Rising Stories

A Wild and Hot Cutie


She knows the other side of him at the engagement ceremony of her cousin. She is threatened by him and even forced to have sex with him... He is Davis, who comes with a deep hatred and vows to destroy everything of Alisa’s family. She is Alisa, the poor orphan girl living in the uncle's house. She hopes the family will be better and better...


My Dear Lawyer


At college, Vivian gave advice about picking up the handsome guy named William for her best friend, but no one knew that she’s also deeply in love with him.After graduation, her best friend broke up with William and went abroad to get married and have a child.A few years later, her best friend announced that she was officially divorced and would return home to pursue her true love--William.By that time, Vivian had been living together with William for four years, but it was not the romantic relationship as everyone thought. They're just body mates.She felt that it was time for her to leave, so she secretly cleaned up all traces of herself and prepared to disappear.But the man pulled her and said to her, "I love you, and whom I want is also you!"


You Are My Destiny


Three years ago, Emma was infatuated with a man and married him at all costs.However, she had never thought that it would become the means he tortured her."You're pregnant? Abort it."She got pregnant twice, but was forced by her husband to have an abortion both times.And when his first love came back, her husband threw a divorce agreement in her face."She's back. It's time for you to get out of here..."




Tara is a writer, she based her life to stories and novels which are always with happy ending. So she she tought her love life would be that way too but no, her fate is wrtten differently she is meant to get hurt to learn and grow stronger.


DEIMOS (Alpha of Alphas)


"Do not run, my female. Face my fire. I promise it won't burn you but bring pleasure of... all kinds." He whispers hoarsely his pink tongue sensually caressing his moist plump lower lip, he is hungry for my flesh for my body. "Please let me go." I plead with him a faint whine leaving my lips. He shakes his head in denial a wicked devil's grin on his face. "If you run, I will take it that you want me to hunt you. If I find you after, I will gobble you up." He speaks with a deep aroused growl his eyes keenly studying my bouncy breasts and my exposed trembling thighs. "Have mercy." I whimper knowing I will be mercilessly eaten by him. "Come here, mate." His tone is innocent as if he promises he wouldn't do anything to me. But I know the beast that hides behind in disguise. Deimos opens his arms wide taking a big step forward to capture me and that is all it takes for me to ignore his sinful warning and run. ~~~ DEIMOS is neither man nor wolf. He is a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart unyielding and emotionless scarred from his battles guarded by high walls. He is ruthless, injecting horror within others and striving off it. Slaughter is his pleasure. He does not understand the true meaning of love or mates, but he is mine. How can I make a male like this call me his? How can I make him want me? Opposites attract they say but is it worth bleeding for your mate? Tell me, is it possible to bring a God to his knees all in the name of love?


The Mesh

10.0K·Originality Theorist

On the day of his best friend's wedding, 21 years old Ian Adams relives the past by meeting good-looking, tattooed, troubled girl of his childhood, Colton's cousin- Victoria Nelson. She instantly gives away the unapproachable vibe. Pulled by his own instincts and never ending intrigue, Ian gets himself tangled in her damaged world, not asking about the consequences.Little did he know, without being aware of it, he has somehow always been involved. It's an endless entanglement of threads; ties of human hearts. THE MESH.

Sad loveCompleted



When Valerie Adams gets to know that she is betrothed to the youngest billionaire in New York, just to save her father's dying company, it is two nights after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She is upset with the news of the betrothal and becomes more pissed when she finally meets him. Ryan Lorenzo is the most arrogant, pompous, and cold-hearted guy she will ever cross paths with. He is less interested in keeping a woman but what he needs is a wife to satisfy his parent's desires for him to be married and considered responsible. Valerie decides to take advantage of the situation, to save her father's company and to make her cheating boyfriend jealous. She suggests a CONTRACT for their marriage and Ryan is making the RULES.


Sold To The Mafia Lord


Being born into the family of Richard Davison, the CEO of Davison Hotels, was no fairy tale life for Carly, as expected. From the moment she was born, she was forced to walk in the shadow of her elder sister, to the extent of pursuing the same course in college and going out on multiple dates, all in an attempt to fit the mold her family had created for her. Carly was seen as the black sheep of the family, the imperfect daughter who deviated from their expectations. But her fate would take an unimaginable turn when, after a failed business deal, her father made a desperate decision. He sold her to Alessandro De Luca, the infamous mafia lord known for his ruthlessness and iron grip on the city's Crime world. Alessandro was notorious for his cold heart and the expectation was that he would treat Carly poorly, as nothing more than a possession. Carly's world shattered as she found herself thrust into a dangerous realm she never asked for. Surrounded by violence, power, and an oppressive atmosphere, she braced herself for a life of misery and despair. However, fate had different plans, and everything took a new turn when Alessandro, a man known for his detachment and indifference, started falling in love with her. As their connection deepened, Carly discovered a side of Alessandro she never knew existed—a man capable of tenderness and passion.


