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Falling For The Man I Married

67.0K·Jaycelle Rodriguez

Gabriel Wilsons, the well known 'devil' in the whole business industry of Chicago. He has everything that you wish for your dream man to have. Power, money, perfection, handsomeness and a body like a Greek God. But he's inlove. He's still inlove with the woman from his past. The same woman he has given everything he had before, but eventually betrayed him, left him and shattered his heart into pieces. And because of that, he turned into a cold, heartless, rude and an arrogant billionaire who will do everything to seek revenge and to show her that she's no longer important into his life. Even though the truth is the opposite of what he is doing. That's when he met me. I applied as his Personal Assistant to fulfill my bucket list of dreams. To explore my life and experience everything. Then he offered me a deal. He asked me to marry him just to show his ex that he already moved on.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "She's pregnant."He blurted out and I almost fall from where I stand. I just gripped the backrest of the couch to support my weight. The pain creeping inside my heart is unbearable but I managed to stay calm. "Congratulations!"I said faking my excitement. Well, I cant call it as cheating because she's the real reason why we're pretending as a couple.And that's when I made the biggest decision in my life. Taking the biggest secret in me, that I've already fallen inlove with him---- I left him. Then eventually I learned a lesson."Loving someone who doesn't love you back, isn't as hard as loving someone who can't see your worth, and only uses you as his bridge to get someone he loves back into his life."


Predestined Marriage


Summer's mother knelt in front of her, begging her to replace her half-sister to marry the man, Leonardo who was said to be impotent and ugly.On the wedding night, she was shocked looking at the handsome man! Leonardo even directly said she was too ugly!Originally thought she would be safe and sound, but she was pinned on the bed by him."Aren't you impotent?”Summer asked with astonishment."Impotent? You will know the answer soon," an evil smile was on his face.


Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

16.0M·Hannah Baker

She was pregnant with a stranger’s child after selling herself to him, yet was forced to marry another stranger for their mothers had agreed on the marriage when they were young. She originally thought this was just a convenient marriage; nevertheless, she gradually developed deep feelings for him in their married life. When she was about to give birth, he handed her a divorce agreement. Only then did she realize that she loved him deeply. Later, he came back to her and told her, “Please come back to me, my wife. I've fallen for you long time ago.”


A Knight's Vow

702·Aliyah Burke

(Knight Series Book 1) What happens when a 21st Century woman gets transported back to 12th Century England? She butts heads with her 'rescuer'. That's what. When Kit wakes in the past she has no choice but to go with the knight that stands before. The sword at her throat determines that. With absolutely no idea on how to return home, Kit will be called upon to use every bit of strength and love to stay alive long enough to do so. Even with Marcus' help it might not be possible. Will these two lovers find a way to be together for all time? Can Kit trust that once made, it will never be broken? Perhaps. It is after all, A KNIGHT'S VOW.


Lion of Midnight

484·Aliyah Burke

(Knight Series Book 2) A man blessed or cursed by the gods with immortality until he finds true love, finds his match in a woman more unique than he’d imagined, she can endure his past, uphold his present, and sustain his future. Nikolas Andreyevich is searching for his one true love. He spots her in a Russian bakery and knows immediately she is the one for him. All he has to do is convince her to love him. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, the gods don’t play fair, especially the one who wants Nik for his own personal use, and Cleopatra Laurens is not a woman to be swayed or controlled, not anymore. Over time she begins to see what kind of a man Nik truly is, but will it all be for naught? Cleo offers the greatest thing she has in order to save this man who’s taught her to love again. Will Nik get to keep the woman he’s survived nearly a century to find?


The Best Thing I Never Had

1.0K·Candy Cola

Victoria Lewis was twenty-one years old, kind-heated, smart, and beautiful, her father and her late mother promised her that they will never interfere in her love life. However, when Victoria found her father trying to commit suicide, she agreed to an arranged marriage to James Johnson to save her father’s company from bankruptcy. James Johnson’s father Emmanuel Johnson arranged this marriage because he didn’t want his son to marry Serene Logan since she was not compatible with his son James Johnson. However, James Johnson was head over heels in love with Serene Logan, he threatened his parents that he would kill himself should they separate him from Serene Logan. Would James agree to the arranged marriage to Victoria Lewis? Will they be happily ever after?


