Dangerous Secrets: My Mafia Stepbrother


Isabella's mother remarried, and Isabella was forced to become the stepsister of the current mafia boss, Emanuele. This man was bloodthirsty and ruthless, aiming a gun at her the first time they met, and attempting to strangle her on their second encounter. She vowed to stay away from this demon of a man. However, later on, she discovered that Emanuele liked to hold her, kiss her, possess her, and even made her the most celebrated bride in the world.


Miracle Twins: CEO's Mad Love for His Wife


Five years ago, Deanna was schemed by her fiancé and step-sister, and spent a night with a stranger, causing her mother to commit suicide. Her father, ashamed of her, then expelled her from the house. Five years later, Deanna returned with twins and remarkable medical skills, attracting countless people from high society. A highly respected chairman said, "My grandson is young and promising, handsome and elegant. You are very suitable for each other. I hope Dr. Deanna can marry and bring the children." Suitor 1 said, "Dr. Deanna, I have long admired and loved you. I hope you can give me a chance and let me be a stepfather to your children, I will treat them as my own." Suitor 2 said, "Dr. Deanna is mine, no one should compete with me!" It wasn't until the big boss of the Mercer family stepped forward and declared, "Dr. Deanna is my wife, and the twins are my flesh and blood. Whoever dares to challenge, come and try!"


I Slept with My Boss and Ran Away


In the aftermath of a wild company dinner, she—intoxicated and misguided—found herself in her boss's room... Whispers of his cold indifference to romance and his ruthless decisiveness were legendary, painting a grim fate for any woman who dared entangle with him. ... In one month: the sight of a positive pregnancy test sends her mind racing to one thought—she must run, now or never! As she makes a break for freedom, he's hot on her heels, turning her flight into a captivating chase where her wings are no match for his resolve!


I Paid A Mafia Boss For Our Night


Waking up from the craziest night of her life in a hotel room, Sienna Corsetti left what she thought was enough for the previous night's service and headed home with a racing heart. She believed that was the end of her encounter with Antonio Luciano. However, as soon as she arrived home, she discovered that everything in her life had changed dramatically...


Lost and Found: Return of My Mysterious Fiancee


Jared Farrell's marriage proposal was turned down by a country girl he never met! "Young Master, Miss Reed want to pay you five million dollars to call off the engagement." Jared Farrell only lightly raised his eyebrow, "No way." "Young Master, Miss Reed's just raised her offer to twenty million." Jared Farrell's lips curled into a smile, "Tell her I am giving her fifty million and, no way." "Miss Reed's just raised the number to one hundred million, and the engagement must be cancelled." "..." Jared Farrell could not help but feel a headache. Is his fiancée really going to smash him with the money just to cancel the engagement?


The Ultimate Son-in-Law

285.0K·Geoffrey John

In this captivating tale, our protagonist, a young man who grew up as an orphan under the loving care of his grandmother, embarks on a remarkable journey. After graduating and entering society, life takes an unexpected turn when his beloved grandmother falls seriously ill. Determined to save her, he makes a life-altering decision to become the son-in-law of a wealthy family. Initially faced with rejection and challenges in his new role, he endures the trials, feeling despondent until a fateful day changes everything. Injected with a mysterious substance by an enigmatic man, he discovers an ancient and long-lost legacy of immortality and cultivation. With newfound powers, he begins a transformative ascent towards greatness. This thrilling story of perseverance, love, and self-discovery unfolds as he delves into the world of cultivation, captivating the hearts of both friends and foes alike. As he reaches the pinnacle of his abilities, he unveils the true potential that was hidden within, becoming a force to be reckoned with. Join our hero on an exhilarating journey as he rises from an ordinary son-in-law to an unparalleled powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark on his destiny and the world around him. "The Ultimate Son-in-Law" is a tale of adventure, growth, and triumph that will keep you eagerly turning the pages until the very end.


