Be My Mate


It started with Percy then Max and now, Xander. If that was not enough, I have a true mate in a world that is new to me. A world where I am celebrated and respected.I went from being an ordinary girl from a beta family to the moon goddess and boy has my new life introduced drama!?Will I truly end Cayden and his reign or will I let him live out his days in my prison? Will Josey love her mates again completely or will she secretly hold a torch for Cayden?The fight to stay one happy family may prove to be harder than I thought.. ........................ PS: You need to read Not Your Mate Anymore to understand this book.


The Alpha King and His Protector


Nina Mikaelson grew up believing she was just a normal werewolf until her 18th birthday when everything she knew came crashing down around her. Now Nina was by far a normal werewolf, she had a very troubled past that was determined to destroy her and any sort of life she tried to have. Nina had a pretty normal childhood especially since she was the Alpha's only daughter and only child seeing as they never had any other children after her. Now in our very small pack when a werewolf turns ten years old that's when he/she shifts for the first time and meets their wolf. So when Nina turned ten her parents threw her a birthday bash and they partied and had fun until 11pm when people started going home Nina had started to experience a strange sensation along her skin so she ran out the back door of her house and into the woods to get prepared to shift into her wolf for the first time. Nina's parents had talked to her about the first shift to try and prepare her for what was to come, but no amount of preparation could prepare Nina for the pain she was about to feel and how good it also felt to go for a run for the first time. But when her 18th birthday rolls around everything changed when she was asked to stay away for longer and then when she goes home she finds her entire pack slaughtered as she watches her father die right before her very eyes all because of some man looking for her. Why was he looking for her? Why was she so special? What made her special? Who would do something like that just to find someone? So many questions and no one to answer them. Will her mate help her and protect her from what's to come? What will happen to her now that she has no where to go? Will she ever find her mate and will he protect her from what is to come in this tale of love, desire, lust, possessiveness, kidnapping, torture and much more. Will Nina and her mate make it out of this together or will they forever be torn apart?


Once My Mate, Always My Mate


I lost you once, I won't lose you again. My name is Sabrina and I am the moon goddess. I have a chosen mate by the name Xander and a true mate, chosen for me by the fates and his name is Aiden. When I finally think I have a chance at love again with Alpha Xander, I lose Aiden to my sister, Josey's lover. Cayden, the vampire king has taken residence inside my true mate's body and I have to find a way to release him and save my mate before it's too late and I lose him for good...... Will Cayden go down easily or will I have to fight him? And will Josey help in saving Aiden or will she lose her mind once again, falling under Cayden's spell once more? Failing to help me and running off to be with her lover? Only time will tell....


Kidnapped And Claimed


As the half-human outcast of the Cancer pack, I've been beaten and bullied my whole life. Gaining my wolf form and my fated mate is my only chance to change packs and hope for a better life. Except when my fated mate is revealed, he's the future alpha of the Leo pack—our worst enemies. He rejects me in front of everyone, just before the Leos slaughter my entire pack and murder my family. I manage to escape, but then I'm kidnapped by a far greater threat: the alpha of the mysterious lost pack. The 13th sign was banished from the Zodiac Wolves years ago, and I thought they were just a myth. They're real. They're holding me captive. And the dark, dangerous alpha is offering me something I can't refuse—revenge.


not his first mate now


Lilliana once lost her mate to another, but what will happen when he comes looking for her.will she go back with him?will she succumbed to the bond they share once again?or will she find another?secrets will fall history will be revealed and death is sure to follow.


Daddy's little girl


Neko can be costume made for you, using science and some magic, but of course, it will cost you.Mila is made for royalty, she's a little girl at heart that needs her daddy love and attention. Dragons are the highest in the food chain. Ethan is a dragon prince and a daddy Dom, who's next to be the king. For his five hundred birthday, he gets a Neko.A little girl that will capture his heart and attention. This is a DDLG story. You've been warned.


King Elijah


She's sweet and innocent. He's a dominant male and the Alpha King. Celeste Sampson is a 21 year old college undergraduate who was rejected by her mate, Alpha Andrew of Crestfall Pack. After a visit home for Christmas, she decides to attend the ball held by the King Elijah, the 28 year old ruler of the whole Lycan species. She finds herself thrown into a different world and finds out that there is more to see and know behind the enchanted wall that hides them from the human eyes. Would she be loved? Would she be betrayed? Would she be used? Would she stay when she finds out the King Elijah has too many dark secrets hidden behind the red door? Follow the journey of Celeste and Elijah in this story!

