DEIMOS (Alpha of Alphas)


"Do not run, my female. Face my fire. I promise it won't burn you but bring pleasure of... all kinds." He whispers hoarsely his pink tongue sensually caressing his moist plump lower lip, he is hungry for my flesh for my body. "Please let me go." I plead with him a faint whine leaving my lips. He shakes his head in denial a wicked devil's grin on his face. "If you run, I will take it that you want me to hunt you. If I find you after, I will gobble you up." He speaks with a deep aroused growl his eyes keenly studying my bouncy breasts and my exposed trembling thighs. "Have mercy." I whimper knowing I will be mercilessly eaten by him. "Come here, mate." His tone is innocent as if he promises he wouldn't do anything to me. But I know the beast that hides behind in disguise. Deimos opens his arms wide taking a big step forward to capture me and that is all it takes for me to ignore his sinful warning and run. ~~~ DEIMOS is neither man nor wolf. He is a God, the Alpha of Alphas. They say he has no soul for his eyes hold coldness that no heat can melt, his heart unyielding and emotionless scarred from his battles guarded by high walls. He is ruthless, injecting horror within others and striving off it. Slaughter is his pleasure. He does not understand the true meaning of love or mates, but he is mine. How can I make a male like this call me his? How can I make him want me? Opposites attract they say but is it worth bleeding for your mate? Tell me, is it possible to bring a God to his knees all in the name of love?

Female leadCompleted

My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates


“You had a boyfriend?” Stefan nibbled on my ear, driving me crazy. “Hmm” It came out more like a moan when I felt Kevin’s warm breath on the burning skin of my neck, making my whole body shiver with excitement. “Did you sleep with him?” Riven’s hoarse voice came from my side, his hands roaming my body freely, touching the forbidden places. “Noo…” My voice was breathy, full of need. My head fell back on Stefan’s chest. “Don’t worry, we are going to f*ck him out of your system!” Kevin promised in his seductive deep voice. …………… Giselle Swan was forced to join Dark Sapphire pack to stay with her mother, Vera Smith and her new husband, Alpha Riley and his kids, when Vera won the case of her custody. The Dark Sapphire pack is one of the wealthiest packs and Alpha Riley cherishes her. But the problem was her triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven and Stefan. The Famous Triplet Alphas! For some unknown reason, Triplet always despised Giselle but they made sure to make her life a living hell when she entered their territory. What will she do when she will get to know that Triplets are her mates? What will happen when the two of the triplets Kevin and Stefan will try their best to persuade her to be their Luna? Will she accept them? Why is Riven so hard to impress? Will she be able to tame him? Will she reject them all because of one? What will be their reaction when it be revealed to them that there are foxes around them in the disguise of werewolves, who are playing with their lives? WARNING: Extremely Mature Content (18 only)

Sad loveCompleted


45.0K·Kathrine kayz

TRIGGER WARNING!! Sexual content. Slavery. 18+. Abuse & Violence at the beginning. Read at own risk. ~ ALPHA IAN ~ I have a sexy wife who I let everyone f**k, I feel nothing for her, to me she's my means of release and pride. My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us. But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I'm beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack. I want no one to touch her. And what's worse is that I want to spread her legs apart and thrust my c**k into her tight, sweet p***y violently just so I could satisfy my urge and desires.


Kidnapped by the Alpha

170.0K·Lubna Shaikh

He was merciless and ruthless. She was kind and compassionate. He was a werewolf. She was a human. He was an Alpha. She was his mate. Natalie D'costa, a normal girl who lives in the city of Boston in America with her wicked Uncle and Aunt after her parent's death. She is being tortured by them. One day her uncle and aunt decided to sell her to a business tycoon, Henry Machado, who is a womanizer. Natalie escaped from her house and while running she entered the territory of Blue Moon Pack. Theodore Jackson, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, is dangerous. What will happen when Natalie turns out to be the mate of Alpha King, Theodore Jackson? What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the Alpha King? What will happen when Theodore gets to know that Natalie is related to his pack? There will be a lot of mysteries that will be unfolded as the story proceeds.


