Lord Death Is Now Back Home


Five years ago, Chris Shelby was kicked out of his family and ended up in East Coast. Right before he was starving to death, he met the Jefferson family, who, as advised by a fortune teller, took him in and thought he could bring their terribly ill father some good luck. Finally he married their eldest daughter, Esther Jefferson to him, yet he ran away after the wedding and their family became a joke in the city... Five years later, when he finally returned, he was already the Primus of the country with unparalleled power and wealth, yet the first thing he saw was the suffering of his wife and daughter...


That Arrogant Son-In-Law In The House


“Xiao Shun, aren't you dead!?" "You rubbish, it's all your fault! My daughter deserves a husband way better than you!" After three years living in the family, he had had enough of their mockery and from today on, he finally could do whatever he wanted, "Master, as we have agreed, I have protected the family for three years, and from now on, those ants that have looked down upon me, must all get on their knees!"


Dragon Master

2.0M·Blair Cooper

Maximilian, the young master of the Dragon Sect, is a trillionnaire! In the past four years, he hided his true identity and became the son-in-law of the Griffiths. He was insulted and bullied by his in-law relatives. When both his father, the Dragon Emperor and his daughter were ill, he had to return to the Dragon Sect and prepared to inherit his title.He promised his wife Victoria a happy and prosperous life, so he is going to deliver it!


My Life As A Swindler

253·Issac Lane

A former professional gambler who once struck fear into the hearts of underground casinos and hustlers shares his harrowing tale of a life consumed by gambling. From curiosity to observation, from small bets to high stakes, he takes readers on a journey from a novice swindler to a master of cheating and catching cheaters, and ultimately to retire from gambling. The highs and lows of this thrilling lifestyle are a microcosm of the world of crazy gamblers: deception, conflict, traps. Their stake is not just money but also time, love, humanity and all that is precious. Through his own experiences with casino scams, the author warns readers about the dangers lurking in every game: novices fear experts; experts fear masters; masters fear cheaters; cheaters fear getting caught. In this world where nine of ten bets are cheaters' games, only one bet will not cheat you because it's meant to lure you in like a fish on a hook.


Primus, The Psycho


After seven blood-soaked years in the military, he was finally the Primus of the country, yet when he finally came back to her with all the glories he had earned with his life, he found that he actually had a daughter...


Dragon Emperor

16.0K·Ben Liang

When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


The Peremptory Casey Davies

676.0K·Ash Ellis

Casey Davies was the son-in-law that everyone despised, but no one knew his real identity, the heir of a prestigious and influential family. Those who looked down on him will eventually kneel down before him and address him master with profound respect!


Winner Takes All


Those who insult me, deceive me, harm me, I'll pay him back tenfold!I am young and brave fearing nothing, I only know that the winner takes all!


Instant Millionaire

115.0K·Ash Ellis

As an heir of a super rich family, I just want to be unknown, how could it be that hard?


Wolves, Maces, And Blood


Five years ago, he was set up and thrown into prison for no reason at all. And after five years, he was back, but as King Wolf this time. To everyone's surprise, he got married almost immediately after he was back to the city, and became a super daddy. He loved his daughter and wife so much... and this is their story.


Deadly Herbs


In the past five years when he was away, two mysterious objects appeared in this world. One of them was the Reaper's Gem and whoever saw it would have a sure death. The other one was the Primal's Gem and whoever had it would have all the wealth and luck in this world... He was the sole owner of these two gems... With his return to the city, there would sure be a turmoil coming up...


From Rag to Rich

219·Michal Riley

Harrison Buck's girlfriend left him for a wealthy second-generation, but suddenly a billionaire grandfather appeared and recognized Harrison as his grandson. "Why did you only come to recognize me now? Even if I starve to death outside, I will never acknowledge you!" Harrison exclaimed. "Ding! 100 million dollars deposited into your bank account!" "Hmm, that's really alluring..." Harrison replied. After becoming a third-generation rich kid, Harrison gradually realized one truth - money can really make anything possible!


Unrivaled Dragon Lord

85.0K·Ash Ellis

Maxwell Kirk, granted with the title ‘Dragon Lord’, was once a big wheel in the western underworld. Nevertheless, he chose to retire. Having no idea about his identity, she bridled at him and didn’t give a shit about him. He was an existence that everyone would be terror-stricken upon hearing his name. But he chose to be a son-in-law of her family, acting lowly and pretending to be a nothing-for-good, as if everyone could trample down his dignity. However, with ambitions in his heart... That day, he held up her hand and swore to give her the whole world!


I Have a Tycoon Granpa


After being bullied by his classmates for three years, Frank received a call from his missing father, saying his father was the son of the richest man in Dubai.


The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts

1.0K·Noah Clementine

Victor Damone's in-laws stole his life savings, convinced his beautiful wife he was a loser, and urged her to date a billionaire outside of marriage. When the bankrupt Victor fails to pay for his dying grandfather's treatment, he decides to return to his mysterious old life. One in which the entire world kneels before him. Victor will show his in-laws and everyone who underestimated him that he is a legendary, peerless man with a thousand gifts.


Dragon Lord Crane Smith

28.0K·Marco Mills

Crane Smith, who has long been different than in the past, is now the super god of war. The Cryptoclidus Palace he created is a fearsome organization. He didn't expext that such a powerful man could be bothered by overextending men. When Crane Smith heard that his daughters and wife were suffering from the ravages of life, he felt a surge of anger. In order to get back a justice for loved ones, those who bullied his daughters and wife will be sent to hell by him one by one.

True LoveOngoing

Mr Wood The Legend

35.0K·Mr Wood

Everyone knew him. The good for nothing son in law of the Long family. But actually, he was the master of the Bayland underworld - every killer in this world had to obey him. However, why would he end up being a son in law of the family, if everything people said about him was true...


Jacob from the Dark Realm Returns

126.0K·Hollie Lee

Jacob, the Emperor of the Dark Realm in the universe, found himself incarnating on earth as a live-in son-in-law who had married a beautiful wife when he woke up... In short, this is a story about Jacob’s adventure in modern city.


Dom&Little Academy.


The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Human aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all human get tested mentally and divided to categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave. Sophia a 16 y old who's gonna just find out which category she is, Dimitri a vampire prince and well known Dom. Turns out she’s a little, her daddy is a mafia vampire prince. Her best friend is also a little and have his own daddy. They got other friends too, they are Doms and scary looking but are just Big Teddy Bears. They all go to Doms&Littles academy. This is our adventures


Lost in You


My husband is impotent, and in order to carry on the family line, he asks me to have a baby of other man’s. But the fate seems to fool me, and I meet James, who is full of passion and potent. Although I am so addicted to him, our love cannot be made public. I know he is the only one that makes my life full of hope, but, life is unpredictable. The relationship between James and me is not as simple as love only.