The War God's Homecoming

278.0K·Ralphy Porter

As the commander of an army named Bloodshadow, Billy Gardner is a legend on the battlefield with a hard-fought fate. He was adopted by a family in Ozin. Five years ago, his foster family was wiped out by their enemy. Luckily, Billy narrowly escaped and he was saved by a lady, who tenderly healed the wounds for him. Later on, he was taken away by a mysterious man. That lady is none other than Harleen Knight, a famous beauty who is soft-hearted. At that time, Billy was half-conscious and later he lost all memory of what happened. The next day upon waking up, he found Harleen had already left and she took a dragon-shaped jade pendant from him as a keepsake. Five years later, a text message from his daughter recalls him from the battlefield of swords to the world of mortals...


That's Not Your Baby Anyway, Mr. CEO


After a chaotic company dinner, she—intoxicated and misguided—ends up in her boss's room. Rumors of his icy detachment from romance and his merciless decisiveness were well-known, foretelling a bleak outcome for any woman who dared to become involved with him. One month later, the sight of a positive pregnancy test sends her into a panic. Her only thought is to escape—now or never! As she flees, he's right behind her, transforming her escape into a thrilling pursuit. Her desire for freedom is no match for his relentless determination!


Fallen Heir Rising


Five years ago, he was the top scion of a prominent family, falsely accused and banished to the borderlands after a scandalous affair with a woman. Five years have passed, and he now stands as a military conqueror, only to receive the devastating news of his parents’ murder and the auctioning of his sister as a slave… Fueled by fury, he returns and fights his way back! However, upon his return, he discovers that the woman he had a one-night stand with in the past has given birth to a pair of adorable twins…


That Night My Boss Left Me With Our Three Babies

8.0K·Hayden Blake

Olivia Prescott married Victor Leer for three years, but it ended in divorce, leading to ridicule from the entire Seacrest community, labeling her as a forsaken woman of high society. Six years later, Olivia returned to her homeland with her twins and transformed herself into a renowned international divine healer. Countless people flocked to her, hoping to marry her. Suitor number one said, "Miss Prescott, do your children need a father? Look at me, how about considering me? If you agree, I will treat them as my own." Suitor number two exclaimed, "Miss Prescott, from the moment I first saw you, I was captivated by your beauty and talent. I am willing to give my all and love you for a lifetime. Mr. Leer may not value you, but he is blind. I promise to never leave your side!" At that moment, a little girl appeared, clinging to Olivia's leg and said, "Mommy, Daddy has been kneeling on a washboard for three days and nights, asking if you're no longer angry. If you're not, he wants to remarry you."


A King Reborn in Shadows

36.0K·Dylan Porter

A solitary island prison, with only one prisoner being held, yet requiring a hundred thousand guards to watch over him. Today, he is released!


Unexpected Fiancée

129.0K·Belle Yerkes

Rumor has it that Mr. Pansy's fiancée hails from a rural background, lacks refinement, and is as plain as they come. But at the grand banquet, Jane makes her debut, leaving everyone astonished! "Ugly? Where?" "They say the top star is her fan!" "Her father is the world's wealthiest man!" "That mysterious haute couture designer? It's her!" One by one, the disguises fall away, and everyone is left in awe. But what does it matter? Mr. Pansy still doesn't like her. On that day, the Pansy Group made an announcement: "They are in a wonderful relationship and preparing to get married." The public was jaw-dropped.


Claimed By The Mafia King(possess her)


I am a creature of darkness. I mistakenly abducted the wrong girl, and amidst excruciating circumstances, an unexpected love blossomed. I endured every blow and torment intended for her. For months, I shielded Everleigh, only to lose her when we finally broke free. Years have passed, yet the spirit of Everleigh Adams continues to haunt me. The anguish of losing the only woman I will ever cherish has driven me to the brink of madness. And now, her presence manifests everywhere I turn. Her ethereal essence transcends my nightmares, tormenting me in the waking realm. As it turns out, Everleigh never perished, concealing a secret from me. When we finally come face-to-face after four years of sheer torment and agony, she remains just beyond my grasp. But if insanity has taught me anything, it is that rules have no power. I will claim what is rightfully mine. There is no refuge where Everleigh can evade my pursuit.