I Rejected My Alpha as Mate


"Claudia's parents die because of false accusations and Claudia became a slave to the pack. She only hoped that she could leave the pack when she became an adult. So when she found out that her mate was the son of the Alpha of the pack, she chose to reject her Alpha mate. As the future Alpha of the pack, Isaac had been loved by everyone since he was born, with his handsome looks and good qualities of kindness and enthusiasm. When he found out that his mate was a slave of the pack, he was disappointed, but he couldn't help but pay attention to Claudia. Until he was rejected by Claudia, he went completely crazy. Claudia, who rejected her mate, discovered the secret of her birth, and as the daughter of a witch, she had powerful mind-reading ability and became the famous negotiator. Two years later, the Moon Goddess gave her a second chance, but Claudia found that her mate was still Isaacc. What else will happen between them? In the face of Isaac's strong personality change, will Claudia choose to redeem him or reject him again?"


His Rejected Luna


When we are young we are taught that mates are supposed to take care of you, love you, support you, be there for you when you need them and so much more. I thought when I found my mate I thought that he would want me as his. But everything I learned about mates was thrown out the window when I met mine. ----- "Your not fit to my future Luna," he snarled at me. I flinch back against the wall trying not to let the tears fall. "I Terry Moore reject you, Sophia Moretti, as my mate and future Luna," he says each word piercing my heart.


Hiding the Alpha's Heir

8.0K·Mystique Luna

Seraphina Beryl, Luna of the Rising Diamond pack and Marchioness of Blackmont, caught her mate, Alpha of the Rising Diamond pack and Marquis of Blackmont, sleeping with a courtesan. Not only that, she caught that Desmond has been kissed by their Beta's sister. She is not a fool to stay with him anymore. She decides to abscond from their pack and abandons her Luna duties and her marriage with him. However, at that moment, she finds out that she is pregnant with his pup. After five years of being married to Desmond, she finally conceives a pup. How is she going to hide the heir of the Rising Diamond pack from Desmond? Can she be able to escape from Desmond's grasp once he finds and reclaims her and their pup? What will Seraphina do if that happens?


The Alphas' Mate


PREVIEW:''Good Evening Alpha, sorry we didn't know ..'' Dana mumbles and she look so scared. Alpha? so does that mean this handsome creature in front of me is the Alpha? I look like a fool here but I can not take my eyes off its beautiful eyes.''Shh .. stop'' he replied to Dana. So the two of us just kept quiet and held hands but, my eyes remained staring at him''Mate'' this word stopped me especially my breathing. My grip on Dana's Hand tightened even more''I .. I beg your .. your pardon sir?'' I stammered.''Mate.'' he really did repeat it."Harry her name, please.'' the man beside him then scan some papers and I did not expect him to read my name. ''Chloe Shaye G. Scott sir''-ANNA


King Elijah


She's sweet and innocent. He's a dominant male and the Alpha King. Celeste Sampson is a 21 year old college undergraduate who was rejected by her mate, Alpha Andrew of Crestfall Pack. After a visit home for Christmas, she decides to attend the ball held by the King Elijah, the 28 year old ruler of the whole Lycan species. She finds herself thrown into a different world and finds out that there is more to see and know behind the enchanted wall that hides them from the human eyes. Would she be loved? Would she be betrayed? Would she be used? Would she stay when she finds out the King Elijah has too many dark secrets hidden behind the red door? Follow the journey of Celeste and Elijah in this story!

Soul MateCompleted

Their Human Mate

7.0K·Cortney T

Ember Maze is a human girl working for her and her mother's lives in Tallahassee, Florida for her abusive and powerful mafia boyfriend Ryder as a personal chef after she witnessed him kill a man. After a bad argument with Ryder one night, she receives news the next morning her mother is dead, and suspects that Ryder is behind it. Now on the run, she receives a flyer about a personal chef needed in Miami and seeks a job there. Seth Lightwood and Carter Moonstone are Alpha male best friends, who run not only their pack, but the number one five-star restaurant in all of Miami, Florida. One day as they are working, they both smell the most intoxicating scent of their lives and realize not only are they mated to the same woman, but she is also a human who seems to know nothing of the werewolf world. Keep reading to explore the thrilling, lusty, and fast paced journey of Seth, Ember, and Carter as they seek to sort out not only their lives, but the danger that threatens them all as Ryder is not prepared to let her go.


