The Peremptory Casey Davies

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Ash Ellis


Casey Davies was the son-in-law that everyone despised, but no one knew his real identity, the heir of a prestigious and influential family. Those who looked down on him will eventually kneel down before him and address him master with profound respect!

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Chapter 1 Good-for-Nothing

"Young Master, please come back with us to B City to inherit the Davies family's assets."

"Your mother would like to apologize to you for the mistakes she made back then, and I also hope that you will ignore the past and focus on the greater good."

"As the top family of H Country, the Davies family can't be without a person-in-charge."

Casey Davies looked at the bowing, respectful old man in front of him with a sneer on his face.

"That evil-hearted woman went so far as to drive me out of the family in order to take control of the Davies family in the first place. She even blamed me for being a traitor to the family. She was afraid that I would take revenge on her so she forced me to become a useless wimp that everyone mocked in this small place of J City."

"Don't you think it's too late for you to remember me now that she's seriously ill?"

"I'm getting used to being the useless son-in-law of the Patel family in J City, I'm used to people saying that I'm a man who relies on my wife, I can't control Davies family's affairs, you guys should go back."

After saying that, Casey turned around immediately and left the place after throwing the garbage bag in his hand into the trash bin.

Despite the fact that his identity of being the heir of the Davies family could shock the world, Casey had no thoughts about revealing it.

Back when he was kicked out of the Davies family, he had lost all feelings for the Davies family.

He was now a useless son-in-law of a second-class family, the Patel family, and a well-known good-for-nothing wimp in J City.

No one knew that he had once been the powerful young master of the Davies family in B City.

But all of this was in the past. Although Casey was now living a miserable life, not having even four digits in his savings, he had no regrets.

Casey took the fruit in his hand to the Patel family's old villa, today was the birthday banquet of the elderly master of the Patel family, a whole bunch of the Patel family's relatives would be there. It would be normal for mutual comparisons in occasions like this, and Casey made Edith Patel's family a joke to laugh about.

The banquet began, and everyone in the Patel family began to present gifts to the elderly Master Francis Patel.

"Grandpa, I know you like antiques, this is the original calligraphy of a famous painter I found for you. Hope you can like it." The eldest grandson, Albie grinned as he presented the scroll.

"Grandpa, I asked a friend from abroad to buy this jade, it cost a lot of money." The youngest and most favoured granddaughter, Nyla handed over a piece of jade.


Everyone was rushing to present their gifts, just to coax and make Master Francis happy.

"Grandpa, can you... lend me half a million, PY Welfare House didn't raise any donations from people this year, it's already about to collapse, if this continues, the children inside will be homeless..."

Right at this moment, Casey who was sitting at the very end of the table spoke up.

The audience was in an uproar.

Mother-in-law Amara Stevens stood up directly and stretched out her hand to point at Casey's nose, cursing: "You idiot, do you know what you're talking about?"

J City's number one beauty and wife of Casey, Edith did not expect Casey to ask the old man for money at this time. She was so anxious that she stood up directly from her chair and spoke, "Grandpa, Casey is still half-asleep, you shouldn't take his words seriously."

After saying that, she reached out and pinched Casey's arm mercilessly.

Three years ago, when the elderly wife of Master Francis, Stella Martin was on her deathbed, she sought Casey and forced Edith to marry him. The goddess who was initially glorious to the eyes of everyone suddenly fell rock bottom.

For three years, Casey didn’t work but spent his days washing, cooking and throwing garbage. The reputation of this good-for-nothing had spread throughout J City, and the proud goddess back then had become a complete joke.

But now, Casey was dragging himself down at Master Francis's birthday party.

"What a joke, it’s grandpa's birthday banquet. It's fine if you don't give a gift, you even dared to ask grandpa for half a million. Casey, haven't you embarrassed the Patel family enough in the past few years? It’s grandpa's birthday banquet and you came to borrow money, do you want to make grandpa die of anger?"

The one who spoke was Albie, who had always been regarded as the most complimentary young heir by Master Francis.

"I see that this idiot is being intentional, PY Welfare House is just an excuse, he's trying to dig grandpa's money to spend for himself. With his terrible IQ, I'm afraid maybe he can't even think of such a way, maybe this was Edith's orders."

Master Francis’s favourite granddaughter, Nyla continued the insult, she had always been discordant and would do everything she can to tarnish Edith’s name whenever she had the chance.

Seeing someone dragging Edith into this, Casey quickly explained, "No, no, no, I'm just borrowing from grandpa, I've been facing some financial problems lately, I can't come up with this much money, I'll definitely return it to grandpa in a few days."

"Don't talk nonsense here, you’re just a useless wimp, you don't even have a job. If it was really lent to you, how are you going to return it?" Albie despised.

"That's right, you’re just a good-for-nothing wimp from that bullshit PY Welfare House, do you want grandpa to raise a bunch of losers just like you? I think it's best for that PY Welfare House of yours to close down quickly." Nyla said with anger.

Casey bit his teeth as he listened to the people's accusations against him, back when he was homeless on the streets, it was PY Welfare House that took him in and he was able to grow up. Now that PY Welfare House was in trouble, he wanted to contribute. However, it was a bit too sudden and he didn't have that much money, that's why he thought of borrowing money.

