That Stranger Lying Beside Me

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"Valeria Brown was the only daughter of the Brown family, which was rather rich. But her bestie Ashley and Ashley's mom planned to take everything from her. Also, Mason, who had been dated with Valeria for four years, cheated on her. Valeria caught Mason making out with Ashley in the car! But Ashley never felt ashamed, instead, she drugged Valeria and asked a pimp to take her virginity. A stranger saw through all of this and chased the pimp away. Valeria woke up and found this hot stranger lying next to her. She was annoyed when Ashley told her that man was the pimp. But actually, this stranger who got rid of the pimp and slept with Valeria was the richest CEO..."

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Chapter 1 Slept with A Pimp

"Er... it hurts so bad! "

Valeria Brown, who was still in a deep sleep, felt extremely uncomfortable. So, she turned over and rolled into a man's broad chest.

The touch of a completely strange creature woke her up with a start, and what came into her eyes was the large handsome face of the man.

At first Valeria thought she was dreaming. In disbelief, she reached out her hand to touch the face in front of her.

Almost at the same time, the man opened his eyes and looked straight at her. When their eyes met, Valeria let out a cry and jumped aside.

Then she found herself wearing nothing. "Who... Who are you? Why are you here?" She immediately caught the blanket and wrapped herself in it. 

The man squinted and his eyes finally rested on Valeria's collarbone. Eyes darkened, he said in a low voice, "Your savior."

Her savior? In astonishment, Valeria stared at the overly handsome man on the bed and soon thought of the resentful voice of her best friend Ashley Evans she heard last night before losing consciousness. 

"Valeria, I've put the strongest philter in your tea just now. As your friend, I found you the best pimp here, who is young and pretty. Enjoy yourself! I believe when Mason sees the photo of you playing with other men, he will soon break up with you. Then perfectly, I'll become his new girlfriend."

So was this handsome guy the pimp that Ashley found for her? Did she really have a fling with him last night?

Thinking of this, Valeria felt exceedingly irritated and her face turned pale. She grabbed the pillow next to her and threw it at the man, "You! Just wait! I'm gonna put you in jail and you'll never get out!"

Faced with such a rage, the man calmly caught the pillow and seemed not afraid at all, "You hugged me last night, and actually you were of your own accord the whole time. Do you think the police will believe you?"

"You..." Valeria bit her lip and trembled in anger.

Although she was extremely angry, she still kept her sense.

The man was right. She could not report to the police. Last night she fell into Ashley's trap and was unconscious. Probably she did not resist at all and offered to clasp him for intercourse. Therefore, the police would not believe her words.

But if not reporting to the police, her innocence was to be ruined by such a man in demimonde. How d*mn dirty he was!

Valeria could not accept the fact that her virginity was taken by a rude pimp.

Seeing her face in despair, the man somehow felt that she was a little pitiful.

He looked at the red marks on the bedsheet and said to Valeria in a soft voice, "Though you threw yourself on me last night, I can be responsible for you if you want."

A pimp being responsible? Wasn't that a big joke?

Ignited again, Valeria pointed at the man and roared out of control, "Get the f*ck out of here! Or I'll kill you!"

Facing her hysteria, the man got up, picked up his clothes casually and put them on without any panic.

After getting dressed, he turned his head, took out a business card from his pocket, and handed it to Valeria, "If you come round, just call me. I mean what I say..."

But Valeria tore off the card without taking a look, "Get out!"

With no other choices, the man took one last deep glance at her and left.

After closing the door, he heard the girl sobbing in the room. He paused for a moment, then shook his head and strode through the corridor.

Seeing him, two men looking like bodyguards appeared silently at the end of the corridor and greeted respectfully, "Young Master William!"

The man restored his usual expression of dignity and indifference as a superior and said, "Check the girl's profile and report to me right away."

"Yes, Sir!"