20.0K·Cassidy Moore

Cara: There’s not a single man alive that will tell me what to do with my life and with my body but my new stepbrother; the Don of the Italian mafia is determined to change that. I hate him, almost as much as I hate how he makes me feel. One moment, I’m sure I despise his guts, the next, I’m seeking him out like an unholy addiction until I'm not sure where to draw the line between hatred and lust, anger and passion. Luca: My stepsister is the last woman on earth I should want, but with every word that leaves her smart mouth, every glance in her direction, I find myself aching for her like a senseless obsession only she can satiate. I want her so bad I can hardly think when she’s near. With a deadly enemy encroaching on my territory and leaving dead bodies in its wake, the last thing I need is an affair with my stepsister but the relentless lust welling in my abdomen at the sight or thought of her destroys all reason when it comes to her. I want her; on my arm, by my side and in my bed. And I always get what I want, ethics and consequences be damned.


Mr. Burns Is Killing His Wife

98.0K·Micah Baker

She had loved him with all her heart for sixteen years, yet she was asked to leave his household empty-handed, just to make room for the angel in his heart. He thought he would find happiness without that woman, until he received her diagnosis of cancer... Panicked, he rushed to see her, only to find her holding another man's hand. "Why didn't you tell me you had stomach cancer?" "Isn't my early death what you wished for?" She sneered with a mocking laugh, "Hamish Burns, in the final moments of my life, I don't want to love you anymore."


His Bride: Being the Mafia's Princess

1.0K·Frida writes

"I won't get married to him and none of you will make me!" She blurted out in anger and despise. "I won't let you and father do the same thing you did years back." She said, trying not to break down in tears as she clenched her knuckles into a fist. ~ What would you do when after so many years of being away from your family and friends, and then you come back home only to be forced into a marriage? This was the case of Lillian Blake, a young and beautiful lady whose world got shattered when her father forced her to marry a man she knows nothing about. What will happen now that Lillian finally get married to him against her will? Along the line, she finds out a dangerous secret about the people she called her family and it explained everything that has been happening to her right from her childhood. What was this secret? And how would she protect herself from the dangers that comes along this secret?


Dragon Emperor

39.0K·Ben Liang

When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


Tamed by Alpha's Forbidden Love

5.0K·Angelina Bhardawaj

Pain, sadness, and loneliness. That's exactly what defined Avyanna Roosevelt's life. Every time she would change her pack, people would bully her for her unethical birth origins. She was weak—well, at least for the world, who didn't know what she was. Her mother hated her because, for her, she was a bastard child, the result of a drunken one night stand. Life was cruel to her, but she was a survivor, and the only thing she wanted was to complete her education and live among humans. However, all her plans came crashing down when her grandmother died, and she was asked to move into her mother's new husband's home, in the Enceladus pack, the strongest pack in the world. She had thought she would meet the coldest and cruelest alpha, worsening her life even more, but what she didn't expect was to meet an extremely caring and overprotective man, her stepbrother. She thought she would leave in peace after completing her education, until one day her brother came to her and spoke. "In this world, you are mine to protect, mine to care for, and only mine to love. I won't think twice about ripping out the heart that will try to beat for you," he growled before biting her neck.


My ex-husband asked me to find a male lover

709·Luna Rose

The husband wanted a divorce, and shockingly offered her money to find a new lover! She refused to compromise, and he even attempted to trick her into a stranger's room. When she returned in splendor, her status was prominent. Former husband Benjamin Mitchell looked shocked, "Emily Thompson, you..." "Please call me Mrs. Turner, thank you!" They say life for a second-marriage woman can be tough, but Emily Thompson found her second marriage, whether at home or out, was filled with lavish pampering!


Bullied by Navy Triplet Stepbrothers

41.0K·Nina GoGo

"Meet my sons, Mia. Sons, meet Mia, your soon-to-be step-sister." Then three tall, sturdy, muscular men joined us at the table and I had no doubt that they were my step-brothers. They looked just like their father. I gasped, shrinking in fear as I remembered where I had met them. Quinn, Jack and John, the triplets of misery in my high school life. I would be a fool if I ended up liking the boys who had bullied me and treated me like I wasn't worth . They are different at this time from the wolves in my dream. They are playing the role of a gentle older brother. I heard that they were in the Navy and I must admit that was where fitted them. I hoped that they met with men who were stronger than they were who could give them a taste of their own medicine and bully them, just as they had bullied me. Later, they claimed that I was their mate. "Keep it a secret from our parents, okay? We'll cherish you, Sis."