2.0K·Crystal Pen

After spending a night with a strange man on the day before her wedding, Arianna left the country to start her life afresh. The 22-year-old Arianna Jason lived her life pleasing those she loved the most, without knowing that she was simply a prey being nurtured for the day of her ruin. Her life has tasted the butter pill of betrayal. She wants to give back to the world what she's got but how can she change her good, innocent personality to fit into a cruel society and world? Can her sweet nature be contaminated, or will she make it through, paddling on the right path?


You Will Pay for It, My Heartless Husband

10.0K·Crystal Pen

The happiest day of any woman, is usually her wedding day, right? But it wasn't the case with Pamela Grayson. She sobbed before, during and after the wedding. It is difficult for her to comprehend why her parents would force her into a marriage with a man who is in coma, that doesn't have the slightest probability of ever coming out of it. But what can she do than to accept it? After all her sister had seduced her fiancé and was pregnant with his child. Her dowry was going to be used to sponsor an elaborate wedding for her sister and her supposed fiancé. But the most tragic part of Pamela's story was that the man she got married to was even more ruthless and cruel to her than her family when he came out of coma. He forced her to terminate their surrogate babies, he divorced her and severed every ties with her. But fate brought them to cross paths again. Now a princess, an heiress and the CEO of the largest cooperation in the continent: What does the future hold for the both of them and their quadruplets which Louis Hayden thought had been flushed away? A story of destined fate, Twist and mystery...


I rejected the alpha for being a bully

4.0K·Abigail busayo

When Rachel found out that she is mated to her old enemy, she was asked to forgive him for the benefit of the old pack. She needs to think if the whole pack is worthy of her forgiveness to her mate. "I think I can give you a chance". I said quietly, and he sighed in relief, he took my hands off his face and kissed my palm before placing it on his chest. " Are you sure?". He asked hopefully.




One life, one story. Every day comes with its own sorrow. There are days when we feel very good, just as if we have won a large sum of money or something will happen to us. But other days show us how often life is filled with fools and especially irresponsible men in the home.


Daddy’s Little Pet

6.0K·Author Iris

Rated 18 - Proceed with caution. ‘What am I to you? I want to hear you say it?’ ‘You are my Daddy?’ I replied hoarsely, my whole body trembling slightly. ‘And what are you to me?’ He asked again, his throat bobbing up and down, a wicked glint in his eyes, while I replied lustfully still, “I am your pet.’ ‘Good girl.’ He chimed, his left hand snaking round my neck, as he spanked my ass, and my screams echoed through the sound proof room. ~•~ Nursing a heartbreak on a vacation trip to Miami, 21 years old Renee Micheal stumbles into Robert Clarke, 43 year old billionaire mogul and ultimate sex symbol. From subtle flirts, and daring orders, she soon finds herself tangled in passionate nights, steamy sexcapades, forbidden passions, amongst other exploits. With an adventurous ride of love, lust & sinful pleasures awaiting Renee, she explores her sexual fantasies, and lives her life to the fullest. Her daddy is hot quite alright. He’s older, that’s not a problem. He also spoils her lavishly. But just when Renee thinks she has it all unbeknownst to her an underlying shocking secret is revealed, and her worst nightmare comes true. What’s would she do when she discovers this? Well, let’s hop on this ride, with Renee & her hot Daddy. This is book 1, of the billionaire erotica romance series, Sex & The City. Each story is intertwined with the last, and each page leaves you craving for more.


His Baby's Mama

3.0K·Erotic writer

5 years ago Camila was drugged by one of her friends and end up pregnant with a stranger's baby. She got depressed and don't know what else to do but give birth to the child because she wasn't a fan of abortion. 9 months later after giving birth, her 1-week old baby got stolen by someone. Left traumatized after attempting to look for her baby but fail, she went on the rest of her life scared to have a child again and hate being around kids. But all that changed when she was in debt to her landlord and jobless. Searching for a job and getting turned down by each and every job, Camila came across a babysittingjob on the web. All she had to do was babysit the CEO's son and get paid every week but what happens when the CEO's son has a slight resemblance to her?