Seriously, How Did He Win My Heart

5.0M·Emily Jenkins

Emelia Jones had been a dedicated wife during her three years of marriage with Julian Hughes. She thought she could eventually win his love with her gentleness. But ultimately, she realized that this man was a downright iceberg. With a broken heart, she put an end to the relationship. In those three years, Julian always thought his wife to be dull and boring. But who could've expected that, such a woman would slam the divorce papers on his face in front of everyone, right at the anniversary event of the Hughes Group. Years after the divorce, when Emelia won the Best Screenplay and Julian presented the award to her, The usually aloof man suddenly pleaded her, "Emelia, I was blinded before. Would you give me a second chance?" Looking at him with an entrancing smile on her face, she spoke impassively, "Sorry Mr. Hughes, I'm married to my job now."


His Second Wife

45.0K·Favor V April

Christopher Grayston only wanted to marry to stop his grandfather from asking him to remarry. As a result, he married a girl he met outside civil affairs. He wanted to marry someone with whom they would never consummate their marriage. So he settled for a young girl he had just met standing outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, knowing full well that he wouldn't touch her because she was just a girl. Camila Mendoza fit the bill since she was young, though she was a temptress without even trying. The two signed the marriage certificates and went their separate ways. However, 3 months down the line, fate brought them together. Camila saved a kid and later learned that the boy she saved was her husband's son. Camila never cared about how her whore of a husband conducted his life until she met his son. Everything was fine till his ex-wife came stumbling back into his life. A man who is always making headlines about his sex life and a wife on a mission. Who would triumph?


My Powerful CEO Husband


Lita married a monster. According to the rumors, the monster was a disfigured, dying man who even couldn't let her conceive a baby. But after she was abandoned by her family, she had to marry that man! On the first night of marriage, that ugly man was waiting for her in bed, showing how dominant and strong he was! She's totally confused! Until that day, she found his secret... He's not ugly, but an incomparably handsome and powerful CEO! From that moment on, she realized that she had indeed married a monster. Not a scary, ugly one, but a handsome and strong monster who treated her as his body antidote!


After divorce, I am a billionaire


For the sake of love, Lyra left everything behind and worked as a full-time wife for three years. But in the end, she realized that all her efforts were not as good as one look from her husband's first love. Disheartened, Lyra resolutely filed for divorce. "Sorry, I'm a billionaire! I want a strong man to be my husband." Immediately after, the whole internet exploded! A billionaire super rich woman, suspected to have divorced? So, all the CEOs are scrambling to court her. Melvin in front of the screen can not stand it, the next day held a press conference, the beautiful name: kneeling to beg his wife home!


After Reborn, I Become a Billionaire

441.0K·Isabella Hunter

Ten years of marriage! She thought she had married the best man in the world. However, the man killed her and stole all her money. After reborn, she returned to 22 years old and become a billionaire. She will revenge!


Healing my disabled husband

1.0M·Tracy Swift

She was forced to marry a disabled man, who is handsome. Although she is a professional doctor, she doesn't know whether she should heal him or not......


Revenge On My First Love

244.0K·Harper Sharp

Not only cheated by her first love, she was also hated by her first love's family. Her step-mom disliked her as well. When she came back, she became a billionnaire in the city. At the same time, she had 4 brothers who loved her very much. When her first love met her again, she said, "Get out of my world!"


I Become A CEO After Divorce

284.0K·River Bates

They had been married for five years. She is thinking that one day he will fall in love with her. But she didn't expect that he would not only divorce her, but also fall in love with his first love! She signed the divorce agreement and left the house, breaking off with him. But when she only wants to make money for her career, he just want to chase her. She looked at the man who appeared in front of her again and again for various reasons, "Do you remember that we are divorced?"   The man handed the marriage certificate to her, "No, you are still my wife."


Horny Drips Sex Cravings


WARNING!!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS HIGHLY DISCRIPTIVE SEXUAL CONTENT AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR READERS BELOW 18. "How do you feel?" He asked as he played with my breast. " I feel... I feel like I'm addicted to you...." I hissed in pleasure as he bit on my nipple. "Go on I want to hear it." He said in a low tone that made my skin heat up again. "You're a sin I can't fight against. You make me want more of you even when it's not right and it's toxic." I said almost whispering still trying to catch my breath. "And you love it even if it feels forbidden." " S-scott we shouldn't...." " Shhh...." He ordered as he stroked my wet clit with his fingers making me moan. "I don't want to hear more of your guilty confessions, I want you..." He paused and drew his face closer to my ears to whisper to it. " I want you to forget everything and just think about you and I and the feelings that comes with our body bonding in each other's heat." She is a stripper, entangled in the men's world. All she ever wanted was to have lots of money, a successful career and lots of men to satisfy her sinful desires. Her name is Thea, flip through the pages of this book to find out how she lives out her erotic fantasies and the lifestyle of guns and men.


