The Professor

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Maya Greenley has always been a hopeless romantic, or at least that's what her best friends tell her. Between acing her classes and preparing for post-grad school, Maya doesn't have time for 'romance'. That is until she sees Alexander Grey, a mysterious but swoon-worthy man with dark eyes and a wickedly charming smile. Maya knows she shouldn't feel anything towards him, it was wrong, forbidden even and he was absolutely off-limits. And it was because the charming man is not only years older than Maya, he's also her Psychology professor.

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Chapter 1

The strobes of the lights danced in a dizzying pattern across the ceiling as the club patrons cheered and yelled in excitement over their drinks, sweaty bodies pressed against her but she didn't care, not when the adrenaline pumping through her veins made her feel alive.

"Woah!" Gabrielle cheered wildly, bouncing rhythmically on her feet as she moved to the music. Her wild curls stuck to her dark skin, sweat beading along them and sliding down her face.

"You're sweaty," Maya shouted, pointing to her friend's gleaming chest but the girl simply grinned, tossing her head back and closing her eyes,

"Sweetheart, everyone inside this goddamn club is," Her best friend slurred and Maya giggled. Gabrielle had a point, she could feel perspiration already rolling behind her ears.

"I need to get a drink," Maya flapped her arms around, either Gabrielle didn't hear her or was too consumed in the music to notice what she'd said, Maya wasn't sure but she walked away from her and headed to the bar.

Her legs trembled with each step she took and she bumped into several people as she wove in and out between the crowd.

"Hey! Watch where the fuck you're going!"

Someone snarled at her before pushing her roughly to the side. She stumbled backward for a moment but regained her balance quickly before looking up to see who had pushed her.

"Sssorry," She slurred at the fuming man, giving him a wide grin to show how sincere he was.

But he only stalked past her, bumping his shoulder into her as he muttered, "Bitch."

Maya rolled her eyes at him and swiveled in the direction of the bar. She apologized, didn't she?

Why was he so fucking rude about it?

Deciding she wouldn't let some nameless jerk ruin her night, she hurried to the bar, relieved to find an empty stool there.

She slid onto it and leaned over the counter,

"Harrryyy!" Maya called out, her voice sounding more like a child whining than a grown woman. The bartender whipped around, his eyes widening in recognition once he spotted her,

"I was beginning to think you left already." He chuckled as he made his way toward her.

Maya made a disgusted face, "It's not even past eleven yet."

He laughed again at that, "Yeah yeah, alright then. What'll it be?" He asked, turning towards the fridge.

"My usual," She said, humming a little tune as she drummed her fingers on the marble countertop. She briefly wondered if Gabrielle might want a drink too and decided to order for her, "And two glasses of martini."

"Coming right up, princess," He smiled at her, taking out a bottle of vodka and a glass,

She rolled her eyes at the pet name but didn't call him on it as he poured her a generous amount of vodka and handed her the cup. She threw her head back and downed the entire glass, savoring the burning sensation traveling down her throat and settling in her stomach as the alcohol warmed her system. She ordered two more glasses, to the bartender's surprise, and finished them in one gulp.

A delirious smile rose on her lips and she winked at Harry, "Now, the party's just getting started."

"You're gonna get a nasty hangover tomorrow," He told her, blue eyes twinkling in amusement.

Maya simply scoffed and jumped down from the stool. Her legs felt like jelly as she wobbled, but she managed to stand upright. She grabbed her drink off the bar counter and grinned at the cute bartender,

"I'm having fun. It's worth it," She slurred, heading towards the dance floor,

Harry shook his head fondly, "Alright then...enjoy yourself."

She gave him another grin and disappeared into the throngs of dancing adults. The DJ was playing something fast and upbeat, and she moved her waist to the music,

Maybe if she hadn't decided to close her eyes at that moment then she would've seen the three figures bounding toward the exit, but she was too busy swaying to notice. So when she bumped harshly into what she swore was a wall and toppled over, she screamed.

Her head banged against the person's nose and she heard a grunt as they landed on the floor. She groaned in pain, blinking rapidly as she looked up and finally realized what, or rather who, she'd run into.

