When The Bad Boy Get What He Wants

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"Don't run away Carson . . . you haven't answered me yet." I stood with my back to him. I wasn't going to give everything away just like that. I cannot do that to Kat. "I am not running away . . . I am late for class. Now if you would excuse me." I said harshly. "Isn't pe class this way?" He asked while pointing towards the corridor to his left. The idiot was correct. My class was at the back of him but there was no way I was walking past him. "I think I will take the long road . . ." he chuckled loudly at my statement. "I am not going to hurt you Carson . . . I am just waiting for you guys to confess that you both had a finger in the pie."Stacie thought she had the badboy hooked when she has a one night stand with him but then he broke her heart and left her in pieces. . . When senior year turns up Masson Devlin notices Stacie again after three years. This time he is determined to get more of her than just a one night stand.But what happens when someone starts to harass Stacie... Will she rely on Masson to help her or will she get out of this one on her own? Find out when mysteries things happen and people don't seem to be who they say they are.

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Chapter 1: Let me tell you what happend. Masson's POV

Okay so let's say about three years ago at a college party i got drunk. I mean i was only a freshman...i think. I was to drunk to remember anything else. We were having fun and my best friend Matt dared me to sleep with one girl at this party. I, of course didn't want to but i had my image to protect.

I went from one girl to the other at our school. i have slept with every blonde girl in there. I mean blondes was my sleeping policy but with no reason this fine night I decided to see if i could get another colorhaired girl to sleep with me. I mean I love blondes and brunettes are just a waste of my time but the hell with it. I am Mason Devlin and I am the hottest guy in school. I can get whomever I want.

I sleep with the blonde and the next day it is as if I do not know her at all. They are use to it though. I think she also doesn't care because the next day she doesn't even text or greet me at school. I just think that is awesome because I do not have the time to explain to a girl that I do not want to be with her for her heart but I want to be with her just for one night for her body.

As i was walking around i saw this girl bump into me. She was cursing under her breath at how clumsy she is and she started apologizing over and over again. "Shit! I am so sorry. I should really start watching where I am going." She gave me a faint smile as she saw who she bumped into.

I thought to myself...hey Masson this will be a piece of cake to sleep with this girl. The bet was to sleep with any girl but the night is almost over so this brunette girl in front of you was your only chance to win that $500 from Matt. I studied her body up and down and thought she could do. She is attractive but she will be worth the $500. "It's okay. I see you spilled your drink...let me buy you a new one?" I tried screaming at her over the loud music. She wanted to hesitate but i said, "C'mon please. That is the least you can do after you soaked me with your drink." I gave her a small smirk and she agreed. She was already eating out of my hands.

I wondered what a girl like herself was doing at a college party. I wanted to ask but a guy named Bruser came up to us. "Hey! Stacie! I am soooo drunk! Can you please call mom to come pick you up. I just scored with this college girl. Bye!" And without even giving Stacie a change to talk he left. Okay so she is the sister of the guy whose party this is. She looked a little dissapointed so I offered her a ride home. I never give someone a ride home but if I want to get into this girls pants then i must be a gentleman.

We danced all night, talked and made jokes. I really enjoyed myself around this girl. She was not fake like all the other blonde girls that's trying to get my attention at a party. They have these weird things they do. They bat their eyes a lot, they touch your body like there is no tomorrow and then she shakes her head as if she has parkensins. Ps. That is a sickness you get when you are old. Just to be clear. They scare me a bit but there is nothing more pleasuring than getting laid. And it is just one night...right???

As we were on our way out to my car...a blonde girl approached me. She was wearing high red heels and I think a baby was wearing more clothes then her. "Hey handsome...wanna get out of here?" She pushed Stacie almost out of the way as she made herself next to me. I already slept with this girl so nahhhh."Sorry...but i am here with someone else." I gave stacie a small smile and pulled her towards me, making the blonde girl stutter back a little. "What the heck, Mason?!" She gave stacie a death stare and looked her up and down.

