Thunder wolf (Book1)

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No one has seen his face, but everyone has heard about him..Everyone fears his name because wherever his name is called the result is absolute and complete destruction..He is known to wipe out an entire pack within a few minutes and never ever there has been a survivor.They say he attacks Alphas, others say he hates rogues but no one knows who will be his next target.They say the sky gets covered by black clouds and thunders stuck the ground at the place where he attacks.The werewolf council declared him the most wanted wolf in the world, with the order of kill at sightIf only they could get him insightWith the sight of eagle, speed. of lightning and roar of thunder he was the most powerful wolf ever known to exist. He was the THUNDER WOLF.Or should I say she?

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Power is desired by all, but when this power is not in your control it becomes your greatest weakness. It can make you do things you wouldn't even want to see in your worst nightmare.

Such was the power the thunder wolf had, she was capable of killing children, mothers, innocent people with a blink of an eye but the consequences had to be faced by the human part of it.

The guilt, the pain of seeing dead bodies, the silence after death were all faced by the human part of the thunder wolf.

She was once a naive, innocent, pure hearted girl who only liked to spread smiles but the way the world treated her made her an ice-cold person with no emotions.

She was immune to all emotions except one and that was anger.

This emotion when let loose unleashed the beast inside her and whatever happened after it was not under her control.

She had eyes as black as night, the body as perfect as a supermodel, abs as defined as that of a  fighter.

The human had no power, she only had skills, skills of a deadly hunter which she acquired to survive in this wicked world.

All the powers were with her wolf who she generally kept in control.

She was that rogue, who was banished from her pack for something she never did.

She was that daughter who was hated for being a weakling and disgrace to her parents.

She was that sister who was hated for killing her younger sister.

She was that omega who was bullied  for being a murderer and not shifting at the right age.

And lastly

She was that mate who was rejected by the Alpha for being weak, pathetic and a disgrace

She was none other than



The Thunder wolf.