Dom&Little Academy Spin Off.


Spin-off Mia was lost, in a world where everyone was classified into dominant and submissive, she didn't know what she is. Her mother abused her and her father didn't know about her existence. Until they came in, three supernatural brothers, a Dom, a master, and a daddy. All ready to try and help her find herself and who she belongs to. This story is DDLG, you've been warned. Apologies for any misspellings and grammar mistakes.


Crushing for the Badboy

1.0K·Tessy Chris

“I am not a pervert.”  Annie was a quiet sweet girl who saw everything from a bird eye view; she was always careful not to step on anybody's toe. She had been called various names but one name that stood out was being called a "Pervert" Jace was the school's popular bad boy and every girl's dream. He took delight in calling Annie a pervert because she had incidentally tapped his butt on one occasion. He found her quite mysterious and needed to know her better. When the feelings start to arise for Jace, he didn't know how to tell Annie who found him rather annoying. She would eventually find out about his feelings for her and also discover that she actually found him attractive. Would their chemistry grow in to a spectacular relationship or would they fall apart due to the different world they live in?.


His Mission

33.0K·Sakz Birk

Meet Emily Wentworth. Since the death of her father, she's been living a home life full of abuse. It's remained a secret for years until she meets the town's bad boy, Jake Melvin. It doesn't take long for him to figure out her secret. Emily is suddenly thrown from one world of danger and uncertainty into another. The two teens ride the rollercoaster of love, unbelievable betrayal and heartache.


It Happened Last Year

37.0K·Sydney Marie

Hailey is back in town after a terrible encounter at a high school party last year.


Possessive Girlfriend


"Yes I get jealous alam mo kung bakit? Because what's mine is mine! Dahil minsan naiisip ko na baka maagaw ka na ng iba sa akin kaya ipamumuka ko nang akin ka! Akin ka lang!" - Shanti.




Love is needing someone, Love is putting up with someone bad attitudes because they somehow complete you"Semiloore and Tamiloore are your unusual set of twins. Alike but different in every sense.


Bakit Hindi Totohanin

2.0K·Cady Lorenzana

When Miss Nobody dates Mr. Somebody.


My Overprotective Brothers


Iris Grey has eight older brothers who are very protective of her.Her parents died when she was young well that's what she was told anyways.Her brothers brought her up so you could tell that they were close even though she is used of their protective nature they still can be pretty annoying.


Patient Zero


Patient Zero (Or Zyra) was taken at age 6 from her drug-abusing parents who denied her existence and chose to neglect her through her short years with them. An illegal business testing the waters of human improvement took her on as an experiment, expecting her to die within a few months due to her mal-nourished and weak state. However, she survived testing and began developing faster than the average child. Drugs and mind tapping was her childhood, competing in brutal tests for intelligence and physical strength. Now at the age of 18, she has an IQ of 197, and the punch strength the equivalent of 96 horsepower, which is the equivalent of being hit by Ford Escort at top speed. It's also the equivalent of being hit by a sledgehammer being swung full force from overhead. Although her IQ is astronomically high, her emotional capabilities are close to Zero. Being a cold, almost robotical human is a problem for her now she's old enough to leave the facilities that kept her inside most of her life. So she has enrolled in one of the top universities in her state, a newly instated one called 'Horizon'.There, she will find a persistent and annoying friend: 'Candy' and confusing but possible love interest: 'Levi'---------------------------------------Her abilities include: Perfect recall: She can remember every detail ever presented to her, even being in her mother's womb. Analyzation: She can pick up on the most minuscule action or twitch from someone and see peoples intent or what kind of person they are (Kind of like Sherlock Holmes) Human super calculator: Her mind can run the multiple possibilities and math of a action or any problem in the blink of an eye. Books: Similar to her perfect recall, any book she reads, no matter what speed, she remembers it all and gathers the information.Slight Telekinesis: Unlocking the potential of her brain allowed her to practice lifting objects without touching them, she can currently lift the weight of three cars, no more without harming her and causing temporary paralysis.


