Mr. Billionaire's Contract Wife

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Nikoline Black


A conspiracy by her best friend led to Shirley losing her first time to a strange man. The once-sweet relationship was ruthlessly destroyed by her boyfriend. "Since you are carrying my child, let's get married. It just happens that I don't love you, and you don't love me either," Mr. Billionaire said heartlessly. He threw a contract on the table, saying, "We are just contract spouses." They got secretly married. None of their colleagues knew that Shirley was the wife of their CEO, and they envied why Mr. Billionaire treated this little assistant so specially. Just as Shirley was about to relax, she unexpectedly found out that the man who signed the contract completely ignored her resistance and declared to the whole world that she belonged to him. "What are you trying to do?" "My dear wife, I love you! Let's have another child."

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Chapter 1 Slept With The Wrong Man

In a luxurious room, it was pitch black and nothing could be seen clearly, but it was filled with the low panting of a man and the soft moans of a woman...

They intertwined together, both completely naked. The woman's slender legs were spread wide apart, her fingers gripping the bedsheets tightly. Her neck arched back against the man's chest, her cries carrying a hint of pleasure but mostly filled with pain.


Shirley Wright felt the warmth of the man's embrace and couldn't help but burrow deeper into his arms. Despite not having rested all night, leaving her body sore, she had no regrets. She had prepared for this moment for so long, wanting to offer herself as the most precious gift to him.

After two years of dating William Turner, each time he tried to be intimate with her, she had politely declined. She didn't want to give herself away so easily. But this time was different. William was leaving the country tomorrow, and it was also her twenty-second birthday.

On such an important day, with strong encouragement from her best friend, she booked this luxurious hotel suite and gave her most cherished first time to her boyfriend.

Shirley happily wrapped her arms around his waist. Wow, she never expected William to have such a great figure. She found him just right, not too fat and not too skinny. He was simply perfect.

"Hmm... Rose, are you awake?" the man above her asked. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, William. I willingly chose this," Shirley replied sweetly, tightening her grip around his waist.



Shirley and the man she was embracing were both startled at the same time. They separated abruptly, Shirley turning on the bedside lamp in a panic.

As the light turned on, Shirley saw a completely unfamiliar face and immediately screamed in alarm, "Who are you?!" She covered her body with the blanket, her voice filled with anxiety, "How did you end up here?"

"This is my room! And who are you? Why are you here?" the man's face was also filled with surprise.

Shirley felt a chill running through her body. An inexplicable sense of unease engulfed her. "This is room 1638, my friend handed me the key to this room, and the man here should be my boyfriend..."

"Heh!" Keith Nelson found this to be the most laughable excuse he had ever heard. With his wealth, countless women would do anything to sleep with him, yet today he encountered one who claimed innocence! "You even investigated my room number so clearly. Wasn't it just to sleep with me? What other excuses do you have? How much money do you want?"

The man's mockery stabbed into Shirley's heart, causing her to calm down. What happened last night?

She remembered drinking with her friend, Rose Red, to celebrate Rose's upcoming trip to Milan for a fashion show and also Shirley' birthday. She had gotten quite drunk, and Rose kept urging her to take advantage of William since he was about to leave for two years. Shirley, seemingly under a strange spell, agreed. She took the room key given by Rose and swiped into the room.

But why the man in the room was not William?

"What money? I don't want money, where's William?!" Shirley exclaimed.

Keith furrowed his brows. This woman in front of him seemed truly peculiar. She had mentioned "William" before, didn't she? Could they have truly been set up?

Last night he had a date with Rose, but someone swiped a card and entered. The lights weren't on at that time, and the scent of the woman's perfume was exactly the same as Rose's, so naturally he thought it was Rose who had arrived, but it turned out to be the woman in front of him.

He was about to ask when his phone rang, and when he looked, it turned out to be a call from Rose.

"Rose, what's going on?"

Rose's voice filled with apology came through the phone, "Keith, I'm so sorry. I received an invitation from Milan yesterday. They wanted me to be the showstopper model. I flew to Milan last night at eight, you know, being the showstopper has always been my dream and goal. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, will you forgive me? Oh, by the way, I gave you a gift last night as compensation, are you satisfied?"

"A gift?" Keith's eyes narrowed and he glanced at the woman wearing a bathrobe and looking for William throughout the room. His eyes held some inexplicable meaning.

"Yes, this gift was carefully chosen by me. She's still a virgin, right? Wasn't last night enjoyable?" Rose asked cautiously.

"Of course it was enjoyable. With such a thoughtful and considerate girlfriend, how could it not be? Since you enjoy being a model so much, then do well in Milan." Keith said and hung up the phone directly.

By this time, Shirley had already searched the entire room and couldn't find William. She couldn't calm down anymore!

She had slept with a stranger inexplicably for a night, what face did she have to go find William again?

Tears fell as Shirley squatted in the corner, silently sobbing, completely ignoring the man who had been staring at her with complicated eyes.

Keith put away his phone, no matter what this woman was up to, it was obvious that she wasn't here for him, and Rose's gift might not be her. But no matter who she was, what happened today must not be revealed.

