Claimed by the Bikers A Ménage

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Jax saw the brunette, blonde, and redhead walk in the door. It's got to be a sin for 3 gorgeous women to be together. He thought this could be the beginning of a sexy joke, a brunette, blonde, and redhead walk into a biker bar. Trouble times 3 just walked in the door. Alert the officers." Raine got a job with the Veteran's MC. She falls for Jax. His player ways cause trouble. She doesn't share. He won't be tamed. She's no one's property. Raine barely escaped a bad relationship. She's lost all her family except for her two best friends she's grown up with. She's learned to become independent and rely on herself. Jax is President of the motorcyle cllub. All the brothers have served in the armed forces. He's a rough, tough, true biker who likes his women and no commitments. These two clash big time. Ex's often pop back up. And the problem with club women is they tend to constantly show up causing drama and trouble. He's cold as Ice. She's sweet as honey. His past defines him. She wants to be his future. He thinks she doesn't belong in his world! Kim won't accept anything less than being with Ice. Sam is a nurse. Smokey is an officer in the MC. They both don't do relationships. Is that about to change? What happens when two becomes three? An ex complicates things, or does she give them the push they need to become the family they should be? Snake is Prez to another MC. Will he give up everything to become a third with Sam and Smokey? What kind of hell and trouble do their kids get into? Life is never boring in club life. Follow this badass biker story. +18 fast paced action!

RomancePregnantFemale leadBadboyIndependentPossessiveEroticSex18+Reverse Harem

Chapter 1

Raine is 24 and working odd jobs to put herself through college. She wanted her business degree in management in hopes of one day owning her own business.

Her secret wish was to have her own club but different than others. Her dad passed away when she was 12 and her mom struggled to raise her sometimes working 2 jobs. She was killed in a car crash when Raine was only 17.

Raine has two lifetime friends, Sam and Kim. Sam is a nurse and Kim is a beautician. The 3 of them just moved and share a 3 bedroom house.

When Sam completed her nursing she got a great job offer and found their current house. So Raine and Kim moved in with her.Kim applied for salons in the area and got accepted at one of the local salons.

Raine was looking for a waitress or bartender job, her goal was to work every job possible in clubs to learn the business inside and out.

“OK I have this weekend off and we are going out clubbing." Sam replied.

“Woohoo party?” Kim exclaimed.

“OK that's great I can check for jobs so win win for me.” Raine replied.

“My coworkers suggested 3 different clubs. There's not very many in the area so for choices we have Vibes, Cowgurl Up, or Rockers." Sam rolled her eyes.

“Who in the world comes up with these names?” Kim asked.

“Seriously!” Raine agreed.

Friday night the girls got dressed up and headed out. They decided to try Vibes first. Vibes was fairly crowded with college kids and had a terrible live band.

After an hour of the crowd and the poor music they decided to try Cowgurl Up. It's of course a cowboy country music type bar. It had decent music and a fairly large crowd.

The girls joined in a couple of line dances, they laughed and tried to copy the moves. A couple of guys tried to help teach them the moves.

They're laughing hard and having a good time. The girls are half drunk. Kim accidentally bumped into a tall gorgeous well-built cowboy. He’s very muscular and drool worthy.

“Oh, my bad I'm a little buzzed here cowboy,” Kim laughed.

“How do you know my name have we met before?” Cowboy asked.

“Ah no I just call guys who wear cowboy hats, cowboy, when I don't know their name.” Kim replied.

“Well lucky guess. My name is Cowboy, and this here is my friend Smokey,” Cowboy introduced.

“Where's the bandit?” Raine asked laughing.

“Ha ha good one, like I haven’t heard that before,” Smokey fake laughed.

“Well then get a new nickname.” Raine replied.

“I'm Sam and she's Raine,” Sam interrupted.

“Where’s thunder?” Smokey asked.

“Getting ready to strike your ass!” Raine retorted.

“Hi, I'm Kim and Raine here just loves to kid around don't you Raine?!” Kim laughed.

“No, I don't, I tell it like it is.” Raine replied.

“Ha ha so funny,” Kim laughed.

“God, I need another drink,” Raine grumbled.

