Daddy's little girl

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Neko can be costume made for you, using science and some magic, but of course, it will cost you.Mila is made for royalty, she's a little girl at heart that needs her daddy love and attention. Dragons are the highest in the food chain. Ethan is a dragon prince and a daddy Dom, who's next to be the king. For his five hundred birthday, he gets a Neko.A little girl that will capture his heart and attention. This is a DDLG story. You've been warned.


Chapter One: Gift.

Ethan POV

I was sitting alone in my office when my mother barged in followed by my father. I raised an eyebrow at them, they don't bother me when I'm working unless it's something important.

"Son a word" my mother queen Katherine says

"Yes, mother?" I answer

"Did you change your mind about going to that school?" she asked with disgust.

"No mother I haven't. How am I supposed to be king if I don't know the people I'm ruling" I explain for the hundred times.

"Fine. But I got a gift to you and I refuse to be denied" she says faking a sad voice.

"Whatever makes you happy mother," I say sweetly.

I'm a five hundred years old dragon, we're the elite of all supernaturals, we're the rulers and everyone else kings and queen. I'm next in line, I'm my father's heir. I decided to go to a supernatural school not that I need the education but I wanted to get to know the other supernaturals I'll rule if I want to be a good king the people should love me first.

My mother disagrees, she believes I'm too good to go to a common school, and to live there, dear god I almost gave her a heart attack. She tried her best to talk me out of it but I refused and now she's talking about a gift, may the gods help me with what she'll count as a gift.

I go back to my work until my assistant, best friend and right hand Nicholas come in. He has a smug smile on his face like he knows something and I don't. He gives me some papers to fill, it's all personal questions about me and personality analysis, I look at him with a raised eyebrow and he broke into laughter.

"Queen's orders," he says lifting his hand in surrender.

I fill them honestly, I know my mother doesn't take jokes kindly, she's probably searching for the best kind of throne to match my personality I think to myself.

I finished my work in my office and decided to take off for a while, we live on an island just for dragons, we all can fly so there is no need for a boat or cars, it's a really easy life.

My parents own a home in New York, it's more like a castle, to be honest, the rule from there. There is a council made form all the supernatural of the world it consists of vampires, werewolf, shifters, demons, fairies, and of course, the head of the council is dragons, the final word is ours, we're the strongest among them all, and can terminate any of them easily.

There won't be much chance for me to go into my dragon form in the city, humans don't know we exist and we'd like to keep it this way. I walk toward the roof of my parents' house, change into my dragon my scales are fully black and my eyes are golden. I take a deep breath and extend my wings before I take off into the night.

The next morning I'm awakened by my mother, she's opening the blinds in my room and calling for me to wake up. I came back late last night and wasn't ready to be awakened but she won't give up trying to get to wake up.

I give her what she wants and get out of bed I'm fully naked, I didn't bother putting on clothing before I went to bed.

"For goodness sake Ethan! Cover up!" she scolds me.

"You wanted me out of bed mother and I'm out" I reply.

"I'm waiting for you downstairs be decent" she huffs and leaves.

I love my mother but she can be too much especially in the morning, I take a cold shower to help me wake up and go search for her before she comes back and gets me.

I walk into the kitchen and she smiles handing me a cup of coffee

"Good at least you're dressed" she commented.

"What is it you need from me in the glory morning mother," I ask

"Your gift Ethan it's almost ready," she says all happy, gods help me.

"And what's my gift exactly?" I ask, I see the glee in her eye and regret my question.

"Since you are insisting on going to that school, I decided to get you a companion to go with you," she says all happy.

"Mother Nicholas is going with me" I remind her.

"Yes yes him but you need a female touch," she says and I spit my coffee in shock.

"What's my gift mother," I ask through gritted teeth, if this another one of her stunts to set me up with one of her aristocrat friends' daughters I'm going to lose it.

"A Neko, the personality test you took yesterday. They're making the perfect Neko for you" she says happily.

A Neko is a half breed, half human half cat, the body of a human with cat ears and tail. They're made in labs, some genetics with the help of magic and you get yourself a Neko. They are costume made, hence the personality test, they make the perfect companion whatever you need they'll be.

I'm too lost in my thoughts to notice my mother still talking.

"I got her enrolled in manners, discipline, languages everything you'll need..."

"No mother" I cut her off and she looks at me weird "she won't be enrolled in any of those classes she's mine isn't she?"

"Yes, she is," my mother says with gritted teeth.

"Then she won't be enrolled in any of those, she'll go with me and I'll teach her what I see fit," I say in my alpha voice leaving her no place to argue.

Nekos are a blank canvas, their personality is set to be perfect for you but they still need to be taught common skills, they are just like babies. They need to be taught how to eat properly, read and write, potty trained. You can teach them anything and everything depend on you. But since they are extra expensive only wealthy people can buy them, most of them will enroll the Neko in classes like my mother was planning on but it's not how I want things to be.