Chapter 1 Uncle, I’m in Pain

“Young master, it’s been four years and it’s time for you to go back. The Dragon Emperor asked me to take you back to the Dragon Sect.”

“The Dragon Sect is now in trouble with internal turmoil and external threats. Dragon Emperor is seriously ill and the eldest Young master, your brother, is still in a coma. Only you can lead the Dragon Sect now.”

A Rolls Royce Phantom was parking outside the door of the Supreme Beauty SPA, and a senior man was standing by the door, talking to Maximilian Lee who was serene and calm.

Wilfred Collins was dressed in a traditional British suit with a black gentleman cap and carried a black and gold cane.

“After four years, he still had me in his mind.”

Maximilian sneered faintly, and his eyes were silent, with no illusions about the Dragon Sect long ago.

“When my father listened to that woman and ruthlessly drove my mother and me out of the Dragon Sect because I was just his illegitimate son, a bastard in their minds! During all these years, has he ever cared about my mother or me?”

“Now, I have to go back when he summons me? Am I, Maximilian Lee, a lackey of the Dragon Sect? Am I the one who should always follow their orders?”

“I have my own family. I don’t need anyone’s pity, especially someone from the Dragon Sect! Go back and just leave me alone!”

Maximilian said in a cold voice, stepping away and turning around to enter the SPA shop, leaving Wilfred at the door with a sigh.

Dragon Sect, the No.1 mysterious organization in the world, was in charge of the top-notch medical and mineral resources, and had become the most wealthy and influential organization in the world!

As an ancient family with a long heritage, no one dared to mess with the Dragon Sect!

Within the Dragon Sect, the leader was Dragon Emperor, and there were eight Dragon Lords under his command.

Each Dragon Lord was responsible for managing one business sector in the world, and had accumulated immeasurable wealth and power over the years!

Moreover, supreme fighting masters and Kung Fu Masters around the globe were all disciples of the Dragon Sect, and were under the control of Dragon Emperor!

Maximilian opened the door and a bunch of employees from the SPA shop looked at him with strange eyes.

Maximilian, who had worked for four years in the SPA shop, was a completely insignificant person.

However, he could actually talk to someone coming in a Rolls Royce car, which was incredible!

Maximilian had only taken a few steps when the phone in his pocket buzzed and vibrated.

It was from his wife, Victoria Griffith.

“Hey, honey, what’s up?” Maximilian asked with a smile.

Victoria was a notorious beauty, ranked first among the four female goddesses (females as beautiful as goddess) in H City.

However, whenever people talked about Victoria now, it came with a sneer, mocking her for marrying a loser husband who was nothing!

“Maximilian! Come to the H City People’s Hospital now! Something has happened to Sissi!”

On the other end of the phone, Victoria’s voice seemed anxious.

“OK! I’ll be there soon!”

Without hesitation, Maximilian spoke to the Manager and ran out of the door at a gallop.

He rode his electric bike to the hospital at the top speed.

The Griffith family was a second rate gentry in H City, Chuzhou. Four years ago, Maximilian met Victoria by accident and married into the Griffith family as a son-in-law.

At that time, Maximilian Lee’s wedding with Victoria Griffith was a sensation among the gentries in H City, because it was the poorest wedding they had even seen.

Maximilian was a poor boy with no family background.

As a result, the Griffith family had become a laughing stock in the gentry of H City.

For four years, Maximilian had lived cautiously in the Griffith family, and even if he was sneered at and treated badly, he had endured it all.

A son-in-law who lived with his wife’s family naturally had to be well aware of everything in the family.

What’s more, Maximilian needed the Griffith family’s support because his mother needed money to treat her illness.

At the entrance of the hospital, Maximilian met his wife Victoria, who had been waiting for a long time.

Victoria was in a fit of anger and looked anxious. When she saw Maximilian coming, her face was cold as she walked towards him, raising her hand.


A crisp slap, which resounded in front of this hospital, drew the attention of passers-by.

“Why do you come so late?”

Victoria’s big cloudy wave-like eyes were shining with tears, and her eyes were full of anger!

Maximilian was stunned faintly, looking at his wife, and asked eagerly.

“Victoria, what’s going on? What’s wrong with Sissi?"

Victoria could no longer hold the tears in her eyes, and threw herself into Maximilian’s embrace, crying and saying.

“Sissi...... Sissi has leukemia.”

At this moment, the man who had been a nuisance for four years and had made himself and the Griffith family the laughing stock in H City had become Victoria’s only support.


Hearing these words, Maximilian’s face trembled, his pupils tightened, and he asked with trembling lips, “L...leukemia? How can that be?”

Sissi Griffith was Maximilian and Victoria’s daughter, just three years old.

