Hey, My Twins Babies

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Joel Riley


Brain was the unattainable domineering president, while her status was humble. She gave birth to a twin. Was it a gift from God, or is it bad luck? She buried everything in the past, took his astronomical reward and disappeared. Four years later, she came home with her daughter, and before she got off the plane, “Mommy, there was the little brother looking at us." She looked in the direction of her daughter's finger -- a cute boy and a tall man -- They looked alike...


Chapter 1 An Accident

Winnie Chambers sat on the freezing chair of the hospital, feeling miserable and sad.

Her father died in a car accident, and her mother was dying for many of her organs got injured. Though her sister did not hurt much, she got fainted by the bloody scene and now was still in coma.

It was identified that her father should take full liability of the accident, and Winnie should compensate for the dead driver and an injured man.

Winnie broke down by this sudden hit, however, it was not the worst.

Her father’s company went bankruptcy and carried debts. The creditor came to the hospital and insisted not let Winnie go after having learnt the news that her father had died.

Helpless, Winnie stood in stu. And at this time, the nurse came over.

“Miss Chambers, please pay for the hospital charges for your mother and sister, or we will stop the treatment.”

“Ok, ok, I will figure a way out.”

The hospital charges alone made her helpless, let alone the compensation for the dead and the debts her father had. Even if she sold herself, it would be of no use.

Though it was hard, she had to try her best effort to find a way out. No one was willing to help her, and the only person she could think of was Leo Johnson.


She called her boyfriend’s name, but she didn’t know what to say next.

“What is it?”

Leo’s voice came over the phone.

“My mother is sick, and I am in urgent of money, I…”

Regardless her struggle in heart, she put her dignity behind and told him her difficulties. But before she could finish her words, Leo’s cold voice was heard.

“Money? Do you want to borrow money or cheat me on money?”

“Cheat you on money? Leo, what do you mean?”

Leo’s words made her feel cold on blood.

What had she done? Why would Leo think she was a cheater?

“Come on, you have showed your true face, but you are still playing a show. Winnie, you are shameless that you ever curse your mother to dead for money.”

“I…I don’t know what you are talking about, I did not…”

Her words were interrupted again.

“Winnie, what else shameless requirement do you have? Who else do you want to curse? Let me tell you, even if your families are all dead, I will not lend a penny to you.”

It looked like that Leo was angry, but his angry was ironic to Winnie. It seemed that Leo had already known what had happened to her family, even the person she loved now wanted to get rid of her.

But her situation did not allow her to be arrogant, no matter what, she had to have Leo helped her.


However, before she was to ask for help regardless of her dignity, there was a sweet female voice came from the phone.

“Honey, I have had the bath water ready. It will get cold you don’t take a bath now.”

“Hurry up, I am waiting for you in the bathroom.”

The voice was sweet enough to melt a person’s heart, but Winnie felt cold on her, this voice…

“Leo, you…”

“It doesn’t matter if you have heard it. I was going to tell you about it anyway. Don’t be proud you deceived me, I don’t love you anyway.”

Leo’s words made her feel cold as if it had sent her in prison.

“Did she tell you that I am a cheater?”

“Yes, why? Do you want to threat her? Winnie, I warm you, she now is my woman. Dare you touch her?”

Then he hung up the phone without hesitation after giving her angry warming. Was he the men she loved?

Anger and grievance swallowed Winnie in an instant.

In the VIP ward, Brian Bennet finally woke up after three days of coma.

He had gauze around his head, and scratch on his face. Because of headache, he frowned, but it had not covered his handsome and resilient look.

“Why my head is in great pain?”

Brian sat up while he spoke. His sister Stella Bennet came to the bedside and said with concern, “Thank god, you finally woke up.”


“Your driver died.”

“Damn it, I will let the wrecker to pay price.” He said with a frown.

“Brian, the wrecker had died, and he is Dominik Chambers.”

“Dominik Chambers?”

Brian was shocked. How come Dominik was the wrecker? Did he do it intentionaly or was it an accident?

“Yes, it was Dominik. His wife and daughters were in his car. You bumped in the highway to the airport. Dominik should on his way to avoid the creditors, and he drove overspeed for he was anxious. The police said the speed was too fast that Dominik failed to control the car, and broke the demilitarized zone and bumped into your car.”

Stella told Brian the preliminary investigation of the police.


Brian did not say a work but thought. According to what Stella said, it was an accident. No, even if it was an accident, even if Dominik had died, he would not forgive Dominik. And since then, they became enemies.

“How is his wife and daughters?”

Brian asked in a low voice.

“His wife was in great injury and was still in danger. The doctor said she has little change to survive. His little daughter was still in coma because of severe strike and fright. And his big daughter came from abroad to take care of it.”

Stella then added, “Uncle Thomas tried to do something while you were in coma. Grandpa had given an order that you should get married after you wake up. Only when you have a stable family, he can give the position as the master of the company to you.”

“I didn’t expect that Uncle Thomas would be this urgent. He lost his patience before making sure if I am dead or not. Ok, I will destroy all his hopes.”

Brian said coldly, “Since grandpa wants a heir, I will give him.”

Stella left at night and Brian came out for fresh air.

When he passed by the park in the hospital, he stopped his pace by a burst of sobber.

Winnie stood in the park and was sobering because she could not face her mother and sister as well as she could accept the fact that Leo betrayed her.

“Why.. why…”

Winnie did not know what she asked, she just felt it was so unfair. She was angry and felt wrong, since no one was willing to help her.

At this moment, it rained cats and dogs. The rain drops covered the tears and the tears mixed with the rain drops.

The woman crying sadly in rain made Brian frown.

There was no light in the dark room, which made people feel frithened and panic. She felt uneasy at this moment.

She had no idea what the man who would walk in later looked like, but she would give her body to him. Even Leo came to her now, there was no possibility that they would be together again.

Before long she was sad, the door of the dark room was opened. As soon as she heard the sound of the door, she trembled suddenly because she was afraid, and she had the impulse to run away.

But she had to face the reality. She had to do this for the sake of money, so she thought she had no qualification to run away.

The man soon closed the door and came to the bedside directly, since he was familiar with this room. He found the woman sitting on the bed, but he could not see her face clearly.