The Alpha King and His Protector

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Nina Mikaelson grew up believing she was just a normal werewolf until her 18th birthday when everything she knew came crashing down around her. Now Nina was by far a normal werewolf, she had a very troubled past that was determined to destroy her and any sort of life she tried to have. Nina had a pretty normal childhood especially since she was the Alpha's only daughter and only child seeing as they never had any other children after her. Now in our very small pack when a werewolf turns ten years old that's when he/she shifts for the first time and meets their wolf. So when Nina turned ten her parents threw her a birthday bash and they partied and had fun until 11pm when people started going home Nina had started to experience a strange sensation along her skin so she ran out the back door of her house and into the woods to get prepared to shift into her wolf for the first time. Nina's parents had talked to her about the first shift to try and prepare her for what was to come, but no amount of preparation could prepare Nina for the pain she was about to feel and how good it also felt to go for a run for the first time. But when her 18th birthday rolls around everything changed when she was asked to stay away for longer and then when she goes home she finds her entire pack slaughtered as she watches her father die right before her very eyes all because of some man looking for her. Why was he looking for her? Why was she so special? What made her special? Who would do something like that just to find someone? So many questions and no one to answer them. Will her mate help her and protect her from what's to come? What will happen to her now that she has no where to go? Will she ever find her mate and will he protect her from what is to come in this tale of love, desire, lust, possessiveness, kidnapping, torture and much more. Will Nina and her mate make it out of this together or will they forever be torn apart?

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Chapter One

Nina's POV

My party was coming to an end and as I was saying goodnight to my guests I started to feel strange and then my skin started to tingle and itch and that's when I realized what my body was telling me, I was going to shifting into my wolf very soon. I ran out of my house and into the woods in my backyard, I just made it to the woods when I fell to my hands and knees and started shifting. My bones started breaking and reforming and moving into weird and awkward angles and positions and it was so extremely painful that I blacked out. When I woke up I stood and saw that I was on all fours now and when I looked down I could see my paws so I decided to go for a run when I came across a stream and once I was full from drinking I caught a look at my wolfs reflection and she looked awesome. Since I am an Alpha's daughter I knew my wolf would be bigger then a normal she-wolfs but I wasn't expecting to be the same size if not bigger then a male Alpha's wolf.

My once brown eyes were now metallic blue with some silver throughout them, and my fur should be the colour of my hair which was a nice light brown but it wasn't my fur was as white as moonlight and when the light caught my fur I noticed that it had gold highlights through my nice white fur, god my wolf was gorgeous. The most unique thing about her was the fact that she had two tails instead of just having one like a normal werewolf did. Another thing I found interesting and strange was that on my wolfs face she had an intricate onyx black design with a crescent moon in the middle of her forehead with some filigree on either side of it that it kinda looked like a crown. Once I was done staring at my reflection I headed back to my house and I could hear my parents outside talking and waiting for me to come out so when I came out of the woods and they saw my wolf and noticed the mark she had on her face their faces paled as they gasped and demanded we shift back immediately before anyone else saw me. I did as I was told curious and scared as to why they were being so weird about my wolf so I went back behind a tree and shifted back and put on the outfit my parents had left for me since I shredded the outfit I had on earlier. Once I was fully shifted back and dressed I ran back to my parents concerned with why they freaked out when they saw me.

"Nina honey, you are to never show anyone your wolf for you are a very rare and special kind of wolf and if anyone knew who you were they would only want you for your power and your bloodline." My dad said to me

"Now one other thing honey I want you to concentrate on your hair and picture it being light brown" my mom asked me. Confused as to why she was asking me to do that but I followed what she asked anyways. I closed my eyes and concentrated picturing my white hair turning into the light brown it was before and that's when I heard my mom let out a sigh of relief and when I opened my eyes and looked at my reflection in the window my hair was back to it's light brown and not the white it was after I shifted.

