Hot Werewolf

Her Dark Lycan


"Fuck you, fuck this, I'm rejecting you," she hissed through clenched teeth.Her hands clenching to fists by her side, her chocolate brown eyes flashing with anger.His eyes darkened upon her outburst, the ocean blue of his left eye turning black, while simultaneously the green of his right eye that had gold specks surrounding the pupil started to dim, the darkness taking over, both orbs turning black.His lycan was trying to push through, her announcement of rejecting him didn't sit well with his lycan, who was trying to take control and mark her, to make her his. Forever."I Venus Harrison, reject you Dante En-" her statement got cut off by a pair of warm and firm lips over hers.Sparks flew upon their touch, as he moved his lips against hers, growling when she wouldn't open her mouth for him, he squeezed her derrière in his rough hands and forcefully pushed his tongue into her mouth for it to clash with hers.--------------------------------------------------------------Venus Harrison was on the run, trying to find a pack to settle into after her old pack Blood Moon was destroyed by Dark Crescent pack. She only wanted to live as a normal werewolf, and escape her abusive past.Dante Enzo Salvatore, the only lycan left and the Alpha of the biggest and fiercest pack ever known. Cold and ruthless, Dante had no intentions of ever finding his mate, he didn't want one.But the plans of both change when Venus stumbles into Dantes pack, only to find they both were mates.Despite the shadows lurking in the corners, will they learn to accept and love each other?Or will they go up in flames?


Say You're Mine

6.0K·Aliyah Burke

One’s weakness is another’s strength. Casimir Lars is the Alpha of the Tatra Pack. He fought hard to become the leader he is today. He refuses to show weakness or allow others to take advantage of him. He’s dedicated to his pack, strong and fearless, yet his life is thrown into upheaval when he has to track down a very specific woman, his wife. Dyana Vance is a headstrong professional archer, not the type to trust blindly when a stranger shows up claiming to be her husband. There’s no denying the explosive chemistry she has with Casimir, but she isn’t pack and refuses to be bound by their laws. Casimir is torn between his growing feelings toward her and what he believes is his duty to mate with a pack female. Dyana learns to deal with loss and discovery of something new. Death, plots, and undeniable passion all fly around this couple. When Casimir accepts what is to be, will he be too late, or will his pride have pushed her away forever? Will she ever look at him and say you’re mine? ​*Dedication to those who never dismissed my desire, my need, to pick up a pencil and write. Thank you. I love you.


Be My Mate


It started with Percy then Max and now, Xander. If that was not enough, I have a true mate in a world that is new to me. A world where I am celebrated and respected.I went from being an ordinary girl from a beta family to the moon goddess and boy has my new life introduced drama!?Will I truly end Cayden and his reign or will I let him live out his days in my prison? Will Josey love her mates again completely or will she secretly hold a torch for Cayden?The fight to stay one happy family may prove to be harder than I thought.. ........................ PS: You need to read Not Your Mate Anymore to understand this book.


The King's Mate

2.0K·Lady Xquisite

Tamara Davis was contentedly living her life with her loving parents. Not until that forlorn and tragic night, they were attacked by strangers inside their house. She didn’t know who to trust and who was running after her. Unfortunately, while escaping, she witnessed the horrible death of someone caused by werewolves! She couldn’t believe that it actually exists! She was caught and jailed in the dungeon. The day Tamara was about to face her lethal and miserable ending, she shifted into a wolf! She’s not a mere human being but a wolf! Tamara was determined to know the truth about herself and seek justice for her parents’ deaths – and she’s gonna do it by hook or by crook. But why would something jolt inside her whenever she saw the ruthless and cruel Alpha of All Wolf Borne – King Hades Pierce? Is it about fear or something else?


