to swerve the car out of the road and hit a nearby tree.

My heart thumped out loudly and realizing what had just happened, I gasped loudly. “Oh no.The woman and her child. Shoot.” I said and hurried down from my car and was met by the stares of the woman, who was hovering over her child, looking terrified at the thought that she might have just lost her life at my hands. I mentally face palmed and walked up to her. “Are you all right?” I asked slowly and remorsefully, bending over to look at the child to check if there were bruises.

“You almost had us killed, ma’am.” The woman looked at me in terror shifting back from me.

I sighed in understanding. “Listen, I’m not a bad person. I’m sorry for almost hitting you and costing you your life, but I swear it wasn’t intentional.” I said and looked at them apologetically. They shifted back a little more and I wondered what I could do to earn their forgiveness.

“Kindly wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” I said and quickly rushed to my car to check the place where I always kept emergency funds, brought out a bundle of cash, and rushed back to where they both stood. “Here.” I said handing the bundle of notes that I had in my hand and the look on her face changed from terror to a lock of disgust.

“You wealthy people believe that everybody is like you living in that world of fantasy where money rules your world. You almost got my child and I killed, and all you do is offer me money?” She said angrily and held her daughter’s hand and then started to walk away. The people at the scene looked at me and mumbles started and suddenly became louder.

If at all this gets to Father’s notice, he would berate me about how useless I was to him once again. I had to stop this from happening to avoid Father’s wrath. But what to do?