In the ward, the Griffith family had already gathered in Sissi’s ward at this moment.

Samuel Griffith, Sissi’s great grandfather, sitting at the head of the sick bed, was accompanying the cute and smart toddler girl on the hospital bed with a loving look on his eyes.

The people who stood around were the sons and grandsons of the Griffith family.

At this moment, seeing Maximilian walk in behind Victoria, a rebuke exploded directly in the ward!

“Maximilian! How do you have the guts to come here? Get out!”

Laura, Maximilian’s mother-in-law, was full of cynicism and spewed curses with her arms around her chest!

“This son-in-law is a disgraceful man anywhere!”

“Oh, it is Maximilian. What are you doing here?”

Meanwhile, a sneering voice came from Franklin Griffith, son of Samuel Griffith’s second son.

He had always looked at Maximilian with displeasure. How could a useless man become a son-in-law in the Griffiths?

The reputation of the Griffith family in H City was ruined just because of him!

“Well, what are you, a useless person doing here?”

“Hey, after all, he is Sissi’s dad. He has the right to come and see her.”

“Shut up! Keep your voice down. Can’t you see Samuel is here? You forget Sissi can only call him uncle.”

Speaking of this, everyone from the Griffiths in the ward smiled coldly.

It was hard to believe that Maximilian even cannot be the father to his biological daughter.

He was really a good-for-nothing.

Victoria came forward and said to Samuel. “Grandpa, Maximilian is coming over.”

Samuel had gray hair and wore a white traditional suit.

He released his hand from Sissi's tender little hand, and said to the butler beside him without even looking at Maximilian.

“Ask him to sign it.”

“Yes, sir.”

The butler walked up to Maximilian, took out a document, and said with a cold face.

“This is the divorce agreement between you and Miss Victoria. Sign it, and then Mr. Samuel will ask the doctor to treat Miss Sissi.”

“Don’t worry. As for Miss Sissi’s bone marrow, Mr. Samuel has already found the match, and you don’t have to worry about the medical cost either.”

Hearing those words, Maximilian was shocked.

He stared at the butler, puzzled and angry, and then turned his head to look at Samuel and said.

“Grandpa, Sissi is my daughter. Why don’t you use my bone marrow?”

“Shut up!”

Samuel scolded as he got up, and stared at Maximilian coldly with a crutch in his hand.

“Are you worthy of being Sissi’s father? Hurry up and sign it. From now on, you have nothing to do with my Griffith family! Remember, her name is Sissi Griffith. It’s Griffith, not your family name!”

Hearing this, Victoria also became anxious and said, “Grandpa, I won’t divorce Maximilian. He’s always Sissi’s father. I hope you can reconsider it.”

After all, Victoria had been married to Maximilian for four years, and they were living under the same roof for four years. There was indeed true love and affection between them.

When Maximilian heard these words uttered by Victoria, he was stunned.

It turned out she always regarded him as her husband and Sissi’s father.


Samuel flung his hand and slapped Victoria angrily on the face, scolding her.

“You’re looking for death! When is it your turn to talk? If you have not married to such a loser, the Griffith family would not become the laughing stock in H City!”

Other Griffith members at the side watched her with cold eyes, sneers appearing at the corners of their mouths.

Victoria’s eyes turned red, and she covered her cheeks as she stood timidly aside.

Maximilian’s heart was seized when he saw Victoria being beaten because of him, and he clenched his fists with hatred.

How could his woman be bullied by others?

Soon after, Samuel glared at Maximilian with a red face and said in a cold tone.

“The hospital won’t use your bone marrow without my consent, and I’ve bought all the bone marrows that match with Sissi’s. However, I won’t treat Sissi until you sign the divorce papers!

The treatment costs more than two hundred thousand dollars. Can you afford it?”

Hearing his words, Maximilian’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t believe that Samuel was so cruel.

Samuel actually used Sissi to coerce him into divorcing Victoria!

The ward fell into dead silence.

Anger was piled up in Maximilian’s heart!

Victoria stole a few glances at Maximilian. Her eyes were red, a few crystal tears crossing the corners of her eyes, and her heart was filled with disappointment and anticipation.

She was disappointed that her husband had done nothing at this critical moment.

What she expected was that her husband could fight back when he was bullied, and take up his responsibilities in the family as a husband and a father!

At that very moment, Sissi on the hospital bed opened her eyes.

Sissi’s face was pale. She looked at Maximilian who was standing aside receiving the spittle of the crowd with her big soulful eyes. Her eyes had lost their color at the moment and she muttered,

“Uncle...I’m in pain...”

His biological daughter could only call him uncle......

Maximilian was the young master of the Dragon Sect!

The future Dragon Emperor!

But he couldn’t even recognize his own daughter!

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