Surrender to the Don's Embrace


Amelie Pearce, born into one of the prominent crime families in Chicago, is a princess of the mafia renowned for her physical attractiveness. However, what many perceive as a blessing becomes her downfall when she is compelled to marry Gio Locatelli, in order to establish peace between two mafia dynasties. Gio is the prospective head of the Locatelli Cartel within the New York Famiglia, a man infamous for his brutal nature and for strangling his cousin with his bare hands. Millie is filled with terror at the prospect of marrying such a monster. Despite being one of the most desirable bachelors in New York due to his good looks, wealth, and charismatic but predatory demeanor, Millie understands that Gio's bad boy persona is more than just an act. Behind Gio's captivating gray eyes and arrogant smile lie bloodshed and death. In her world, an attractive exterior often conceals a hidden monster—one capable of both killing and kissing with equal ease. However, escaping from the arranged union, let alone a man like Gio, is impossible. He would pursue her to the ends of the earth. Millie's only hope of survival in a marriage with Gio is to win his affection and gradually find her way into his heart—despite rumors that suggest Gio possesses no heart at all. A beautiful mafia princess given to a monstrous man. Even monsters harbor a heart. She fully intends to find her place within it.


The King's Reckoning

4.0K·Kairo Cox

When his daughter calls for help, Alexander Dudley, the Commander of the Northwest Army, leads his forces in a furious rampage to the city Lustin. With his mother brutally killed and his friend's family wiped out, his wife and daughter become his sole priority. Just as the strong has its fatal weak point, whoever harms his wife and daughter, is signing their own death warrant!


Daddy the Miracle Medic

2.0K·Harley Shaw

Betrayed by his ex-wife and with his daughter gravely ill, Lachlan Willis is at a loss until he inherits the legacy of the divine dragon. From then on, he transforms into a miracle doctor and shakes up the world!"I cannot fall because behind me are all the people I care about!"


Claimed By Two Rivals

361·Gory Anna

"She is mine!" Nolan growled. "I will do anything just to not see her with anybody else!" Owen barked, turned to me, and grabbed my hand. "You have to choose one now, but remember that your choice comes with consequences. Choose this guy, and I'll do whatever it takes to separate you, even if it means dropping a head." ***************** Enrolling in a new school wasn't really Genevieve's cup of tea. All she wanted was to lay low and complete her high school days, she was a sick werewolf after all. What she didn't expect is to catch the attention of the two most feared boys in the school who just happened to be rivals. Trying her best to ignore them but a string keeps pulling her to them and they both weren't pleased with the idea of sharing especially when she finds out she was mated to both of them. Could this be a mistake made by the moon goddess? What happens when she shows she isn't interested in any of them but then the so-called queen bee of the school just so happens to be friends with both of them and is hell bent on making her life in the school hell? Will she ever give one of them or both of them a chance especially when she finds out her whole life might have been a deceptive illusion?


A Billionaire's All Mighty Wife

4.0K·Alice Eugene

Anastasia never had big dreams in her life; she just wanted to live in the countryside, tend to her fields, and enjoy a peaceful and simple life. However, her grandfather had other plans. He used every means possible to bring her back to the city, where she was to inherit a multi-billion-dollar fortune and marry the son of the wealthiest man in town. And so, Anastasia embarked on a daily routine that would leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. At 16, she graduated from an Ivy League school with top honors, breaking the record for the youngest graduate. But now, her younger sister called her idiot. She led a global elite hacker organization. But now, her younger brother called her tech-illiterate. For a decade, she maintained her position as the top stock investor. But now, her mother calling her a money loser. She served as the investment advisor that five major conglomerates couldn't beg to hire. But now, her father still referred to her as a country bumpkin. She excelled in music, chess, literature, painting, poetry, wine, tea, and flowers... Isaac handed her a pen and said, "Write down anything you don't know how to do." Three hours later, Anastasia excitedly exclaimed, "I have the answer!" Isaac couldn't help but feel triumphant. Finally, there was something she was incapable of. Anastasia looked at him, her expression confident. "I won't ever love you, Isaac." Isaac was at a loss for words...


My Unconventional Marriage Journey

440·Margaret Lamb

After raising her boyfriend for many years, he unexpectedly cheated on her best friend? Paisley, feeling like she had nothing left to lose, directly responded to a marriage proposal and quickly married a stranger. After the flash marriage, the man insisted on taking care of all the household expenses. Paisley coldly laughed, thinking it was just another scheme of male chauvinism, like, "I'll support you, babe." Unexpectedly, this man turned out to be a doting husband maniac. He supported her career publicly, helped with household chores privately, and allowed her to arrange everything in the house as she pleased. Their life was well-balanced, and their days together were sweet and lively. What surprised her even more was that whenever she faced difficulties, her thrifty husband could always step in and solve them directly. Every time she asked, her frugal husband would just laugh it off and praise her for being capable and competent. It wasn't until one day, under her husband's continuous nurturing, that she achieved success and realized that there had always been a man in a global financial magazine who looked exactly like her husband...