Single FatherCompleted

Sex with My Mafia Stepbrother


The tiny sound. That low vibrating sound!    I kept hoping Luciano would walk out now instead of looking around like he is trying to get something right. It better not be that he is listening to the noise.      I bit my lower lips to subdue the shameless moan about escaping. My breath became uneven as I tried to slowly lower my left hand into the duvet but it wasn't working, that hot asshole had his gaze fixed on me.     His lips curved into a sly smirk as he shrugged, moved his hair behind his ears and walked away.     "I don't want to know what the heck you were doing, Tiff, next time, just lock the goddam doooooor!". ****************** It was supposed to be a normal siblings bond. Doing the forbidden wasn't part of the idea but Tiffany had other plans. Especially when all she wanted was get fvcked by her hot step brother.


Taken by the Heartless (HEARTLESS book one)

2.0K·Goodluck Charm

WARNING: ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ High and descriptive sexual content, strong language, and substance use. Recommended for 18+ readers. Read at your discretion. "I rather get dragged in the mud with chains by moving horses or be beaten with a club with nails on it than lose my virginity to you," she spat, looking at him with hate in her eyes, hoping her eyes conveyed the degree of contempt she felt when she spat out the words. Anger and disbelief flashed in his eyes. She would be the first woman ever to reject him and in such a preposterous manner. He stood and went over to her while she gummed her back to the wall, with no room to step back. He gripped her chin with his strong palm, forcing her to look at him; his wicked grey eyes bore into her hazel ones. "What if it's your only ticket to freedom?" "As I said, I'd rather die." He quickly shoved her onto the bed, and she scooted away as he moved toward her. "I am Eros Castillo, leader of the El Dragon gang. You dare not reject me; nobody rejects me," he said in a low husky voice, his eyes five shades darker, his countenance was grim and dangerous.


The Billonaire's Surrogate Wife


Samuel Walters is a Billionaire. In all his life, he never thought his life would be this complicated. All stories start when his lover, Valerie Anastasia, who works as a famous model, refuses to return to Los Angeles because she collides with the schedule of fashion shows around the European continent. Samuel, who had promised to bring his future wife to his mother's birthday party, is undoubtedly confusing. He struggled to find a good reason but couldn't also visit available. Until unexpectedly, that crazy idea appears. At the assistant's suggestion, Samuel asks Ariana Grey, the girl who works as his secretary, to be a temporary partner so the mother does not disappoint. Unfortunately, the whole Walters family likes Ariana. They even urged Samuel to hurry and maybe marry the beautiful girl. That's all; Ariana's cleverness attracts people's attention and makes some of Samuel's business relations willing to establish cooperation. Not a few offer themselves to sponsor their wedding. So, will Samuel still marry Ariana while he already has Valerie as his lover?


The Alpha's Desire For His Abused Mate

2.0K·Blessing Silver

He was known as the Alpha from hell, but he became my redemption. ### I don't believe in fairytale. I don't believe in happy endings too. To me, anything that involves freedom is a myth. Love is a strange word, something I sought for ages but only got slapped back in the end by the strong fume of hatred that surrounded me. The only thing that can end this pain is death, mine or my abusers. And either way, I was prepared. ~Ellen Oliver ~ *** His hand roamed my body possessively, his gaze penetrating me with lust and hunger, his finger finding its way to my core. His voice, gruffly and nasal, filled my ear with a disturbing hunger. "You are mine. Mine alone. Mine to touch, mine to keep, mine to fuck. All of you, Omega. I own all of your goddamn body. You are my pleasure toy..." *** Rejected by her mate and forsaken by her pack, Ellen Oliver endured massive humiliations and tortures because she was believed to be a cursed wolf, and like an icing on the cake of her misery, she happened to be an Omega too. The hell, she was the weakest Omega. After losing her mother due to a forced labour to produce her, Ellen was hated by even her Beta father whom one would have expected to naturally love her. She felt life couldn't get any worse for her, as her survival depended on how well she pleases and entertained her tormentors. But there was a revival. a revival she never expected nor believed, and it came with a change that had her tormentors on their knees, at her feet. ..