Alpha Games

11.0K·Heather Hildenbrand

I’ve been kidnapped. Until tonight, I’d never met my father and after being tossed in a van and driven across state lines, I regret meeting him now. Turns out, he had another family and now, that family is in danger. They say I have to fight. To face off with a sister I never knew I had and defeat her to become alpha. Or let her defeat me. But letting Regan win would mean my certain death. A fate I might have welcomed—until I meet a mysterious stranger in the woods. He’s strong, supernaturally fast, and full of secrets. He’s also kind in a twisted, cruel sort of way. Owen makes me want to stay and fight. He makes me want to win. The alpha challenge isn’t the only game we’re playing now. "Twilight meets the Hunger Games in this romantic, mysterious, bingeworthy story!"


The Beast Found His Love


Bella Knight, 18 years old, shy and sweet, caring and kind-hearted. Her parents died when she was young. She was brought up in an orphanage till she turned 18. She worked hard to saved up money for a house. Xavier Romano, 24 years old, ruthless man who shows little to no mercy. He is the Alpha of the silver moon pack, the strongest, largest and wittiest pack around the world. His mother and father were the previous Alpha and Luna. He has been searching for his mate for 6 years and failed.


Luna Rising, Book one of the Black Alder Series

5.0K·Cortney T

What's worse! Being an abused slave to a pack who once treated you with respect, or having your mate reject you in the absolute worse way no one could have ever imagined. Elena Davis is a unshifted wolf, but that's never bothered her. Despised by her mother, loved by her father, ignored by her brother, she goes through life happy and hopeful. However that all changes when rogues suddenly attack her family’s house. Her pack assumes she has shifted and killed her father, and it all goes downhill. She spends years after dealing with a***e with the hope that one day she will meet her mate and he will take her away from all the pain Roland Black , Alpha of the Black Alder pack and Alpha King of all territories . He follows no one’s rules but his own. He has already had a mate, whose life ended tragically, and he isn't looking for another one but that all changes when his vision of the beautiful girl with silver hair and jewel blue eyes brings him to the Lunar Eclipse Festival, only for him to meet his moon blessed second chance mate close to death. Can he save her? Destiny has been written in the stars for these two long ago and older enemies are coming out to play. Follow Book 1 of the Black Alder series as you journey through heartbreak, self-realization, and betrayal , with an ending that will definitely leave you hooked for more


My little Omega

7.0K·Elisa Holt

As the omega of her pack, Elisabeth Scott was the lowest of them all. Useless and unwanted. But that was to change when the Alpha came to her small town. It's not easy for the two to be together, but can they resist the challenges the world gives them?

Soul MateCompleted

The Alpha's Chosen Mate

2.0K·Erotic writer

Every year, each Male Werewolf can choose a mate - and the She Wolf they chooses has no say in the matter. So when the innocent, seemingly young, Julian Myra turns eighteen she instantly catches the eye of the most infamous Alpha of all - Alpha Lincoln Addison. Or, as he is better know as; the bad Alpha. The big bad werewolf that all shewolf are dying to please and to get on his bed. Instead of all the capable shewolves in the pack, he chose her as his mate!!! What happens when an unknown enemy lurks around them threatening to disrupt the peace and balance of the pack? Watch as both alpha and his mate try to protect their love and family in this interesting fantasy story.


The Luna's Pretended Love Interest


After my father, I started working as a Beta for the Alpha of my pack. He was not an alpha just because he had Alpha's blood or had the abilities to become Alpha. He was an Alpha because he was mated to the Alpha's daughter, Mrs. Stacey Adams Brown. She had all the qualities of becoming an Alpha and leading the pack. She was sweet, kind and a great leader. But she let her mate rule the pack. She was everything that anyone wanted in his mate but everything changed two months back when her mate... The love of her life left her for another woman who could bear his child as the Luna was barren. She went from the woman that believed in mate bond to someone who used to make fun of it. She went from happy to rude, sweet to bitter, loving to heartless. She was no longer the Luna that she was before. But never did I think that she would ask me to pretend as her love interest to take revenge on her ex-mate.

Female leadCompleted

Where Loyalties Lie (Book one)

9.0K·Lee C

Adele has no idea just what her fate will be when her father gives her away to King Ky. She isn't even a deal for marriage. Just a gift for the King in the Mountains does what he wants so that her father can have a truce. That and get rid of a daughter who is below the standard of what he believes she should be. Giving her away will show the rest of her siblings how serious her tyrant of a father is. Adele simply resigns herself to the fact she will more than likely be used at the whims of other men. Especially King Ky, his people are known for their fierceness and the land he controls is wild. It's rumored that they aren't even human. Though no proof, but what does it matter? Inhuman or not, they aren't the only ones in the land with abilities. Not the only ones who aren't human. It doesn't take her long to realize that this King is different, and fierce in protecting his people. A people who might just accept Adele as she is. Still she was given to him as a gift, and what the King says is what Adele must abide by. After all how do you tell a king no if they set their sights on you? ______A Wolf's Kiss______ "You might not want to know what others taste like," His grip in her hair got rather tight and pulled her head back. "But I want to know your taste." She gave a slight gasp at how he gripped her hair and he covered her mouth with his.


