Elena stifled a smile, but he already saw her mouth start to curve upwards and he grinned at her. She ignored him. "I'm serious, Chandler." His smile was instantaneous. "Noted." She licked her lips. Her eyes were wide and nervous, and she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "And you can't kiss me." Chandler tilted his head to the side and studied her. Pushing away from the car, he took a step closer to her. She held her ground, lifting her chin at his approach. "What if you ask me to kiss you?" he said quietly. "Then can I?" Elena exhaled shakily. "I won't do that." "No?" Carefully, he touched his thumb to the curve of her chin. She shook her head, and his hand fell away. "Maybe you won't," he told her. "But hear me right now, love, I'd love it if you asked me for a kiss." —------


After Divorce, I Became A Multi-Billlionaire


Zoe Oliver had been mistreated all her life ever since she got married to the billionaire family of the Meyers. She was used, abused, and miserable because they didn't see any good in her, and treated her worse than their maids because they felt that she was not deserving of her husband. She was crumbled and broken because she decided to love the only person she thought would give her a new life. Malcolm Meyer, her husband, couldn't care any better for his wife, and let his family do whatever they wanted to her because he didn't love her. One sudden night, he dropped a divorce paper before her eyes and told her to sign it so that she could get out of his life for good. "I do not want your alimony!" She spat at him with anger. Everyone thought she was crazy to have refused millions as alimony to compensate for her miserable life. Through the spotlight in the gathering of elites, a lady emerged and sauntered through the crowd in million of dollars worth dress, and heels. She held everyone in a collective gasp as she smiled charmingly and was introduced as the Multi-Billionaire heiress. Everyone could not believe their eyes. The Meyer family almost lost their minds. Now, she would make everyone in the Meyers pay in double and triple folds for every hell and torment they made her go through. Zoe Oliver was back to rule!


Bought By The Billionaire


Guess who got cut off from her family's inheritance for ditching her cheating ex? Me. Now, I need a fake fiancé, someone rich enough to impress my mom. Enter Jason Bennington, a billionaire I meet at an exclusive masquerade ball hosted by the Billionaire Boys Club. He buys me as his date and proposes a deal I can’t turn down: marry him so he can claim his uncle’s business. But there are two conditions: Look stunning by his side. Pretend to be the perfect wife in public. Sounds easy, right? Except every kiss sends chills down my spine, and every touch sets me on fire. We should end this before I fall for him, but... I can't. No matter how much I want to. My heart's on the line, and I'm scared he’ll shatter it.


My CEO Hates Me

620·May Evans

Fresh out of college, Elisa Martoni considers herself the luckiest girl in the world when she lands a coveted secretarial position at the prestigious Murphy Enterprises. However, her elation is short-lived as she quickly discovers the real reason behind her new boss' icy demeanor. From the moment they meet, the enigmatic billionaire CEO, Rhys Murphy, treats Elisa with open disdain and cruelty. No matter how hard she strives to prove her worth, Rhys seems determined to undermine and humiliate her at every turn. Elisa is baffled by his hostility, unaware that she is unknowingly at the center of Rhys' decade-long quest for vengeance. As the threats and mind games escalate, Elisa finds herself desperate to uncover the truth behind Rhys' animosity. But the deeper she digs, the more she realizes the secrets of the past may be far more dangerous than she ever imagined. With her heart and her future hanging in the balance, Elisa must decide whether to flee or to trust the very man who seems hell-bent on destroying her.


Captivated by Mr. Billionaire


Rafael Achilles Cordova is the notoriously cold CEO of Cordova Industries, unrivaled in the business world. Raised as the successor of his father's company, he poured his life into preparing to inherit the company and grew up with no other interests. No care for women, money, or life in general. For all 29 years of his life, he lived purely for the sake of carrying out his duty without divulging into a single frivolity. And yet, why couldn't he get his mind off of the bright violet eyes of a particular little lady who randomly entered his life one day? Why was there a fuzzy feeling in his chest at a mere glimpse of her? Why did it feel like his entire world was collapsing with only a single tear running down her cheek? Where were all these feelings coming from? Unfamiliar feelings that he had not once ever felt before in his entire life. Little did he know that those were the feelings of a king who finally found his queen, one who he would lay his entire empire down to stay by her side.


