Dom&Little Academy.

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The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Human aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all human get tested mentally and divided to categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave. Sophia a 16 y old who's gonna just find out which category she is, Dimitri a vampire prince and well known Dom. Turns out she’s a little, her daddy is a mafia vampire prince. Her best friend is also a little and have his own daddy. They got other friends too, they are Doms and scary looking but are just Big Teddy Bears. They all go to Doms&Littles academy. This is our adventures

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The year is 2996 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing.

Humans aren't enslaved well maybe just a little, at the age of 16 all humans get tested mentally and divided into categories: Dom/Sub, Daddy/Little, Mommy/little, Master/Pet, Master/slave.

If you aren't a dominant you are definitely a sub, its how the world work now, your Dom will take the role of providing you and taking care of you. Most people are spoiled although abuse does exist, the punishment of abusing your sub of any category is public execution.

So where the vampire role came you might ask, after their coming out five hundred years ago and bloody war between them and us human, the vampires manufactured a chemical gas that makes you go to a sub or Dom headspace and blew the world with it. They then signed a truce contract with the world's most dominants and here we are now. Humans and vampires get paired together for life, it can be a two vampire or two human pairings or it can be a mixed-race and mixed gender.

Ohh where are my manners I didn't introduce myself my name is Sophia, I'm 15 and three quarters. My Bday is next month and I'm not excited in fact I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I'm 5 feet tall and weigh around 90 pounds I'm a bit underweight, I got brown hair and brown eyes, I'm nothing special.

I get bullied daily in my school just for being me, I know I'm not a dom, but I had no idea what kind of sub I am either. I'm too afraid of being a slave that doesn't seem fun, not fun at all. Maybe being a regular sub will be good for me, but I do have very little pain intolerance. Okay so that leaves me with either being a pet or a little, those two are my best choices.

I'm too taken by my own thoughts to notice where I'm going that until I hit a human wall and my worst nightmare. I DID NOT JUST HIT Andy Baraghani (if you watch bon appetite on YouTube you'll know who he is ?)

"What do you think you're doing" ~Andy

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." ~Sophia

Something burned my face it took me a moment to understand he just slapped me, took hold of my hair, and pinned me against a wall with my back toward him.

"Watch it little'll be sixteen soon and I might just make you mine" ~Andy

With that final statement he walked away, I ran toward the girl's bathroom crying my eyes out, I skipped my class too busy crying. I didn't stop crying till I vomited everything in my stomach, I decided to take advantage and go to the nurse's office to see how red my eyes are, how pale my face is and the fact that I just vomited she might let me go home early.

She did let me go, it was almost the end of the school year only a month yet to go, we weren't learning much, most people knew by now if they are dominant or submissive not me yet.

The walk home was full with my sniffles, thinking about having Andy as my Dom, he'll probably just beat me for fun. His parents are both vampires and his dad is known to be a very alpha male, his mother was a human when she gave birth to him but got changed later, he'll get changed too at eighteen after he chose his permanent sub.

I made it home and went straight to my room, my parents were both human, my dad died when I was ten in a car accident and my mother is a retailer, she was the Dom of their relationship, and seeing her only daughter a sub is a big disappointment for her.

In a month time, I'll be tested, then they'll choose what kind of institutions to send me to, they are all Dom/Sub school like an institution, I'll still learn math, English, and this academic stuff but add to that I'll take subs classes, and I'll have an appointed dom.

The doms chose who they want, anyone that's left gets appointed a substitute Dom till the next batch of sub and doms arrives.

You can reject a Dom well if you are brave enough and can break it off if things don't go the way you wanted.

Physical examination is mandatory to make sure no one is getting abused.

The vampires aren't allowed to drink directly from their sub until they are official and are together forever, there are blood donors and bagged blood for them.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, thinking about the future and all that's to come is giving me a headache.