Miracle Twins: CEO's Mad Love for His Wife


Five years ago, Deanna was schemed by her fiancé and step-sister, and spent a night with a stranger, causing her mother to commit suicide. Her father, ashamed of her, then expelled her from the house. Five years later, Deanna returned with twins and remarkable medical skills, attracting countless people from high society. A highly respected chairman said, "My grandson is young and promising, handsome and elegant. You are very suitable for each other. I hope Dr. Deanna can marry and bring the children." Suitor 1 said, "Dr. Deanna, I have long admired and loved you. I hope you can give me a chance and let me be a stepfather to your children, I will treat them as my own." Suitor 2 said, "Dr. Deanna is mine, no one should compete with me!" It wasn't until the big boss of the Mercer family stepped forward and declared, "Dr. Deanna is my wife, and the twins are my flesh and blood. Whoever dares to challenge, come and try!"


I Slept with My Boss and Ran Away


In the aftermath of a wild company dinner, she—intoxicated and misguided—found herself in her boss's room... Whispers of his cold indifference to romance and his ruthless decisiveness were legendary, painting a grim fate for any woman who dared entangle with him. ... In one month: the sight of a positive pregnancy test sends her mind racing to one thought—she must run, now or never! As she makes a break for freedom, he's hot on her heels, turning her flight into a captivating chase where her wings are no match for his resolve!


I Paid A Mafia Boss For Our Night


Waking up from the craziest night of her life in a hotel room, Sienna Corsetti left what she thought was enough for the previous night's service and headed home with a racing heart. She believed that was the end of her encounter with Antonio Luciano. However, as soon as she arrived home, she discovered that everything in her life had changed dramatically...


The Alpha’s Hidden Heir

1.0K·Novelist Sophie

Serena, a young woman who finds her body wrapped with a mysterious man after a one night stand at a ball, This fleeting moment of passion led to her pregnancy with twins. Serena decided to start a new chapter as she heads to college in the human world, leaving her pack and the man behind. Years later, as a medical school graduate, Serena returns to her pack for an internship, only to discover that the Alpha of the Night Sky Pack, Logan, is the same man from that fateful night. Now, she must hid her past while keeping the truth about her children hidden.


Lost and Found: Return of My Mysterious Fiancee


Jared Farrell's marriage proposal was turned down by a country girl he never met! "Young Master, Miss Reed want to pay you five million dollars to call off the engagement." Jared Farrell only lightly raised his eyebrow, "No way." "Young Master, Miss Reed's just raised her offer to twenty million." Jared Farrell's lips curled into a smile, "Tell her I am giving her fifty million and, no way." "Miss Reed's just raised the number to one hundred million, and the engagement must be cancelled." "..." Jared Farrell could not help but feel a headache. Is his fiancée really going to smash him with the money just to cancel the engagement?


Betrothed To The Mafia Lord

258.0K·Josephine Ivy

"Don’t make me repeat myself twice, part those legs for me, Bunny." His deep voice which always sends my brain reeling due to how silky it sounds, washed over me slowly as he murmured quietly against my throat. ——— Forced to marry the ruthless mafia lord whom everyone was afraid of, at the age of 18, Sofia had no other choice but to follow her father’s wishes like a dutiful daughter was supposed to. Luca Ricci needed a wife, because he wasn’t getting any younger at the age of 33. He wanted to protect her, since the moment he locked eyes with hers on their wedding day and saw the amount of fright brewing in it. He wanted to mark her as his, with his handprints on her ass and his cum dripping off her face, to own her completely, to wrap his hand around her throat and do so many sinful things to her body. But he was the mafia lord, and danger just seems to be lurking around him, wherever he goes, and in whatever he does. He must protect his wife at all costs.


Wild Epic Sexcapades

225.0K·F. Prince

WARNING: This Book Contains Explicit scenes And Adult Languages. Do you like reading steamy, naughty, dirty, and filthy romances?? If your answer is yes, get ready for the ultimate erotic excitement that will get your blood pumping and your ovaries twitching. This novel is a collection of short erotic stories. It contains all manner of sexual explicit including friends with benefits StepSister And Brother, Stepdaddy, Office, Stepmother, Lesbian, Teacher and student, Doctor and patient, domination Etc. If you are under 18yrs, this book is not for you.


The Divorcee Who Shines

71.0K·Cali Mosley

After three years of hiding their marriage, she tried her best to please him but was still kicked out in the end! With a bitter smile, she calmly took the alimony and left. From then on, she became a stunning beauty in the translation industry! Soon after, Brendon Stuart discovered that his ex-wife not only had a successful career but also attracted countless suitors - business elites and heirs from prestigious families. Suddenly everyone in town seemed to be connected to her - inviting her out for meals and outings together. She even got pregnant with another man's child at lightning speed! Brendon angrily demanded, "Whose child is it?" Ranita Bowman sneered, "It's none of your business!" Four years later, she bumped into him while holding an adorable baby boy. It was then that Brendon realized how wrong he had been...