Stacie was a petite girl, with a beautiful tanned skin, hair hanging just above her waist and brown hair. She also had abs in her body, which I think is adorable. She goes to gym everyday after school and I saw her do more push-ups than any other girl in our school. She was an amazing athlete. "You never slept with a brunette girl before! What is the story now? You pick her instead of me?" I saw that stacie was confused. "I am not sleeping with her Audrey...i am just taking her home." I said in an impatient tone.

I hated it when Audrey went off like that in front of Stacie. Why the hell do I care?????? Nevermind. I probably just cared because I want to get into her pants. Before Audrey can say anything else i pulled Stacie away. We were almost at my car when Stacie came to a halt. I noticed that she was behind me so I turned around and stared at her while she looked at the ground. "You can really go with her you know." She said almost in a whisper. I didn't wanna go with Aubrey anywhere but I was confused.

"If I wanted to go with Aubrey I would have left you here. But I wanna take you home. I am not a complete jackass." I couldn't believe that this girl was telling me that I could go with another girl instead of her. No girl ever did that. They would scare other girls off at a party just so that they can leave with me instead. I don't think this girl is interested in my body...that cannot be it. Can it?

"Yeah well you are not exactly known for being with a brunette at a party." She gave a lot of attention to small details. I walked over to her and took her face in my hands. "Maybe this can be my first time." I gave her a small smile and then my eyes caught Matt over her shoulder. I quickly gave her a tight hug so that she cannot see what I was staring at. Matt was pointing his finger at his watch as to indicate that it was almost midnight. I had to act fast.

I looked back at Stacie and she gave me a genuine smile. I have never seen such a smile. I was definitely having second thoughts. I didn't wanna do this to her. She was so real and she actually does talk to you. Not like all the other girls that just quickly talks to you because she wants to get into your pants. I opened the door for her to get in and when I got into the driver's seat we took the long road home. We talked some more and joked around. We even sang to the songs on the radio. I was actually having a good time.

When we reached her home we sat and stared out in front of us. I wanted to let her go but before I could say good night my phone beeped. I gave her an apologetic smile and she gestured for me to see who it was. I opened the message from Matt.

23:47 Heyyy Loser! Remember if I win I get all your babes for one month!???


Yeah...I haven't quite told you about when he wins. We made a bet that if i win he gives me $500 but if he wins then I am not allowed to get laid for a month and then he gets all my girls that I would have slept with that month. To make it easier for you he would ask me at all the parties would I sleep with that girl and then if i would have then he gets to sleep with her. It sucks! I know! I quicly typed I am going to win.

What was I gonna do?

I really enjoyed my time with this girl and now I must do this. I didn't want to do this....... well she would forget tomorrow. Right???

What the hell. Lets go for it.

I heard he mumble good night and as she was busy opening the door I quickly reacted and pulled her back inside and closed the door. She had an alarming expression on her face and she did kind of looked scared. I stared at her bewildered face and then my eyes went to her lips. She saw my eyes go to her lips and I could literally hear her heartbeat grow louder in the silence. I moved a little bit closer and to my suprise she also moved towards me. We started kissing and it was a good kiss but it soon turned into a passionate make out session.

I thought she was going to pull away and get out but then she started taking off my jacket and my shirt. I did as she pleased and I also took off her black silk top she was wearing. I didn't know how we ended up in the backseat of my car but we were there and we were naked. I saw on the dashboard of the car that it was 23:54 and we were already busy doing it.

I gave myself a small smile as I thought about how easy this was. When we were done we quickly got dressed and she gave me a kiss goodnight and told me how she enjoyed the night. As soon as she went inside I grabbed my phone and opened the message to Matt.

00:17 That was so damn easy to get into her pants. You owe me $500 douchbag! ?

I kind of felt bad but I was in no condition to giving up the girls to Matt. I drove away from her house and thought to myself...this was the first time I ever did something like that in the back of my car. It was amazing because I actually like this girl I did it with. The other girls I just liked because of their sick bodies.

Well nevermind hey...I slept with her so now I threw her in the back of my mind. Once I sleep with someone they just go to the back of my mind. Do not go back to the same girl twice.

And with that thought I drove off to my house.