The Alpha's Dark Revenge

15.0K·Joy Apens

As she opened her mouth to let out a scream, I grabbed her roughly, clapping a hand tightly over her mouth. Not too long after we got to the car, I shifted into my human form, nude. Then I blind folded her with a small piece of cloth, her struggling body making contact with me down below. Instant arousal surged through me, hardening my cock... **** 8 years ago, Nikolai Slade, the alpha of the Selene Pack was a kind and loyal ruler, his gentle Luna by his side until disaster struck. He watched in defeat as an enemy pack raped and killed his wife and unborn child. With grief stricken and rage burned, he hungers for blood, he won’t rest until he seeks his revenge. **** Liyah Verbeck, the outcast, born without a wolf, sweet, innocent and virginal, is shunned and maltreated by her pack. When she is kidnapped by a gorgeous man with silent, cold eyes of silver, she believes that her worries are over, but unknown to her, they were only just beginning. A dark tale of two shattered souls, bound together by vengeance, reunited in love.


Alpha’s Predestined Bride

12.0K·Alpha Predator

Carl Damien, a powerful and fierce- looking alpha of Moon Stone Pack. Everyone in the pack depended on him, they make demands of him, expecting him to take care of them. Every decision he makes is either good or when it is the other way round, he has to deal with the consequences on his own. Meagan Swift, a human, a medical doctor who is dedicated to her job and has no time for anything else. Having a relationship is at the bottom of her list - after getting cheated on by her first love and boyfriend. And she has made it a mission to stay away from men. On a phone call, Meagan got the news that her best friend is getting married and she has to carry out the chief’s bridesmaids function after several protest. Alas! The wedding takes an abrupt turn in Meagan’s life. She meets a stranger who makes her panties wet with just few words - little did she know that he is more than a man. He is something more. Something beyond her imagination. He’s the alpha, not just that, he wants her. He wants her to be his mate and he is not taking no for an answer. Her normal life as a human. Her job. Her mapped out plans for future. Everything is at risk because the dangerous looking alpha always gets what he wants.


The Vampire King's Captive

3.0K·Anya Ivy

His expression darkened when his eyes fell to her lips. ”What are you doing to me?” “What do you mean?” She whispered, her eyes trained on his firm lips. She willed him to kiss her. Just when she thought he was going to close the remaining distance between them and kiss her, he shoved her away so hard, she stumbled for a bit before righting herself. "Get dressed." ------ When Bran comes back from war only to find out that his parents have been killed and his sister, captured by a powerful sorceress, he captures her, bringing her back to his castle and locks her up, torturing her. But as time passes, the seductive sorceress refuses to break and Bran begins to realise that his feelings for her aren't as malicious as they used to be. With every heated look that passes between them, every stolen kiss and every accidental touch, Bran's resolve begins to crumble. When he captured the sorceress, the plan was to torture her until she gave him his sister's location, but, Bran isn't so sure what the plan is anymore. They are supposed to be enemies. She is his captive, and he is her captor. They shouldn't want each other. But they do--with a passion that burns hotter than their hatred for each other.


9 Mates!Possess Their Mute Slave

32.0K·Angela la

Elizabeth is a wolfless mute slave. After her mother was brutally killed to protect her from rape, her father was murdered by the Alpha of the black river pack. Elizabeth endured endless bullying in the black river pack for revenge. She vowed to kill the Alpha's families and leave with her beloved boyfriend when she turned 18. However, fate played a joke on her. Elizabeth discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her long ago, and her fated mates were Alpha's twin sons! She declared to reject them as her mates, but the moon goddess had more incredible arrangements waiting for her. One day she will find out that her mates are not only twins, but also the Alpha of Giant Wolf who is 16 feet tall, the prince of Winged Wolf who lives in a cloud castle, the Beta of Fire Wolf who is covered with Untouchable heat, and even the vampire king who is the enemy of all werewolves and the Merman who lives under the deep sea... Why does she have 9 mates? What should she do when all her mates are jealous and desperate to possess her? *** I was kneeling on all fours inside the cage, with a heavy chain tied around my neck. Countless werewolves wearing masks sat in the circular stands, pointing at me, the cheapest auction item. "Look at her huge belly. She's pregnant. Non-virgins aren't worth much!" "Minimum 50 gold coins. If she has a baby girl, you will have two sex slaves then. " I couldn't believe that I, Elizabeth, the most cherished daughter of Blue moon pack's Alpha, would be reduced to being auctioned off as the lowest-priced sex slave in an underground trading market. "10 million gold coins, we want her!" 9 handsome men claimed.