Mafia Obsession


"Let go of me, I am not your property you monster." I cried out but the giant man before me didn't seem like he was affected by my pleas as he carried me from the ground and threw me on his shoulders as though I weighed nothing. My step father had offered me to one of the most feared mafia men in the entire country, and while others feared him and His brothers for their cruelty, I feared this man because of the heat he sends through my thighs in such a situation when I am clearly supposed to be scared for my life.... He says he will never hurt me, but I know it's a freaking lie, because no one says no or steals from the Romano brothers and I might just end up dead before I know it. But why does my whole body says the contrary when he slips a finger into my skirt and I find myself begging him to take my virginity?


The Alpha King


Amina Matthews’ life has been the definition of a living hell since her parents dumped her off on a strange territory when she was a child. They told her that she would be safe in this new pack and that they would come back for her when they could. She was six years old then. It’s been fourteen years since then with no sign of them. She’s holding onto her life by a thread when the alpha king finds her.


The Billionaire's Unwanted Bride


"How about I kiss you just to prove that you aren't attracted to me?" "What?!" She exclaims and scoffs. "Do I look like some cheap slut to you?" "No. You look decent but I just want to be sure you aren't attracted to me as you claimed." I can see she lied. She finds me attractive. I know I am the most handsome man she has ever seen in her entire life. But she doesn't want me to know that. She has not recovered from the shock of my question when I place my hand on her waist and the next minute, my lips are on hers. She gasps as I kissed her softly. Her eyes are wide open in surprise, and I can hear her heart beating twice it's normal rate. My eyes are also open because I want to see her expression. I can sense her thoughts. She can't believe she is kissing another man just a day after breaking up with her first boyfriend. She feels she is cheating on him. She has never kissed anyone else but her first boyfriend. Kissing another man who is me feels different. I know all of this from her expression. I am gentle with her. When I bite her lower lips, she releases a moan and closes her eyes to enjoy the moment, forgetting the fact that she is trying to hide her emotions from the man standing before her. I close my eyes too and trail my hand down her thigh, I raise her left leg. She gasps again. Still kissing her, I carried her with the left leg to the slab, placing her back to the large mirror. I didn't stop kissing her as I found my way out of my trousers and shorts. I guided her out of her dress too and stop kissing her. "Should I go....." She nods in anticipation, breathing hard.


Daddy's Naughty Girl

815·Demi Dean

“I made myself tight for Big Daddy,” she leans up and whispers in my ear. “Every morning and night, I clenched it really tight, released, clenched, released…” As she says the words, her pussy performs the actions until I’m panting into the space between us, shudders wracking my body.  “FUCK,” I growl, sparks blinking in front of my vision. “You’re going to get it now, little girl.” All I can do after that is make her lose her mind. That’s the only way to define it. I shove her legs open on the bed and do exactly as I threaten. I rail her like a dog, slamming my cock in and out of her wet blonde cunt. She screams and claws at me, begging me not to stop, rocking her hips up to meet my hectic drives, my grunts loud enough to be heard in the room next door, along with her calls of my name—and in this moment, I want that. I want everyone in this hotel to know I get to fuck this supple nineteen-year-old. I want them to know she primed her pussy for me so it would be extra snug. And I can’t believe my luck. Whether I’m paying or not, I can’t believe she’s allowing my big, hairy body on top of her smooth, tiny one for a single second. That she’s not only spreading her legs for me, but she’s also moaning with pleasure, not put off by my aggression at all. No, it’s making her hot. “Harder, Big Daddy. Punish me.” I’m not sure how I stop myself from ejaculating. Maybe it’s the intense need to stay locked inside her perfection for as long as possible, but somehow, I hold back. Long enough to pull out of Lia and flip her face down, yanking her hips up and back into my lap. I re=enter her with my purpling cock, our flesh slapping madly as I raw dog her from behind, employing not a hint of gentleness. She doesn't want gentleness, either. Not my girl. She tilts her hips back and asks for it harder. Faster.


Surprised Wife With Twins

1.0M·Olive Bailey

Seven years ago in a charity dinner, she inadvertently became his antidote, pregnant with the twins. Seven years later, the two kids hacked his computer and got his attention. "Give birth to my kids secretly? And say not my girl?"




