Lord Death Is Now Back Home


Five years ago, Chris Shelby was kicked out of his family and ended up in East Coast. Right before he was starving to death, he met the Jefferson family, who, as advised by a fortune teller, took him in and thought he could bring their terribly ill father some good luck. Finally he married their eldest daughter, Esther Jefferson to him, yet he ran away after the wedding and their family became a joke in the city... Five years later, when he finally returned, he was already the Primus of the country with unparalleled power and wealth, yet the first thing he saw was the suffering of his wife and daughter...


Blind Date Mishap

4.0K·Maurice Elliott

Originally, he thought that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws! Either physically or psychologically. James never expected that the person sitting in front of him would be a beautiful woman with delicate features! It turned out that he had mistakenly sat at the wrong table for the blind date and accidentally encountered a domineering and icy female CEO!


I Am Born With A Silver Spoon


To survive, Chen Hao would like to do anything, including running errands for his classmates. Facing with other’s sarcasm, he did nothing but stayed strong, until one day his parent and sister living aboard told him that he actually was born in a rich family. Then his luxury life began.



6.0K·Sakz Birk

A girl who's tired of having a bad reputation. A girl who decides to change despite her challenging home situation. A girl who thought she was unreadable until she met Tobias Melvin. She didn't know one person could change her entire life. She didn't know one person could save her from so many demons. He calls her SUGAR despite her life being anything but sweet."When something tastes bitter, what do you do? You add sugar because it sweetens it up perfectly and it tastes better." Tobias responds, his eyes flickering between my lips and eyes. I feel like my heart is going to burst through my chest and I simply nod back at him. "I strongly believe if you enter someone's life, you'll sweeten it up completely," Tobias whispers, his breathing becoming shallow. His eyes are fully trained on my lips now and I let my tongue flick out, wetting my bottom lip. I don't know if it's my imagination but I'm sure I hear an animal like growl come from his throat. . . Only for a split second. "Do you need sugar in your life?" I whisper bravely, my voice trembling. He takes a few seconds to reply but his response has me quivering at the knees -"You know I do."


My Beautiful Boss


Former special forces soldier Peter Wang is tasked to serve as a security guard in one of Golden City's top firms to protect his beautiful employer, Bella Song.As a fighter who survived the grueling life in the military, he dismissed the job as menial and simple. Little did he know, he gravely miscalculated.At the heart of a seemingly peaceful city, Peter found himself treading dangerously through vicious gangs and atrocious personalities while winning the hearts of several beautiful women along the way --the elusive Bella, esteemed Amelia, sweet Elaine, youthful Shelly, gentle Lisa, and more.Who can defeat our Mighty Soldier King?Read to find out.




On her sophomore years on Delta University, Asia was excited to finish registration and to return home for summer before the classes start. However, her plans were derailed when Selection soldiers arrived at the University and chose her as one of the students who will be injected by a green drug called myrtus. Once administered, it would turn a human into stronger beings but in exchange of all human emotions--at least, that was the theory. For Asia, it was different, she lost everything except her ability to fear.


Son of the Ghost of Sparta

5.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n is the son of the God of War Kratos. He sent him in the future so the other Olympian Gods cannot find him.


The List

26.0K·Cornelius Washington

A man (You) goes on a incredible erotic journey in the world of professional wrestling.


The Demon at School

2.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish. They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the other school because of his looks that attract all the attention of the girls and the boys just wanna kick his ass.


Zero Blood

1.0K·Riley Vanderlip

After an odd virus that turns people into raging lunatics hits, Jeff and his daughter Kayla are forced to survive through the obstacles the new world throws at them. The virus brings people back from the dead as raged creatures. They are called the stranglers.


Zero Blood: Volume 2

840·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 2nd installment in the Zero Blood series. In this apocalyptic drama, it is finally time for war. After preparing in the last volume, there is no better time than now. The plan will either fail, or succeed. In this apocalyptic new world, who knows what will happen? Who lives and who dies?


Zero Blood: Volume 3

927·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 3rd installment in the Zero Blood series. In this apocalyptic drama, things only get worse for Jeff's group. After taking over the mall and claiming it as their home, they start to realize that there are some groups out there that might want their home too.


Zero Blood: Volume 4

429·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 4th installment in the Zero Blood series. In this apocalyptic drama, Jeff's group starts to lose hope. After losing their home, they are now left crippled and with nothing. As the country approaches winter, Jeff's group has another problem, surviving winter.


Zero Blood: Volume 5

411·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 5th installment in the Zero Blood series. In this apocalyptic drama, Jeff Jones is determined to find his daughter who was split up from him during a strangler attack. It may not be as easy to find his daughter as he thinks, when a power hungry dictator gets in the way.


Zero Blood: Volume 6

363·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 6th installment in the Zero Blood series. Jeff's group is faced with a big threat, and a big decision. A nearby bandit clan wants something from Jeff's group, and they are willing to use any means necessary to get what they want. Who lives and who dies? That is up to the stranglers.


Zero Blood: Volume 7

362·Riley Vanderlip

This is the 7th installment in the Zero Blood series. A big war is right around the corner and this time, Jeff can't do anything about it. Lockwood knows where Jeff's group is, and they're coming to attack, getting rid of Jeff once and for all.


Zero Blood: Volume 8

431·Riley Vanderlip

All is lost. Everything, gone. Jeff and his group have been taken prisoner by Lockwood after they lost everything in their last war. Nobody can save them now. Lockwood is expanding, becoming more powerful than it ever has been before. Nothing will stand in Charlie Lockwood's way.


Reborn as a Sparda

4.0K·Apollyon Shirayuki

Y/n L/n is just a regular student in Kouh Academy. Everything change when he was killed by a demon and left to die.


Zodiac Circle

4.0K·Tamuna Tsertsvadze

In the realm of Zariel, every person can manipulate one of the four elements their zodiac belongs to - Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Tamie Wingfield dreams to become the greatest Zodiac Master of all time. For that, she decides to join Rose Cruce Order, which her elder brother Nick Wingfield belongs to, as one of the highest ranks - the Elder. But Tamie has a big problem - she is a Libra, and out of all Zodiac, Libra is the only inanimate object, rendering it the most powerless of all (or so it is believed).How will the girl of the most powerless zodiac sign manage to become a grand Zodiac Master?


Regal Guard of Dragon

951.0K·Deca Coda

"Young master, you must try harder to spend money! The family gave you the billion a month ago and you still have it now?" The heir to the first magnate as he was, Finn Chen felt so vexed that while others would only have to return to the countryside if they didn't fight, he would have to inherit trillions of wealth if he didn't marry into a woman's family. Life was too hard for this poor man.