Soul MateCompleted

The Alphas' Mate


PREVIEW:''Good Evening Alpha, sorry we didn't know ..'' Dana mumbles and she look so scared. Alpha? so does that mean this handsome creature in front of me is the Alpha? I look like a fool here but I can not take my eyes off its beautiful eyes.''Shh .. stop'' he replied to Dana. So the two of us just kept quiet and held hands but, my eyes remained staring at him''Mate'' this word stopped me especially my breathing. My grip on Dana's Hand tightened even more''I .. I beg your .. your pardon sir?'' I stammered.''Mate.'' he really did repeat it."Harry her name, please.'' the man beside him then scan some papers and I did not expect him to read my name. ''Chloe Shaye G. Scott sir''-ANNA


The Kings Series #1 His Beauty Queen


A Lycan RomanceShe was a beauty queen with a history, trying to live a new life in a big city. Little did she know she is in for a big surprise that will change her life forever. He is a king with a longing that is so soul-deep, he is craving for the gift that he had been waiting for his entire existence. What will he do when he finally finds her? Is he willing to share all his secrets just to be with her?Romance/Non-humanMATURE CONTENT 18+


Mated to the Wolf King

401.0K·JK Bartolome

I am nobody. My Dad hates me for the pain. He claimed that I cause. Now I am bound to meet my mate and that will change my whole life forever. I am Katharina, and this is my story.


ELIJAH (Book one of the mafia series)

7.0K·Abbie Kyng

"I own you Princess. No one will ever matter to you but me. Not even that scrawny looking boy who is waiting for you." He walks closer gripping my neck in a firm hold that had me creaming my panties."I'm going to give you want you, what you have always desired. I'll ruin you for any man to come after me that's if I let him live. The thought of me throbbing inside of you gets me fucking turned on. So fucking hard I want you begging to stop but I won't and you why? Because your pleasure is mine alone." He breathe huskily on my neck."Say what I need to hear and I'll make your wildest dreams come true." He says and I moan shamelessly watching his finger caress my expose cleavage trailing down to my hot wet pussy."Say it Princess. Only the magic words will get you your utmost desire." And I desired him more than I ever desired anything in life. His tongue lick my earlobe as those words sent vibrations down to my core, his fingers playing teasingly with my drenched pussylips."I-I am yours Papi." I say through jagged breathing already at the verge of eruption watching his piercing silver grey smirk darkly loving how vulnerable I am for him. A dark promising smile that holds meaning untold. I want to be scared and back away from the insanely handsome man in front of me because I know who he is and what he can do to me. I blink, darting my tongue out to wet my chapped lips. Grey eyes darken further at that motion looking at me like a beast as I am his willing prey.If love is a flame I'll gladly burn for him.********Sonia Vatore have been on the run ever since she watch the death of her family brutally massacred in front of her. In fear she changed her name taking the identity of your everyday American girl. Getting under the radar of Elijah, a ruthless and dangerous man, she found herself facing her deepest fear and her darkest desires.Mature contentAdult languageViolence18+


Abducted, Raped, Mommy sequel


This is the part 2 of A.R.M, this book contains 30+ chapters. *I suggest you to read the first part of this story first to understand it better. Moreover this one can be considered a stand alone. The first part is of the same name**Before reading this story, I would like to inform the reader, this story does not contain an Happy ending like you expect. Read it on your own risk. There is a huge twist in the ending. I'm already informing about it, so if you're expecting Errol to die I'd like to spoil it for you, He's not going to die. If I did not end the story in chapter 56 than I have to stretch it even more which can lead to More chapters, So rather than Stretching the story it is better to end it in chapter 56. Thank you in advance if you're still considering to read this.*After escaping Errol Dejiva's Hell, Hannah moved back with her family to raise her baby boy Damon who's now 5 years old. But what could go wrong in the hard and busy life of hannah? Errol finally returns to claim what's his. His Baby boy Damon and his property Hannah. But this time, Things are changed. Errol isn't the old Errol, he's much more arrogant and Devilish. Getting abducted by the devil again Hannah is expecting his twins........ What? Read the story to find out.*the story contains explicit language and Adult scenes.


Chains to Crowns

4.0K·Avery Lepp

Klara has been abused for over half of her life by her father and wolves of her pack. When she finally runs, she ends up running straight to her mate, King Marc. She learns to trust him and he guides her through her recovery, only to discover that Klara isn't all as she appears.