Bradley Jackson vs. Jean BroodyDr. Jean Broody is a hot-headed, happy-go-lucky type of person whose world is filled with sex and merriment. He believes that people should not allow society to dictate how they must live their lives because life is too short. With a successful career, the love of his family, money, and an endless supply of willing ladies at his beck and call, he thinks he has it all. Till Bradley sweeps into his life like a storm and brings with him an unexpected awakening that brings Jean to his knees. Lt. Bradley Jackson is an honest-to-goodness bad-ass and intense person who doesn’t care much for fun. A survivor of a dark and rough childhood, he is a strong advocate of discipline. When he’s forced to live with Jean, the most laid-back person he’s ever met, he’s pushed to explore his deepest desires. He recognizes something in Jean that calls to him. Something that he needs…something he can't resist.When these two completely different personalities find themselves together, things take a dangerous, intense, and exciting turn that shocks both of them. How will Jean cope when he finds himself in uncharted territory that threatens to change who he is? Can Bradley survive the desperate, soul-deep desire within, in the face of the hovering danger that could destroy both of them?


Living with a bad boy


Bronte Davis is Worthington High’s sweetheart. With a charismatic and loveable personality and a drive to help anyone and everyone, it’s easy to understand just why everyone loves her. That is, everyone except Blake Parker ; the school’s rude and arrogant bad boy. But even that’s not hard to understand why. While Blake is mean, cruel and egotistical, Bronte is kind, helpful and humble. So what happens when Bronte is forced to stay at Blake’s house since her parents are off on a work trip around Africa ? Well, with Bronte’s sudden determination to befriend the arrogant Bad Boy, you can only imagine all the different possibilities. Yes, all the possibilities that involve the two ripping each other’s throats out, that is. With late night conversations, ruthless pranks, constant bickering and secrets that are yet to unfold, its a miracle the two haven’t killed each other… yet. Then again, opposites do attract.




Elena stifled a smile, but he already saw her mouth start to curve upwards and he grinned at her. She ignored him. "I'm serious, Chandler." His smile was instantaneous. "Noted." She licked her lips. Her eyes were wide and nervous, and she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "And you can't kiss me." Chandler tilted his head to the side and studied her. Pushing away from the car, he took a step closer to her. She held her ground, lifting her chin at his approach. "What if you ask me to kiss you?" he said quietly. "Then can I?" Elena exhaled shakily. "I won't do that." "No?" Carefully, he touched his thumb to the curve of her chin. She shook her head, and his hand fell away. "Maybe you won't," he told her. "But hear me right now, love, I'd love it if you asked me for a kiss." —------


Lycan Prince Matteo

6.0K·Lovella Novela

Freya, an orphan adopted by a warrior couple from the Midnight Pack, had no scent, causing her to be believed to be human. Matteo Harith, the Lycan prince, had been searching for his mate for nine years and had caught her scent in the palace but was unable to locate her. When he was tasked with investigating a pack that had been wiped out, Freya and Matteo met, and at that very moment she realized he was her mate. However, Matteo couldn't smell her at all. They happened to meet again in a pack tournament, but when Matteo finally picked up Freya's scent, she remembered the tragic events of her childhood, which caused her biological parents' death. Freya blamed the royals for not helping them when they asked for assistance. In spite of marking each other, Freya refused to accept Matteo and rejected him. Will Matteo be able to overcome Freya's grudge against the royals and win her heart?


You Hit My Heart

603.0K·Kylie Stanford

She was a sharpshooter who shoot within the accuracy of 0.01mm. She should be a daughter of a General, but she got replaced by a scheming girl. He was a devoted president of a top tycoon, but he had a flash marriage and a flash divorce with her because he misidentified his life-saver. He had never thought that one day she would point at his heart with the cold muzzle. "I will get you buried with my child!" She then pulled the trigger ......




Can it be that you really don’t know—don’t see—how stunningly, incredibly gorgeous you are?" Sara shifted uncomfortably. "Could we get back to discussing a color scheme for your sitting room—?" "Let’s see." Simon chose to ignore her change of subject as he looked across at her consideringly. "Your hair is the color of midnight—black with a blue sheen—and your eyes—oh, God. I could talk about your eyes all night! They have such a beautiful color. Hot—" "Simon—" "I could happily drown in them," he continued remorselessly. "And your skin is as pale and unflawed as alabaster. And your mouth!" His voice darkened smokily. "Would you like me to tell you the things I have imagined those softly sensuous and pouting lips doing to me these past two days?" __________ After her disastrous relationship which ended in a horrible miscarriage, Sara McCall has decided to stay away from all relationships… Until Simon Hamilton shows up, and he’s just the type of man she should avoid. But when Simon hires Sara to decorate his penthouse, it’s too lucrative an opportunity to turn down…and one that shatters Sara's resolve to stay firmly out of his bedroom!


The Player’s Game


Being the star football player had its perks. Fame. Popularity. Everyone's admiration. Women flocked to him. People wanted to be him. So why would he be interested in a shy bookworm like me? I owed him a favor. "Be my girl," he said. "Let's have fun," he said. And when the fun was over, we'd part ways. No big deal, right? But what if it wasn't? Because I soon learned... Alex never did anything halfway. And when he wanted something, he'd stop at nothing to get it. I just didn't expect he'd break me along the way.