My father-in-law's best friend

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PROLOGUE : « We shouldn’t, your son is my fiancé. » I whispered sounding unsure and very hostile. He watched me carefully with his dark blue eyes before tilting his head gently to the right, the same blue eyes that had just watched me undress a couple minutes ago. « Darling, I really don’t give a fuck right now. » His chest rumbled with the deepening of his voice. It made me clench my thighs tighter together, my hands were still covering my bare breast. There was nothing between us but his pair of sweatpants dangling around his built torso and forgotten love ones, I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. That’s when I decided to move my hands away from my body allowing him to see me completely. He’s my soon to be father in law and my dad’s best friend, it was wrong but it felt so right. -________________________________________ Talitha has always been the golden child, she’s always followed her parents rules, she’s never disappointed them. Talitha is perfect in every way that is visibly but when doors are closed she’s a wreck. Bodhi Rhodes has always liked her, he’s wanted her for quite a while now, didn’t he find it a little weird that now she wants a relationship with him after her family went bankrupt ? With their engagement out in the world, his father comes back to the city. Kaz Rhodes, a 47 year old successful businessman and also a very good friend to Talitha’s father. Everything changes when they see each other, skin to skin, mouth to mouth, and commit flies out the room but for how long ? Marrying Bodhi helps her family and their image but if her father ever finds out the truth he’ll never forgive her for her sins. Forbidden love has never been easy but with more than two hearts on the line, it’s nearly impossible.

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He rolled off of me with his chest heaving up and down aggressively, I laid flat on my back with a blank face. I don’t think sex has ever been pleasant for me, it was a boring act to be honest. Maybe that’s what I’m lacking in life, or maybe just happiness in general. I stood up and grabbed my silk robe that was sitting above my couch and walked over to my huge glass window. The city was quiet today, the lights were shining bright just like stars.

I hate living in the city, it’s always noisy and you can never see the stars due to it’s huge light population.

« What’s wrong ? » Bodhi asked, I wanted to say everything but my father’s words started ringing inside my head.

« Money is a price you’ll have to pay with your body this time. »

I faked a smile before turning back around to face him, he was holding himself up by his elbows propped on top of the bed. The white sheets hung around his tone torso, he’s hot there’s no denying that yet my body doesn’t feel any attraction to him.

« Nothing, bebê. » I purred while swinging my hips side to side smoothly, his eyes watched my body like it was a temple. I climbed on top of the bed slowly on my knees, his delicate hands pulled me down by my small waist.

He’s always had his eyes on me, I just didn’t notice him until my father went bankrupt that’s when I finally started to pay any attention to him, it was unkind and not my choice but instead my father’s. He comes from a rich family, my dad has a lot of knowledge about the Rhodes since his best friend is my fiancé father.

Of course I felt bad for using him as some sort of leverage but my family didn’t give me a choice.

« Isn’t it crazy how our wedding is literally around the corner ? » He says, his tone sounded almost like he was amazed by the fastness of time.

Isn’t it crazy how I’m marrying you without even knowing your middle name ?

« I can’t wait. » I smiled as I let out a dreamy sigh.

All of it was fake, the feelings, the sex, the smiles. I felt nothing for this man, absolutely nothing but the slightest bit of friendship.

« Are you excited to meet my dad ? » He asked me, I wanted to jump off the balcony and never return.

« Of course, he’s my father in law. » I managed to squeezed out another smile.

A part of me thinks that my dad forcing me to have a relationship with him and to give up my body and dignity has very much justified my hatred toward Bodhi, it disgusts me to have sex with him knowing that I never want too. You’d think he’d notice someone after his money but he’s so consumed by love that it clouds his judgment, money is all I crave, I crave no personal relationship, no intimate relationship.

I leaned down against his chest, my lips trailed kisses down his abs where my hooded eyes glanced up at him. His head was tilt back with desire, I flipped my hair over my shoulder before chomping down on his skin. He jumped up with a loud painful groan, a wicked smile grew against my plump lips.

« Ow, what the hell Talitha. » He glares at me, men have always been such a weak species.

« Aw I’m sorry, I just wanted to play a little. » I fluttered my eyelashes at him with a slight frown.

He shakes it off and leans over to try and kiss me, I watched his face expression shift when I rejected his kiss. I refuse to have my first kiss be with someone who I don’t love, kissing is intimate and something I value a lot.

With sex I didn’t have a choice but kissing, it’s the only thing I have control over, the one thing my dad can’t rob from me.

« Just get dress, alright. » He stands up and pulls his boxers up, I nodded my head before he exited our room.