He found his coat, took out his checkbook, wrote it quickly, and tore it off. This much money should be enough as a hush payment, right?

At this moment, the door was knocked, "Mr. Keith, I'm from hotel services, here to deliver breakfast to you."

Keith frowned and left the check on the bed before going to open the door.

The breakfast was very sumptuous. Keith looked at the woman in the corner and said, "Let's eat first."

But the woman continued to cry. Keith didn't say much either and began eating on his own. While eating, he said, "I will compensate you for last night's incident. I will give you eight million dollars. You can't tell anyone about our affair."

At this moment, Shirley raised her head in shock! She stared at this stranger in disbelief. Eight million? Did he think she was a prostitute?

She didn't know why this man managed to get rid of William and came to this room to... to take her first night. And now he wanted to give her money to insult her?!

Shirley felt more and more aggrieved. Even if she had slept with him, she would never accept the money.

"Don't worry, I won't talk about this matter," she said firmly. How could she possibly talk about it?!

Silently picking up the scattered clothes on the floor, she turned and went to the bathroom.

Looking at herself in the mirror with messy hair and red eyes. She never expected things would turn out this way.

As Shirley left, Keith was still elegantly eating breakfast, seemingly indifferent to her departure. Only the check was lying alone on the bed as if it was mocking her.

Just as Shirley left this hotel, her phone rang lightly, it was a text message from William.

"Shirley, I waited for you all night in the room yesterday. Were you delayed because of something? It's okay, I will keep waiting. I'm about to take off, and when I come back, I'll bring you a gift. Love you, William."

Shirley was taken aback. He wasn't in the room at all, so why would he say he waited there all night? Where did it go wrong? Could Rose have given her the wrong room key? Or... No, it couldn't be. How could Rose do such a thing?

Shirley put away her phone and looked at the bustling world outside. Suddenly, she felt a sense of desolation. Perhaps when William came back, their relationship could never go back to what it used to be.

Maybe it's better if it just ends like this.

As soon as Shirley thought about separating from William, her heart ached fiercely, causing her to tremble slightly.

All of this happened last night.

Rose, was it really you who set me up?

The familiar electronic voice came from the phone, "The user you are trying to reach is currently switched off."

At that moment, Shirley realized that she had dialed Rose's number. Unfortunately, no one answered.

She walked on the road, reminiscing about everything she had with William. From the beginning of their relationship to the joy mixed with nervousness the day before, all the beautiful memories replayed like a movie. Every scene was so vivid, but they had become so unattainable.

They had discussed their future wedding yesterday. He had promised to call and text her every day within the next two years, so she could hear his voice and see his face. However, all of this had become an impossible wish.

Could she still talk to him on the phone and exchange texts as if nothing had happened?

No, she couldn't...

They wouldn't have a wedding, they wouldn't have children...

It was all gone, everything was gone...

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a loud screech of brakes and the urgent ringing of a phone. She suddenly snapped back to reality and realized that she was standing in the middle of the road, with a car just inches away from her.

Shirley immediately came to her senses and stepped back to the roadside, watching the car speed away.

The telephone kept ringing, and she glanced at it. Surprisingly, it was William's mother calling. She quickly wiped away the tears on her face and answered the call, "Aunt..."

Before Shirley could finish addressing her, the voice on the other end of the phone interrupted her coldly. "Miss Shirley, you've also seen it. William has been sent abroad by the company for further studies. When he returns from abroad, his value will naturally be different. I never agreed when you two were together, but because William loved you, I didn't say anything. Now that you two are no longer in the same city, I hope you can take the initiative to leave William and stop pursuing him."

Shirley's trembling fingers held onto her phone.

"I won't hide it from you anymore, this time William is going abroad with another girl. She comes from a good family and will be helpful to William in the future. She also loves William very much and recommended him for this opportunity. That's why we all like her to be our daughter-in-law. Miss Shirley, are you from the countryside, right? How can someone of that background match William? If it's us who intervene, William may not agree to break up, but if it's you who initiates the breakup..." William's mother stopped there.

Everyone was intelligent, and even without saying it, they all understood the meaning behind her words.

She and William loved each other sincerely, so why did they want to tear them apart?

She had been ruined, her future was gone. She and William would eventually separate, and now this phone call was just making that day come sooner.

Shirley forced back her tears and choked back her sobs as she spoke into the phone, "I understand. I will do as you wish."

The other party got Shirley's response and hung up the phone in satisfaction.

After hanging up, Shirley stood under the scorching sun, tilting her head up, hoping that the tears in her eyes would not fall again. She felt cold all over, a kind of coldness she had never experienced before. Under the scorching sun, her heart felt like an ice cellar.

One after another, such things happened, and Shirley couldn't force herself to live calmly any longer. She took a leave from work, dragged her exhausted body, and with a heart that was already shattered, she took a long-distance bus back to her hometown.

She had thought that at least she could find some comfort when she returned home. But the moment she opened the door, she knew that this was just wishful thinking.