The Black-Eyed Mafia Queen


They died. They kill them. But, who the fuck are they? -She have what she want except family. Only his grandfather is left, all of a sudden things will change. Is she be able to know who are behind her misery?Or perhaps her destiny will decide? Everyone loves her. Except them Who are they? ORWhat they need from her family?- I gained so much power but it wasn't still enough to buy justice that I want. I want them to suffer just like what happened to me. I'm no longer the sunshine in every morning, because in every morning you woke up you don't know if you can see the bright of tomorrow....Because now, I'm the QueenI'm Paris Althea Grimsson the Mafia Queen.


Aloof Mafia Boss


" If loving you makes a man stupid, well then I'll be the fckng proudest stupid man of yours. "-Hansel Daxon Knight




Aryan and Mannat are the power couple of Silver Creek Academy. Money, power, luxury, fame, they have everything. Being one of the richest in the world both are worth billions together. What if the power couple goes missing? Their friends have to find them to get answers. What are they hiding from their friends who are family?


Why Me


Cara Delevingne is the world's richest teenager, she has all the cars someone could dream of and all the friends someone could ask for, but there is something that Cara has to deal with that causes her to be closed off and not let people in. Will her secret make her lose everything she ever had? All Cara could say is Why Me.Kendall Jenner is poor, she always has been so for her its normal to skip meals to pay the bills. Kendall only has one friend, her best friend Taylor. They have been best friends since they were born Kendall's mom and Taylor's mom went to high school together and had her and Taylor on the same day, but Kendall's family problems make her ask Why Me.

Female leadCompleted

Simply Tragic


Kaylaxin Pearson is forced to raise her daughter Lexie with all odds against her, hoping to unravel the misdeeds that her past love brought her. Despite being destitute and broken, she deemed likely that the future stored ample grace for her. Lexie grows up reliving this curse for mishaps, dragging misery to her young, faint and broken heart.Maybe, just maybe, life as she anticipated would be unbiased to beat the fated odds. Or mayhap it's all a wish.


The Nerd Mafia Empress


A story about a girl who have a many secrets . A girl who was a fighter inside and out . A girl who was known to be a Nerd . A girl who was known in underworld as a Mafia Empress. " In an unexpected event . I didn't know that my life will turn upside down "- Sakura


The Nerdy Girl's Revenge


Have you ever been used?


The One Who Left

1.0K·TA Jansen

Delilah Kade has survived on her own for four years. Relying on her wit and skill alone to provide for herself.After a deal gone wrong Delilah meets her father who she hasn't seen for 8 years. He bails her out on one condition.She stays with him and his new family for one year. Delilah gives up her life for the luxurious life of the privileged.But when things start going wrong... will she end up making the right choice?


Vigilante 2.08


Mica Mayors is an ex-cop leading a double life. When her sister is mysteriously murdered for reasons unknown, Mica is left seeking answers and vengeance. She is forced out of her early retirement hiatus and turns to a secret agency to uncover the missing pieces to the puzzle behind the death of her sister.If only Mayors knew what she was signing up for. She didn't realize that her new team would range from ex-conmen to rogue spies who all call themselves the Vigilante.




Annie Halden was the exact definition of a wallflower. She lived on the sidelines, didn't like attention and worried too much. She wrote letters to herself as her way to get her thoughts out. She never told anyone or let anyone see. Leo Smith, one of the school star athletes and most popular boys, found one of her letters. He started breaking into her locker to read the letters every time there was a new one. He grew concerned about her and wanted to protect her, he wanted to know why she was so broken and who hurt her, he wanted her to know he was there for her - be her shoulder to lean on. How would this friendship work out with Annie being as shy and quiet as she is, never getting close to anyone? How would this friendship last if Annie came to find out the truth about Leo stealing and reading her personal letters?


It's Always Been You


Fia Romero meets her boyfriends dorm mate, player Wes Hamilton. While Fia has been in a happy and committed three year long relationship, Wes doesn't believe in the idea of committing to someone while you should be exploring your options and having fun. Their friendship grows over what started as a silly idea for Fia to play Wes's match-maker and find him the perfect girl that he thinks is worth the commitment. What started as match-making turned into a fake dating relationship, leading to confused feelings and room-fulls of tension and passion. A little game of playing Cupid turns into something more and maybe the person who has always been the one for you was standing right under your nose the whole time.