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Regretted Rejection : Wrath of the Moon


As a werewolf, loving your mate and being loved by them is a given. So what happens when your mate hates you?Maya - a carefree, loving and beautiful daughter of the Alpha. Xander- a young, dashing and powerful wolf. This is their story..

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The Faye Queen (Book 2)

7.0K·Blair Cahill

Book Two of The Royals Series. "You want to hurt me. You always hurt me. Always." she said. My body vibrated with anger. It's true. I hurt her. That's all I do. That's what I'm good at. "You must be a sick masochist then. Since you always come back begging for more." I pushed myself off the wall and walked out. **** Adrik is still alive and eating at Nikolai's conscience. Will Nikolai be able to kill him or will he lose? Ava's wolf is getting weaker. What does that imply? Will Avalyn and Nikolai still be as strong as ever or will their will to do the right thing and thirst to get revenge get in the way? Will a third or fourth person get added to the mix? Is their love strong enough to withstand anything thrown their way? Nikolai said in the beginning that he wasn't sure if Avalyn was his mate, is she really? What does it mean that Nikolai needs to grow into himself? Are they meant to be together? Will they get a happy ending? *The sequel is full of action, drama, revelations, betrayal, heartbreak and of course, romance. It's going to be a rollercoaster. Let's read to find out!


The Alpha's Dark Revenge

23.0K·Joy Apens

As she opened her mouth to let out a scream, I grabbed her roughly, clapping a hand tightly over her mouth. Not too long after we got to the car, I shifted into my human form, nude. Then I blind folded her with a small piece of cloth, her struggling body making contact with me down below. Instant arousal surged through me, hardening my cock... **** 8 years ago, Nikolai Slade, the alpha of the Selene Pack was a kind and loyal ruler, his gentle Luna by his side until disaster struck. He watched in defeat as an enemy pack raped and killed his wife and unborn child. With grief stricken and rage burned, he hungers for blood, he won’t rest until he seeks his revenge. **** Liyah Verbeck, the outcast, born without a wolf, sweet, innocent and virginal, is shunned and maltreated by her pack. When she is kidnapped by a gorgeous man with silent, cold eyes of silver, she believes that her worries are over, but unknown to her, they were only just beginning. A dark tale of two shattered souls, bound together by vengeance, reunited in love.


Kidnapped by the Vampire prince


Vincent is a vampire prince that feeds on Human. He is hard hearted and unfriendly usually getting into trouble. Emily is a girl who is scared of vampires even when she know vampires don't exist, but one day something happened... She saw a vampire. What happens when their paths cross and they became tangled by secrets that could threaten the existence of the vampires. Buckle up and join me in this ride as they fight to overcome obstacles that would threaten their relationship and the stability between humans and vampires.

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Bullied By My Alpha Stepbrother

57.0K·Joy Apens

"I'm about to cum in your smart little mouth and you're going to swallow all of it. Do you understand?" He didn't let me answer, holding my head in place as his cum filled my mouth. He waited until I had swallowed every drop before he released me and I fell to the bed, sobbing. Zipping himself up, he stalked to the door, then paused and turned to smirk at me. "Don't even bother to tell anyone about this. Or you and your mother will suffer. And get ready, because this is just the beginning." *** Jasmine Scott is an omega, a nobody. Born in the slums and living with her struggling, single mom, she is an outcast at her school. Until her mom gets married to the alpha. Relieved that her status has been elevated, Jasmine is glad to be part of the alpha’s family except that Hardin Scott, the alpha’s gorgeous son is out to torment her. Hardin hates Jasmine. She might be his step-sister but she is no blood of his. He knows she is a gold-digger out to get his father’s money and for that she must be punished. But what happens when he starts lusting after his step-sister? Hardin craves for a taste of his step-sister's body and he won’t stop until his sensual mark is branded on her skin.


