Be My Mate


It started with Percy then Max and now, Xander. If that was not enough, I have a true mate in a world that is new to me. A world where I am celebrated and respected.I went from being an ordinary girl from a beta family to the moon goddess and boy has my new life introduced drama!?Will I truly end Cayden and his reign or will I let him live out his days in my prison? Will Josey love her mates again completely or will she secretly hold a torch for Cayden?The fight to stay one happy family may prove to be harder than I thought.. ........................ PS: You need to read Not Your Mate Anymore to understand this book.


Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King


After werewolves took over the world and became its supreme ruler, human women (ages between 18 and 35) were locked away in dungeons then forced to become the sex slaves of male werewolves who had failed to find their mates. Once you are chosen by a werewolf, you will become their possession for the rest of your life. Sarah Fibb is a sex slave who had been in the dungeons for five years. After being there for so long, she had lost the hope of ever being chosen by a werewolf. But one night, a strange thing happened....She got claimed by Damon Kalesto; The Alpha King. *** Damon Kalesto is the ruthless Alpha King. He rules by instilling fear into everyone around him. He doesn't believe in love nor fate, so he was convinced that he would not succumb to the mate bond...but all it took was one look for him to fall in love with Sarah Fibb.


Mated to the Wolf King

417.0K·JK Bartolome

I am nobody. My Dad hates me for the pain. He claimed that I cause. Now I am bound to meet my mate and that will change my whole life forever. I am Katharina, and this is my story.


The Kings Series #1 His Beauty Queen


A Lycan RomanceShe was a beauty queen with a history, trying to live a new life in a big city. Little did she know she is in for a big surprise that will change her life forever. He is a king with a longing that is so soul-deep, he is craving for the gift that he had been waiting for his entire existence. What will he do when he finally finds her? Is he willing to share all his secrets just to be with her?Romance/Non-humanMATURE CONTENT 18+


My Personal Lycan King

69.0K·Angelina Bhardawaj

Victoria Gibberson, an 18-year-old telepathic girl who can read the mind of others whenever she wants. It was a curse more than a gift. Her parents died in a car accident, one year back and thus, the first thing she did after completing high school changed her place of residence for a change. Moving to a small town called Pearly Canines with her aunt, she said goodbye to the old memories wanting to start fresh with her college studies. But there was something wrong with this place. The vibe she was getting was one of creep, but something luring her in. The thing that was most strange to her was, she felt an undeniable attraction to this guy called Alexander Hunter. He would stare at her deeply as if knowing her deepest secrets but would ignore her most of the times. It didn't help her when one night, he came near her and leaned before whispering seductively in her ears, "Hello, mate. Let's fall in love with each other."


Belongs To Us


She heard the door click open but it wasn't Nicolai. It was lucifer. Her eyes widened in fear as she got up from the bed. Lucifer walked towards her and she stepped back, her eyes started watering recollecting the event of this morning. She tried to run out of the room but lucifer catched her and locked her in his arms. "Shh... I am not going to hurt you, stop struggling..." She stilled hearing his angry voice. Even if he didn't wanted to hurt her, She wasn't ready to trust him. Lucifer let her go and started stripping, her heart started racing seeing that and she ran towards the door but it was locked. She tried to open it but couldn't. Her lips trembled as she felt his breath on her neck. "You can't escape from us, baby... Never..." He lifted her up walking towards the bed and she started struggling. Lucifer gently placed her on the bed and by now she was a crying mess. He was only in his boxers and that was not helping her either. ******** Three evil hybrids and one innocent mate. How is it going to work? But they know that she is innocent not weak... ********* Warning - mature content, sexual content


Alpha's Rise and Luna's Love

53.0K·Betty Reid

She suffered a double betrayal from her boyfriend and best friend. Her only hope was to have a child of her own, but fate took an unexpected turn, and she ended up pregnant with Aldrich's child! Initially, Aldrich arrogantly offered her money to repay her debts and improve her life, but Maggie firmly declined. She only wanted to be with her child, refusing to be separated from them. Aldrich, left with no choice, agreed to her idea of pretending to be her werewolf partner. Slowly, he discovered facets of Maggie that set her apart from ordinary humans. As more secrets about Maggie's heritage surfaced, he found himself unraveling emotionally. Together, they faced the challenges, creating a legendary tale in the world of werewolves.


