Damian's Rose

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"I want your body Rose." He said leaning against his office chair. Her grey orbs widened at his blunt words. "I am not your whore Boss." She tried to keep her face straight not wanting to show him any kind of emotions. "I know, let's make a deal, you give me what I want and in return I will give you something which you desire the most. Tell me Rose. What do you want?" She just stared at his evil smirking face. "I want freedom." She replied and his smirking face turned into shocked one. ************************** Damian Knight, a cold and ruthless mafia boss who wants a strong-willed girl for himself, but when he found her, he realized that it's actually next to impossible to have her. What will he do to taste this forbidden fruit, will he be able to have her or will she refuse to become his? How would Damian react when her cold behavior will stomp on his ego again and again? Welcome to the journey of two dark souls... ************************** Warning: This story contains extremely mature and explicit content like fighting, killing, torture and sex scenes.

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1) Damian Knight

Author's POV

As warm sunlight hit his face from the open window he groaned softly, lifting his naked form from the bed he head towards the bathroom, his tall muscular body was glowing under morning sunlight, his sexy messy hair, his ripped muscles flexed whenever he moved.

He hopped under the shower letting warm water relax his muscles, after the shower he walked towards his walk in closet, covered his perfect naked body with dark black suit, all his suits were dark just like his soul...dark.

He was standing in front of the mirror in all his glory, his dark suit was hugging his muscular body perfectly, his raven black hair was neatly styled. Black shiny leather shoes and last but not the least his gun on his waistband.

As soon as he came out from the closet his dark blue eyes fell on the woman who was sleeping in his bed, his eyes instantly turned more cold and emotionless if that's even possible.

That woman was supposed to leave his room as soon as they were done fucking each other, she was nothing but an object whom he used to fulfill his sexual needs, he didn't like that she was still in his bed.

He was about to wake her but she woke up with a yawn stretching her limbs. She looked at the incredibly handsome man standing in front of her with both hands in his pockets, lust flickered in her eyes when she looked at his face, a perfect sharp jawline with light stubble, his deep blue eyes and kissable lips, she was literally eye raping him. But she only noticed his handsome face and appearance not his dark aura and hateful gaze he was throwing at her.

She stood up from the bed not bothering to hide her naked body, she gave him seducing smile thinking she will get the same response from him but his face remained expressionless with clenched jaw.

"What the fuck are you doing here, get out..."

His voice came out cold and rude, pinning her with his cold eyes, she halted in her place when she heard him.

"W..what do you mean?, I am..."

She started speaking but he raised his palm in front of her face indicating her to stop whatever nonsense she was about to talk.

"I know, go out jack will give you your money.."

"What ?... Excuse me, I am not a prostitute..."

She scoffed at his words...

" I thought you are a whore, ok whatever your name is, get out of my room..."

He replied coldly but she ignored his words and started walking towards his direction.

She tried to touch his chest seductively but he quickly grabbed her wrist in tight grip and raised his eyebrows at her.

"I am not here for money Damian knight I am here for you, if you allow me I can pleasure you again just like we did last night, you enjoyed that didn't you?..."

She whispered seductively and he looked at her with disgusting face.


He ordered her but that stubborn woman was not ready to leave his room.

She decided to use another way, her eyes became glossy, she thought crying in front of him will do something but she didn't realised that she did the biggest mistake.

" I thought you liked me that's why you asked me to come with you after last night's party."

She spoke in broken voice and tears fell from her eyes, as soon as he saw her tears he grabbed her throat and slammed her against the wall her head hit hard and she moaned in the pain, when she looked at his angry face and gritted jaw all seduction was long gone from her eyes and every tissue of her body filled with fear.

"Listen to me you third class whore don't show your fucking tears in front of me I hate women who cries and acts like the innocent angels, women like you only knows how to throw themselves at rich men for money and their status, I didn't asked you to come with me, you were whoring around me and now I am done with you so take the money if you want and fuck off before I make you, you already ruined my day you should be fucking glad that I am not killing you for that."

