I Paid A Mafia Boss For Our Night

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Waking up from the craziest night of her life in a hotel room, Sienna Corsetti left what she thought was enough for the previous night's service and headed home with a racing heart. She believed that was the end of her encounter with Antonio Luciano. However, as soon as she arrived home, she discovered that everything in her life had changed dramatically...

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Chapter 1 Need to be a Bad Girl

"Ah... Nico, faster, hmm..."

"Nico, my love... you're incredible... ah!"

When I realized that the woman bouncing on top of my boyfriend was Livia, I was literally overwhelmed by my anger. I couldn't hold back any longer and stormed into the bedroom, grabbing Livia by the hair and dragging her out, "You slut!"

Livia let out a sharp scream, still intimately connected to Nico, making a disgusting squelching noise as she was dragged off from him.

"What are you doing? Let go of me!" Livia screamed, struggling as her nails slid across the back of my hand. Betrayal and anger clouded my thoughts like an explosion, and I slapped Livia hard across her face twice.

Livia went berserk, rushing at me, as if ready to fight to the death.

She grabbed my hair, and the pain was like she was tearing my scalp, but I didn't back down. I choked her neck and bit her hand as we tumbled into a scuffle.

"Sienna, stop!" Nico, hurriedly pulling on his pants, rushed over to break us up, "Calm down, Sienna!"

Calm? I could be anything but calm now.

My boyfriend was fucking my best friend! They had betrayed me! And all I could do was watch as Nico protected Livia behind him as if she was some precious treasure.

My heart felt torn with pain, "You... you and Livia..."

"Listen to me, Sienna," Nico tried to explain.

"Explain what? Explain when you started sneaking around behind my back?" I yelled, my voice trembling, "Wasn't I good to you, Nico?"

"Yeah, you used to be so good to me, Sienna. But why did you betray me? You slept with another man!"

I stared in shock at Nico's twisted face in anger, "What... what?"

"You act so innocent and hard to get all this time we have been together, Sienna. Now, tell me! How come Professor Falcone was always willing to help you? Not just once, but so many times! Was it because you slept with his son? How many times did you trade with Bert, how many times did he fuck you..."

With my hands trembling, I slapped him across his swollen face.

He covered his face, laughing out loud, "Fucking whore!"

I could no longer hold back my tears, "Is that what I am to you?"

"Yes!" Nico seemed to have held back for a long time, now finally finding an outlet to shout at me, "Everyone knows Falcone is cold and unapproachable to everyone but he’s always so good to you. Every lab session he keeps you behind, what do you do with him? Talk about his son Bert, or did you seduce Professor Falcone himself, kissing him, or just fucking him?"

I opened my mouth to argue, but Livia interrupted me with her condescending tone, "You have really no shame, Sienna."

I spit at her, "It’s you! You have no shame! He’s my boyfriend, you shameless slut!"

Livia's face darkened in an instant, she smirked coldly at me, her provocations nearly spilling over, her breasts almost bursting from her slip dress, "What makes you think you have any right to judge us? Nico said your pussy's dry as a desert! He simply needs a better woman."

I clenched my fists, roaring with rage, "Are you sick, Nico!? How could you say such nonsense to her?"

Nico shrugged, "At least I feel more comfortable with her, while you're like a dry corpse." His erection was still obvious, unashamedly exposed.

I punched him in the stomach, and he cried out, "Fuck!"

Livia shrieked, stepping closer, "Just give up, Sienna. You've been dumped, and you should know that!"

Instinctively, I said "No," trying to find any trace of pretense on Nico's face, hoping this was just a cruel joke.

But Nico seemed lost in Livia's seduction, his breathing heavy, his gray eyes filled with chilling lust.

"You can't do this to me, Nico! After everything I've done for you, how can you break up with me just for her, just for a lying whore!"

"Enough, I'm not interested in playing your crazy games here." Livia commanded Nico, "Throw her out, Nico, I don't want to see her in our home anymore!"

Just like that, I was thrown out of Nico's apartment. Probably because he feared my screams would attract the neighbors' prying eyes, he dragged me into the stairwell, cornering me against the wall. I could distinctly feel his erection pressing hard against my waist through the thin layers of fabric as he simulated sex by thrusting that thing against me.

"What are you doing?" I screamed, pushing him away.

"You've tried it, you know I'm better than Bert Falcone. You still have a chance, but you always act so high and mighty, like a nun," Nico said, his coarse hands kneading the soft flesh at my waist. He brought his nose close to the nape of my neck, sniffing in a sleazy, suggestive manner that made my stomach churn.

"Go fuck your mother, you bastard!" I couldn't hold back anymore and swung my handbag right at Nico's groin.

The hard corner of the bag hit his vulnerable parts, and Nico let out a painful howl.

"Whore! Horny bitch!" I cursed as I spat at him, "Scumbag!"

Tears began to fall uncontrollably along my cheeks. But why the tears? What’s there to cry about!?

I scolded myself internally, grabbed my high heels, and hit Nico's head twice more, sobbing as I walked barefoot out of the stairwell.

This was the twenty-second floor, and I certainly didn't want to wear my legs out in this damn place.

I clutched my handbag and high heels as I entered the elevator, frantically pressing the close button in a fit of venting.

It was unbearable. My heart felt as if it was being constantly kneaded and squeezed. I opened my mouth, breathing heavily to avoid suffocating in this stifling agony.

Why are they doing this to me? Was I not good enough for them?

Livia used to be my best friend, and we were like sisters. I shared everything with her, even the dress she wore just now! She said she had nothing suitable for a party, so I gave it to her.

And now, she was wearing my dress, sleeping with my man, and then slandering me—how could she?

As for Nico, he was a fucking hooker, and I had brought him out of that damn business, helped him with so much all this time. I admit our sex life wasn't great, but that's no reason for his betrayal.

He was my first boyfriend, the one who took my virginity. How could he talk about me like that!

Anger and sorrow filled my heart. I was sure I needed to vent. I wanted to grab a knife and kill that pair of scumbags. The dagger would slice through their bellies, their organs and intestines spilling out. I would be the one to carve out their hearts, brutally chop and grind them before flushing them down the drain.

But I knew that was a crime. Damn it, I couldn’t!

Feeling wronged and suffocated, I stormed into a bar and ordered the strongest drink.

As the fiery liquid burned down my throat into my stomach, the pain from the alcohol made my heart skip wildly for a moment, leaving me feeling utterly lost and hollow. I sat there dazed at the bar, my mind barely functioning.

I briefly forgot about Nico and Livia.

Good, this was the feeling I needed.

I needed the alcohol to numb my nerves, to make me seem a bit normal, but it was so fleeting. After several drinks, the brief haze passed, but Livia and Nico’s words kept echoing in my ears.

Damn it! Just now their attitude was as if they were getting a Nobel Prize from her!

Alcohol made me want to be a bad girl, no longer bound by morality. My eyes began to search for a target, and they found one in a man leaning against the dimly lit bar. I couldn't tear my gaze away from him; he was so attractive, and I followed him like a sunflower tracking the sun. He was the most handsome man in the crowded room, truly striking.

His hair was black, and beneath thick eyebrows were a pair of sharp, deep eyes. As my gaze drifted lower, I noted his narrow, pronounced nose, which made me suspect he had Italian heritage. But what truly captivated me were his lips—thin and ruthless, with a hint of blush that made them look utterly appealing.

His attractiveness wasn't just due to his flawless facial features. His body was robust and imposing almost like a mountain. His tight shirt could barely contain his sleek, well-defined muscles, exuding an irresistible masculine allure.

I think I fell in love with his body.