The Alpha King and His Protector


Nina Mikaelson grew up believing she was just a normal werewolf until her 18th birthday when everything she knew came crashing down around her. Now Nina was by far a normal werewolf, she had a very troubled past that was determined to destroy her and any sort of life she tried to have. Nina had a pretty normal childhood especially since she was the Alpha's only daughter and only child seeing as they never had any other children after her. Now in our very small pack when a werewolf turns ten years old that's when he/she shifts for the first time and meets their wolf. So when Nina turned ten her parents threw her a birthday bash and they partied and had fun until 11pm when people started going home Nina had started to experience a strange sensation along her skin so she ran out the back door of her house and into the woods to get prepared to shift into her wolf for the first time. Nina's parents had talked to her about the first shift to try and prepare her for what was to come, but no amount of preparation could prepare Nina for the pain she was about to feel and how good it also felt to go for a run for the first time. But when her 18th birthday rolls around everything changed when she was asked to stay away for longer and then when she goes home she finds her entire pack slaughtered as she watches her father die right before her very eyes all because of some man looking for her. Why was he looking for her? Why was she so special? What made her special? Who would do something like that just to find someone? So many questions and no one to answer them. Will her mate help her and protect her from what's to come? What will happen to her now that she has no where to go? Will she ever find her mate and will he protect her from what is to come in this tale of love, desire, lust, possessiveness, kidnapping, torture and much more. Will Nina and her mate make it out of this together or will they forever be torn apart?


Enslaved By The Lycan King

12.0K·Mavis M.

Sabrina was taken captive by a man and was sold as a slave in the black market. She became a slave for five years, and just when she thought nothing could get worse than that, she, along with the girls she was with, were sold to a lycan man to be offered to their king. To say that she hated the lycan king is an understatement. She loathed the man to her core, feeling like his tyranny was the reason why her father died and her life became miserable. But when The Offering ceremony started, Sabrina never thought she’d find her mate. And her mate was none other than the lycan king himself. The man she hated the most.


Once My Mate, Always My Mate


I lost you once, I won't lose you again. My name is Sabrina and I am the moon goddess. I have a chosen mate by the name Xander and a true mate, chosen for me by the fates and his name is Aiden. When I finally think I have a chance at love again with Alpha Xander, I lose Aiden to my sister, Josey's lover. Cayden, the vampire king has taken residence inside my true mate's body and I have to find a way to release him and save my mate before it's too late and I lose him for good...... Will Cayden go down easily or will I have to fight him? And will Josey help in saving Aiden or will she lose her mind once again, falling under Cayden's spell once more? Failing to help me and running off to be with her lover? Only time will tell....


Thunder wolf (Book1)


No one has seen his face, but everyone has heard about him..Everyone fears his name because wherever his name is called the result is absolute and complete destruction..He is known to wipe out an entire pack within a few minutes and never ever there has been a survivor.They say he attacks Alphas, others say he hates rogues but no one knows who will be his next target.They say the sky gets covered by black clouds and thunders stuck the ground at the place where he attacks.The werewolf council declared him the most wanted wolf in the world, with the order of kill at sightIf only they could get him insightWith the sight of eagle, speed. of lightning and roar of thunder he was the most powerful wolf ever known to exist. He was the THUNDER WOLF.Or should I say she?


His Rejected Luna


When we are young we are taught that mates are supposed to take care of you, love you, support you, be there for you when you need them and so much more. I thought when I found my mate I thought that he would want me as his. But everything I learned about mates was thrown out the window when I met mine. ----- "Your not fit to my future Luna," he snarled at me. I flinch back against the wall trying not to let the tears fall. "I Terry Moore reject you, Sophia Moretti, as my mate and future Luna," he says each word piercing my heart.




Fleurie Collison the average teenage girl who is eighteen years old. She has a family, and she is terrified of her family, her mom got sick with breast cancer and died right before Fleurie turned eight years old. A tiny little girl, she stopped talking when he started to abuse her, she can't trust, anyone, even the one she knows, because they all betrayed her. Graysen Issak, the strongest and the most feared Alpha in the world. He is the Alpha of the Bloodlust pack, no one can stop him from getting what he wants. He is waiting for his luna, never touching a girl even though many of them throw themselves at him. Fleurie's father moves to another country because her school notices the scars and bruises on her body. New school, more abuse. but what will happen when these two will meet each other when Graysen sees her bruise, he is willing to protect her cause overall she is his mute abused mate.