His Games, Her Rules

1.0K·Goddy Francis

Dangerous, sexy, and arrogant, badboy billionaire, Dominique Gray always gets his way; in the boardrooms and even in the bedroom. His arrogance is twice the size of his bank account and he walks like he owns the universe. Running away from her past and the life she’d hoped to forget, Robyn Denver fled from Italy to New York City, hoping to start afresh as a practical nurse in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the state. A new life, a new place, and a new identity. Everything is going as planned, not until Robyn crosses paths with Dominique Gray, one of the country’s most influential and powerful figures. He’s everything she’d vowed to stay away from, but yet she hates the fact that he brings out the woman in her she’d locked and long suppressed. He’s alluring, manipulative, domineering, all of everything she loathes, but yet she can’t resist the billionaire’s charms. Dominique wants the one thing he knows he can’t have, but yet he’s not willing to back down. Robyn Denver is everything challenging and feisty, and one thing Dominique Gray loves is challenge. After a heated and passionate one night together in a masked charity event, Robyn walks away with Dominique Gray craving for more. But what happens when Dominique Gray wants the one thing Robyn isn’t willing to give? Her heart. And when the past Robyn has been running away from disrupts her new life, will Robyn let her heart cherish the one best thing in her life or will her past keep them apart? *** CONTENT WARNING: This story is rated for a mature audience and includes explicit sexual content, sexual language and violence.


Married To The Hidden Billionaire

503·Rhema J

Just as the saying always goes, 'Every disappointment is a blessing'. Skyler just found out that her groom had been cheating on her on her wedding day right in her wedding venue. Feeling heartbroken, she ran off thinking life was over until she bumped into a strange man "Let's get married. I will help you get back at your ex and you will help me get my family's company in return" He said to her. Getting married to Mason Delgado - a man from one of the richest families in the US - within minutes of being betrayed by her groom seemed okay at first, an unknown love began to blossom between them and Skyler thought things would stay that way, until an old family friend returns with the sole purpose of stealing Mason from Skyler. With the internet prying on Skyler's private life and haters at large, the greatest of all being Mason's mother all against their marriage, will their love grow stronger or will they fall apart?


Mr. Billionaire's Contract Wife

6.0K·Nikoline Black

A conspiracy by her best friend led to Shirley losing her first time to a strange man. The once-sweet relationship was ruthlessly destroyed by her boyfriend. "Since you are carrying my child, let's get married. It just happens that I don't love you, and you don't love me either," Mr. Billionaire said heartlessly. He threw a contract on the table, saying, "We are just contract spouses." They got secretly married. None of their colleagues knew that Shirley was the wife of their CEO, and they envied why Mr. Billionaire treated this little assistant so specially. Just as Shirley was about to relax, she unexpectedly found out that the man who signed the contract completely ignored her resistance and declared to the whole world that she belonged to him. "What are you trying to do?" "My dear wife, I love you! Let's have another child."


Billionaire's Fake Marriage


I've completely lost my rationality by pretending to be in a marriage with my brother's closest friend. Ritchie Hollis III, a legendary CEO with the physique of a Greek god, and a lifelong friend of my brother, has irritated me since childhood. When his father passes away, leaving him the inheritance on the condition that he marries, he approaches me to act as his fiancée. He secures his inheritance, and I receive a substantial sum to clear my debts. The sole rule is that it's strictly a fake marriage with no genuine feelings involved. Nevertheless, rules tend to crumble. Despite our best intentions, we have a one-night encounter and find ourselves attracted to each other, which we can't deny. What began as a simple scheme becomes more complicated. His once-cold heart warms me, but I can't shake the fear that he'll end things once he achieves his ultimate goal, his father's fortune.


My Marriage My Dungeon


“You are mine Elma, I own you! Whatever I decide to do with you is final and no one can dare to come to your rescue. I will be you first and your last!” He barked at me with a snigger as I whimpered under the choking grip of his huge palm. As I looked at the lines of his veins glaring with so much agility, I whimpered as tears left my glands and streamed down my cheeks. But that wasn’t all. He bent me over, shredded my nightgown, and thrust me from behind. At that moment, I knew I had lost my voice, my dignity, and my wit. Under the deception of true affection and in a bid to save what was left of her family legacy, Elma agrees to marry her boss Jerry Oldegard, the popular playboy and youngest billionaire of Granada Hills, little did she know that there was more to it. She was in for a new world of torment and affliction. How does she liberate herself from the shackles of this marriage of dungeon? Find out more from this fine piece that grows from a whisper to echoes of catastrophe and final liberation.


