I Belong to You

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Louis Caine Lexus is the most eligible bachelor in town. Tall, dark and handsome. Not to mention a total genius in business making him a billionaire at the age of 25.Every women and even some men wanted to be with him. But a terrible past, makes him completely guarded and detach from everyone else except from the people on his pack.Did I mention that he is a werewolf too, not to add an Alpha?Oh well, I guess you know now.And aside from his multi-billion businesses he is also a strict and powerful Alpha, that have been raise respect and recognition from the other packs all over the world.But he just have a problem, and that's he doesn't have a mate. The question is, can he ever find his if he never search nor wanted one. Or his mate is the one who will bump into him in the most unexpected way? Can he ever accept his mate even though its far from what he's expecting, or his past demons will come back and get between them?Read to find out.Another boy's love story. Be warned.

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"Choose, do you want to die or live?"

In my young mind, I can not understand why he's asking me something like that. But still I can't help to tremble from so much fear, when I felt the cold metal hit my forehead. While the icy rain pour down on us making me shiver from so much cold as my thin clothes begin to cling on my small and skinny body.

My eyes filled with unshed tears as I look up at the man who towers in front of me, while my heart begins to thud painfully inside of my chest as fear starts to creep inside of me. His face is covered by darkness, when the dark alley cast its shadow completely hiding his face away from me.

"So what will you choose, boy?" His low gruffy voice exclaim. As he smack my left cheek with the gun he's holding. I felt the stinging pain, making me yelp in pain but I muffle my voice completely afraid on what he might do to me. My lips tremble when I taste the metalic liquid that trickle down my lips, from where my cheeks have been cut.

I wanted to cry for help, but I know no one will come. For living in this wretched city ever since I was born, I'm aware that no one will come to save me.

'Am I gonna die like this, at ten years old?' A soft cry broke from me, as I felt my senses clouded by hopelessness.

"Hey no crying now boy, I still want to hear your answer?" The man in front of me grumble as he squat down on my level, looking directly in my eyes.

Watching him through my blurry eyes, I can see that he might aged around 40 or so, with sandy brown hair, and green eyes that's filled with emotions that I can't completely comprehend in my young mind.

"So what now kid, do you want to live or die. You decide?"

I quietly look at him, watching him seriously. Afterwards, I wipe my cheeks with the back of my hand, as I slowly composed myself and look at him seriously.

"I want to live." He just smile wickedly.