A Mate For The Lycan


"I can't be with you. You have to let me go." "It's a little too late for that, honey, you're mine." Storm Princeton has always been the odd man out. She was the only one in her pack who didn't have a wolf then she became the only one who didn't have a mate, the rejection and reproach from her pack caused her to run away and live in the human world. Storm was now living in the human world in peace until, tall, dark, and handsome Noah Salem blazed into her small quiet life and turned it upside down. Storm went from being mateless to being fully mated in hours, but Noah isn't all that he seems, she never expected him to be a Lycan, not only is he a Lycan, he is an Alpha, she didn't even believe lycans existed and now she was mated to one. She wants out of their mate bond but Noah was refusing to let her go. She is forced to move in with him and meet his people and become their Luna. Storm will do everything she can to be free but will it be worth losing the love that was destined for her?

Soul MateCompleted

I Am Not Your Victim

3.0K·Ms. Sophia

*** THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE *** Harmony Moon Series Book: 1 “Harper, you look beautiful as ever. The look of captivity suits you.” His voice is low and seductive. He made me sick. “What do you want with me, Alpha Thane?” I spat the words out. His menacing smile curled over his white teeth. It is a terrible thing, how such a handsome man can be the devil reincarnated. “It is no secret; I want you as my mate.” “WHY ME… WHY DID YOU PICK ME?” I raised my voice and yelled at him. Tears swelled in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall in front of him. “Why couldn’t you pick someone as cruel as you?” Alpha Thane stepped to the side instructing one of the guards to unlock my cell door. More clinking sounds echoed off the walls as the cell door slid open. Alpha Thane walked in, stopping in front of me. I could feel his breath on my forehead. My body wanted to move away from him, but I forced myself to stand as tall and as confident as I possibly could. He was much taller than me. I am only 5’3 in height. I looked up at him. Our eyes locked. A low growl rumbled deep in his chest as he brought his mouth closer to my ear. His breath hot on my neck, caused my body to shiver. With a soft seductive voice, he answered my question “I want you because you're good.” *SYNOPSIS* Harper Rae is a teenage prodigy when it comes to warrior training. With the help of her parents, Harper excelled to the top of her class and was about to graduate warrior training and become the youngest paid warrior of her pack. All was perfect in Harper’s life until their pack alpha unexpectedly passed away and was replaced by Thane Kago, an evil, vile and power-hungry alpha. He wants nothing but to rid his pack of weak members, and those who refused to do unimaginable things to help Thane with his unknown agenda. Thane Kago had developed an unhealthy obsession with Harper due to a folklore that followed her throughout her entire childhood. Thane chose Harper as his chosen mate, but Harper refused to submit to him. Thane became enraged by Harper’s refusal and proceeded to torture Harper into submission, this included taking everything she had away from her. A devastated but headstrong Harper is forced to run from her childhood home. She must do so before her 18th birthday, when Thane promised to mate and mark her in order to benefit from the folklore that may or may not come true. Harper stumbles upon the territory of a generous pack that welcomes her with open arms. There, she catches the eye of alpha Gabriel who can’t get her out of his head. She gains new friends and a fresh start, but Thane won’t let her go that easy. Harper finds that she is no longer alone, but will it be enough to overcome the struggles that awaits her in the near future? Follow Harper’s journey as folklores become reality, powers are awakened, and a new race is born.


Broken Chains

2.0K·Cortney T

Kayla Is a human on the run with a pack member from an abusive alpha she was unwillingly promised to until. On the new territory, she comes across Ethan and Aiden, Alpha Twin Lycan Vampire Celestials of The Black Alder Pack, who both just so happens to be her fated mates. They accept her fully, but Kayla's past holds dark secrets and danger lurks around her. Can they save her, or will she be made to go back and accept her fate? Join the Black Alder Packhouse on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest with my books