The thief escaped by the mafia


PROLOGUE : Chevron Raynes ‘accidentally’ hacks into her college mainframe and finds blueprints to a billion dollar satellite belonging to none other than the Mafia. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when the blueprints and a certain Professor go missing, Chevron is thrown under the Mafia’s radar. Soon she’s running for her life with not one but three Mafias behind her, in a race to get the blueprints. Adrian DeLuca is a genius who has a talent for psychology and manipulation. He may be the youngest Mafia Boss ever, but his raw ambition and ruthlessness scares people twice as old as him. So what happens when his only chance of getting the billion dollar blueprint is a headstrong, intelligent little girl who was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time ?


Killing Hearts


Being transferred to an all boys school which is now a mixed school due to moving homes. Everything was going well at starters until five males came into her life. A few days passed the five males grew an unhealthy obsession over her along with the female's siblings. Will you, (Y/n), get out of it?


Dark Pieces


Dark Pieces : The battle of life (Book 2 of Dark Series) -------------"We are inside a game""What kind of game?"This is not your typical game where you will going to enjoyIt is a game where you will fight just in order to liveThe game with there's only one important rule..."Keep your King alive until the end of the game... So always protect your King"NOW Are you ready to fight for your life????Are you ready to be one of the Dark Pieces?????


Twin of the Dark Prophecy


Twin of the Dark Prophecy: The untold prophecy (Book 3 of Dark Series)Kasabay ng pagsilang sa bagong kambal sa angkan ng mga Dragomir ay siya ring pagkagising ng isang propesiyaAng propesiyang matagal ng natutulog. Ang propesiyang matagal ng walang nakaaalam. Ang propesiyang hindi pa nabibigkas ng labi. Ang propesiyang muling magsisimula ng lahatNow are you ready to know the Untold Propecy???


I Am His Assasin


She is an assassin. He is a mafia boss.What if their paths will cross accidentally without knowing their real identity behind their masks?Is there a possibilty that love will bloom between them? Or it will be a war?


Achillean Academy


Sa Silangang parte ng mundong puno ng karahasan, nakatayo ang isang paaralan. Paaralan sa likod ng mga nagsisitayugang mga pader. Kung saan tinitipon-tipon at hinahasa ang may mga kakaibang abilidad at kapangyarihan.A place that is all about survival, all about fame and power. Where there's no place for weakness. Where you can't trust anyone besides yourselfWill you dare to enter?


Resurrecting The Dark King


Resurrecting the King of the Dark : The beginning (Book 1 of Dark Series)Sya ang huling tagapagmana ng Elafry Vasileio. Ang natitirang Glasiever at ang nag-iisang buhay na may dugong Aurius.Siya ang babaeng tinutukoy sa propesiya na siyang bubuhay sa matagal ng nahihimlay na hari ng kadilimanIsang propesiya ang nakatakdang mangyari... Na siyang magsisimula ng lahat........


The Girl Who Dared


THE GIRL WHO DARED is a English and Tagalog story of mystery thriller full of intrigue about greed, revenge and hatred.


The Stepbrother


WARNING! (R+18) This contains mature content such as rape,sexual harassment, strong language,etc. Please proceed at your own risk!"Her unwanted affair became her dark secret.""His thirst for her love became his unhealthy obsession."Aurora Hills lives with her single mother, looks after her little brother and it's been 6 years since her father died in a tragic car accident. But after some time, her mother gets engaged to a single father with a son of his own from a previous marriage. After strange yet tragic events starts to happen, her life turns upside down.


The Mystery of a Techie's Murder

516·Vijay Kerji

Meet Detective Mayur Varma: twenty-seven, ex-cop, intelligent and the founder of Dolphin Detective Agency. In his first assignment, he investigates the murder of a software engineer, Priya Bedi. The murder has happened in Hyderabad, but most of the suspects live in Bangalore, Priya's home town. Mayur's ex-colleague, inspector Prakash Malhotra, joins him to unravel the truth behind the brutal act. While Mayur investigates the case with his junior assistant, Aisha Mishra, he is attacked and threatened over the phone. Will he be able to catch the real perpetrator in spite of the hurdles he faces? Read More…


The Elevator Game


"DO NOT LOOK BACK."A story where a group of friends decided to mess around by playing the infamous elevator game: a door to the otherworld.-Inspired by the Elevator Game. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY IT IN REAL LIFE FOR IT IS A DANGEROUS GAME. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED THIS GAME IN REAL LIFE AND JUST DEPENDED ON THE STORIES ABOUT THIS.‼️ READ AT YOUR OWN RISK ‼️


The Nerd Is A Secret Mafia Queen (English version)

1.0K·Serial dreamer

Choose the best Path to stay where you are. And show them what's the best vengeance you have.


