Mated To The Ruthless Alpha King

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After werewolves took over the world and became its supreme ruler, human women (ages between 18 and 35) were locked away in dungeons then forced to become the sex slaves of male werewolves who had failed to find their mates. Once you are chosen by a werewolf, you will become their possession for the rest of your life. Sarah Fibb is a sex slave who had been in the dungeons for five years. After being there for so long, she had lost the hope of ever being chosen by a werewolf. But one night, a strange thing happened....She got claimed by Damon Kalesto; The Alpha King. *** Damon Kalesto is the ruthless Alpha King. He rules by instilling fear into everyone around him. He doesn't believe in love nor fate, so he was convinced that he would not succumb to the mate bond...but all it took was one look for him to fall in love with Sarah Fibb.


Claimed By Him

Sarah twisted and turned on the cold concrete floor, trying in vain to get comfy enough to fall asleep. She had been living in this very dungeon for five years and yet she still couldn't get used to the funky scent and the crappy food and neither could she stand sleeping on the spiky floor. She had cramps all over and her neck felt as if it was falling off her shoulders. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to try and elevate her head using the small, rusty plate she had been fed in not too long ago.

As Sarah tried to bear through her everlasting torture, a loud beating against metal sounded then someone spoke loudly, the voice belonging to none other than Mr. Knack; the owner of the Human Trade branch she was currently residing at. "Today's your lucky day, sluts. The mighty Damon Kalesto--" He stretched the word 'mighty' with thick malice as his heavy footsteps resounded through the dark dungeon, striking fear into all who heard him approaching. " coming to get himself another sex slave, so everyone's gonna get to see daylight for a few minutes. You better keep yourselves in check because anyone who acts out will eat and sleep with my c*ck down their throat...Got it?"

A series of submissive yes sir's from the other women followed his warning, but as for Sarah, her curiosity was just beginning to surface.

"W-Who is this Damon Kalesto?" She dared to ask, sitting up slowly despite the lower-back pains that plagued her. From day one, they've never been allowed out of their cells unless they were chosen, bathing or dead. The werewolves were the ones who entered the dungeon and chose whoever suited their tastes. So now that this particular person was receiving special treatments, she was simply curious of his identity and influence.

But Mr. Knack thought of it otherwise. His eyes narrowed and he cracked his neck in preparation for what's to come. He threw the leather whip over his shoulder then walked closer to her cell until Sarah could vaguely see him through the rusty silver bars. "You dare to speak up when I didn't ask you to?" He said, grinning wickedly as he fished the key from his chest pocket and shoved it into the keyhole.

Sarah immediately curled herself into a ball. She knew exactly what would happen after Mr Knack grins like that...and it certainly wasn't a good experience. "Sorry." She mumbled, covering her mouth as she realized her mistake. She shouldn't have said anything. She should've just kept her mouth shut.

But if she was going to regret it now, there wasn't any use. He showed absolutely no mercy when anyone disobeyed his rules and once he's hellbend on having her punished, he'd definitely see it through. "I guess you didn't learn your lesson yesterday so I'll make sure you know to keep your mouth shut this time around...Clothes off!" He smirked whilst unbuckling his belt as he slowly walked up to her with the eyes of a predator and the expression of a complete lunatic.

Sarah didn't want to do it, her mind and body was totally against such a disgusting idea, however, after so many experiences, she knew that resistance would not get her'd only make things worse. With paled face and hesitant hitches to her movements, she reached for the straps of her dress and began to slide it off her shoulders, but just when her breasts surfaced from under her clothing, one of Mr. Knack's subordinates came running in, alarm printed on his face. "Sir, the Alpha King is expected to arrive within an hour! He only wants to chose from humans who have blue eyes and black hair!"

The predacious look faded from his eyes and Mr Knack quickly shuffled to fix his pants, his keys jingling in his hands. "Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and find all the women he wants! We can't have him displeased or it'll be the end for us!"

Sarah's eyes swirled with confusion and her fingers went stiff around her straps. She didn't know what the sudden rush was for, but she sighed in relief either way. She was thankful for whatever this disturbance was, because otherwise, she would have been completely done for.




Within a few minutes, all human women with blue eyes and black hair were placed on a large podium and the chair designated for their client was left in front of them. At first, they had been well organized into five horizontal groups of ten, but that alignment was soon long forgotten and now, the girls were bundled up against eachother, some whispering amongst themselves while others stood silently as they waited for another command. Sarah was one of the silent ones crammed up at the back. After all the years passed, Mr Knack had already discarded the possibility of her ever getting chosen so he made sure to place her at the very back. She didn't mind because she too thought the same, but what she did have a problem with, was how suffocating the place was.

It was the first time she had been outside the dungeons in years, but she couldn't even enjoy it to fullest. All she wanted to do right now, was to head back to the dungeons. The longer she stayed, the more blurrier her eyes became and the more jelly-like her feet felt. Her blue eyes and black hair were to be blamed for this calamity.

A few minutes passed before Mr. Knack announced that the Alpha King has arrived and was now voicing his instructions, but Sarah was the only one who hardly paid him much attention.

She blinked rapidly in an attempt to get rid of the blurriness in her eyes and held unto the shoulder of a woman when she found herself struggling to keep her body upright. Biting her lip, she moved her eyes away from her feet and craned her neck to see the cruel werewolf who had made her stand so long that she could hardly even breath.

With one single sweep, her eyes spotted a man sitting in front of the podium, staring coldly at all the women before him. If he was the Damon Kalesto Mr. knack spoke of, then she wasn't sure if he came to find a sex-slave or if he came to kill them all... because the look on his face was definitely a deadly one.

But despite how dangerous he appeared even from afar, Sarah couldn't help but admire him. He was wearing a spotless blue suit with a white undershirt and blue tie. His black hair was caught at the back nicely, giving good view of his perfect hazel eyes, full lips and sharp jawline. Every single thing about him was spectacular, but when it came to his eyes, all else seemed like a shadow from behind. Beauty such as this had never graced her eyes before...not from what she remembered. All she had seen for five years straight was Mr Knack and his lackeys...To put it bluntly, they weren't a beautiful sight.

Aside from his looks, there was something else that drew her to him, something that somehow felt like a magnetic pull. Once she looked at him, she couldn't tear her eyes away from him. Was it the dangerous vibe he gave off? The dominance his eyes demanded? Or was she just merely drawn to him like a woman to a man?

She couldn't tell which one but she was sure that this man was very different from the rest.

For the first time in her life, Sarah felt a bit self conscious when his eyes travelled across all the women and landed on her. Her stomach instantly did a few flips. This feeling was new to her and she had no idea what it meant, but the guy seemed to know exactly what was going on because a second after he laid eyes on her, his eyes bulged out of their sockets and he immediately flew out of his seat.

Sarah stiffened, a blush on her cheeks. She really wanted to continue staring at his face while examining his alluring features, but a sudden dizziness caused everything around her to blur. As she was caught up with their staring match, she failed to realize that she had been sweating nonstop all along, and now even her hair that was supposed to be blowing with the wind, was now stiff against her skin. It wasn't much long after that her legs decided to give out and she fell to the floor like sack of potatoes as her heavy eyelids drooped to veil her blue orbs.

Panic swarmed the women around her, but before anyone could even take a good look at her, a golden-eyed figure shoved through the crowd swiftly and warm hands took her into their comfy embrace, igniting tingles along her skin.

Whispers erupted among the girls but Sarah could barely hear a thing...the only word she managed to make out, were the words of the person who was holding her...

"My mate. Mine!" The husky voice thundered just before she blacked out completely.