Enslaved By The Lycan King

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Mavis M.


Sabrina was taken captive by a man and was sold as a slave in the black market. She became a slave for five years, and just when she thought nothing could get worse than that, she, along with the girls she was with, were sold to a lycan man to be offered to their king. To say that she hated the lycan king is an understatement. She loathed the man to her core, feeling like his tyranny was the reason why her father died and her life became miserable. But when The Offering ceremony started, Sabrina never thought she’d find her mate. And her mate was none other than the lycan king himself. The man she hated the most.

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I was fourteen when I saw what the real world was.

Waking up with the sound of screams and pleas, I remembered scrambling towards my door to see what was happening. But before I could even touch the knob, the door slammed open, revealing a man so tall and big that I immediately trembled in intimidation and fear.

“You’re coming with us, girl,” he said.

I could never forget the huge scar across his face. It started on his left brow towards the right side of his neck. I wondered what kind of creature could still live through what seemed like a deep wound in his body. Then I realized he wasn’t just any other man. He was some sort of a creature that could withstand what a weak person like me couldn’t.

Seeing that I was staring at his scar, the man growled at me that had me whimpering. His large hand grasped my arm. “Get inside that truck and do not make a sound.”

Scared, I swallowed whatever screams I was about to get out of my throat. He pushed me, and with shaking legs, I walked out of our house.

And that’s when I saw my Dad, on the patio. Bloody. Dead.

The trembling on my legs reverberated towards my stomach, towards my chest, traveling all around my body.

I knew I was screaming, but I couldn’t hear myself. I knew I was crying, but I couldn’t feel my tears. I knew I was in pain, but I ironically couldn’t feel anything at that time.

I was frozen in memory. My mind stayed at the exact moment where I saw the only family I’ve ever had and loved my entire life.

My Dad. I was everything I am because of him. And now… he’s gone.

I didn’t know how I got inside the truck. All I remembered was I was already surrounded by some other girls. They were from our village, some I knew, some I didn’t. But almost nothing registered in me at the shock of what was happening. Maybe I spaced out so bad, or just went unconscious.

All I knew was I woke up in a place where my life changed forever.

As a kid, I’ve heard so many terrifying stories about these creatures that would take werewolves forcibly; kidnap them and use them in any way they want. Offer them to their kind like some sort of objects. How powerful and strong they were that none could go against them. And of how powerful their Alpha was that not even once had he lost to any fights and had taken over territories he wanted.

His wolf was said to be twice as big as any other werewolf. His eyes are as bright and golden as the purest gold. His fur is as dark as the darkest midnight. Many respected him, but most feared him.

He was the Lycan King, the man who filled everyone’s nightmares.