Paranormal Investigators Case FIles - 1


A chance meeting brings 4 unique individuals together. Their lives are about to be changed forever they just don't knw it yet!If you enjoy paranormal stories you are going to enjoy this!


Demons From the Past


"Go to hell!" She spat out.I could feel my lips curling into a smirk as I advanced towards her."Oh I will, sweetheart, and I'll make sure I drag you down there with me.""Don't come any closer, or I'll shoot." She warned but even as she spoke she edged back slowly."Then shoot me."



721·RJ Lalanne

What would you do if you were a prisoner in your own home? If the person you were told to trust was the one hurting you and you couldn't do anything about it? Jazmaine and her sister Victoria learn to bond and stick together as things start going wrong and their mother doesn't notice. Once their attacker is behind bars and their mother dead, the girls begin their search for their attackers accomplice only known as a guy with the letter K in his name.




To only be 17, Honey has been through it all. From going through her fathers violent death at a young age, to her mother being strung out on drugs, she was troubled. Her and her sister Kesha, who has two small children had to make a way. And with Honey being in a over controlling relationship with a hood nigga named Monty. Her life was hectic. But can Jameson, a football player who has fallen in love with her, help her out of this toxic relationship? Read to find out.



4.0K·Nid Younus

Ghazal Rehman, a charming 23-year-old Hyderabadi had ended up in a bedroom with a handsome heartthrob named Irshad Khan on their wedding night. They are shocked, clueless, and surprised as they have no idea how they ended up with each other on their wedding night?Ghazal was supposed to marry a boy from university who claimed to love her whereas Irshad had planned a fake marriage to please his family. Now they are stuck in a big, deeper mess and need to sort this out before things get hard for them but Ghazal gets caught up in the dangerous family politics that will end up destroying her marriage and life. Who is behind her and why?Secrets, Lies, Deception, and much more awaits Ghazal as it's no joke to end up in the wrong bedroom with the wrong husband!


Dirty Deeds


*This story is a sequel to 'No Good Deed.'* "Give yourself to me Casey. You wanted me before. You want me now. I could see it that day. The way you looked at me, your quickness to forgive my mistakes. We would've ended up together either way. Titus just made things complicated for us. I never wanted you to be afraid of me, it wasn't supposed to go this way. I had to pull you out of your shell earlier, Case. Show you that you can have what you wanted all along, but were too prideful to admit. " I shake my head furiously in denial.


Capo Dei Capi

788·Shan R.K

(Secrets of the Famiglia Book 1) The lines that blur between love and war are often the only thing keeping you alive. I wasn't a full Italian. My mother was a Russian, a female of the Bratva. To create peace between the Famiglia her family, the Bratva gave her up. My father always said I was born lucky, I would never have to marry for power. I could choose. And for a while, I believed him. For a while, I thought I could marry Leonardo Catelli. Until HE, Marco Catelli, eldest son of the Capo of the Famiglia lost his betrothed. Until he rose to be the Capo Dei Capi, The Boss of all Bosses. Until he needed an heir, a wife. Until he chose me. My name is Aliyana Capello, daughter of Consigliere Sartini Capello and this is my confession. "Bury him, mourn his fucking death. But come Monday morning you mine Aliyana." Marco The story follows Aliyana Capello and Marco Catelli's life and the events leading them to the alter. When Lorenzo Catelli is murdered, Marco promises to avenge his brother's death with the help of Aliyana and his siblings. But as the answers are found, more people in the 5th State are murdered. When a cold past comes back, Marco finally sees some light in his corner. But all is not as it seems. Enemies are never far and few in the 5th State. Forced into a war he never wanted to protect the one he loves, Marco must choose the extent of the crimes he will commit and the enemies he will make especially if that enemy happens to be his future wife.


Union of Death

554·Shan R.K

(Secrets of the Famiglia Book 2) Our world is one painted in corruption. We are born with blood on our hands, and a target on our backs. We have enemies that are worst than the boogeyman, people whisper to their kids about. We are the Famiglia. The most powerful Crime Family in the world. We control the Syndicate, we run the Outfit, scare the Bratva and own the Mafia. We weren't always that powerful. We were once just a crime family until Marco Catelli became our Capo Dei Capi, until he needed an Heir and chose his enemy, ME. This is The Secrets of the Famiglia