Alpha's Rise and Luna's Love

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Betty Reid


She suffered a double betrayal from her boyfriend and best friend. Her only hope was to have a child of her own, but fate took an unexpected turn, and she ended up pregnant with Aldrich's child! Initially, Aldrich arrogantly offered her money to repay her debts and improve her life, but Maggie firmly declined. She only wanted to be with her child, refusing to be separated from them. Aldrich, left with no choice, agreed to her idea of pretending to be her werewolf partner. Slowly, he discovered facets of Maggie that set her apart from ordinary humans. As more secrets about Maggie's heritage surfaced, he found himself unraveling emotionally. Together, they faced the challenges, creating a legendary tale in the world of werewolves.

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Chapter 1 Betrayal

"I'm sorry, Maggie," the doctor said with regret. "It seems you have very few viable eggs left."

"What?" Maggie exclaimed, unable to believe her ears. For years, she had been trying to get pregnant. At only 28 years old, there should be plenty of eggs left.

Maggie's love for children surpassed everything else. While it might not be everyone's ambition, Maggie only wanted to be a mother.

Maggie refused to give up. "Is there no hope at all?"

The doctor adjusted his glasses and replied, "We can't give you a definitive answer, but the prospects are bleak. If you truly wish to become a mother urgently, your best option is in vitro fertilization."

In vitro fertilization? She had considered it, but it didn't align with her original beliefs. In the education she received, natural conception was the best way to go. Besides, the cost of in vitro fertilization was high, and both she and her boyfriend, Max, couldn't afford it at the moment.

Maggie rushed back home. She had to tell Max this news immediately. Just as she reached for the doorknob, a series of continuous thumping sounds, along with a woman's moans, froze her in her tracks.

"Maggie, oh, bless her innocent heart," that voice sounded mocking, accompanied by rapid breathing. It sounded eerily familiar – it was her dear friend, Linda.

"Oh, if she weren't so easily fooled, life would be much less fun, dear."

This voice belonged to Max, the man she should have married.

What they said next chilled her blood, trapping her in the frigid winter air.

"On Black Friday, I want to buy everything I desire. You need to figure something out for Maggie, dear!"

"Don't worry, I have her salary card, and tomorrow, we're going shopping like crazy!"

"Can you persuade her to give up having children? If she gets pregnant, who's going to support us?"

"Don't be afraid, dear. She won't get pregnant, trust me. Right now, I only want you to get pregnant, baby."

Maggie's hand trembled on the doorknob, and she pushed the door open.

Before her lay scattered clothes, trousers, handbags, socks, and intimate clothing, strewn across the floor, extending all the way to the bed. On the bed, a man and a woman were intertwined, their naked bodies exposed, flaunting their betrayal.

As the door opened, their actions abruptly halted, and the man, who had been ready to curse loudly, froze upon seeing Maggie.

Shock and anger surged through Maggie's veins like a roaring fire, threatening to consume her. She faced them, her voice trembling with betrayal and pain.

"What are you doing?"

The man looked stunned, and it was her boyfriend, Max, his face displaying panic. He had lost all vitality in his lower half.

"Max, why? We agreed to wait until we'd saved enough money and then get married..."

Maggie struggled to contain her anger, her voice quivering as she questioned.

Max avoided her gaze, looking around. "Things aren't what you think..."

"What happened to the money I gave you?" Maggie sharply asked.

"All that money... was used for our wedding preparations," Max stammered.

Maggie shook her head, tears streaming uncontrollably. "You must think I'm a fool. What about the engagement ring you mentioned before? How about showing it to me?"

Max froze, his gaze lowered, unable to say a word.

Maggie turned to look at Linda.

By now, Linda had dressed and was sitting in the room, leisurely lighting a cigarette. Smoke filled the room, blurring Maggie's vision, making her unable to see Linda clearly, just like Max.

Linda crossed her legs, lazily reclining against the headboard, displaying no signs of guilt.

"Maggie, relax a bit. Don't be so petty. You know, the passion between you and Max had long faded. My involvement, isn't it a form of amusement?"

Maggie wanted nothing more than to tear Linda's face to shreds. "You shameless wench!"

"Well, even though I'm just a wench, I still want to thank you." She shrugged, pointing at her belt. "See this? The latest designer bag, and it's a global limited edition. All bought with your credit card."

Maggie stared at Max in disbelief. "Are you out of your mind? That's our joint credit card, and you used it to buy luxury items for this lunatic woman?"

Shivering all over, Maggie felt her heart turn ice-cold toward Max. She yelled at the doorway, "Get out of my house! Or I'll call the police!"

Max, with a sheepish look, left with Linda, hastily picking up their clothes from the floor.

Maggie grabbed a baseball bat from beside the door and swung it at them. "Don't think you can take anything from this room!"

"Ah!" Linda screamed as the bat struck her head.

"Stop! Please, stop!" Max, completely naked, and Linda fled from the room. The heavy door closed behind them.

Maggie leaned against the wall, feeling drained and lost. She paid no attention to the angry cursing outside the door. She found herself caught in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions, and every corner of the room painfully reminded her of her betrayal.

Maggie couldn't hold back the tears any longer. Her boyfriend and her best friend had betrayed her. Worse still, her dream of becoming a mother was on the verge of shattering. She felt like a complete failure.

But she refused to let it all slip away. She had to seize her last chance to have a child. Driven by her desire, Maggie rushed out of the room as if possessed. In her frenzied state, she remembered Vita Genics Fertility Hospital, renowned as the country's best fertility center and home to the most exceptional sperm bank. Her sister, Alisa, worked there.

Trembling, Maggie dialed Alisa's number, her hands shaking throughout the call.

Upon hearing Maggie's plight, Alisa's anger toward Max poured through the phone line. Then, she gently comforted Maggie, saying, "Maggie, if the doctor's diagnosis is accurate, and if you truly want a child, you might need to try in vitro fertilization as soon as possible. Let's hurry and explore this option and select the perfect sperm."

Maggie sniffled, her nose turning red. "I understand, even if I have to bear everything alone, I'll never give up this last chance."