3.0K·Racheal Dennis.

"Your love ain't what I need" he looked intensively in my eyes, with lust and intense desire hooded in his eyes. His body pressed against mine on the wall, his left held my hands above my head, and he groped my left breast with his right hand -his fingers pinched my nipples teasingly. "What I want is your body, to be buried deeply in you, and to feel every inch of you." his minty breath fanned my face, and sent shivers down my spine. "I'll worship your body, and fûck you so hard until you totally forget about your other fuçk buddies!" he growled possessively. Finding the wait too long, I grabbed his necktie and crashed my lips on his. "Just fuçk me already!" I moaned throatily against his lips. >>

Soul MateOngoing

To Hate My Stepbrother

692·Josephine Ivy

It was a hate-at-first-sight thing. Ava would gladly strangle the ridiculously rude stranger who had collided into her and ruined her entire plans for the day, while Mason never wanted to have another encounter with the clumsiest person he had ever come across. Neither of them expected that the next time they’d be seeing each other again, is to be officially introduced to one another as step siblings. Things didn’t get better from there, it got worse. Especially now that they had to live in the same house. They never agreed on anything. Never got along. They never spent time in a room together without trying to commit murder. Things drastically take a left turn when their parents plans a ‘first family’s vacation’, but were unable to make an appearance as scheduled because of some last minute changes, leaving Ava and Mason by themselves, all alone on an island. For three weeks. As if that wasn’t punishment enough, Ava had to also attend all the dates their parents already made reservations for, with none other than Mason. Ava passionately hated Mason, until she didn't. Till she couldn’t pretend to not notice how insanely good looking he was… till she couldn’t pretend to be immune to Mason’s intense gaze and lingering touches… till she couldn’t deny that she wanted Mason to kiss her the same way he holds arguments– with so much heat and passion… Till she couldn’t deny that she wanted Mason to play her curvy body like she was his favorite guitar… Till she couldn’t deny that she had gone ahead and fallen head over heels, for Mason.


My Vegetative Husband, The Tycoon

3.0K·Zara Graham

To save her critically ill younger brother, Rachel was sent to a hospital bed occupied by a comatose patient. On a stormy night, by the flashes of lightning, she saw the pale face and barely heaving chest of the vegetable, thus turning around to leave, but was grabbed tightly. Afterwards, she was imprisoned by her half-sister until she gave birth to twins, and was almost burned alive. Five years later, upon her return, she found out that her half-sister had married the young master of the Wilkins family, while taking one of her children with her.


Accidental Affair


Yasmin Cassidy had a one night stand with her boss and got fired by him, treated unfair, she came back to settle scores with him. But for Kyler it's a disaster as he couldn't get his mind off his former secretary who is filling his heart slowly, faced in the dilemma of choosing his wife or the other woman.



455·Author Repha

“Now take your bastard daughter and get out of my sight! If you ever step foot into this mansion again, you will die!” Elsa Boseman’s thunderous voice sounded all over the room. Her lips quivered as the tears streamed down her cheek. “No..mother in-law, please! I’m innocent!” She cried while kneeling before Elsa Boseman whose eyes were filled with furry. “Leave, you slut! Take this bastard and get out of this place!” She heard Mrs. Taiwo’s voice and her tears increased as she saw her little daughter crying on the floor beside her. “Guards! Guards! Take her out!” Dotun’s provoking voice sounded all over the room. “No..I’m innocent, please don’t throw me out! Mother in-law!” She cried as she rushed over to Elsa Boseman who was walking back to her seat. “Take her out of my sight, what are you all waiting for?!” Mrs. Taiwo yelled at the guards who were picking up her luggage. “No.. mother, I have nowhere to go!” She cried as she knelt before the two women who were sipping their wine. “The divorce papers will be ready in a few days' time,” Elsa Boseman said with authority. She was pulled up by the guards along with her daughter who was still crying uncontrollably. As she struggled with the men, she took a glance at Daren who was sitting dejectedly on the long couch with his head bowed. “My love, I'm innocent! Please don’t let them throw me out! Daren!” She shouted with her whole strength, but he remained silent and didn’t look in her direction. ** The rumbling of thunder could be heard as the rain continued to pour down mercilessly on the surface of the earth. Her lips quivered and her body trembled as she wrapped her daughter in her bosom. She let the tears flow down her cheeks freely as she thought of everything happening in her life at the moment. She had been accused, betrayed and rejected by the family she had worshiped all through the years. She looked at her daughter who was now sleeping peacefully in her arms and she sighed. “I will make them pay,” she said as flashes of lightning appeared in the sky.