The Mafia's Third Wife: Between The Devil's Triangle


Raven, a temperamental, stubborn fighter, provoked an old mafia who lent her father a loan. As a means of payment, the old mafia demanded her to be his third wife. On the day of the wedding, before she could say ‘I do’, a raid happened and she got kidnapped by another Mafia who planned to torment her for the rest of her life not knowing that she was more deadlier with a lot of secrets.


Go Home! I Don't Do Virgins

1.0K·Authoress Naughty

Alice was desperate for money and had no other options. She had been searching for a job for months and when she saw the opportunity of being in a contracted relationship for a large sum of money, she jumped at the chance. Alice had no idea what she was getting into. The CEO of the company, Damon, was a cruel and demanding man. He offered Alice a contract where she would be his "girlfriend" for the next 31 days and he would pay her a large sum of money. Alice signed the contract without hesitation, desperate for the money. On their first night together, when Alice revealed to him that she was a virgin, he immediately rejected her and sent her home. Alice was heartbroken and humiliated, but it didn't end there.


A Tale of Ambition


Dreams have always been a driving force in my life. From the moment I met my best friend Zara, I knew that we were destined for something great. But as I watched her struggle with a difficult equation, I couldn't help but feel a pang of worry. Zara's determination to get into her preferred college was admirable, but I couldn't help but wonder if she was pushing herself too hard. After bidding Zara farewell, I made my way home, where I found my little brother Max glued to the television. Our playful banter quickly turned into a discussion about my passion for music. Max, like our mother, didn't understand my dreams of becoming a superstar. But that didn't deter me. I changed into my house outfit, grabbed my guitar, and headed to the train station. As I strummed my guitar and sang my heart out, a small crowd gathered around me, showering me with compliments. It was in that moment that a woman approached me, praising my angelic voice and suggesting I enroll at the prestigious Delgado Music School. The only obstacle standing in my way was the expensive tuition fees. Returning home, I was met with my mother's disapproval. She had discovered my secret performances at the train station and confiscated my guitar. I pleaded with her, but she remained firm. Feeling defeated, I wondered what would become of my life. I wasn't academically inclined, nor was I particularly talented in sports. Singing was my only solace, and now it seemed hopeless. As I washed the dishes, I heard Nick's music playing in the background. Rushing to the living room, I found Max watching a video of Nick singing. Despite his teasing, I couldn't help but admire Nick's talent and dream of performing on a big stage like him. In that moment, I realized that my dreams were worth fighting for. Even if no one else understood, I knew deep down that I had to pursue my passion for music. The road ahead might be challenging, but I was determined to make my mark and become the superstar I had always envisioned.

Best FriendCompleted

A Baby For The Billionaire


He laughs disdainfully, "Taylor, remember that you forced me into this marriage two years ago and coerced me to leave my home. I'll never let you have peace in your life. Your child means nothing to me! If I didn't need this child, I wouldn't touch you for the rest of my life. Allowing this child to be born is the most I can tolerate!" Alexander Grant strongly dislikes Taylor Parker and sees her mainly as a means to have a child. But what's the cause of this intense aversion? Could it be due to her pressuring him into marriage, or are there deeper reasons at play? Moreover, what's the underlying motive behind his insistence on her having a child?


Maid to the Blind Alpha


WARNING!!! Sexual Content* Abuse* 18+ Gwen is on the run from her abusive mate who has vowed to make her Luna of the Glory Pack. Her only way of escape is in the Night Pack, as a maid, and by Alpha Noah's side who is a blind Alpha. She cannot tell anyone who she is running from and why. It is a secret she has to keep until her mate forgets about her. Hiding by Alpha Noah's side is a world of passion and scandalous desires that she did not bargain for. Although, he is arrogant, scary, and blasphemous. He is also a handsome, scar devil willing to fight for Gwen's freedom.


One night stand: Sweetie, you'll be mine


Experiencing a passionate one-night stand with a handsome stranger named Joel, Primrose happens to know that he is her fiance, also one of the richest billionaires in the world. She tries to run away from him and the bizarre marriage but is gradually approached and held by Joel. "Want to escape from me? Sweetie, don't do this. You're mine." Joel smiled softly, gently taking Primrose's chin and placing a soft kiss. From the moment he first met Primrose, he planned to keep her by his side for the rest of his life. In the end, can they be together forever?