The President's Daring Wife


"Eve, what exactly are you up to." Ethan held her chin, staring into her eyes. "Have you developed a new way to achieve your divorce goal?" "Who said I wanted a divorce?" Eve flashed him her sweetest smile. "You're my darling husband, and my only goal is to make you happy." Ethan looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. The driver lost control and the car almost slammed into the gates. *** In her past life, Evelyn was doted on and admired by her husband, Ethan Anderson. But her foul temper and her desire to be with another man made her destroy her marriage. After that, she fell into a great misery when she discovered that her closest friends were her biggest enemies. It was too late, and she had to carry the regret to her grave. When she gets a second chance in life, Will she have the opportunity to redeem herself?


His Mail Order Bride


"At this point, I'll be grateful for your pieces." ***** Jessica Franklin is at her wit ends, literally. With two sisters depending on her and a mountain of debts on her neck, she needs a way out before she breaks down. So when she sees an online post of a Billionaire requesting for a bride, she immediately takes it. Devon Reeves just wants to get rid of his clingy ex who's snuck her way back into his life and is disrupting it. Unwilling to go on dozens of blind dates, he puts up a post requesting for a bride and receives numerous responses. Out of the many proposals, Only one sticks out to him. Without thinking too much of it, he accepts it and goes on a date. One look is all it takes got Devon to decide that Jessica is his bride. A contract is signed and the two begin to live like husband and wife. There's just one problem, nobody is accepting of this new arrangement. Plus, the more he gets to know his wife, the more he realizes that she has secrets... Secrets she's running away from and will soon catch up to her.


Betrothed To The Cold Billionaire

935·Erotic writer

Ariel Addams is the only daughter of the prestigious Addams family. As a result, she was very loved and spoiled by her parents and older brother right from childhood. As a result of her parents’ wealth and over pampering, she grew up to be really spoilt and pompous. She never respected her elders well, except the people she cared about, and she never hesitated to stomp on the people that try to look down on her. She acted like the was on top of the world and this made her gain a lot of enemies but she didn’t care. At the age of eighteen, she was already into modelling and earning millions. She attended Crescent high, a prestigious school that only the rich attended and she dated the most popular and richest boy. Girls envied her and boys wanted to date her. She was living the best life and thought that she had. Well that was until she found out that she had been betrothed at a young age to a very popular business man named Adrian Montgomery. That made her popularity increase but she became a laughing stock by her peers because though no one has seen his face, he was rumored to be a crippled person with a disfigured face. What happens when Ariel finds out that he isn't what he was rumored to be and in fact, they had an intertwined past. What happens when enemies started to surface from everywhere, threatening the happily life Ariel thought she had.


The Billionaire's Club


As she watched, the Daddy turned the Little girl over onto her back, slipped her diaper off, and took the binkie from her mouth, replacing it with two of his fingers. "Suck," he told his girl. Francesca stuck two fingers in her mouth, wishing they were his. And when he tore the diaper off with his free hand and plunged his fingers into the girl's pussy, Francesca's whole body went tight with need. "Fuck me, Daddy," she whispered into her darkened bedroom as she slipped the phallic-shaped vibrator between her folds. She pumped it in and out in time with the Daddy on her laptop screen. The buzzing tickle went deep inside her body, and she needed more. She needed to come. She slipped her fingers from her mouth. "Please, Daddy, may I come?" she whimpered. The Daddy on-screen was fucking his girl so hard and fast, and she echoed his motion, shoving the vibrator deep inside her, slipping it out, then doing it over and over. "Please... I need you, Daddy!" The Daddy on the screen said, "Come now for me, Little girl." And she did, her body arching as her pussy spasmed around the thick shaft inside her. "Oh, Daddy, yessssssss!"


I Married My Mother’s Lover As A Stand-In Bride


My mother was a lot of things but I never knew she would dare leave her Billionaire husband on the Alter stranded. My soon to be step-father was a lot of things, but he wasn't one to accept humiliation. And for that reason he made me Amelia, the daughter of my runaway mother to take her place on the alter.