Broken Chains

2.0K·Cortney T

Kayla Is a human on the run with a pack member from an abusive alpha she was unwillingly promised to until. On the new territory, she comes across Ethan and Aiden, Alpha Twin Lycan Vampire Celestials of The Black Alder Pack, who both just so happens to be her fated mates. They accept her fully, but Kayla's past holds dark secrets and danger lurks around her. Can they save her, or will she be made to go back and accept her fate? Join the Black Alder Packhouse on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest with my books


The Sheikh's Unforgettable Wife


Sheikh Zayed Ahmed al Zidra ,did the unforgivable sin of accusing his wife of infidelity. Six years later ,they meet and the whole world comes crashing down around Zayed as revelations are made Add to the mix a mischievous set of triplets, two puppies and kitten It ought to be chaos Tune in ,to know how Zayed makes amends for a happily ever after.


The King's Royal Consort


PROLOGUE ~And the Dandelion doesn't stop growing, because it is told that it is a weed, The Dandelion doesn't care about what other see. It says, One day, They will be making wishes upon me. The Neanthals are known to be the intermediaries between God and the human, They grants wishes, Amend the world, Make the rules and develop a good relationship between them and the humans until he was born. • He's meant to be thrown away, He's to be wasted because he's to bring doom to the world, It has been destined that he will kill his own parents and the other Neanthals making him be the only survivor on earth. The humans doesn't want this to happen, They decided to look for a good opportunity to kill him before he ruin the whole world totally. By using the slave he chooses unanimously to seal a deal between him and the dubious Calian, She's a slave who has never been valued, She's being treated like trash,How will she be able to cope with the man who locked up all his emotions and wallowed in the agony of the past? Will she be able to change him?, Or help him ruin the world?


Belongs to us (sequel)


warning - Mature content Serenity panted heavily as she ran inside the dark Jungle following the light of new moon. She tripped again and again but didn't stop. Her lungs were burning due to lack of breath. She looked back and her heart skipped a beat they were close. She knows that they can easily catch her, they are just playing with her. She has no idea where to run and where to hide. After being madly in love with each other why serenity is running away from her own hybrid mates? Why hybrid kings are chasing their own mate? And why serenity is running like a scared kitten when she is the most powerful supernatural in existence? note- This is the second part of the story "belongs to us".


Sequel To Running From The Alpha King


I always wondered what the world was like outside the walls of being an omega of a pack that i was trapped in until he came THE AlPHA KING. He made me want to forget and live, forget the position I was called everyday. He made me feel emotions I never felt before and made me feel like he cared for me so I fell in love with him. A love so deep, I wanted to hand over my life for him until the night he rejects me in front of the pack for the lady he said he only cared about as his friend I was just a little waste of time those were his words. Broken, rejected, pregnant me strives and becomes the Alpha of snowdew pack, Alpha Bella. Then the moon goddess makes our world collide again.. Will Hunter tell her the truth and will he find out about his children

True LoveCompleted

The Vampire King's Captive

3.0K·Anya Ivy

His expression darkened when his eyes fell to her lips. ”What are you doing to me?” “What do you mean?” She whispered, her eyes trained on his firm lips. She willed him to kiss her. Just when she thought he was going to close the remaining distance between them and kiss her, he shoved her away so hard, she stumbled for a bit before righting herself. "Get dressed." ------ When Bran comes back from war only to find out that his parents have been killed and his sister, captured by a powerful sorceress, he captures her, bringing her back to his castle and locks her up, torturing her. But as time passes, the seductive sorceress refuses to break and Bran begins to realise that his feelings for her aren't as malicious as they used to be. With every heated look that passes between them, every stolen kiss and every accidental touch, Bran's resolve begins to crumble. When he captured the sorceress, the plan was to torture her until she gave him his sister's location, but, Bran isn't so sure what the plan is anymore. They are supposed to be enemies. She is his captive, and he is her captor. They shouldn't want each other. But they do--with a passion that burns hotter than their hatred for each other.

Soul MateCompleted

Two Parts Of One [ BxB ]


Brian is the eighteen year old Beta to his pack and the Alpha's son. He meets his fated half days after he turns eighteen. Aaron is the twenty year old Alpha to his pack. He is stoic with little emotion showing through. How will this seemingly mismatched pair's relationship turn out? Read more to find out!