I walked over to my body mirror, I touched the side of my face trying to somehow force myself to be happy. It wasn’t working, I practiced my smile over and over again till I finally got a hang of it.

Breathe Talitha

I took a long hot very much needed shower, I felt recharged and ready for action. I had on my everyday gold jewelry and rings plus my giant engagement ring, I’ll never get use to wearing such a huge diamond. I grabbed one of my designer dresses that was gifted to me by Bodhi, hate to admit this but he has amazing taste. It was a mini leather orange dress with pearls running down the straps in the back, there was a small slit near my left leg showing off my tan thigh.

My hair reached barely above my butt, my hair was already curled from this morning. I just added some dry shampoo for extra volume, I slipped on some white heels before spraying perfume all over me.

I forced my smile back on my lips before exiting my room, I spotted Bodhi near the door fixing his tie in the mirror. I cleared my throat, he turned around with a huge smirk peeking pass his lips. He loved the idea of showing me off like I was some type of trophy, it annoyed the heck out of me, not only does my parents have me on a strict diet but so does my own fiancé.

We both waited for my parents downstairs, Bodhi was to busy checking himself out to notice my anxiety was starting to show. Once my mom and dad made it downstairs he finally stopped looking at himself through the mirror and acknowledged my parents, I softly kissed my mom’s cheek before leaning over and kissing my dad’s.

He grabbed ahold of my elbow silently. « I want you on your best behavior tonight. » He whispers harshly inside my ear, I gulped before playing it off with a small smile.

If I did something wrong he’d punish me, that’s the type of tone he spoke to me in which meant he was serious about tonight.

We all made our way to the car, the whole car ride was filled with fake laughters and awful jokes.

Growing up I had everything a little girl wanted, I was beloved by both parents and protected by my older brother. Everything was so great back then, we were all happy and unity as a family but now, it’s everything but a family. Dad started gambling and slowly started to lose every ounce of our money, my mom started to drink her problems away and my brother started to erase his problems with drugs.

You might ask where that leaves me, it leaves me with a father who abuses me, a toxic mother and a traitor of a brother.

« My dad already has a table inside the restaurant for us. » Bodhi says, my mom chimes with happiness.

I looked out the window being carful enough to where I can roll my eyes, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up for. I laced my fingers with my fiancé’s as we headed inside, the restaurant leaked of money. Everyone was dressed in fancy clothing even down to their very own pets, jewels covered the restaurant as even the guest.

We turned the corner to see my parents completely separate both ways in front of us, clearly they were welcoming my fiancé’s father. Bodhi released my hand and walked right in front of me, between him and my parent I couldn’t see whatever was in front of them. So dramatic, I rolled me eyes and stood back as they welcomed our guest.

It’s just his dad not like I care

I focused my eyes on the venue instead, I wasn’t impressed just because I’ve seen many expensive restaurants and it was getting quite boring. Suddenly someone cleared their throat, I glanced back in front of me. Bodhi was finally standing to the side so were my parents.

My eyes slowly trailed up the body that was standing directly in front of me, it definitely wasn’t Bodhi. This stranger had tatted words across his knuckles and a huge dahlia flower against the top of his hand, my eyes traveled further up his dark blue suit where I spotted another tattoo across his neck this time it was a name, Bodhi was spelled in small letters. My eyes finally met his, his bright grey eyes almost shot me to a new century.

There wasn’t enough words to describe how hot this man is, what’s even worse is I’ve never looked at a man like this before. For a second there I thought I might be gay but looking at this god in front of me, I no longer have that doubt. The air that was pumping in my lungs a few seconds ago was now rushed up to my cheeks causing me to blush just a little.

« You must be Talitha. » His country accent was deep and made me involuntary squeeze my legs together.

He held his huge, bulky hand out for me to shake. I gulped at that thought of his hand wrapped around my throat. I glanced at my dad who was starring back at me with demanding eyes, he nudged his head telling me to hurry up and shake his hand. I glanced back at Bodhi’s dad forcing a smile upon my lips before lacing my hand with his, his skin was warm vs my cold hand.

« What gave it away ? » I asked, there was a hint of playfulness behind my voice.

« My son said you were drop dead gorgeous, that’s what gave it away. » He smirked, wise words I thought. My eyes sparked with mischief as I thought of the many ways this man could rail me, I almost forgot for a quick second that he’s my future father in law.

« And you are ? » Our hands were still connected as I asked him the question, my eyebrow raised just a little.

He brought my hand up to his soft lips. « Kaz Rhodes, darling. » He whispers against my skin, shivers started to spread across my body.

This should be fun