Arabella finds out she is pregnant with a child for her husband, Richard Giodano. She wants to inform him about it when she hears him speaking on the phone with Eve Rogers, his ex-lover. Because of Eve's arrival back into the states, Richard wants a divorce. That has always been the plan until he finds Eve cheating on him with his best friend. Five years later, they bump into each other at a party and Richard finds out his ex-wife is not only back with a child but is also a hot sexy CEO of Eagle Homes and Interiors. Even when she pretends not to know him, he vows to stop at nothing to chase after and win her back.


The Billionaire's Bride: Our Vows Do Not Matter

14.0K·Favor V April

After being betrayed by her stepsister, Cathleen left the country and went abroad. However, on the day she returned to NYK, she was asked to marry the same man she caught sleeping with her stepsister 3 years ago. Cathleen agreed, as she was marrying the man to save her grandmother and wanted revenge, as well as to cut ties with her family. To her surprise, the man she married wasn't the man who betrayed her 3 years ago; it was a different man she had never seen. What happened to Finn? How will she get her revenge?  Her stepmother and stepsister found out that Finn wasn't the owner of Knight Group, so they devised a plan to make Cathleen marry the lapdog while they found out who owned Knight Group. But with Finn on the run, who then did Cathleen marry? Xavier was dimmed to be a cousin from the farm; little did the mother-and-daughter pair know that he was the big shot they had been looking for.    




Caroline broke off as Nicholas took another step forward, until they were now once again standing so close they were almost touching. She gave a determined shake of her head. "Mr Connelly,"  "Nick," he corrected,  "Nicholas"  "Nick," he repeated,  Caroline was a bit frustrated, "Nick," she bit out, "if you’re trying to intimidate me then I think I should warn you—"  "Warn me of what…?" Nicholas murmured throatily, even as he raised one of his hands to cup the warmth of her cheek, before moving the soft pad of his thumb over the softness of her lips, feeling the warmth of her breath against his fingers as he parted those lips in preparation for his kiss. His own arousal intensified at the feel of that sensual warmth against his skin. His shaft was hard and pulsing, demanding.  Caroline's eyes were wide, deep amber pools as she stared up at him. "I should warn you—"  "Yes…?" Nicholas prompted softly, holding that wide and startled gaze with his own as his head began to lower towards hers. She breathed softly. "I really should warn you—"  "Warn me later, hmm?" he dismissed gruffly, before finally claiming those full and pouting lips with his own. She breathed softly. "I really should warn you—" "Warn me later, hmm?" he dismissed gruffly, before finally claiming those full and pouting lips with his own.


Bargain Bride: The Billionaire's Forced Wife


"Choose. Either you marry me, or I'll send your parents to jail," he said while his mismatched green and blue eyes darted through her soul. With a shaky breathe, Chiara answered. "I'll do what you want," her eyes met his and both were engaged in a staring battle. "Just leave my parents alone." ****** Chiara Beatrice Bianchi let go of her greatest love to marry Ezio Moris Vitalis, a manipulative billionaire, to settle her parents' debts. Will Ezio opened Chiara's closed heart? Or will their marriage crumble under the weight of the odds?




"Are you telling me that the triplets might not be mine?"I don't know, Robert, I don't know who the father is." Christine shouted at the top of her voice and slammed the door behind her after being rude to her husband. ****** Christine was successful, married woman juggling the demands of her career and personal life. On the surface, everything seems perfect. But beneath the façade, Christine keeps a secret that could shatter her marriage. Christine has been having an affair with her charming and wealthy boss.Their passionate encounters are a stark contrast to her routine life at home. Everything takes a dramatic turn when Christine discovers she's pregnant—with triplets. Panicked and desperate, Christine decides to keep the paternity of the babies a secret. She convinces herself and everyone around her that the children are her husband's. But as the months pass, the truth becomes harder to conceal. The moment of reckoning arrives when it's undeniable that the triplets bear a striking resemblance to her Boss. Whispers and suspicions turn into open accusations, and Christine's carefully constructed life begins to crumble. Caught between her loyalty to her husband and her undeniable connection to her Boss Christine must navigate the fallout of her choices. Will she find the courage to face the truth and fight for her family's future, or will the secrets she's kept tear everything apart? "Love &betrayal."