Regal Guard of Dragon

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"Young master, you must try harder to spend money! The family gave you the billion a month ago and you still have it now?" The heir to the first magnate as he was, Finn Chen felt so vexed that while others would only have to return to the countryside if they didn't fight, he would have to inherit trillions of wealth if he didn't marry into a woman's family. Life was too hard for this poor man.


Chapter 1 Trillions of Assets

"Back to Chen's Family?"

At the door of a restaurant, pedestrian street, City C. Finn Chen, in a yellow delivery man's uniform, looked indifferent.

"Yes, the master said as long as young master goes back, you will inherit all the trillions of assets of Chen's Family." In front of Finn, an old man in a gray Tang robe spoke respectfully.

"Humph...Trillions of assets?" Finn laughed and sighed. "Chen's Family is really rich."

As if finding the sarcasm in Finn's words, the old man had to say, "Young master, are you still taking to heart the thing that happened three years ago?"

Finn didn't answer. Jones Chen, the old man, said with bitter, "Young master, it was truly master's mistake three years ago, but in these three years, the master has also paid enough price for it. Why don't you give the master a chance?"

"Chance?" A sneer raised at Finn's face. Now, Jason Chen was asking Finn for a chance, but did Jason give Finn's mother any chance?"

Finn would never forget how his mother had died in front of him three years ago.

Chen's family contained trillions of assets, but Jason was unwilling to offer one million to treat Finn's mother. Even if Finn knelt to beg like a dog, Jason wasn't moved at all but watched Finn's mother die.

Now, Jason was asking a chance. Humph...

Finn shook his head with great irony.

"Are you willing to be a delivery man all your life?" Finding that Finn was not moved at all, Jones sighed. Jones knew that in these three years since Finn left Chen's Family, Finn had lived hard. He had been the son-in-law of Shawn's Family, where people all looked down on him. He had lived a totally different life from that in Chen's Family.

"Delivering food is better than delivering life." Finn jeered.

Jones's face changed. "Young master, what do you mean by that?"

"It doesn't mean much." Finn shook his head, "Jones Chen, you can go back. Tell Jason Chen that I'll go back to Chen's Family sooner or later, but not for the trillions of assets!"

Jones was shocked. Looking at Finn's leaving, he looked helpless.

Along the way, Finn's mood was complicated.

From the day he was born, he had stayed in Chen's Family. However, for the illegitimate identity, they didn't treat him well. Even the servants could curse and bully him.

Finn had thought he could be a dog in Chen's Family all his life. It was not until his mother was ill had Finn realized that Chen's Family even didn't give him a chance to be a dog.

That night, Finn's mother was severely ill. Finn knelt in front of the people of Chen's Family to beg them to save his mother, but no one helped.

All those people were extremely indifferent.

Eventually, Finn's mother died of illness.

Finn was deeply grieved. At that time, he had begun to knew that the lives of his mother and him were less important than even ants!

On that day, Finn left Chen's Family.

And on that day.

Finn swore that one day, he would return to Chen's Family, and with absolute power, force all the people in Chen's Family to kneel and repent in front of his mother's grave!

But that was only his young and frivolous thought. The next day when he arrived in City C, he was hunted. If it weren't Grant Shawn to save him, he would have become defunct.

Obviously, the people hunted him was from Chen's Family.

In front of the giant beast, Chen's Family, Finn was as little as an ant.

After becoming the son-in-law of Shawn's Family, Finn's life returned to peace. Though he was mocked, he was alive.

But the tree might crave calm, but the wind wouldn't stop. Chen's family looked for him again.

And they were asking him to return to the family and inherit the assets.

But the third generation of Chen's Family contained more than 100 men. It was impossible to allow an illegitimate to inherit the assets.

Obviously, it was a conspiracy.

He used to be as humble as a dog, but today, he was worth trillions.

This conspiracy was too fake!

"Finn!" As Finn frowned and pondered, a beautiful woman in a white dress appeared in front of him. Delicate facial features, attractive figure, and graceful temperament made the woman quite bright.

She was Finn's wife, Maura Shawn.

"Maura, what's the matter?"

The smile came out on Finn's face again. No matter what happened, as long as Maura was here, Finn's mood would be bright again.