Falling For The Billionaire Twins


"How could you?" My voice was filled with sadness. The pain hurt deeply, and it felt like the trust we had was falling apart. "I didn't mean to, Lily," Leon said, his voice shaking. "Come on now baby. We haven't exactly done it lately." "You were busy so I gave you space! You're such a piece of shit!" I felt torn, but I knew I had to be strong. "We are done, Leon! We are fucking done!" *** After enduring a heartbroken betrayal from her boyfriend, Lily finds herself unexpectedly had an one night stand with Ace, her best friend's brother, on the eve of her friend's wedding. As she tries to keep her relationship with Ace hidden, she finds herself entangled with Ace's twin brother, Alex. Friends shouldn't have relationships with their friends' brothers. How will Lily tell her best friend Cher about the wild encounters she had with her brothers? What happens when Leon threatened to expose her before she could tell Cher? On one hand, there's her best friend, always there to support her, and on the other hand, the twin brothers who consistently infuse her life with passion and surprises.


The Billionaire And His One Night Stand


In the wake of a heart-wrenching betrayal by her fiancé, Gavin Campbell, and the potential diagnosis of infertility, Mia Anderson's world shatters. An anonymous sender delivers a pregnancy test report claiming to carry Gavin's child, urging Mia to sever ties with him. Confronting Gavin, she learns of his affair, driven by his family's demand for an heir. This shocking revelation unravels the man Mia thought she knew and pushes her to end their relationship. Determined to avoid drama, Mia keeps her brother, Kieran, in the dark about her predicament. Returning to her abandoned career as a fashion consultant, Mia's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Sebastian Thornton at a wedding. Their passionate one-night stand surprises them both, but they never anticipate that it will lead to consequences neither could have foreseen. Mia's world is further upended when she discovers she's pregnant, despite previous infertility concerns. She confides in her friend Bella, revealing her one-night stand with Sebastian. Determined to raise the child alone, Mia chooses not to inform Sebastian. Kieran, stumbling upon Mia's pregnancy test results, takes matters into his own hands and contacts Sebastian, urging him to relinquish parental rights. As tensions rise, Sebastian receives the news and flies to New York to confront Mia. Their meeting is fraught with misunderstandings, and Mia rejects Sebastian's proposal for marriage and relocation. Sebastian, driven by duty, fails to understand Mia's reluctance. As tension and miscommunication envelop them, Mia and Sebastian find themselves at a crossroads, uncertain of what the future holds for their unexpected connection and the child they share.


Mine without a choice

13·Lika P.

Large businessman Muradov Arslan V. Muradov is an imperious and rigid man. He is used to getting women without making any effort. Nina accidentally falls under the wheels of his SUV. The businessman, suspecting her of being a spy, takes her to his mansion to find out if it is true. Later finding out that the girl is clean, he did not want to let her go. Nina was very different from all the women he knew, that's what attracted Muradov to her, he found no other explanation...


Forced contract

12·Lika P.

Borisov, the main holder of shares and assets of the holding company, is terminally ill. He decides to enter into a contract with his partner Arsoev. He transfers to him all his rights on the holding, automatically making his partner the main holder. But on condition that he marries his daughter. Daughter Julia is too young for such business and will be an easy target for those who want to take her father's share. And to protect his daughter, Borisov competently draws up a contract with his lawyers and concludes it with Arsoev. Alan Arsoev, who had no plans to marry, agrees, as he was at the origins of the holding and cannot allow anyone else to take possession of Borisov's shares and assets, so he concludes a forced contract for himself. From the author: Introducing a hot new love story. You are waiting in this novel, as always a lot of love, a lot of sex, an interesting plot, which was built up in bits and pieces in my head and carried over into the chapters.))) Enjoy your reading)))


A Tale of Resilience and Unexpected Love


Meet Ava Mendez – intelligent, kind-hearted, and unwaveringly loyal. Fresh out of medical school and officially a qualified doctor, Ava embarks on a job search while living at home with her mom at the age of 23. Her life has always been centered around books and academics, with her education taking top priority. But now that she's achieved her dream, she's ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Throughout her life, Ava has felt a void, one that has haunted her since the tender age of 7. That void is her father, Frances 'Franko' Mendez, the formidable president of the notorious Devils Due motorcycle club (mother chapter). Franko is a man of immense power and danger, reigning over Devils Due chapters worldwide. He commands respect, but his influence is equally feared by rival MCs. Join Ava on her remarkable journey as she is thrust into a world that couldn't be further from her own. Her quest to find her father sets the stage for a story of unexpected love in the midst of a club filled with those labeled as criminals.