"That's good sweetie now when you aren't home you need to make sure that your eyes and hair are the same colour they were before you shifted but you only need to do this when you aren't home where you don't have to hide who you are." my mom says

"Your wolf is gorgeous Nina but your mother and I would like you to keep your wolf a secret and to promise to never ever show her to anyone. Do you understand what we are telling you?" dad asks me nervously

"Yes I understand, but why do I have to keep my wolf hidden from other people?" I ask them back confused and a little scared

"It's because you are a very special and rare kind of wolf and if people knew about you then they would come for you and want to hurt you and use you for the wrong reasons." My mother told me

"What kind of wolf am I?" I asked them both

"We can't tell you that right now. We will tell you when the time is right when you are older." My dad says looking at me with pleading eyes

I nod my head at them and let them know that I understand and I tell them both goodnight and head inside and go to my room, but before I go to bed I go into my bathroom and look at my reflection wondering why they were telling me those things. When I looked at myself my eyes were now metallic blue like my wolfs and my hair was the same shade of white that my wolfs was as well with the exact same gold highlights and then that's when I understood why my parents were saying those things to me. Now everything was going good for me and my family until my 18th birthday when everything went to shit and my life came crashing down around me. When a werewolf turns 18 they get to find their mate but unfortunately for me that wasn't the case.

Things were going very well for me and it was the night before my birthday and when the clock struck midnight signalling it was officially my 18th birthday, I suddenly felt my forehead start to burn so I got up and ran to my bathroom to splash some cold water on my face to try and quell the burning sensation that was happening and when I looked at my reflection I gasped. As I stood there staring at myself in my mirror I could see the same markings my wolf had but on my human face, the exact same crescent moon and filigree like crown as black as night just like my wolfs. I stared at my reflection silently freaking out and then I remembered what my mom got me to do to change my hair and eyes and I wondered if I could do the same with this mark, so I closed my eyes and concentrated on masking it and hiding it from those around me and when I opened my eyes again I saw that it was gone. I let out the breath that I hadn't realized that I was holding in while hiding my mark, I felt so relieved I almost started to cry but I held them back and with a shaky hand I downed a glass of water and headed back to bed for the rest of the night.


I roll over and shut off my alarm clock and go to my bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, brush my teeth and then I hop in the shower. Once I'm done washing my hair and scrubbing my body and shaving my legs and other places I get out and wrap a towel around myself, and then I lotion my body and blow dry my hair before brushing all the knots out of it. Once all that is done I decide to leave my hair down in it's natural waves and exit my bathroom and head to my dresser where I pick out a very nice lace strapless push up bra and matching panties to go with it. Then I go to my closet and put on my blue cold shoulder lace A line dress that goes to about mid thigh, it also has a black leather panel that sits under my breasts. I then grab my cute black lace up ankle boots and put them on before I go over to my jewellery box and decide to put on my black crescent moon choker and the wolf ring my parents got me last year for my birthday. Once I'm fully dressed I head down stairs to the kitchen to find a plate of food on the counter and a note from my parents.

'Our Little Nina,

Happy Birthday Sweetie! We hope you have a good day at school and hopefully you find your mate but don't worry if you don't sometimes these things take time. We would have loved to have been here when you got up but we had to go and deal with some pack business. We love you very much darling and we will be here with a surprise for you when you get home from school. We love you so, so, so much Nina.

Lots of love, Mom and Dad'

I smile as I read the note that they left. I sit at the kitchen table and eat my breakfast, after I'm done I put my dishes in the dishwasher and look at the clock seeing that it's only 8am and I know school starts at 9am so I have time seeing as it only takes me about 30 minutes to drive to school. I go to my room and grab my schoolbag making sure i have everything I needed for my classes today. I also grab a duffel bag and stuff a bunch of clothes into it along with some food and water. I pull out the box from under my bed and grab out all the money I had saved in it which is around 20 grand. I take the money and put it in my running shoes before putting them into the duffel bag as well and then I take both bags and head out into the woods and stash the duffel bag in a little spot that only I know about. I don't really understand why I am doing this only that my instincts are telling me too and I always listen to them seeing as they haven't steered me wrong once. After I'm done I get into my car and head out to school thanking the goddess that this was my last year of highschool.

