Once My Mate, Always My Mate

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I lost you once, I won't lose you again. My name is Sabrina and I am the moon goddess. I have a chosen mate by the name Xander and a true mate, chosen for me by the fates and his name is Aiden. When I finally think I have a chance at love again with Alpha Xander, I lose Aiden to my sister, Josey's lover. Cayden, the vampire king has taken residence inside my true mate's body and I have to find a way to release him and save my mate before it's too late and I lose him for good...... Will Cayden go down easily or will I have to fight him? And will Josey help in saving Aiden or will she lose her mind once again, falling under Cayden's spell once more? Failing to help me and running off to be with her lover? Only time will tell....

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Before Everything...

Imagine a world where everything is handed to you, laid out for you. A world where you don't have to figure out what to do when you grow up or who to be. You knew from a young age exactly who you were meant to be and what you are meant to do. 

You are then raised to become that which you were born to be.

A path taken one too many times until perfection. Many dream of such a life, a life of ease and direction... given strict instructions to follow so you can find success. Raised to believe there is nothing else and that they have equipped you with everything you will ever need to take on this role, for any crisis and for smooth sailing.

But nothing is ever smooth..

With the ever changing times, can one ever be truly prepared for the future? I don't think so but sometimes I wish I was raised to become the moon goddess. I wish I was told from a childish age what my future entails so they can at the very least equip me with the necessary knowledge and power to do the most basic or normal things that occur in the day to day of being a moon goddess. I was just thrown in to it, told one day what I am, why I am the way I am and what was expected of me...then a day later, I was literally thrown in to a new world and immediately required to perform certain duties.

If that is not enough, I also have the worst luck in love. From heartbreak to the one that got away, I just can't seem to settle down.

I have finally found my way back to my chosen mate, Xander. After losing him, things have never really been the same. I have a true mate, one chosen for me by fate or the ancestors I choose to call the fates. They make the decisions we simply can't, before we can even comprehend simple needs.

Xander is the calm within the storm. 

From a hot headed father, to a manipulative mother... a not so present twin brother, a younger sister who has her own struggles and a younger brother who has a crown to protect, I really don't have that many people to rely on for comfort. My whole life is a rollercoaster, from a ride of emotions to relationships. 

From leaving the father of my child, to finding love again and losing it all too quickly, my life has been quite the reality show and this, is my story...