My destiny is to become billionaire's wife

133·Cecilia Kim

Erica accidentally witnessed Max, her boyfriend, having sex with Kora, her enemy. While hiding under the bed, Erica overheard the two planning to sabotage her future. In a moment of losing control, Erica rushed to scuffle with the couple. To stop Erica's madness, Max hit her so hard that she lost consciousness. When Erica woke up in the hospital, she was immediately arrested by the police for assaulting Kora. To avoid jail time, Kora and her mother forced Erica to transfer ownership of the property, which Erica was entitled to inherit upon her parents' death, to Kora. By the time Erica discovered the mother and daughter Kora's whole plot, it was too late. Erica had to accept the request in exchange for her freedom, losing everything and even being kicked out of her house. Erica is determined to take back what belongs to her and make Kora and her mother pay the price. Erica started a new life and happened to meet and save Ansel, the heir to a large corporation. How will Erica's life change now that she has become Ansel's benefactor and married him?

Female leadOngoing

Lycan Prince Matteo

38·Lovella Novela

Freya is the adoptive daughter of the warrior mated couple of the Midnight Pack. She didn't have a scent, so everyone thought that she didn't have a wolf, just like humans. Matteo Harith is the Lycan prince, soon to be king, who was waiting for his mate. He had smelled her since 9 years ago in the palace, but after that, he never found her, no matter how much he looked for her. When Matteo was assigned by his king's father to look into the case of a pack that had been wiped out, he lived in the Midnight Pack and found Freya. The moment Matteo stepped out of his SUV, Freya found out that he was her mate. But he couldn't smell her at all. A tournament that had been held within the pack made him find Freya to be his mate when their eyes met. When Matteo finally smelled Freya's scent, it was also the time that she remembered what had happened in her childhood and that the palace had refused to help them when they asked, which caused her biological parents' death. What is he going to do when Freya was blaming the royals and wanted to reject him even after they mark each other?

Soul MateOngoing

Sold To The Mafia Lord

1.0K·Erotic writer

....................... Skyler was always abused in school called names and looked down at. It was until her two best friends turned there backs on her and started bullying her. She finally had enough of it all. She moved away only to return for her senior year. She was the same nice kind and sweet Skylar only this time she refuses to take shit from anyone and will talk back and fight back if provoked. With her new fiery attitude and sarcastic replays, she would attract the attention of the biggest gang leader ever..... . .

Soul MateCompleted

Hot For Teacher


Being a college freshman is an exciting time, especially for Cora Worthington. With no college major declared, Cora finds her heart on the tailwinds of a bad breakup with high school ex, Spencer. As the fall semester begins, an unlikely meeting leads Cora to have feelings for her world history professor, Blake Oakley. When Blake reveals his hidden past to Cora her heart gets entangled with his. Can Cora secretly date a college professor and not get caught or will their relationship be her downfall?


My aunt and her friends rape me.


Sexual abuse is a scourge that strikes 75% of people today. From the way things are going, one would conclude that no gender is spared. This is the story of young Brayane, a young man full of happiness and full of future. Being the only son of his parents, he lacked nothing. His life was turned upside down the day he lost his parents in a car accident. An accident that almost cost him his life as well. After the tragic death of his parents, his aunt decided to take him in so that he could live with her as she was the only family left in Brayane. Having no choice, he accepted his aunt's offer.