The Alpha's Forbidden Love


Lucy Garcia, a rogue from childhood, has been haunted by the pack she hates the most, the hallowed manes. Finding out her mate was no other than the alpha of the hallowed manes made her furious. She wanted nothing to do with anyone from the pack, but she was bound to her mate, and she couldn’t deny the love she had for Chris. Chris Parker had just been coronated as the alpha of his pack and his first assignment is to hunt down all rogue wolves in the woods. The rogues had killed one of their Omegas during an invasion. No wolf of their pack was allowed to associate with any rogue as it was seen as a taboo. Love is the greatest power in existence. Its presence can be deeply felt wherever it resides. Will Chris abandon the rule of the pack just to be with the one he loves? Will Lucy accept Chris as her mate despite the hatred she has for the pack?


My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates


“You had a boyfriend?” Stefan nibbled on my ear, driving me crazy. “Hmm” It came out more like a moan when I felt Kevin’s warm breath on the burning skin of my neck, making my whole body shiver with excitement. “Did you sleep with him?” Riven’s hoarse voice came from my side, his hands roaming my body freely, touching the forbidden places. “Noo…” My voice was breathy, full of need. My head fell back on Stefan’s chest. “Don’t worry, we are going to f*ck him out of your system!” Kevin promised in his seductive deep voice. …………… Giselle Swan was forced to join Dark Sapphire pack to stay with her mother, Vera Smith and her new husband, Alpha Riley and his kids, when Vera won the case of her custody. The Dark Sapphire pack is one of the wealthiest packs and Alpha Riley cherishes her. But the problem was her triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven and Stefan. The Famous Triplet Alphas! For some unknown reason, Triplet always despised Giselle but they made sure to make her life a living hell when she entered their territory. What will she do when she will get to know that Triplets are her mates? What will happen when the two of the triplets Kevin and Stefan will try their best to persuade her to be their Luna? Will she accept them? Why is Riven so hard to impress? Will she be able to tame him? Will she reject them all because of one? What will be their reaction when it be revealed to them that there are foxes around them in the disguise of werewolves, who are playing with their lives? WARNING: Extremely Mature Content (18 only)


Vampire Sex Diary


This series is filled with how blood sucking creatures (vampires) fancy having sex, relationship or connection with humans or other alike creatures.


Werewolf Adventures


This is a book filled with werewolves adventures.


Claiming His Resisting Mate

22.0K·Raina Lori

Reese was all set to live her life as a rogue after the tragic past. Homeless, mateless and rejected, she has no hope for her future with a happy term until one said she saved her mate in the woods. It was out of her plan yet she found herself trapped in it. The help she offered has become her biggest mistake, a mistake that she couldn't get away. John has rejected her once, but seeing her again after believing the harsh truth of her death, he couldn't settle himself to let her go again. Living a hellish life without his mate for years, now that he was given a second chance he would do anything to keep her with him. Even if it means forcing her to accept, bounding her in his pack. This time no matter how much she resists he would claim her as his. "I won't leave, I promise" I cried out. "You promised?" He squeezed my already swollen ass. I hissed as I gritted my teeth to endure the pain. "Yes" I nodded hurriedly. "Then swore with Moon Goddess" he uttered, making my eyes wide. What the hell.


Farewell, My First Mate


My whole life has been overshadowed by a yearning for the profound love my father had for my mother, a love that I could only dream of experiencing. When my mother passed away, my father became a pillar of support, despite being only a beta. He loved me unconditionally and saw my mother in me. At 13, I embarked on the tumultuous journey of discovering my inner wolf, I was thrust into an abyss of longing when I encountered my destined mate, who promised to wait patiently until I was ready to mate. But the alpha of our pack, who was also his father, ruined my dreams by forcing my mate to wed someone else. With a heavy heart, I made the solemn decision to depart before the wretched union consummated, vowing never to return to the place that birthed my heartache. The crushing weight of pain became unbearable, a ceaseless reminder of the love that was forever out of reach, the love that should have been mine and mine alone.