He spat hatefully and threw her on the floor, she started picking her clothes while shaking and sobbing. when he heard her cries he growled annoyingly.

He don't like when women cries and acts all delicate and innocent in front of him, he hates it.

As soon as she wore her clothes she hurriedly left his bedroom.

"Fucking weakling..."

He mumbled after her...

Jack was in the living room heading towards the dinning hall as it was almost breakfast time. Jack was a man in his late twenties with tall and build body, black eyes and hair, handsome but equally dangerous as Damian who likes to kill and torture people but with friendly and cool personality unlike Damian who always maintained strictness and discipline around him. He is Damian's right hand man, his friend and most trusted man. He saw the woman coming from Damian's room, when he saw her crying he shook his head and chuckled, he stopped her...

"Excuse me, don't you want your money..."

"No, I am not a prostitute you asshole.."

She shouted at him...

"Yaa sure, and don't raise your voice in front of me otherwise I won't hesitate to put a bullet in your thick skull, now fuck off..."

He threatened her and she hurriedly ran outside of his huge castle like mansion...

He entered in the dinning hall where Lilly and Ashton were sitting Damian was yet to come..

He pulled out his chair and sat beside Ashton.

"Good morning everyone..."

He greeted them.

"Good morning jack.."

Ashton replied back, Ashton was Damian's personal bodyguard who follows him wherever he goes. Protecting Damian is the sole purpose of his life. He was a tall man but not with bulky body. He has more of a lean body as he was more into martial arts and was extremely strong. Perfect in his work..

"Good morning jack.."

Lilly replied with a 'not so interested' tone and jack rolled his eyes at her. Lilly was a Hacker, she collects all the information Damian needs about his rivals or business partners. She was a beautiful redhead with green eyes with great figure and extremely talented in her work that's why Damian hired her, but she and jack never gets along and always fights and argues whenever they get chances just like Tom and Jerry...

Damian entered the dinning hall and everyone greets him, he replied back with a firm nod and sat on the headchair.

"Looks like you again broke someone's heart..."

Jack asked smirking at Damian and he just ignored him so does Lilly and Ashton...

"Why do you hate fragile and weak women man, don't tell me you want someone like wonder woman as your wife..."

He mocked him..

"Fuck of jack don't mess with me right now my mood is already sour because of that whore and no I don't want any wonder woman but atleast she should be strong enough to stand for herself or protect herself unlike other women who just starts crying over nonsense things and acts like they are the only delicate thing in this world, I fucking hate those type of women..."

He growled back making everyone gulp...

"Men hardly stand against you and you are talking about women, I don't think there's a woman who would dare to stand against you exist in this world, I'll pray for your future wife..."

Jack shook his head chuckling and he rolled his eyes...

"You are lucky that you are good in your job jack, that's the only thing that stops me from slitting your throat..."

Damian spat back and jack grinned...

They ate their breakfast silently after that and he left for his important meeting with jack and Ashton...


Ashton was leaning against the wall in meeting room in his bodyguards suit, he was only focused on Damian and his surroundings.

After finishing his meeting he walked towards his car with jack and Ashton. As his bodyguard Ashton always took responsibility to drive his car.

It was afternoon when they left the office building and they were standing in the parking area, Damian was on the phone when Ashton was about to open the car door for him to get inside. He noticed a red dot on Damian's back and quickly realised what is it, he quickly pushed Damian in the car and shut the door. The car was bulletproof so the bullet hit the window, Ashton saw the shooter hiding in the next building balcony and ran towards that direction. The shooter got alert and he pointed his gun towards Ashton and Ashton did the same, both pulled the triggers. Ashton shot him on the arm. The shooter wanted to shoot him on the chest but Ashton's bullet hit him first and thankfully Ashton got shot in the leg instead of his chest.

Damian's other men quickly rushed towards the scene. Damian came out of his car when he saw Ashton got injured. Jack with 4 other men ran towards the shooters direction when he reached their he saw his dead body lying there.

