I Am Born With A Silver Spoon

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To survive, Chen Hao would like to do anything, including running errands for his classmates. Facing with other’s sarcasm, he did nothing but stayed strong, until one day his parent and sister living aboard told him that he actually was born in a rich family. Then his luxury life began.


Chapter1 My Father was Millionaire

It’s nine o'clock in the evening, in the boy's dormitory of a well-known university.

"Chen Hao, go to room 101 on the first floor and bring me my laptop!"

A guy with blond hair from the next dormitory over kicked Chen Hao's room door open. After throwing Chen Hao a dollar, he put his hands into his pockets and went back to his dormitory.

"Also, Chen, don’t forget to buy me a bottle of mineral water from the supermarket downstairs!"

The blonde-hair guy threw another three bucks on the ground. Two were for the water, and the other was Chen Hao’s tip.

"Hey Blondie, why do the people from your dormitory always ask Chen Hao to run errands for you? Why are you always bullying him?"

The people in Chen Hao's dormitory asked with a straight face as they could not stand it anymore.

"Chen Hao is from your dormitory. Don't you know? He’s willing to do anything for money! "Blondie said with a sarcastic tone and a mocking expression on his face.

Chen Hao tried to turn a deaf ear to the snarky comments, but he was embarrassed by what Blondie had said.

He bent down and picked up the money from the ground. He thought, “With this money, I should have enough to get some Raman noodles, and make it through today.”

"Chen Hao... Don't go. If you don’t have any money, we can lend you money. You don't have to pay it back," the head of the dormitory said sympathetically.

Chen Hao smiled humbly and shook his head, "Thank you..."

He turned around and went out.

The people in the dorm gazed at Chen Hao's figure from behind and shook their heads with pity.

Honestly, Chen Hao didn't want to run errands for people, but he also wanted to live happily at university like the other students.

He was lucky to be here after all.

He was extremely poor.

His roommates were very nice to him. But the more they helped, the less he wanted their help. Because he knew that if he constantly borrowed money from them, no matter how strong their friendship was, they would eventually start to grow apart.

Besides his roommates, Chen Hao had almost nothing in the university!

"Chen Hao, I heard Blondie said that you’re going downstairs."

An elegantly dressed student came out of the room next door.

His name was Xu Nan, the leader of Blondie's dormitory. His family ran a factory. He was rich, tall and handsome, and was hugely popular among the females.

However, he had always looked down on Chen Hao. Even on a good day, he would not look Chen Hao in the eye.

Chen Hao had no idea what he wanted.

Chen Hao looked up and said, "Yes!"

Xu Nan smiled nonchalantly. He took out a box of Durex condoms from his pocket and threw it at Chen Hao.

"Perfect timing. A friend of mine is in the East grove today. Go and deliver this to him. I will give you ten bucks!"

Xu Nan was a playboy and dated a lot of girls.

He also had many friends just like him.

Chen Hao didn't think much about it. He just wanted to make money.

Chen Hao took the condoms and headed for the stairs. As he turned his back, he heard Xu Nan's laughter coming from behind.

Chen Hao went downstairs. He planned to take Blondie’s computer and buy the bottle of mineral water on his way back from delivering the condoms.

Chen Hao knew that the East Grove outside the campus was a famous hook-up place where couples would go to have sex.

Chen Hao quickly arrived at the East Grove.

He saw a couple sitting on the promenade in the woods. They were talking and laughing.

Under the moonlight, Chen Hao saw their faces distinctly.

His whole body trembled!

It was her!

Chen Hao's eyes turned red at once, and the Durex he held in his hand fell onto the ground.

The woman, Yang Xia, was Chen Hao's ex-girlfriend. It had only been three days since they broke up. Of course, it was Yang Xia who dumped Chen Hao.

When they broke up, Yang Xia said that she needed some alone time. Chen Hao couldn’t believe that she was already hooking-up with another guy!

Chen Hao’s sudden appearance drew their attention.

Everyone wore a different expression on their face.

"Chen Hao... Why are you here? You... don't get me wrong. Lu Chen and I are..."

Yang Xia was a little flustered. At least she still had a sense of shame. She lowered her head.

Lu Chen, who was sitting next to Yang Xia, let go of her. He looked at the Durex which fell to the ground, stood up and burst into laughter.

"Wow, Xu Nan is truly something else. I asked him to give me some rubbers. I guess he sent you to give them to me. What a jackass. This is too funny."

Lu Chen came from a rich family as well. Chen Hao knew that he was Xu Nan's friend. His family operated several restaurants. He always drove the latest model of BMW to school.

Chen Hao clenched his fist tightly as Lu Chen spoke.

It turned out that Xu Nan have done this on purpose!

He should have seen this coming. He should have known as soon as he broke up with Yang Xia, that Xu Nan would do something to mess with him.