School passes by very slowly and I couldn't help but feel uneasy all day knowing that something was wrong very wrong, but I pass it off as nerves at the possibility of meeting my mate. It's 3pm and school is finally over thank the goddess. I put all my stuff into my locker and as I'm doing that I get a text from my mom telling me to not come home yet. I finish putting my things away and text my mom back saying I was going to the mall for a while thinking that they were probably setting up a surprise party for me. I leave my stupid human school since we live in a small town and we are the only small pack there aren't many wolves so we have to go to a human school.

I go and spend the next few hours at the mall walking around. I went into a few stores and got a few things while I was killing time waiting for my mom or dad to call or text me to come home. I get bored and decide to leave the mall and go for a drive around the town but as I was driving around that feeling of being uneasy got worse and kept getting worse and worse but the minute so I decided to finally go home seeing as it was now dark out and I have been out all day. As I was driving home nothing in the world could have prepared me for what I was about to find.

We weren't a very big pack so we all lived in the pack house which was 3 stories high. I decided to park about a half mile from the pack house as I didn't want anyone to know I was there. It didn't take me long to jog to the pack house seeing as I can run 10 miles in 20 minutes. When I got closer to the house all I could smell was blood, noticing that the front door was open I slowly walked in the house and seen most of my pack members laying on the floor dead. Tears started streaming down my face as I looked around for my parents, when I didn't find them on the main floor I went and checked the other floors seeing blood and the rest of my pack members dead throughout the rest of the pack house.

I still couldn't find them so I went back down stairs and that's when I heard voices coming from the back yard. I went out the front door and ran into the woods and quietly made my way to the back yard making sure I stayed hidden in the dark bushes and in the shadows of the trees. I asked Brea my wolf to mask my scent so that no one would know that I was there. As I got closer to the back yard the voices became louder and I could hear my dad crying while he was holding my mom. With the back yard in full view I find a spot to bunker down in so I could hear and see everything going on while still being hidden. As I look at my dad crying I look at my mom and see that her throat had been slit and that she was dead which was why my dad was crying. Silent tears ran down my face as I look at my dad holding my dead mom and then I see a man come into view with 2 more men behind him when he starts to yell at my dad again.

"Where the hell is she? Tell me where she is now!" The gut standing over my dad and dead mom demanded.

"Never. I will never tell you where she is" My dad yells at him while still cradling his dead mate in his arms. Confusion swirls inside of me as to why the fuck this man is doing all of this just to get to me.

"If you don't tell me where she is then I will not hesitate to kill you" The man states coldly to my dad.

"Then kill me I don't know where she is and even if I did I would never ever tell you!" My dad spat back at him with so much hatred and venom in his words it made me flinch. I watched as the man stalked towards me father with so much rage in his eyes he didn't even look human. He took out a gun and shot my father in the heart and then in the head killing him. I watched my dads body slump to the ground as the man who killed him watched disgusted and disappointed that he didn't get what he had come for which was me.

"Put them inside with the others and then burn it all to the ground." He said to the others. The other guys with him moved my parents bodies into the house and then they left the house and came back each with a gas can in their hands as they went back into the house and started at the third floor and poured the gas all over everything in the house before making a pathway out the front door to the porch. As they were inside I moved from my hiding spot and went to a new spot, one near the front of the house and I saw the man in charge light a match and throw it on the porch igniting the gasoline as they sat there watching as my home burned. I sat there silently crying as my home burned and once it was in a complete blaze and starting to fall into itself the men got into their vehicle and left. I sat there sobbing for a little while longer watching as my home burned to the ground as everyone and everything was gone. I looked at my phone and I realized it was midnight and I had been sitting there crying for a couple of hours.