I Activated The Three Master Systems

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 The Life of Adams Smith took a drastic turn for the worse when his fiancée, who had been engaged to her for five years, cheated on him days before he could announce the surprise wedding he had prepared for her. If that wasn't awful, his ex-fiancee's current boyfriend is hell-bent on ruining his life and destroying the career he had long suffered to build yet has no progress. There wasn't a chance for Adams to fight back as this man was the sole heir of the #1 billionaire in the country. At that moment, a system suddenly appeared, and his life took a drastic turn for the better. Not only did he become eye candy for mere mortals, but he also created history as the first man to unlock the three magical systems without any backlash. Join Adams on this crazy journey through the system. An urban system saga novel with a touch of the supernatural. Support your favorite character by voting.


Ch - 1

It was another hectic day for Adams Smith, popularly known as Crazy Psycho, as he alighted from the cab that had brought him home from work. He took out his wallet to pay the cab driver and discovered there were only ten dollars left in there.

He remembers that the cab driver had earlier stated that his fee was eight dollars. Adams sighs… Reluctantly, he took out the money and handed it to the cab driver. The minutes he waited for the cab driver to give him his change felt like hours to him.

Adams felt impatient, as that was the last money he had left—two dollars. It couldn't even afford him Western bread and soy milk for breakfast, but he still wanted to keep it.

Tired after receiving the two dollars remaining fee, Adams strides down the street. The skyscraper building with forty-five floors in front of him is the complex where he lives.

Adams got into the elevator and pressed the thirtieth floor. He could feel the mocking gaze burning behind him. It felt like their eyes could bore a hole into his sandy Ridgid skin. Everyone knew him to be a loser and a nobody.

He had made no progress in life, and that made him lose almost everyone around him except for his lovely Samantha, his fiancee, to whom he had been engaged for five years. Samantha has been the only one who has stood by him, assisting him through the harsh face of life.

The thought of the blonde-haired lady with eight curvy figures, alluring natural leaf green eyes with bright skin brought a dazzling smile to his face.

The elevator door drew open at the thirtieth floor, and he sauntered out, their shameful gazes still lurking around his disappearing silhouette.

"Ooh, if not our crazy psycho, who else will walk on the marble floor with mud-filled boots?"

He hears a lady say: He stares at her with his side eye and stylishly looks down at his boot. Indeed, they were covered in mud, and he didn't realize it.

Adams clasped his palm and paid deaf ears to her words. He is just a few flats away from his home, where he and his darling fiancee lived, and he didn't want to create any unpleasant scenes.

Besides, he knew that lady, Sandra Grey, had recently gotten dumped by her boyfriend. She is probably looking for ways to vent her frustration, and he is not ready to be the one to entertain her nuisance. He just wants to go home and hug his petite sunshine, Samantha Salvador.

Adams got to the door of his apartment. It was a single room, bathroom, kitchen, and living room that his salary could afford; luckily, his fiancee never cared about wealth. He beamed, pulling out the keys from his pants pocket and inserting them into the keyhole but realizing the door was open.

'Did Sunshine forget to lock the door after coming home?' Adams thought. He shrugged and pushed the door open. The first thing that caught his dark orbs was the blue tuxedo suit jacket that was humbly placed on the cushion in the sitting room. His brows creased as he noticed a pair of sophisticated black brogues by the doorway. He thought the shoes looked familiar.

Adams stepped inside his apartment; the clean home he had left was all messy, and from his position, he could hear sounds coming from the bedroom.

He froze, his pupils contracted, and his breathing became heavy.

"Oh Evans, please." He hears the voice again. The same words came from none but his beloved.

His heart shattered into pieces. His mind pleading what he heard was all hallucination and that what he was feeling was unreal.

Adams matched his steps towards the bedroom, each step sucking away his sanity. He could hear the bed creaking as he got closer. The loud moans of his beloved and the pleasant grunt of a voice were thoughts he had heard before.

His eyes were bloodshot as energy drained from his poor soul, almost making him go on his knees as he pushed the slightly opened door.

His fiancee was lying clothesless with her legs spread apart, and a man was in between them, all sweaty. And he is none other than his superior at his workplace.

Evans George, the CEO of the company where he works as a cleric staff member, is in his home, lying between the legs of his fiancee.

Blood rushed through his brain at such a brazen betrayal. Samantha didn't look remorseful about her actions. Her irritated expression made it extremely clear that it wasn't the first time she'd done what she was doing.

Sam had been cheating, and she often claimed no sex until marriage. "Why?" Adams asked, his voice almost sounding like a whisper.

"Why?" Adams hears Samantha ask, looking at him with ridicule.

"What a strange question, Adams; you of all people should know why," She added.

"But you love me; why would you choose to cheat on me, Samantha? It would have been better if you had ended things before doing this." Adams muttered.

He still hasn't overcome the fact that the lady whom he yearns to hug and prepare dinner for was lying on his bed with another man. And she is staring at him with contempt and disgust. As if he is the world's dirtiest item that should be discarded. The same look everyone threw at him

Samantha crossed her arms around Evans' neck. She planted a soft kiss on his cheekbone, and they both chuckled, making him look like a clown.

"Because Evans wanted that. He wanted you to find out for yourself. To think that you've been so dense for the past three years, I don't know what to say," Samantha replied mockingly.

Adams instantly broke down on his knees. His perfect love was all fake, all a joke, and all a game. Why? What made life so cruel to him? Adams's lament and the words his fiancee would say next were bound to turn his life upside down.

"I fell out of love with you, Adams. I couldn't love a man who acts like a mentally unstable person, going out dressed in rags and old, worn-out clothes."

“I can't love a crazy psycho guy who believes in miracle systems and false hope for wealth. Wake up to reality, Adams; there's no place for losers like you in this beautiful world."