The Alphas' Mate


PREVIEW:''Good Evening Alpha, sorry we didn't know ..'' Dana mumbles and she look so scared. Alpha? so does that mean this handsome creature in front of me is the Alpha? I look like a fool here but I can not take my eyes off its beautiful eyes.''Shh .. stop'' he replied to Dana. So the two of us just kept quiet and held hands but, my eyes remained staring at him''Mate'' this word stopped me especially my breathing. My grip on Dana's Hand tightened even more''I .. I beg your .. your pardon sir?'' I stammered.''Mate.'' he really did repeat it."Harry her name, please.'' the man beside him then scan some papers and I did not expect him to read my name. ''Chloe Shaye G. Scott sir''-ANNA


The Lycan King’s Mistress


Elora, a young werewolf and daughter of the Beta of Darwin Pack, is forced into slavery together with her siblings when her father is betrayed and branded as a slaver by his own Alpha. Her only goal is to find a way to clear her father's name and find a good home far away from their kingdom where her family could be together, but a lot of enemies stand in her way. Becoming the mistress of the Lycan king seemed a good way to get a step further in getting her revenge but it only exposed her to more dangerous enemies. Rome, King of the Lycans, is heartbroken by the betrayal of his wife and is decidedly fed up with matters of the heart. He is on a mission to ensure the new law he passed on slavery was being followed when he is bumped into by a female werewolf that steals his breath and command his attention. He finds out she's the daughter of a slaver and hopes to put distance between himself and the alluring woman but with the threat of losing his throne, he is forced to make her his mistress.


Daddy's little girl


Neko can be costume made for you, using science and some magic, but of course, it will cost you.Mila is made for royalty, she's a little girl at heart that needs her daddy love and attention. Dragons are the highest in the food chain. Ethan is a dragon prince and a daddy Dom, who's next to be the king. For his five hundred birthday, he gets a Neko.A little girl that will capture his heart and attention. This is a DDLG story. You've been warned.


The Two Week Arrangement (Penthouse Affair, #1)

49.0K·Kendall Ryan

Dear Sexy AF Intern, I know you don't particularly care that I'm the CEO of this company, and you're just an intern. I also know you're not impressed by my power or my wealth, and that's fine. You think you've got me all figured out from working alongside me for two weeks, but you don't know me. Not really. You don't know that I'm a single dad to twin toddlers, or that those two little girls matter more to me than this entire hotel chain. I'm not interested in starting something deep and meaningful, but what I am interested in is the way your body reacts to mine when we're in the same room. You probably assume the concentration on my face is work-related, when in reality, I'm figuring out which I want more--to nail you against the wall, or to bend you over my desk. While you're too disciplined to act on it, I'm not. And the night you stepped into my limo, all bets were off.


The Vampire's Omega


Tearing her clothes into two halves he asked. "Who did these to you, who hurt you" His voice rang through her ears, filling the room with anger, which emitted with the desire to kill, and truly, he was going to rip who so ever that had caused these injury on her. "Bella speak" His voice calm but threatening when he mentioned her name, she looked up at him immediately, the sparks running through her body, as he covered her body with his, preventing the other occupants who was standing, to see what belonged to him. Bella watched as they shivered with fear as her mate, the vampire king growled with anger. "Him, he hurt me" Bella said, and with a loud growl, Blade ordered, "Bring me a dagger!" Blade shouted, It was not a request, it was an order. Bella Manchor was the omega to the air winder pack, she was not just an omega, she was a wolf less werewolf. Her life was difficult, but became like hell when she got mated to the most wicked, arrogant, deadly and vile alpha, alpha Lucas, who used her for his sexual pleasures and afterwards, rejected her, but as fate may have it, she ran away from the pack, running into the hands of the vampires. Blade Hemlock is the vampire king, he is known to be ruthless, dangerous, dark, no regard to any law. The rogues attacking on the vampires, in their lands. Then he sent few of the best men to guard the land, where the rogues mostly attacked. Unfortunately, a girl, a werewolf ran into their lands, and his men took her, as a defiler. But she was not just a werewolf defiler, who had come running into his land, it was his mate, his long awaited mate has ran into his hands, hurt, with so much injuries on her body, half dead. Would Bella accept her mate after what had been done to her, would she want to be loved again, by her new vampire mate.


The King's Mate

5.0K·Lady Xquisite

Tamara Davis was contentedly living her life with her loving parents. Not until that forlorn and tragic night, they were attacked by strangers inside their house. She didn’t know who to trust and who was running after her. Unfortunately, while escaping, she witnessed the horrible death of someone caused by werewolves! She couldn’t believe that it actually exists! She was caught and jailed in the dungeon. The day Tamara was about to face her lethal and miserable ending, she shifted into a wolf! She’s not a mere human being but a wolf! Tamara was determined to know the truth about herself and seek justice for her parents’ deaths – and she’s gonna do it by hook or by crook. But why would something jolt inside her whenever she saw the ruthless and cruel Alpha of All Wolf Borne – King Hades Pierce? Is it about fear or something else?


Alpha Max


Jayla Jacobs is a high school student with average scores, she's the quiet kid and doesn't have any friends since everyone thinks of her as the freak of the school. Max Black is the new popular guy who is arrogant and selfish but little did they know that the popular boy is hiding a dark, mysterious secret that Jayla is determined to pierce his secret.