The Lycan King's Breeder

59.0K·Joy Apens

"On the bed!" He commanded gruffly, leaving no room for questions. Everything was quiet and I heard my heart pounding. It was difficult to even breathe. He suddenly moved, reaching for me. I felt his fingers brush over my shoulder, the silky robe slowly slipping off of me. My heart filled with dread as I thought about how I looked in his eyes right now. My body trembled, my eyes shut and it felt like my face was on fire. "Please..." I begged in a broken and shaky voice. “I don’t want to be your breeder.” *** Talon the Black is as his name suggests. Dominant. Heartless. Ruthless. King of the Lycans, Talon is madly in love with his mate, Willow, but things start to fall apart when she cannot bear him a child. Driven to desperation, Willow begs him to breed a filthy human and while Talon is reluctant to, he does as his beloved wants. Abused and maltreated by her parents, Avalyn has been sold by her father to the Lycans. Her life is even made worse when she realizes that she is to be the Lycan King’s breeder. She is to sleep with him and carry his child even though he is already married. It is a cold business exchange, her curvy body in exchange for an heir, nothing more. But what happens once this ruthless King starts to fall in love with her? Can they hide their forbidden love from Willow or would there be hell to pay once she finds out?


Claiming His Resisting Mate

42.0K·Raina Lori

Reese was all set to live her life as a rogue after the tragic past. Homeless, mateless and rejected, she has no hope for her future with a happy term until one said she saved her mate in the woods. It was out of her plan yet she found herself trapped in it. The help she offered has become her biggest mistake, a mistake that she couldn't get away. John has rejected her once, but seeing her again after believing the harsh truth of her death, he couldn't settle himself to let her go again. Living a hellish life without his mate for years, now that he was given a second chance he would do anything to keep her with him. Even if it means forcing her to accept, bounding her in his pack. This time no matter how much she resists he would claim her as his. "I won't leave, I promise" I cried out. "You promised?" He squeezed my already swollen ass. I hissed as I gritted my teeth to endure the pain. "Yes" I nodded hurriedly. "Then swore with Moon Goddess" he uttered, making my eyes wide. What the hell.



105.0K·Keyes M.

“…Reign Callan, I, Alpha Hardin Alonso, reject you as my mate and future Luna. You are free to go out there and find love and protection in another man’s arms for you will never find it in mine...” Reign's world came crashing down on her when her mate threw those words at her. She had been waiting for the day she would meet her mate, but the day came and it turned out to be in total chaos. As if that was not enough, she was accused of murdering her sister the following day. Her mate took pleasure in having her tortured. Will the truth about her sister's death be revealed? Will Alpha Hardin learn to love and accept Reign as his true mate?


Chosen One: Mate Or Girlfriend


Lilliana thought she was just another ordinary high school student with high aspiration to go to college. But all changes on her 17th years birthday when she learnt that the birthmark on her arm is actually the symbol of her birthmark to become the Luna to the Alpha of one of the most powerful werewolf pack on East coast. However, Xander is now the new alpha and instead of being eager to claim his Luna, he scoffs at the 17 years old stick of a girl, claiming she holds no attraction for him. Claiming he would much rather stay with his girlfriend, Sandra promising to eventually make her Luna of his pack . Let find out the story of Lilliana and Xander as they grow together in a journey to protect their pack, will they find love in eachothers arm or ignore their strong mate pull and cast her away as always intended and make Sandra his new found girlfriend his mate.


The Dominant Alpha (Series)

24.0K·Kathrine kayz

~ AMELIA ~ Just because my father was unknown and my mother died while giving birth to me, I saw the hardship of life. Because I was an Omega, I was the trash that everyone despised. I was unwanted, Unloved, and hated by all. But then I dared to dream: find my mate. When our pack was ambushed I felt no remorse. I wanted all those that tortured me for years to all burn and die. Even when I was forced to the ground by that delta and his men, all I could think about was how to escape in search of my mate. Meeting him right at that moment was a shock and relief to me and my wolf. We had no idea that he could be an alpha, a rank that was above all Werewolf ranks. Stronger than all. Dominant and a leader born to rule. But I never thought he would treat me like a slave to his desires. I hated him. I hated the bastard who was my so-called mate. ~ IAN ~ My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us. But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I'm beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack. I want no one to touch her. This is a collection of Kathrine kayz's series stories.


