The Alpha’s Hidden Heir

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Serena, a young woman who finds her body wrapped with a mysterious man after a one night stand at a ball, This fleeting moment of passion led to her pregnancy with twins. Serena decided to start a new chapter as she heads to college in the human world, leaving her pack and the man behind. Years later, as a medical school graduate, Serena returns to her pack for an internship, only to discover that the Alpha of the Night Sky Pack, Logan, is the same man from that fateful night. Now, she must hid her past while keeping the truth about her children hidden.

EmotionRomanceOne-night standWerewolfPregnantDominantSweetTrue Love

The return to night sky

When Serena drove across the border into Night Sky pack territory, a moment of hesitation struck her heart. Her foot itched to press the break and reconsider, but she clenched her hands on the steering wheel and kept going. No! She‘d come too far to turn back now, and all because she had a case of jitters of the last time she‘d been there? Night Sky wasn‘t the pack Serena had been born into, but she was returning from medical school and had been offered a residency position at the new medical building in Night Sky territory. It was a smart move for her to make for her career. Starseeker, the pack she‘d been born into, had always been close allies to Night Sky, so she would still get to see her father, Alpha of Starseeker, her mother who was Luna, and her twin brother Santino. If she was being perfectly honest with herself, Serena was glad for the chance to step out of her brother‘s shadow. He had been selected to be the next Alpha, so her parents were always working with him and training with him. Serena didn‘t mind, he was her twin! But she wanted the chance to prove herself, and it was better to do that in a fresh environment.

Sighing, Serena relaxed her hands. She was grateful there was still another pack in the Federation to relocate to. Ever since Moonshine had been taken over by an illegitimate Alpha and separated from the Federation, tensions were high. Serena understood the resistance she’d encountered when she pursued her current career path in another pack. Reason had won out in the end. What better way to keep Night Sky and Starseeker on good terms if the daughter of Alpha Thomas from Ștarseeker was living and working among the Night Sky pack? Inwardly, Serena satisfied herself with the thought that she was helping her father in ways Santino never could! She still had a long drive ahead of her. The border of the pack territory was two hours from the building she was headed to. A long, straight shot with no turns and nothing but forest to look at. Serena hadn‘t been in such an open, natural setting in a long time, not since the last time she had been in Night sky territory. That had been quite a party! Serena had just graduated from college, and the Federation had thrown a masked ball, a tradition that hadn‘t been practiced in centuries. Sure, every year one of the three, now two, packs hosted a

graduation party for all pack members that were graduating from some education program. The masked ball had been an event brought forward through time, requiring fancy dresses and intricate masks. Serena had been so overwhelmed by the flourishes of color and sparkles. She hadn‘t even really wanted to go, but it was tradition. Her mother, Charlotte, had picked out a red ballgown and matching mask for her. The moment she‘d stepped through the door, Serena had grabbed herself a flute of champagne. A few more glasses later, she‘d started to loosen up. “I do believe, dear sister, you are drunk” Santino teased her. Serena giggled, pulling her champagne away from her brother as he tried to snatch it from her hand.

“I am a graduate, that is my prerogative,” she pointed out, sticking her tongue out at him since the mask made facial expressions hard to see. She did catch Santino‘s eye roll. “Leave it to you to use large words when you‘re drunk,” he chastised. “I‘m going to find a foxy female I‘m not related to so I can really begin to enjoy my night.” Serena shrugged, twirling away from her twin and ending up getting caught up on the dancefloor with twirling, spinning dresses. Nearly tripping over her own feet, Serena stumbled right into the arms of a nearby man. He was dressed all in black with a matching black mask. The alcohol inhibited her wolf senses, and she could not scent who he was. “My apologies,” Serena said, attempting to pull away. “There are few men who would mind getting bumped into by you,” he said in a thick, deep voice. Serena scoffed, shaking her head. “Is that your best pickup line?” she asked. The man shrugged, taking her

champagne flute and setting it on a tray as a servant passed by. “Who says it is a line?” he asked, taking Serena‘s hand and leading her onto the dancefloor. Serena halfheartedly fought against him, but something about his directness and willingness to take control made it easy for her to let go of her hesitation The man placed one hand on her hip, bringing her hand to his shoulder. He was so formal and proper he had to be related to an Alpha or Beta. Under the mask, all she saw was a deep pair of greenish–yellow eyes. She smiled at him.

“I don‘t know this dance,” she said. The man smirked at her, leaning in to whisper in her ear. “Just follow my lead,” he insisted, keeping their cheeks pressed together as he began. Serena stumbled over the first few steps, but her feet caught on to the rhythm soon enough. “This isn‘t so bad,” she said. He chuckled, a sound that sent a shiver through her bones. Almost instantly after he laugh, he spun her away from him. Serena giggled, a rush causing her stomach to plummet. He pulled her back against him, the warmth of his body sucking her in. They continued to dance until the song ended, the mysterious man leading her through each step. She‘d never danced so formally before, and the combination of the dress, the dance, and the champagne had her feeling like a princess! “Not bad,” the man teased her as they made their way off the dancefloor. A new, more upbeat dance had begun, and Serena didn‘t think she’d be able to keep up. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” she asked, the man following her as she went to find another beverage. “Tradition,” he told her. “I was taught in the event that a pack decided to host a formal ball again.” Serena scoffed.

“It seems a little stuffy and outdated to me,” she admitted. “This dress weighs more than I do with all the layers of fabric.” Her companion laughed, getting himself a glass of beer. “And here I was, worried I wouldn‘t meet anyone interesting at this event,” he said, taking a long drink from his glass. He was flirting with “Agreed,” the man said. He leaned down, kissing her shoulder. Serena gasped, closing her eyes as his lips nearly burned her skin! Her stomach twisted so pleasantly, tingles running down to her curling toes! Reaching behind her, Serena grabbed his hand from her back. She pulled him towards the nearest exit. Everyone else was too busy or drunk to notice their departure. She didn‘t care. She had the full attention of the man behind her, and that was all that mattered tonight!