Darkly Devoted To My Professor

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For Melissa Carter who believed in hate first sight,the last thing she wanted in her daily life was to avoid encountering her hottest yet narcissistic professor, Drake Hale. But the man certainly had a grudge with her fate. He kept appearing in her life until he was haunted in her mind. *********** Melissa Carter, an eighteen-year-old young adult was a simple-minded girl. Not in front of everyone, she secretly adored the dominant side of her professor, Drake Hale who happened to be her personal tutor. But the man was nothing like that and he appeared to be seen. Drooling at his handsome face, she never realized when she fell into this sinful love. But people say that there is no sin love until life gave her challenging tasks for being in love with such dark, mysterious man who turned her entire blissful world upside down.

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Chapter 1

" Another day! I am going to doom my luck. Shit ", a girl in white uniform chanted under her breath as she stood in front of the mahogony doorway. For other people, it might be a simple door but for her, it was no less than a devil's door.

Melissa Carter fixed her mini skirt, made sure that they had covered most of her thick thighs. Since he hated her so much, he could pickup on her by using any malicious action.

Who knows that what the devil had in his head?

Her rosy lips slightly trembled, breathing came out as pant and cheeks flushed when the other students shot her weird glances while passing across her. Her fair was changing shade as each moment passed away. The green eyeballs were appearing white to define the inner fears that she was battling with pretty badly. A whiff of air slipped through her barely parted lips brushing past the dark curls that were hanging on top of her nose.

Taking another bite of her trembling lips, Melissa extended her hand to knock. Before her shaky fingers could touch the surface of his mahogony door, her ears buzzed when the voice from her teacher echoed through the loopholes of door evidently.

" Mmm! I will try to come back! "

" Some useless trashes can't do anything to me."

Her ears sharpened subconsciously. Though evasdropping wasn't a part of her personality, she couldn't help but sticking her ears against the doorway. Perhaps she could gather some terrible secrets of him. Perhaps she could blackmail him using that secret and force him to not giving her any extra damn homeworks.

Her nineteenth years old brain had speculated this sorts of logics in her brain. A satisfied smile formed on her lips when she visualized how helpless her teacher, Drake Hale would appear if her blackmail worked out.

Melissa was almost daydreaming as she sticked her ears against the door hopefully. She was so engrossed in thinking that some words from indoor couldn't catch her hearing.

Damn it! Stop dreaming and listen to him first!

Indulging into the conversation unhealthily, she sharpened her ears ready to heed everything. To her surprise, the door from other side creaked open in shot without any prior notice.

Melissa also fell down but somehow managed to regain her composure. Thanks to the door edge which she gripped harder before loosing her balance.

Everything, her entire world started tumbling down when his grey scornful eyes found man. My breathing stopped and I could feel myself drowning into the bottom ocean. I could imagine the king of hell coming out to take my soul.

Lifting my gaze up to stare at him slightly, I saw the grimace on his face, an obvious dissapointment after finding me just he felt always. Two buttons of his collarbone was unbuttoned showcased his flawless skin as it blazed under the dim light of sunlight that slipped through the window. An iPhone on his left ear was hold and he stared down at Melissa through his grey eyes. His wavy black hairs were combeded with gel perfectly, imposing an aura of supermodel from magazine. He was always a perfectionist that's what girls from Cambridge Highschool called him except her.

She hated him at first sight!

Drake Hale, the professor of Mathematics, a thirty years old bachelor of Cambridge High School. Apart from teaching and living a fancy lifestyle, he hadn't been seen doing anything so far though the girls from Cambridge insanely hoped that he would pick any teenager as his girlfriend among them but it was lawfully restricted in Pink City.

His eyes found her and for a moment, she just wanted to kneel down and begged for forgiveness. His domineering voice spoke looking down at her movement suspiciously,

" Miss Carter, I am sure that you haven't forgotten the etiquette manner of knocking before entering into your professor's room?"

Melissa sighed in relief eternally. At least, he didn't doubt on her activities. Before things could go further, Melissa made a quick apologise, dumbfounding the poker faced man who expected a little argument at least from her just as she did always,

" I..I am sorry Sir..I was in hurry and was going to knock but you opened first."

He pondered, stuffed the cellphone into his pocket and made a brief reply,

" Come inside."

Melissa hummed taking abrupt steps to enter into his office room. He voiced again while making his way out to sit down on his black chair,

" Please close the door."

Melissa compelled feeling a little uneasy but she had no other option.

She didn't want to be alone with him! Not at all!

He rested both of his palms together underneath his chin. Eyes watched her intensely, his words came out meaningfully,

" I am sure that you know why you have been summoned here."

Melissa nodded knowing that she had actually gotten a lottery number in his previous class test. Hell, she hated math and she knew that she had gotten very less.

He had a leisure look in his eyes as if she was the most unimportant subject yet his intensified tone gave her a bone freezing fear oddly.

Drake pulled out the drawer, swiftly pludged out a folded paperpiece and dropped it on his desk. From her corner of view, Melissa could see the numerous lines of red marks on the page.

She instantly swallowed, gulped down the fear into her hungry stomach and waited to hear her next punishment from the karma of hell.. meant her professor.

Drake spoke staring into her nervous eyes deeply,

" Take this paper with you and send it back to my desk after solving them at night. I would like to see how far have you learnt from my lesson or I was just wasting my breath until now."

Melissa picked up the paper timidly and briefly replied,

" Okay..Sir.."

She turned intending to leave but his malicious tone rang from her back again,

" Miss Carter! "

Her track halted, heart flew up in the sky when she naively thought that he would let of her this time without humaliating her anymore.

Melissa turned, breathed out a single word,

" Yes! "

Drake leant against his whirling chair and replied in an deep voice,

" Make sure to keep your toes away from the doorstep when you evasdrop next time."