Chapter 1: Family Tragedy, The Return of the King

"Quentin, our family company went bankrupt, Mom and Dad were forced to jump to their deaths... I can't even find their bodies..."

"The four richest families divided the assets of our Holland family, Alisha Wallace took over our family business and announced her engagement to Corey. The engagement banquet is imminent."

"We owe those top dogs 300 million, they demand immediate repayment, or they'll sell me as a slave..."

"Quentin! Are you out there? Where are you? I miss you so much... really, I miss you..."

"They've come looking for me, looks like I can't escape this disaster..."

"I can only hope to be your sister in the next life, Quentin, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Ah! You bastards, let me go! Let me go..."

"You dare call? Who can save you? Shout as much as you want. No one will save you. Accept your fate."

Suddenly, a piercing, sinister laughter and the sound of a phone being crushed brought everything to a halt.

Quentin Holland, who hadn't picked up a phone in five years, was struck like lightning when he received a voice message from his sister, Sylvia Holland.

As a seasoned warrior, he was overwhelmed by this news and collapsed on the spot.

The devastating blow rendered him utterly helpless.

His parents were forced to commit suicide!

His fiancee colluded with his enemies to harm the Holland family, marrying the one who once framed him!

His sister was auctioned off as goods, missing, her life hanging by a thread!

Each piece of news fueled Quentin's fury and left him irrational.

Now, he may have captured the world's attention and held unprecedented power, but what did it matter?

His home was gone! Everything he owned meant nothing!

A wave of rage surged through him. He put aside what he was doing and immediately returned home.

"Inform Anufast to shut down the roads!"

"I need to get back to Stresall at the fastest speed!"

Anufast swiftly issued the order, shutting down the five thousand-mile road from Adrakmore to Stresall. Only one jeep raced madly on the deserted road, pushing its speed to the limit, tearing towards Stresall like a raging wind...

Inside the car, Quentin, his eyes closed, bore a pained expression on his face, the unquenchable fury burning in his chest made him resemble an enraged lion, instilling awe and fear in others' hearts.

"Faster! Full speed ahead!" Quentin's eyes bloodshot, his voice hoarse and suppressed.

Eileen, who was driving, felt overwhelming pity seeing Quentin lose control of his emotions for the first time in five years.

She could understand Quentin's pain, his fury, but she couldn't offer him any comfort.

Quentin clenched his fists, his eyes crimson.

His parents were gone, and his sister was the only family he had left in the world!

If anything happened to Sylvia again, he would never forgive himself!

Five years ago, he was framed and imprisoned after being drugged and sexually assaulting a girl, but that kind girl ultimately forgave him with tears; he was spared from the consequences and sent to serve at the frontier.

He could never forget that girl's eyes of despair and tear-streaked face.

For five years, he had cut off contact with the outside world, valiantly killing enemies on the battlefield, gaining numerous remarkable achievements.

He became a general at the age of 22, and the sole king across the country at the age of 25.

It was only after today's big battle ended that he retrieved his old phone.

He had intended to return home after his coronation in three days, to reunite with his parents and sister, to make amends to the girl he had harmed.

However, the message from Sylvia plunged him into hell in an instant...

He gradually calmed down, the boundless anger in his deep-set eyes eventually turning into an intense, chilling intent to kill.

"Top four richest families in Stresall, I have returned. Get ready to face my wrath!"

Five years ago, the top four richest families in Stresall had conspired to frame him, causing him to make a grave mistake, leading to his fall and imprisonment...

Five years later, the top four richest families conspired again, dividing the Holland family's assets, driving his parents to suicide, and now attempting to sell Sylvia...

Quentin swore to collect this blood debt.

Eileen took a deep breath and spoke slowly, "Commander, the intelligence department has located Miss Sylvia."

"All local troops in Stresall have assembled and await your command to flatten the top four richest families!

Quentin's eyes flashed with a fierce killing intent as he said in a cold voice, "The top four richest families? They won't die so easily! I will make them die bit by bit in despair and fear."

"The priority now is to confirm Sylvia's location! Immediately! Have them send her location!"

"If anything happens to Sylvia, I won't spare them!"

"Yes." Eileen fell silent for a few seconds before speaking, "Miss Sylvia is at the underground auction house in Stresall."

"Full speed ahead!" Quentin's stern face held suppressed fury, his fists tightly clenched... If anything happened to his sister, he would ensure that everyone involved regretted ever existing in this world! No one could withstand the wrath of a king!

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