The Convenient Bride

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It's a hot day and Rosiley,in wedding dress, watched her dear fiance kissing with her sister-in-law whose mother had already usurped her father. Now they marched to snatch her groom-to-be! So pityfully betrayed, she got the news that CEO Sachin was looking for a woman to marry,and she applied for it out of revengeful intention. She never thought this marriage would be such a U-turn in her life...


Chapter 1: Let’s Team Up For a Wedding

Wearing a pure white wedding dress, Rosiley Tang stood at the door of the bridal boutique. Tears sprang to her eyes as she watched the couple hugging and kissing in a luxurious car parked by the street.

Rosiley had a date with her fiancé to join her at the boutique, and they planned to meet each other there. But the scene before her wasn't what she expected.

Her fiancé had his back to her, totally immersed in kissing the other woman. The woman smiled back at Rosiley knowingly, full of conspiracy and sarcasm, through the car window.

Rosiley's knees grew weak under the weight of the wedding gown. She never suspected her fiancé was fooling around, especially not with her sister!

Rosiley gritted her teeth with annoyance and irritation. 'I can't believe how foolish I was!'

Five minutes before, Yunis Ji sent her a message saying he couldn't wait to see her in the wedding dress. Without a second thought, Rosiley went downstairs to wait for him.

And now, there she was, wearing a wedding dress and being the punchline of a cruel joke.

In her rage, Rosiley got a clear idea of what happened. Her sister, Rorey Gu, had sent the message. She knew Rosiley would go downstairs and see everything. Rorey always was a show-off.

Rorey and her mother had schemed to take the heart of Rosiley's father, and now they were trying to take her groom-to-be too!

What made her more desperate was the betrayal from Yunis.

Yunis knew Rosiley hated Rorey, but she didn't think he would stab her in the back by standing with her sister.

Rosiley felt like she was in a nightmare and wished desperately for it all to be a dream. Her emotions welled up inside her and she worried she would cause a scene and have the entire world discover what her sister and fiancé were up to. The only thing she could do was sneak out before Yunis spotted her.

It didn't take long before Rosiley's phone lit up with a call from Rorey.

"Did you see that, my dear sister?" Rorey asked in a provoking tone. "Yunis loves me all along. He won't marry you, and I won't let him, either. He's mine. You'd better give him up now."

Rosiley hung up without responding. Still wearing the wedding dress and tears streaming down her face, she didn't care about or acknowledge the glances from the passers-by.

Rosiley wandered the street for what seemed like ages until she spotted a club up ahead. She went in and ordered many drinks, drinking while she cried, trying to paralyze her nerves.

That night, Rosiley continued to drink and fell asleep on the sofa until a call woke her the next morning.

She looked at her phone in a daze before fumbling to answer and hold it to her ear. Before she could speak, Yunis' voice crackled out in an annoyed tone.

"Rosiley Tang, where were you? I waited for you at the bridal boutique the entire afternoon! If you don't take this seriously, I suppose we don't need to get married, do we?"

Rosiley's mind sobered with coldness as the sarcasm in his words washed over her.

Since she saw what happened in the car the day before, she already decided there would not be a wedding.

She hung up and headed to the bathroom to wash her face. Then she left her room to pay her bill.

As she entered the hallway, voices approaching her caught her attention. An extremely tall man strolled toward her, paying no one any mind. An assistant followed close behind at a respectful distance, flustered..

"Sir, the chairman has commanded that your main agenda for today is to go to the Civil Affairs Department with Miss Xu to officialize your marriage. Then you're to accompany her to the dinner for a celebration."

"I've got better things to do," the man answered in a chilled voice.

"I understand, sir, but the chairman has commanded you get married today. If you're not satisfied with Miss Xu, he could introduce other women to you, until there is one who can satisfy you," the assistant spoke carefully, sweat dripping down his face.

"Well, it seems he hasn't given up. Bring me another eligible woman. Anyone of them will do except those he already sent. I shall make him give up," the man said, smiling coldly.

Rosiley assumed the man was one of action.

The assistant faltered for a step before composing himself. "Sir, you must be joking."

"Do I sound like joking?" The man's eyes were chilling, and his jaw was set. Clearly, he was serious. But after all, marriage is the most important event in one's life. A decision of marriage couldn't be made in a day, could it?

The assistant continued trying to persuade the man into choosing a woman, but he stayed silent, not seeming to care about the worry in the assistant's voice.

Before the two passed, Rosiley took a moment to fully admire the tall man's features.

She had never seen anyone so perfect. He was well-featured, his face seeming to have been made by God himself. He had thin lips and a prominent nose. A stern coldness knit his eyebrows together, and mystery filled his deep eyes. His tailored suit fitted him in a way that it was almost like it was his skin.

He had an indifferent and unattainable temperament, like a majestic and inviolable king. His entire body exuded a breath of alienation and abstinence, making others fear approaching him, his aura powerful and intimidating.

Rosiley knew the man. Sachin Lu, the president of Regal Entertainment Group (REG), was the tycoon in entertainment industry. He was usually low key and rarely seen in public. Rosiley met him once when she was an intern reporter.

She didn't expect to meet him again!

When she was deeply involved in memories, Sachin passed her without a second glance, giving Rosiley an idea.

Sachin needed a bride for his marriage, and she had just broken up with her fiancé. There wasn't a strong emotional relationship between them, but maybe they could team up for a wedding.

The most important part of the plan was making sure Rorey knew that even though Rosiley broke up with Yunis, she could find someone better. And she needed to make Yunis regret what he did.

As the idea grew in her mind, she called out to the men before they disappeared.

"Please, wait a minute, Mr. Lu."

Her voice was so sudden that it stunned the two men for a second before they turned toward her.