Initially, he thought that everyone will each contribute a bit to help PY Welfare House. He did not expect to be treated in such a terrible way. He kept his thoughts on PY Welfare House, that was probably why he did not react much.

Master Francis was already livid at this moment, he glared at Casey and said: "How insolent, is your family is here to celebrate my birthday or to create more problems? Hurry up and get out of here, my birthday banquet will not tolerate a good-for-nothing trash like you. From now on, you are not allowed to participate in all banquets of the Patel family!"

"Grandpa, PY Welfare House is really having a hard time nowadays, those children need your help." Casey gritted his teeth and refused to give up, his face full of sincerity.

When Edith saw Casey's serious face, she sighed helplessly and said to Francis, "Grandpa, Casey really wants to help PY Welfare House, he grew up in PY Welfare House and has a deep affection for it, please help him."

Francis snorted cold-heartedly and spoke, "I think you've also been fooled by this wimp, get out with him and don't embarrass yourself in front of me!"

Amara saw the situation and quickly said to Edith, "What are you waiting for, hurry up and take this loser away, if you make grandpa angry again, our family will be finished."

Edith was helpless, she bowed to Francis and said: "Grandpa, I'm sorry."

Then, she dragged Casey outside.

"You have to keep an eye on this idling wimp, don't let him go out to tarnish the Patel family's reputation!" Albie’s jeers could still be heard from the back.

Outside the villa, Edith let go of Casey like she was releasing a piece of trash.

"Edith, I'm sorry, the PY Welfare House is having a really difficult time right now, I have no choice, that's why I asked to borrow money from grandpa," Casey stated.

With disappointment in her eyes, Edith spoke, "What's the use of apologizing, you've already offended grandpa."

"Recently, grandpa wanted to buy an office building from TY Real Estate Company. This matter was very tough, TY Real Estate Company despised my family and wouldn't sell. Now all I can do is find a way to make this matter successful to make up for your wrongdoings."

"I'm going to the office, you can go back by yourself."

After saying that, she walked away right towards the front.

"Edith," Casey shouted.

Edith stopped for a moment but did not turn back, "Casey, you've disappointed me too much."

After saying that, she walked away without looking back.

Casey looked at the back of Edith’s desperate figure and took a deep breath, feeling a trace of guilt in his heart.

He did not stay where he was. After Edith left, he went straight to PY Welfare House.

Looking at the rusty door of PY Welfare House, Casey’s heart was filled with emotion, he walked inside and saw many children squatting on the ground, not knowing what they were doing, so he walked over and asked, "What are you guys doing."

The group of children all raised their heads and smiled innocently when they saw that it was Casey.

In the past few years, Casey would come to PY Welfare House whenever he had time to help, and many of the children here knew him.

"Brother, we're digging for vegetables, Emelia Ward said we're running out of food, let's dig some wild herbs to eat so we can save food for our siblings." A slightly older child spoke up.

Casey stared at the "wild herbs" dug out by these children, it was simply some weeds, how can these children distinguish the wild herbs.

The more he saw them like this, the more painful Casey’s heart felt.

After instructing those children, Casey walked inside and came to the door of Emelia's room, somewhat hesitant. He couldn't borrow the money, he didn't know how to face Emelia.

He was taken in by PY Welfare House back then, and the one who had been taking care of him was Emelia, he had always regarded her as his saviour.

At this time the door opened by itself, Emelia came out. Seeing Casey, she immediately revealed a loving smile and said: "Casey, you came greeting, come in and sit down."

"Emelia, I won't sit down, I know that PY Welfare House is in difficult times, I'm still borrowing money, but don't worry, I'll definitely get the money," Casey stated.

"You don't have to worry about the money, a great benefactor donated two million today and gave us a lot of food, we managed to go through the difficult times." Emelia looked somewhat relieved.

Casey was stunned and asked, "A great benefactor? Who is it?"

"It's me." an old voice sounded.

Casey turned around and found an old man appearing behind him out of the blue.

"How come it's you again?"

Casey's face sank immediately, "Didn't I tell you guys to stay away from me?"

The old man's name was Jordan Lane, he was the butler of the Davies family, he sighed helplessly and spoke, "Young Master, I didn't finish my sentence in the morning. I know you might not be able to accept it at this moment, but the Davies family can wait until you come back to your senses."

After saying that, Jordan took out a black bank card from his pocket and handed it to Casey.

"This card is the black card from the World Bank, you can have unlimited withdrawals, there are only ten in this world, it's the Davies family's compensation for all these years."

"In addition to that, your mother bought TY Real Estate Company in J City. As long as you sign this contract, TY Real Estate Company will be yours in the future."

"I don't want it, go back and tell that woman that I'm not interested in anything from the Davies family."

"Don't bother me again."

Jordan said, "But young master, PY Welfare House won't be able to sustain itself without this money, and after it closes down, these children, they won't have a home to go back to."

Casey frowned, although he didn't want to use the Davies family's money, the children in PY Welfare House had to live right now.

In response to Jordan's words, Casey thought about it and said in a deep voice, "How much money is in this card?"

"Come back, Young Master, it's enough to buy all of the properties in J City."

"Cut the crap, how much is it?"

"Ten billion..."