Mated To The Twin Alpha Heirs


Humiliated for almost all her life and then thrown out of the pack she had grown to call home, she didn't expect that fate could ever smile at her. Once a taunted girl, now an Alpha's stepdaughter. What more does fate have in stall for her? "Hey mate! Wanna play?"


Owned by the Alpha Kings

60.0K·S. Oyogho dancing pen

Marked By The Demon Triplet Alpha Kings "On the table!" he ordered, leaving me fear-stricken as I scurried and positioned myself the way he had instructed earlier. Who was I to disobey the most callous Alpha King? "You are mine now, doll." he bellowed calmly, yet dangerously, emphasizing on every word. His voice sounded like the voices of many mighty men...authoritative, mysterious, a thunder ready to strike. My eyes travelled up to the Moon that hung up in the sky, communicating to it as if telling it to send me a saviour. "There is no one coming to save you, Aurora. You are now my property. Your body, soul and spirit belongs to me. I am your master and your King. The sooner you accept your fate, the better.” *** Aurora was supposed to be the Alpha's beloved daughter, but fate played a trick on her, making her serve as the pack's slave instead. Someone stole her life. Years went by, the truth got exposed, but when she was about to live her best life and assume her role in the pack, trouble rears its ugly head. Her pack was under attack. Faced with two difficult choices, she would either offer herself as a peace offering to the most cruel Alpha King in exchange for protection for her loved ones, or watch everything she holds dear crumble before her eyes. Desperate to save her loved ones, she offered herself to the king without thinking of the consequences. But the castle of the Alpha King is filled with shocking secrets. What if plans change and she finds not one, not two, but three Alpha Kings ready to claim her? Would she agree to become their breeder? How long would she be able to resist their charms?


I Am The Lycan's Luna

11.0K·Little Angelic Devil

"Listen to me! As much as I don't want to touch you and vice-versa, I'm the only one who can help in ending your suffering RIGHT now!" he said as one of his hands slipped into my shirt, and I moaned as he cupped one of my breasts. I had the most perfect life of a she-wolf. My dad, the Alpha of the Black Heart Pack doted on me so much despite me being wolfless. I was loved and respected in the pack under his protection. But everything changed on my 18th birthday. I was accused of being a traitor and banished from the pack. Left with nothing, I was nearly raped and killed until the Alpha and Beta of the Crimson Blood Pack saved me. There was always something about Beta Kyson that drew me to him. It turned out he was my mate! But he was no Beta, and I wasn't weak. And unfortunately... the truth hurt more than the lies. Cover art by @rainygraphic


The Moons Destiny


Growing up we were always told you will find your goddess given mate. However there has been a change in our pack. My father is one of the weaker wolves he has dreamed his whole life about his daughter marrying mating and bearing a stronger offspring ultimately making the lineage stronger. I have always dreamed of finding my goddess given mate. However, at 14 years old my father arranged a relationship in exchange for money with the beta. We have been going strong for 4 years tonight is the full moon ball and this is where inmates females and males find their mate. I love my boyfriend and even though the relationship was arranged I wonder what will happen is I find my mate if worse if my boyfriend finds his. Would that change the arrangement? Could we fight the mate bond? Should we find it.if we find it and can’t fight it what if my mate is not as strong ? I will my father let me marry him ? Would I want to? How will this one night change my life?


Claimed By The Ruthless Alpha

2.0K·Penny ji

Alpha Aiden had been wanting a mate for a long time but when he found her, she wasn't who he expected. She was far below his status for him to be with her and that fueled his anger and hatred. Camille, a descendant of warriors but now a slave wanted nothing more than to be free but there was only one obstacle: her destined mate.