The guys joined their table and they drank a couple more hours. Just after midnight the girls called an Uber and went home. The next morning is hangover city lots of Tylenol and water for the girls.

“I'm never drinking again,” Raine moaned .

“Yes, you are, tonight in fact. The guys invited us to their bar. And they said they are needing a part time bartender,” Sam replied.

“OK OK you twisted my arm but I'm not drinking,” Raine replied.

Later that evening, the girls got ready and headed to the bar. When they pulled up, it had mostly motorcycles parked in the parking lot. There are a few cars, but not many. Raine and Kim looked at Sam.

“Um Sam this is a biker bar,” Raine replied.

“I know it is,” said Sam excitedly.

“But normally the public is not allowed in the biker bars don't you have to be a member?” Raine asked.

“Cowboy said Friday and Saturday nights are open to the public and we're invited anyway,” Kim replied.

“I don't think they’ll hire me.” Raine said.

“You never know, Smokey said they needed someone who could bartend and waitress, and you can do both,” Sam replied.

“I don't know I have a bad feeling about this.” Raine replied.

“BS let's go get our drink on,” Kim replied as they walked into the bar.

Jax's point of view. He saw the brunette, blonde, and redhead walk in the door. It had to be a sin for 3 gorgeous women to be together like that he thought.

Jaxton also thought this is the beginning of a sexy joke, a brunette, blonde, and redhead walk into a biker bar.

“Trouble times 3 just walked in the door. Alert the officers,” Jaxton told Ice.

“Are those the girls Cowboy invited?” Ice asked.

“Got to be, spread the word the brunette is off limits she's going to be fucked by me first.” Jaxton ordered.

“Small tits, but a nice ass you can grip. Nice pieces all 3 are, but redheads are my thing,” Ice grinned.

“They had to invite them tonight when another charter is here. Keep an eye out,” Jaxton warned.

The girls walked over to the bar. They each sat down on a bar stool. The bartender walked over to them. He eyes each of them from head to toe then grinned.

"Well hello ladies. I’m MD. What can I do for you?" He asked.

"I'd like a jack and coke." Kim replied.

"I'll take a rum and coke." Sam smiled.

"I need to talk to the manager about a job. I was told you were looking for a bartender?" Raine asked.

"You got experience?" Mad Dawg asked.

"Yes. I worked in a bar back home for 18 months. I tended bar and waited tables also. I was behind the bar most of the time." Raine explained.

"HEY BOSS!" Mad Dawg shouted out.

Raine turned her head to see a tall muscular man with sexy tattoos walking her way. He's the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on! She squeezed her thighs together tightly to ease the ache from just the sight of him.

She felt her temperature rise, along with the heat between her legs. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

"Oh my god." Raine whispered to herself.

"You needed something MD?" Jaxton asked while looking the ladies up and down.

"Yeah boss, got one looking for work." MD smiled.

"Oh? Which one?" Jaxton smirked.

"I am. My name's Raine Parker." Raine replied.

She reached her hand out to shake. Jax ignored her hand. Ok rude she thought. She put her hand back at her side.

"Turn around so I can see your assets." Jax demanded.

"What do my assets have to do with the job? How my "assets" look shouldn't matter. It doesn't affect the job." Raine retorted.

"Baby your tits are decent, but you'll need a nice ass to go with them or you won't make much money." Jax smirked.

"I fail to see how that affects the job. I am damn good at the work and that usually gets good tips. I worked in a bar for 18 months, so I have tons of experience." Raine retorted.

"Ok, well I'll give you a try. You can go on after the next girl. Go tell the DJ what song to play for you." Jax replied.

"What? I'm not applying to be a stripper! I'm applying for the bartender job!" Raine replied.

"Shame, My bad." Jax grinned.

He was trying to rile her up with that stripper comment. She didn’t know he wasn’t serious about it. There was no way in hell he'd let her strip.

Raine tried to keep her outrage and temper under control. She needed the job, but what an arrogant ass!

"So, you have experience as a bartender?" Jax asked.

"Yes." Raine replied. (I already said that she mumbles under her breath)

"How about waitressing?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied.

"Ok. If you can pass my test, I'll give you a trial run." Jax replied.

"Bring it." Raine replied.