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"Don't deny it. You want it." Killian said to me, stroking the nape of my neck with his thumb. His face is so close to mine and I forgot to breathe. I gasped when he pushed my dress higher, revealing my thighs to him and let his hands rest between my thighs. I tilted my head to the side to avoid his lustful gaze, penetrating deep into my soul. "Your body craves it." He said, firing kisses down my neck till his lips touched my hard, naked nipples. That sent shivers down my spine. My body erupted with goosebumps and I exhaled sharply. I want to speak, but I can't. He has that much effect on me. His tongue played with my nipples and I mewled. That felt so good. "You want me as much as I want you." He whispered with his lips pressed on my skin. I shouldn't be doing this. I know I should stay away from this man but how can I when he invades my thoughts daily? When he's the only one my body wants. It's frustrating because no matter how hard I try, I can't say no to him. And I am this close to making the worst mistake of my life. I swallowed, trying to fathom the words out.His fingers brushed my core and I jerked forward, pressing my body on his. "I don't want you." "You're lying." He said, playing with the strap of my thong with a lazy finger. My eyes rolled back in my socket with pleasure. I am lying but he's making it so hard. "We shouldn't be doing this, Killian." Killian? Do I really have the right to call him that? "Give me one reason why and I won't touch you." "Because you're my best friend's Fiance."

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- Hazel -

It's our anniversary today. Tristan and I are finally celebrating being one year together and he told me he has everything planned.

All I need to do is meet him at the hotel. One of the best in the city.

It's hard getting a reservation there. One has to apply and wait for months before a space is available. I blushed, walking out of the flower shop with a bouquet. I dipped my head in it and inhaled. The floral scent mix makes me feel even better.

That shows how much he cherishes us. I'm still hyped about the whole thing and can't wait to tell Kate about it.

I'm sure my phone will be buzzing with messages before I arrive at the hotel. Kate is my childhood friend and best friend. We planned to attend the same campus and follow the list we wrote as kids of how we want our lives planned till I met Tristan. That didn't change anything between us, but we're far apart in different states because now, Tristan and I are in the same university.

Bad choice, I know, but how could I resist going to school with my hot boyfriend? It was like a dream come true for me, fulfilling my pinterest desires while doing couple stuff? How could I say no?

A buzz from my back pocket diverted my attention and my hand reached out to it. Pulling my phone out. My thumb swiped to the side and I picked the call.

"Uh, hey Theresa? What's up?" I asked, supporting my phone to my ears with my shoulder while trying to balance my purse, the shopping bags and the flower bouquet in my hand.

"Seriously? Don't tell me you forgot." Theresa asked. I heard a pop from the other end and I could tell she was chewing gum.

"Forgot what?"

"Patty's show?"

"Uh.." I tried to remember, running my eyes at the sky. What show?

"Her stage performance at the opera?"

Oh wow. That seems huge but I can't remember. When did Patty sign up for a show? When did she become a dancer?

"Hazel! The one we signed her into a month ago and forced her to attend rehearsals." Theresa beamed and I gasped, pulling my hand on my lips. Because the bouquet was in my hand, it slapped my face and I choked on some flower petals.

I cleared my throat trying to remember. "How late am I?" I croaked, rushing to the traffic light. I pressed the button and waited for it to flash green, meaning passengers can walk.

"Thirty minutes early." Theresa sassed.

"Good. Text me the address and I'll be there!" I cut the call and held my phone to my face. I got the address notification and put it on my map. Calling an uber. He'll be here in ten minutes. I rolled my eyes and groaned. Just great! I huffed and slid my phone in my purse, having a meltdown. Patty will kill me if I am late. Theresa said we signed her into the show! How could I have missed this? I looked at my outfit. It's not bad, it just doesn't scream I-am-cheering-for-my-friend-on-her-big-day. But it'll do. It has to. I pulled my phone out of my purse, checked the time then dipped it back in. I really need a watch but my outfit really needs a make over.

Ugh! I don't have time to go home for a quick change. I tapped my toe on the floor impatiently. The traffic light is still red. Come on, come on, how long does it take to make cars halt already? With annoyance I kicked the stand with my boots and regretted my decision instantly.

My face reddened and I puffed my mouth with air to avoid screaming. I don't have time to wail, I need to get to Patty. To my advantage, it worked and I rushed to the other side of the road, walking in front of the restaurant I set my location in. I dug my hand in my purse and checked my phone. The uber will be here in seven minutes. Maybe I'll grab a take away bite for Patty. It's a good reason to explain why I'm late and my little apology. Plus the flowers! I cleared my throat and walked into the restaurant. My foot hurts, but this is my little punishment.


I snuck into the auditorium.

Oh my God, it's crowded!

I searched my online ticket and looked around to find my seat. I almost choked. Of course it's like Theresa to book us the front row. I made my way there and sat.

"Lucky you. The show was delayed." She grinned, filing her nails. Theresa studied me for a second. I know she checked out my outfit. "Classic." She murmured, taking her attention from me as music blared from the stage. I shrugged her reaction off and averted my gaze to the stage where the dancers made an entrance in their tutus, looking like white daisies.

So I'm not late, that's all that matters.


The opera rose into chaos at the end of the performance as an uproar of applauses resonated through the walls. This has to be the classiest, and most interesting ballet show I've watched. And Patty was the star. I can't wait to meet up with her. I glanced at my phone screen.

Then quickly catch up with Tristan. My cheeks reddened. I had no idea how late it had gotten. Our dinner starts in an hour but he hasn't called yet.

At least this gives me time to actually get ready for it and put on something nice.

Patty walked out, holding a napsack.

"Patricia!" I called, waving my have amidst the crowd hoping she'd see me or at least heard me. I called her name again, yelling this time. I caught her attention alright, but she's looking around like a lost duck.

I frowned. "Behind you! Look behind you!" She did. For some reason, that got my temper to rise. "Your left Patricia!" She turned to her right. I slapped my forehead with my hand. "No. The other left... your right..... Patty!" With frustration, I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. "Hey!" She flinched before turning.

"Omg, you made it! Heyy!" Patty sighed with relief, pulling her arm over me. "I thought it was a thief."

I giggled, she literally thought if someone wanted to mug her, they'd approach her in broad daylight? Cute.

"I watched your show." I said and handed her the flowers and snack. "It's probably cold right now, but I hope you like it."

The first thing Patty did was inhale the flowers. "Thank you Nut. Where are the girls?"

Haha, okay, today, I'll let it slide. My friends sometimes call me 'Nut' because my name is Hazel and there's a thing like hazelnut. It's a boring joke but what can I say to change it when they've set their mind on it?

"They're with Theresa, grabbing a snack. Ivy couldn't make it though. She got held at work but said she'll buy a copy to relive the moment." I don't know why I added that, but to get attention about my near lateness driven from me, this is my best shot. It's petty, but petty can be my middle name. My phone buzzed and I checked the time.

"Omg, Patty, I'll text you later, sorry for leaving this way, let's have a sleepover at your place tomorrow night, I'll fill you in!" I said and dashed out of the opera. My Uber just arrived. It's finally time for this girl to get ready and have the night of her life!