"Xia, I know you didn't want to date a poor guy, but you don't have to be with this kind of person. Don't you know how many girlfriends he has had? He is probably seeing someone else now!" Chen Hao shouted angrily.

He loved this girl with all his heart.

Yang Xia became angry when she heard Chen Hao's insult. "Chen Hao, who do you think you are? You have no right to teach me a lesson. I broke up with you. Whom I want to be with is my right. It's none of your business."

"Chen can buy me expensive cosmetics and skincare products. He can also buy me an iPhone and name-brand bags. Can you?"

"Additionally…" Yang Xia was furious. She looked at the condom that Chen Hao dropped on the ground. "You came here just to mess with me, didn’t you? Get lost!"

Yang Xia lunged forward and slapped Chen Hao on the face!

Lu Chen laughed even louder. "Xia, don't let him go. Let him stay here. He can watch and learn a thing or two."

Yang Xia blushed. "Chen, I am in no mood after seeing this guy again. I will make it up to you next time."

She broke free from Lu Chen’s arms.

Chen Hao did not know how he left the grove. His mind was a complete blank.

Is life all about money? This all happened because he had no money!

As Chen Hao arrived at the door of the dormitory, he came to his senses after hearing his classmates’ laughter.

Xu Nan laughed with his hands on his stomach. His face had turned red because he laughed too hard.

Apparently, Xu Nan had told everyone about what happened.

"Chen Hao, what did you see just now?" Blondie asked while laughing.

"Yang Xia is fine as hell. Maybe when Chen Hao arrived, Lu Chen had already taken care of business."

Xu Nan smiled maliciously.

Chen Hao clenched his fists and his eyes turned red. He wanted to kill Xu Nan right there and then.

"Why? Why do you have to treat me like this?" Chen Hao bawled.

Xu Nan laughed even louder. "Look, the broke bastard is so angry. I'm so scared!"

"Ok, I tell you the reason. You are poor. In the whole class, I despise you the most. Let’s be real you never deserved a great lady like Yang Xia. It makes more sense for my friend to have her for a few days."

"By the way, here is a little salt in the wound. Didn’t you spend one year pursuing Yang Xia? She was already into Lu Chen within half an hour of chatting with him on WeChat."

Everyone was laughing. Nobody cared about Chen Hao! He felt so small.

“I’m gonna kill you!”

Chen Hao pounced on Xu Nan and tried to punch him in the face.

Before Chen Hao was even close, Xu Nan’s friends were all over him.

Chen Hao was pulled back into his dorm by his roommates.

Lying on the bed, Chen Hao covered himself with his blanket and sobbed sadly.

"Why do they all bully me and trample on my dignity?"

"Is it just because I am poor. They don’t even consider me a human being?"

Chen Hao felt a great rage within and pulled his hairs fiercely. He still remembered the days with Yang Xia.

After crying for a very long time, he fell asleep.

Perhaps he could only find peace during such a dark and silent night.

When he woke up early the next morning, there was no one in the dormitory. Chen Hao knew that it was the head of the dorm who didn't want to wake him up. I guess it is better for him to stay in the dormitory than to go back to the classroom!

When Chen Hao picked up his mobile phone, he found many text messages and missed calls.

What surprised Chen Hao was these calls were all from a foreign phone number.

There was also a text message from the bank!

"[China Bank] 2019... Your current account balance is 10,000,005.00..."

Looking at this number, Chen Hao was stunned.

10 million!

Who transferred 10 million to him?

Chen Hao immediately called the bank to confirm. After the confirmation, he was completely stunned.

At that moment, the phone rang again.

It was a foreign phone number.

Chen Hao answered at once.

"Hao, did you receive the money? It’s me, your sister!" A familiar voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Sister! What is going on? Aren't you working overseas with mom and dad? When did you get so much money?

Chen Hao felt his heart almost jump into his mouth.

"Although I still have to keep this secret from you for another two years according to our dad's order, I heard that you’re being bullied at school, so I want to tell you that our family is rich. Our family’s property spans the globe. Do you know Africa? Let’s put it this way, 80% of Africa’s gold and oil mines belong to our family!"

"That doesn’t even include our properties in China and overseas!"

Chen Hao swallowed his saliva. If it were not for the 10 million already his account, he would never believe it.

He would absolutely think that his sister was crazy!

“I know you don't believe it. You should take some time to digest this news. I also grew up in a poor. Now I'm slowly getting used to the life of the rich. By the way, an express delivery should have arrived at your school this morning. Inside the package there are some things that I want to give you. You needn’t have to worry about money.”

"I don't know the prices in China now. In short, you can spend 10 million first, and I will give you some more money next month! "!"

After hanging up the phone, Chen Hao could not keep calm down for a long time.

He was born in a poor environment.

But now…

He was a trust fund baby!