He kicked his dead body and cursed.

Damian and his men took Ashton to their private hospital. Jack reached to the hospital after taking care of the dead body and other things.

Damian was standing outside the operation theatre talking to his men about the attack when he saw jack he asked him about it...

"Who was he...?"

"He was an Assassin someone hired him to kill you, Ashton shot him on the arm but when we reached their I saw someone shot him on the head too, whoever wants to kill you realised that he fucked up and killed him before we catch him..."

Jack replied back...

Damian's frown deepened after listening his words, he has friendly alliances with other countries Mafias and currently he don't have any powerful rivals who would dare to mess with him then who tried to killed him, he was not able to understand.

"Find the cctv footages of that area jack, I want to know who dares to stand against me, find him..."

He ordered jack and jack assured him with firm nod.

They were talking when doctor came out from the operation theatre..

"How is he ?"

Damian asked him, even if he was mafia boss and didn't showed any emotions or concern about anyone he always took care of men who works for him, he provides every possible facilities to them. And Ashton was his trusted bodyguard he always protected Damian with his life even today so Damian respects Ashton and that's why he was standing outside waiting for the doctors to inform about his condition.

"He is fine Mr. Knight we removed the bullet but his leg got fractured he needs rest atleast for 6 months it's important for his health. We shifted him to the other room you can visit him there, he will be up in 1 hour."

Doctor told him and Damian took all the information with serious expressions. He gave the doctor a firm nod.


After one hour Ashton woke up his leg was wrapped in a cast. Damian and jack entered his private ward and even if Ashton was in not so well condition he greeted his boss professionally just like any other times and that's what Damian admired about him that no matter what Ashton never showed any weakness in front of anyone he was trained like that.

"How are you feeling ?"

Damian sat on the sofa and asked him leaning against it still with his cold voice containing no warmness or expressions at all only serious face.

"I am fine boss, did you caught him... who was he?"

Ashton asked leaning against bedpost...

"He is dead someone hired him to kill boss, before we could catch him someone killed him..."

Jack replied sitting on his hospital bed.

"Don't worry we will find him, you can't work for next 6 months..."

Damian said and Ashton frowned...

"I am fine boss Its nothing serious, and I can't sit back while the person who wants you dead is roaming freely..."

Ashton replied back...

"It's an order for you Ashton I am not asking you..."

Damian spat back and Ashton nodded, no matter what he can't defy Damian's orders it was a rule, even if Damian asked for his life he has to sacrifice it, his life and loyalty was devoted to him only.

"Ok boss but I request you to hire another bodyguard..."

Ashton suggested and he hummed in reply..

"Fine I'll call the agency from where we hired you, I hope they will again provide us a bodyguard like you Ashton... By the way what was your class ?.."

Jack said while Damian was not sure if he should hired someone else since Ashton was a perfect bodyguard for him.

"I am class B fighter and everyone in my agency are great fighters they won't disappoint you boss..."

Ashton said to Damian...

"Fine and it's just for 6 months you are joining back anyways I'll call your agency for new bodyguard..."

Damian confirmed and Ashton gave him a firm nod...

Damian left the hospital with jack getting into his car he called Renzo, chief of the agency from where he hired Ashton as his bodyguard, actually everyone from his family hired the bodyguards from there, all his cousins, and his other family members including his father too. So Damian was sure that they will suggest the best fighter from their agency.

"Hello Renzo, yeah i am good, Ashton got injured I need another bodyguard for 6 months. And remember I want the best one, he should be here in next two days..."

Damian ordered Renzo and disconnected the call...

He looked outside the window staring at the passing deserted roads thinking about today's incidents, he was eager to find the backstabber and second he was frustrated that now he would need to make the new bodyguard understand all the things and rules of the mafia plus he was not sure if he will be able to protect and fight for him like Ashton did...

Only if he knew that this new bodyguard was going to change his whole life....