Alpha's Hidden Son

382·Celeste Ravren

One drunken night and Kayla’s life turned upside down–she had sex with the man she adores a lot, the perfect C.E.O of the company she dreamed of joining, Brandon Moore! But one thing that made it more complicated is when she got pregnant and she had to give up her dream job at Moore Food Corporation when she found out that the man she had sex has a girlfriend. Five years and she didn't have a plan to tell this secret to Brandon but then her son insists on meeting him. Her plan was to seduce and make Brandon fall in love with her but as soon as their love started, she discovered something that she couldn't believe was true—behind Brandon’s perfection lies his secret identity that she had to endure if she wanted to stay with him. Is she going to stay if she finds out he’s an Alpha who’s running an underground business?


When The Alpha Falls He Falls Hard

456·Bisola Layo

After her father died, her mother who never loved her sold her for a few thousand dollars to the alpha king. Heather who had never known love since her father's death was looking forward to the end of her life in the hands of the wicked alpha, until she feels the mate pull and realizes that the alpha king she had dreaded all her life is her mate. She wanted to marry for love, but the alpha king didn't know how to do that. He only chose her to satisfy his grandmother without even knowing that they were mates. But things don't get smoother as the palace becomes hell for her and she must learn to fight until she eventually gives up and runs away. This is when Alpha Warren realizes that he has been in love all along, ever since he set his eyes on her. And now, he must fight for her while he searches the world to find her and prove his love to her.


The missing billionaire Luna Queen is with us

0·Lady Phie

Everyone thought she was missing, but what they didn't know,was that she was still alive, but in another planet. A moon goddess incarcerated as a Luna Queen. A lycan king mated to a Luna Queen, surely their union is blessed.


Alpha King's Rejected Mate


Reaching out, he runs his finger along my collarbone, my body tensing at his touch. “Killian, what are you doing?” "It’s obvious you’re forgetting who you belong to. Who you’ve always belonged to.” His eyes are blazing, the tone of his voice dominant yet calm. That kind of calm terrifies me Because I know it only means one thing—I have no chance of escaping. He pushes my hair behind my shoulder, and leaning forward, he grazes his lips against my neck, inhaling my skin. The walls start to cave, the touch of his lips on my skin breaking them down piece by piece. “Its high time I reminded you", he murmurs. His kisses become ravenous. \ *********** After being rejected by her mate the alpha of her pack, losing her baby and almost getting killed all on the same day, Lena vows never to return to the Quarry pack and to make herself stronger. Four years later, Lena is a lawyer and runs a law firm with her best friend Kate and she's engaged to Jeremy the alpha of Crescent moon pack that saved her life. But her happiness ends when she runs into Killian the alpha who rejected her and has vowed to get her back. In the fight to get her back, a sinister plot brews against Killian and his pack. Will Lena finally learn the truth about why Killian rejected her and be able to forgive him for all the pain he caused her or will she choose Jeremy.


Warriors of Blue moon

4·Reanne Michelle

Lelanna is a young warrior in training for her wolf pack, the Blue moon. Trying to hide her feelings for her close friend and soon to be Alpha, Lelanna tries to move on with the support of her friends and a sudden handsome stranger that walks into her life. But Lelanna's loving and happy world is soon torn apart when she finds she has enemies out to destroy her and those she loves the most. Our young warrior must face fear, loss, courage and mercy. Lelanna shows her true bravery, determination and how far her love truly extends as she sets out taking down every last enemy with the deadliest skills of a true warrior.


Chosen By the Alpha


Could it be true? Werewolves? Leah Wilson had always believed they were creatures of folklore, never suspecting their existence. Her life takes a thrilling turn when she relocates from her Florida home to start anew in Texas with her grandmother. Little does she know that the Lone Star State holds secrets she could have never imagined. As the pieces of her new life fall into place, Leah finds herself surrounded by two sharp-witted best friends and a charismatic Alpha male. Leah, a mere human, is inexplicably drawn to Jake from the very beginning. The connection between them is undeniable, yet elusive. She can't quite fathom it, but she knows that something extraordinary is at play. Embark on this captivating journey alongside Leah as her life undergoes a remarkable transformation right before her eyes. As for Jake, he may come off as confident and assertive, but beneath the surface lies a complex character waiting to be unraveled. This tale promises moments of passion and intensity, interwoven with genuine and unfiltered conversations. Please note that this story contains mature content, including intimate scenes and colorful language.