But Maura didn't look well. She glanced at Finn and said coldly. "Follow me to the Ancestral Shrine. The Ceremony of Ancestor-Worship is going to start."

"The Ancestral Shrine?" Finn was reminded what Maura had told her last night. Today the Ceremony of Ancestor-Worship would be held, and all people in Shawn's Family should worship the ancestors in the Ancestral Shrine.


Finn looked down at his yellow delivery man's uniform, embarrassed. He had delivered food just now and talked to Jones for a while, so he hadn't changed yet.

He couldn't wear such inappropriate clothes for such a serious activity.

"Maura, could you wait for me to go home and change my clothes?" Finn said gingerly.

Maura looked dissatisfied. "What have you been doing? Didn't I tell you yesterday about this?"

"I...I forget it." Finn lowered his head like a child who had made a mistake.

"Fine, on need. Anyway, no one pays attention to you. Just go. Grandpa was waiting." Maura said with impatience. She was more dissatisfied with Finn. How could he forget such an important event?

"Well..." Finn was about to say something, but Maura turned around and left, so he had to follow.

Shawn's family was a reputable local family in City C, whose ancestor was the Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty. Since the ancestor founded this family, it had been more than 2000 years.

In recent years, though Shawn's Family had declined and lost its former glory, no one dared to look it down.

The Ceremony of Ancestor-Worship every three years was one of the most critical activities.

When Finn arrived with Maura, there were many people in the Ancestral Shrine.

Maura took a deep breath and then walked in the Ancestral Shrine. Finn followed, but when he got to the gate, he was stopped by a hand.

"Wait. Finn Chen, what are you doing here?" With irony on his face, the young man who stopped Finn was Hank Shawn, Maura's cousin.

"To worship the ancestors." Finn looked at Hank with confusion. For the Ceremony of Ancestor-Worship, everyone in Shawn's Family should come here. He was adopted as a son-in-law, so he was definitely one of the family.

"Ancestors?" Hank sneered. "Which ancestor do you worship? There are only our ancestors of Shawn's Family, so what does it do with you?"

The implication was that Finn was an outsider who didn't deserve to enter the Ancestral Shrine.

"Hank Shawn! What do you mean?" Maura's face turned cold.

Hank glanced at Maura and then said carelessly. "Nothing else, but the outsider or the dog are not allowed in.

If the previous words were just irony, the words "outsider" and "dog" were definitely humiliations.

Finn didn't care about, for he had been confronted with stronger humiliation before.

But Maura looked enraged. After all, Finn was her legally husband!

"Finn is my husband, so why do you say he is an outsider?"

"Your husband? Hahaha!" As if hearing a big joke, Hank burst into laughter. "Maura Shawn, speak with your conscience. Do you really take this trash as your husband? I know that you two even haven't slept together after you got married for three years!"

Hadn't they had sex in the three-year marriage life?

Many people in Shawn's Family here smiled meaningfully, and the look on Finn was also full of irony. How cowardly Finn was! Finn had been with beautiful Maura for three years but hadn't had sex at all. Did he have some problems with his sexuality?

Maura's face changed. Indeed, she had been married to Finn for three years, but let alone have sex, Finn even hadn't held her hand. She used to think that few people knew this matter, but now, it seemed that all the people in Shawn's Family knew that.

"Maura, you go in first. I suddenly remember that there is still an order needed to deliver." Finn smile with bitterness. He could face the ridicule of these people, but he didn't want Maura to be implicated.

Looking at Finn's mask of carelessness, Maura felt her heart grabbed. They had been married for three years. Though she didn't regard Finn as her husband in heart, Finn was quite good for her. No matter it was windy or rainy, Finn would pick up and send her to work. And no matter how great angry she got, Finn would face her with a smile.

In front of her, this man never got angry, as if he couldn't feel the pain. He only humored and took care of her.

As time went by, there would always be feelings.

Maura couldn't help sobbing. Why? Why was Finn so kind to her.

Finn took a deep breath and prepared to leave. He knew that the longer he stood there, the more humiliations he would get.

But when he turned around, a firm voice came from his back. "He enters, I enter!"

As soon as the voice faded, Finn felt his hand tightly grasped by a soft but quite powerful hand.