Dark eyes.

That was the first thing she noticed about the man. He had eyes so dark, one would think they were black if you didn't look closely. His pitch-black hair was swept across his forehead but fell softly across his eyes, which looked bored despite their beauty, there was a scowl as he looked at her and she frowned at him,

If anyone was going to be angry, then it should be her! Maya had no clue where the martini glasses had gone and she was sure the refund was going to come out of her pockets. Yet, this stranger was looking at her like she was dirt on his fine clothes.

"If you're done staring at me then I suggest you get up," His voice was sensually deep, causing a flurry of butterflies to erupt in her stomach, she couldn't help but shiver under his gaze,

"You have two seconds before I push you off of me." He said again but Maya couldn't stop staring at him,

It was almost like she was hypnotized.


Wait, What?


She barely had time to react before he pushed her away from him, sending her tumbling sideways. She quickly grabbed the collar of his shirt tightly, ignoring the curse that flew from his lips, and pulled his heavy frame with her. Maya gritted her teeth as her back connected with the hard floor,

The guy stared down at her with an annoyed expression that somehow reminded her of a cat. A really mean-looking cat that had found its prey.

Maya glared back,

"No one throws me like a sack and gets away with it, cariño," She gave him a sickeningly sweet smile before pushing him to the side.

Maya dusted herself off before standing up, and that was when she noticed two people blinking at her, surprise clear in their gazes,

Her eyes scanned them quickly, she noticed the man had an arm wrapped protectively over the woman by his side. Maya cocked a brow at the large hat on the female's head, it was practically obscuring her face but she did not comment on it.

Not that she was going to say anything, she'd not only tripped and landed on their friend but also flipped him over simply because she was too busy ogling his face that she failed to heed his warning.

"Maya!" She knew that voice and was relieved to see Micah rushing toward her, he placed a large hand over her shoulder and tucked her to his side as he spoke to the couple in front of them,

"I don't know what she did but judging by the look on your faces, I'm sure it's something bad," Maya scrunched her nose at him, wasn't he supposed to defend her?

He ignored the look on her face and continued, "I apologize on her behalf, she has had too many drinks tonight."

The couple remained silent and after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, she watched the man open his mouth when another voice interrupted.

"I believe you should be apologizing to me instead." She turned her head, Micah repeating the action as well.

Dark eyes glared at them but Maya swore his gaze was directed at her,

"Excuse me?" Micah asked politely, scanning the stranger carefully.

"Your girlfriend," He spat, pointing angrily at her, "unceremoniously threw me to the ground."

She opened her mouth to tell him that she wasn't his girlfriend but Micah was quick to speak,

"I'm really sorry. She stumbles badly whenever she's drunk."

"Then maybe she should stop drinking so much." The guy snapped back.

Micah sighed, sending her a look of disapproval and she mouthed 'what' to him when he gave her a shake of his head.

So much for being a supportive friend.

Just wait till she told Gabrielle of this, Maya mused and chuckled quietly but dark eyes seemed to have heard because his eyes flitted to her form, an eyebrow arched questioningly,

She huffed but stayed quiet as Micah's grip on her tightened. "I'm sorry, I can pay for the dry cleaning."

The man chuckled darkly and shook his head, his gaze still pinned on Maya and she shifted uncomfortably.

He wasn't going to start a fight over this, was he?

"You-" He began to say when a voice cut him off, it was softer and had a light undertone to it.

"It's okay, we are also at fault. We should've seen your girlfriend coming at us."

Maya tried to tell them for the second time that night that she wasn't his girlfriend when the other guy spoke, his blue eyes reflecting a strange emotion,

"It's fine. Mistakes happen and besides you already apologized."

Micah grinned but tossed a weary look at the scowling man behind us, "Thank you! We'll be out of your hair now."

The two nodded but dark eyes simply ignored his words. As Micah steered her away from them, Maya couldn't help but look back one last time. His gaze remained locked onto hers and she saw something in them, something...dark.

She shuddered and looked away, praying that they would never cross paths again.