Substitute Bride To The Alpha

0·Gee Bryan

Clara is forced into marriage with the alpha of a feared pack by her selfish father, she resents her husband despite his attempts of kindness. But after learning of his traumatic past from his nanny, she begins to understand him, and eventually falls in love with him. Clara discovers she's in love with Roberto, but just as they start to live like a loving couple, Liliana appears with evil intentions. Clara runs away and meets Damien, who takes care of her, making her doubt Roberto's status as her true mate. But when Roberto rescues her from Damien's assault, Clara returns to him seeking reconciliation. Despite Roberto's forgiveness, their troubles escalate with the escape from his dangerous father. Clara was kidnapped by her sister, until Roberto's timely rescue. They confront and defeat their enemies, which lead to Clara sister's imprisoned, and Roberto's father is beheaded. Clara and Roberto rejoice in impending parenthood, though a sense of impending trouble lingers.


Fangs and Secrets

7·Sharon Cole

Why has Astrid always felt different? Raised by her mother, Kira, and taking daily pills for her "health," Astrid's world unravels when she heals a stranger named Kellan, revealing her hidden werewolf abilities. Who is she really? Discovering she is the daughter of the powerful werewolf leader Dante, Astrid falls for Xavier, a forbidden romance among werewolves. Why must their love be kept secret? Astrid's journey uncovers shocking truths: Kellan is her half-brother, and Xavier is under Dante's mind control. Can she save him? When Dante, unaware she is his daughter, falls in love with her, can Astrid use this to her advantage? In a dramatic confrontation, Astrid saves Xavier, breaking Dante's control. Will revealing her true identity be enough to defeat Dante? As they fight for a future where their love can thrive, can Astrid and Xavier challenge the old norms of their society?


The Rogue Alpha's Claim


He is a demon! He is ruthless! He is bloodthirsty! He sold his heart to the devil! These were the words you would hear when you asked who the rogue alpha was. Kane Miller was the formidable rogue alpha who had built his empire on the blood of his enemies. His pack was made of only the strongest of warriors, as he believed the weak shouldn’t survive, and all he aimed to do was conquer and destroy. He wasn’t a small name in the human world either, as he was one of the feared mafia that deals in the sales and distribution of ammunition. He had gotten a contract to raid one of the packs, killing and burning everything to the ground until he heard the cries of his mate. Kane was distraught to learn of his mate and couldn’t come to terms with it, so he decided that sending her out of the country was the best decision. Seven years have passed, and Ariel was set to return to the place she had known as home, but that was only the beginning of her problem. She has lived all her life believing she was a human, but hell seemed to let loose when she found out the truth and that everything she had known about herself was a lie. Ariel’s return is marked by lies and untold pain that threaten to tear them apart. How much can she endure for love, or will she be able to love her father’s killer?



0·dana marie bell

A seduction-gone-wrong leaves vampire Parker Hollis with a new vegetarian lifestyle and on the run from a vengeful witch. Moving to small-town Maggie's Grove, Parker meets a redheaded dryad with green, leafy blood that draws him in a way he hasn't experienced in decades. His new neighbor smells divine, and it isn't long before craving gives in to need. In a unique community of supernaturals, tree-loving outcast Amara Schwedler has never quite fit in. She's scarred by a traumatic incident and feared by the local townsfolk. She's convinced Parker will look elsewhere for a mate once he discovers she's not one of the O-positive set, and can't believe it when Parker finds her irresistible. When the witch who's been plaguing Parker's life discovers the newfound attraction between Parker and Amara, she takes out her anger on the town. Can the supernaturals of Maggie's Grove accept Amara and band together in time to withstand the assaults of the enraged witch?


The Omega Mate He Despised


"Tell me, how much do you want me?" "I... I don't know, Prince Gradel." I couldn't think straight, my body ached and my soul sang with an overwhelming need for one thing. His touch. ***** Iris Damine had the whole universe conspiring against her. From being a wolfless omega, to being framed for theft and eventually being sentenced for taking the Prince's heirloom, she had sins stacked against her like a pack of cards. Gradel, prodigal prince of Grey Rock pack and son of Alpha Cronus, has zero interests in anything that concerns the pack. But with his father's health declining and the pack on the verge of collapse, he's charged with new responsibilities. And only the wolfless omega he despises can help him. What happens when their forced union threatens to unravel the other feelings they struggle to hide? Would the moon goddess step in and save them from themselves or would the end of this forbidden romance be filled with heartache and sadness?